A super rugged smartphone we have a new action: camera smart watches, drones, an interesting portable dishwasher and a robotic dog called bittle, and lots lots more. So if youre not already done it, then please, like and sub to the channel and follow on socials for more innovative cool tech products behind the scenes and giveaways etc and, as usual, everything youre about to see will be linked in the description box with timestamps. So you can jump straight to the product that interests you so without any further ado lets begin with the first cool product. So first up we have this mystery black box. It says, discover the beauty in circuit boards and at the bottom it says cb, art studios. So lets open this together see what we have inside thats, a good start, so it says: theres, cb, art and youve got a circuit board design. Here we go lets open this box all right. What do we have under here? All right, weve got a bunch of goodies here, a smartphone case with a circuit board design, and that looks really nice. I do like that so its for the iphone 13 pro and look at that circuit board design. It looks absolutely stunning yeah look at that raised bumper protection, new look for my iphone 13 pro im definitely liking this case. What else have we got? So we got a neck chain circuit board design, and this thing over here is a circuit board coaster.

Nice weve got a ring here, so im just going to wear it. Oh this is getting interesting. I thought these are cufflinks cufflinks, yeah nice and we have a rtx, 3090 keyring with nvidia logo. On the back, a very nice gift package go ahead and check out their website, which ive put on the screen for you right now check them out check out this social media. Awesome awesome product lets, see whats next. So next up we have the ace fast, 65 watt, gan fast charger. Now this is a very interesting product. It comes with a proper, durable, braided type c to type c cable, as you can see very unique product, it supports charging and expansion at the same time. So, for example, connect your computer or your phone to the type c port, and that will give you 60 watts fast charging max. Then, if you connect some hardware in the usb 3 port, for example, keyboard mouse or game controller into that usb 3 port, it will get detected on the computer that you plug in to the first port and to make things better. You can connect your monitor or tv via the hdmi port, and your computer or phone will be outputted on the big screen, and this supports up to 4k at 60hz, not come across many products. That can do this very, very useful. It wont break the bank when you see the price three in one device: 65 watt fast charging, expansion and 4k display output.

Now here we have a professional magsafe, compatible smartphone tripod by andover. So here it is. This is a smartphone tripod solid, build quality. You can see the size of it its extendable, so it does extend quite far and youve got these very sturdy. Tripod legs youve got a detachable bluetooth, remote control right there, but the main beauty of this tripod is the magsafe connection. So if i just grab my iphone 13 pro, stick it on top and that is proper secure. I havent even closed the clamps. Look at that guys proper secure. If you want to close the clamps just press that button and the clamps are closed, so thats extra protection, but not just extra protection, that means you can use any phone in this tripod. It doesnt have to be a magsafe compatible charger. You can use any now. Youve got two tripod threads on either side, so you can hook up a light or a microphone so thats extras there. You can swivel the phone around to any angle you like, and you can also swivel it up and down to get that perfect angle. So if youre into vlogging – and you like, shooting with your smartphone um, definitely consider the ando build magsafe compatible, smartphone tripod, all right. So next up we are looking at the doogie v20 rugged smartphone. This is a unique one, so check it out guys military grade carbon fiber finish weve got a 1.05 inch rear mini display.

It will allow you to check the time notifications, music control and lots more, its ip68 ip69k and military standard 810g certified. This is rugged. This is shockproof water resistant drop tested. Now let me place it to the side. You know, im getting excited, lets see what else we get in the box. So weve got an interesting looking screen protector here. Weve got some instructions here on how to use the rear, display and youve got some screen wipes and your rest of your paperwork. Youve got a pry tool here, type c to type c cable, but also an otg, cable, so type c to usb a and there is a fast charger included in the box, and this is actually a 33 watt fast charger. So this charger will charge up the six thousand milliamp hour battery. In just one hour and 30 minutes. We have a triple camera setup: 64, megapixel main eight megapixel wide and a 20 megapixel night vision, camera thats right guys. This has a night vision, camera now on the front, we have a 16 megapixel front camera at the bottom. We have this water tight latch and behind that youll have your type c port. You can see a microphone and a single speaker on the side. Weve got this metal strip with a power button and fingerprint sensor built into it, and your volume control, just above it at the top of the smartphone youve, got nothing and on the side of the smartphone.

Youve got a custom button so that button can be fully customized to do any action. You want it to do and we have a sim tray now check it out. Guys. Weve got a hybrid sim tray, so dual 5g nano sims or one nano sim card and one micro sd card up to 512 gigs. Now your fingerprint sensor is located within the power bar now the display is 6.43 inches in size. Its an amoled display full hd plus, and it will give you 500 nits of peak brightness and, yes, we do have gorilla glass protection on the front, no idea what version now on the back, we have a 1.5 inch mini display and it will allow you to Check your notifications have a look at the time and youve got music control. Now this phone is powered by the mediatek dimensi 700, which is an octa core chip clocked at 2.2 gigahertz, and that is a 7 nanometer chip. Youve got 8 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of internal storage um. There is microsd expansion, as i showed you earlier up to 512, and this supports 5g global bands and it does support dual 5g youve got a 6 000 milliamp hour battery and it supports 33 watt fast charging and 15 watt wireless charging. Now this is running android 11 with quite minimal bloatware included. Some of the features youve got fm radio. If i open the outdoor toolbox, you can see. Weve got compass, flashlight, alarm, bell, youve got pedometer and so on so forth.

So interesting features. Youve got the full google play store, so you can download all your google apps and youve got all your gmail, your youtube everything is there pre installed and ready to use. So that was my quick look at the doogie v20 rugged smartphone. If you want to see a full review of this phone, do let me know in the comments now lets see whats next, all right. Next up, we are looking at two smartwatches, a company called kai select. Now this is actually a subsidiary of xiaomi. Okay were going to try and do this together to save time. So here we go. The k10 watch 1.32 inch. Semi amoled display no idea what semi amoled means and the l11 lady watch has a 1.09 display with 2.5 d, curved glass, so 40 millimeter in diameter versus 45.7 millimeters in diameter. They are both roughly 10 millimeters in thickness and they feel quite light in weight. So 13 sports modes in this version weve got nine sports modes. In this one 24 hour, heart rate spo2 and sleep monitoring in both youve got female cycle tracking. You tracking and the lady watch comes with female cycle tracking. Both support custom watch faces both watches are ip68 waterproof and both of them will give you a long battery life. Now i think i read it will give you up to 30 days standby, so actual practical use, im, no idea. I think it will be about 10 or 11 days on the back.

You can see. Youve got proper nice, looking, sensors, theyre health sensors, the straps are made from silicon and they are removable and they both have exactly the same charger. Its a magnetic charger usb, which just clips on the back of the charger pins. So that was a very quick look at this brand. I definitely am going to be wearing the k10 for a bit and ill be coming back and dropping my full review on it. Very soon so they are both affordable watches and both watches actually do feel well made. They dont feel cheap at all, so lets see what the next cool product is. So next up, we have the teclast t40 pro affordable, android tablet tablet case and charger. They sent me a uk charger, which is definitely useful, um its a 20 watt charger usb type c, and you get a type c to type c charging cable as well. So, first of all the case, so the back is finished in white, but its slightly frosted and on the front youve got this magnetic flap. So, of course, this is an official tech last case, so it fits so it fits perfectly. As you can see, all the cutouts are where they should be all right. So the tablet has a metal body. Its quite slim and light youve got a 13 megapixel rear camera, and that is a sony lens. So quick, look at the ports on the side. Weve got volume, rocker power, button, microphone and type c.

Charging port youve got top firing stereo speakers, but this also has a four way amplifier and you can see some grilles at the bottom as well, so it gives you that four speaker feel even though it only has stereo speakers now. This also has dual microphones built in now, as you can see, youve got a nice bright and sharp display thats a 10.4 inch fully laminated display screen res 2000 by 1200, with 350 nits of peak brightness. Now this is powered by a 12 nanometer octa core. That is the t618 and youve got the mali g52 for graphics. This has 8 gigs of ram and 128 gigs of internal storage, and you do have micro, sd expansion on the top and not just micro. Sd expansion. Youve also got the ability to install dual 4g sim cards, so that means youve got your data on the go now. Youve got a massive 7000 milliamp hour battery and it does support 18 watts fast. Charging youve got dual band: wi fi ac, bluetooth version 5 and built in gps. Now this is running android 11 and you do have the official google play store and all google services are here for you to enjoy so no restrictions at all. So that was a very quick look at the tech glass t40 pro android 11 tablet its an affordable affair. Very nice build quality, so its going to be a pretty decent performance for the money, tech, glass, 240.

Pro people all right, heres, something new for you – guys mini finder, nano gps, personal alarm. So this is something you wear on your wrist, its a real time. Gps tracker with built in alarm, youve got built in bluetooth, built in wi fi, and lots lots more. The wi fi module sends positioning data whilst youre indoors, and the bluetooth extends your positioning information. There is an integrated e sim chip, so your position can be tracked on the go and it supports a gsm function to make voice calls to a predefined phone number by pressing a single button. Now the nano also has a heart rate sensor on the back and full detection, so you can keep track of health and emergencies. You have an sos button in the middle, so when you press it, it basically sends an alarm via push notifications to your predefined contact and following that alarm it will automatically call that person as well, and then you can have a two way conversation. There is a speaker and microphone built into this, so in emergency situations you will be able to call a single contact by just tapping the sos button. Now other cool features youve got geofence alarm, so you get an alarm notification if the nano leaves a predefined area. If the battery is low again, you dont need to worry. You will be sent a notification to your phone, letting you know your battery is low and then you can put it on charge.

You can see. Weve got a magnetic charger here and a power brick. Now this tracks your positioning in real time real time, gps tracking and it does support the following popular apps, so google maps, bing maps, open street maps and web gis. So if youre taking care of your parents or your grandparents or someone thats got a illness or a sickness or a disability, and you cant be there all the time you tell them to wear this watch, you set everything up on your phone and youll, be able To not only track their positioning to make sure theyre safe, so you can monitor their heart rate. Youve got full detection, so if they fall youll be alerted theres an sos alarm there. So, if theyre in trouble or if they need you, they can just press this button, it will automatically ring you. I cant stress enough that this is technically a life saving product in the right hands. So if youre, someone out there who could make use of this, definitely check out the links in the description for more info on what this can do. Mini finder nano gps, personal alarm people, so this is called the surf hola 4k action camera. So a 30 meter waterproof case is included and its already pre installed were just going to take it out of the case, because we want a closer look at this camera. So here it is, weve got a dual screen: camera guys screen on the front and a screen on the back.

Youve got built in wi fi and on the side you can see. Weve got mini hdmi out its rather light because the battery has not been installed and speaking about battery, you get two in the box along with a whole bunch of accessories and even a remote control and the battery capacity is 1050 milliamp hours. So youve got a full color front display ideal for your vlogging videos. You can switch to the rear screen by keeping the bottom button pressed when you keep it pressed it just switches, so you cant have both screens on at the same time. This supports a maximum of 4k at 30 frames per second, and you do have image stabilization included and you can take 24 megapixel photos now without wasting much time lets check out some samples, Music, Music, Music, Music. This is just a quick microphone test testing the microphone one, two three four mic test: one: two, three four, so that was my very quick test of the surf: hola 4k action. Camera um, i think, ive, given you enough information for you to decide whether you think this action camera is good enough for what you need it for do. Let me know in the comments what you guys think for the money, its not bad dont expect anywhere near gopro, standard 4k quality. So next up we have the ma ona wm820 dual wireless microphone system and i wasnt expecting a zip up carry case. To put all your bits and pieces together, so we got two transmitters and you can see, see the microphones on them.

Clearly so youve got two transmitters and one receiver youve got your main microphone gain and on the transmitters, weve got your power button, mute, switch and connection button, and these do operate via 2.4 gigahertz wireless up to 50 meter transmission range, which is pretty good and youve, Got a six hour battery on each ideal for vlogging your youtube streaming, your podcast! You can do it all with these very nicely designed compact wireless microphones, so the ma uno wm820 people all right so im quite excited about this one. This is bittel the bionic robot dog. Now this comes in two versions. You can get it pre assembled or you can actually make it yourself. So ive got the pre assembled version, because i just dont have the time to make something like this myself, but diy fans out there would probably enjoy making this product themselves. The head looks a bit loose there without reading any instructions im just gon na see. If i can just clip it on oh yeah, i fixed your head. Mate youve got an interesting remote that comes with it. Some spares weve got a bunch of accessories and long press the power on and off button, which is here, i think, on whoa that just made me jump there, whoa im, not sure if that was meant to happen, but number three makes it go upside down. I had to help it all right, so were gon na do handshake, thats, so cool man, thats, so cool.

Do it again handshake all right? What does this do flip around again, im, not sure what hes doing there. So it looks like the sensor is near inside the mouth wow. What else number? Nine number? Nine sits him down. Number eight number: seven, a few stretchable moves. Number four whoa whats your problem. I i dont even know what that is. Oh there you go normal walking and falling take that movement out run backwards, bittle the robotic dog people. So next up we have the cinco p2l wireless microphone for iphones. All right check it out guys: weve got a charging cable usb a to type c and weve got a type c to audio jack adapter. So here we have a charging case. You can see a button on the side. We have two transmitters and one receiver. So here are your transmitters, so the microphones themselves – and here we have our receiver, which plugs in to the iphone youve, got a crocodile clip on the side. So you can just hook it onto your clothes and all youre doing is turning the power on and it will automatically connect to the receiver immediately. Now it does support stereo and mono modes. They are super compact in size. You can expect five hours of battery life from each transmitter, its great for vlogging, its great for interviews or even youtube. Videos youve got a massive 150 meter operating distance, which is insane very nicely designed compact, versatile microphone set.

I will quickly show you this in action. So here is my iphone 13 pro you can see the receiver is on, so both are now paired away the microphones and away you go. So i do shoot certain videos with my iphone and having a microphone solution like this is so useful. Okay. So next up we have the max washer. So this is an all in one dish and food washer, so you can wash tableware fruit and veg grains, seafood and meat. Its a very interesting product lets have a closer look lets check it out. All right. So here are all your bits and pieces: weve got a user guide, some sort of tray power, adapter and the power cable weve got some screws and fixtures some sort of metal attachment or bracket. I cant even tell you what this is and you have a box or a controller with power button power socket. I guess this is going to plug directly into there. Youve got some controls on the top, so yeah. I have no idea what im working with here, but what were going to do is were going to read the instructions im going to get it all set up and im going to give you guys a very quick demo of what this can do. So this part with the handle is submerged under water heres, the control unit. I havent switched it on yet something dirty to wash so weve got a plate with a bit of chocolate stuck to it, chuck that in there weve got a mug with a bit of tea stain okay, that is all im going to try and wash so here We go turn the power on powers on so its going to select this option here.

So this has 400 watts of ultrasonic. Power is 100 chemical free. So you dont need to use any chemicals. It uses just water, its water saving, its super fast cleaning. It cleans your dishes completely hands free, it removes bacteria and pesticides and it uses no detergent, no soap, nothing like that. It cleans dishes very quick or even washes your fruits and vegetables. Four minutes left. I want to look at that, so our plate is clean. I cant fault that but dried up chocolate cleaned quite easily. A coffee mug is not going to be too much trouble either. Im actually looking forward to testing this out again with my dinner plates, and that will be an interesting test and you can see that the water is not that dirty. You can see a few particles in the water, but the water is still clear, which is quite interesting now now, once youre done with it, you just lift it up. Let the water drain out a bit, and then you just put it on the tray. So theres a drip tray. You dont need to worry about making all your surfaces wet. So yeah im actually quite surprised that this done the job it actually worked. Um it cleaned some stains again. I will be testing this out with my dinner plates to see what happens and i will share the results with you in a pinned comment in this video. So next up we are looking at the home ever affordable coffee maker, all right.

So here it is the home ever coffee maker, and the reason why i picked this up is not only is it affordable, its quite compact in size, so its not going to take up much room so theres your water tank at the back? You can remove it by sliding it off easy, as that weve got a scoop in here for your coffee and fill it up with water 1.5 litre capacity, and it just goes on top now. This coffee machine has a 15 bar pump, its fast heat up. It only takes 40 seconds to heat up and it makes all sorts of drinks, so you can make lattes cappuccinos espressos and lots more, and it is also very easy to clean got a drip tray at the bottom. So theres a drip tray and you can remove and you can remove that as well, so easy to clean and just slides on and closer look at some of the controls. Youve got on and off button youve got power indicator temperature steam espresso over here. Youve got your settings for strength, etc, and if we just lift that up, you can see, you can see, youve got your milk, frother can turn outwards and then youve got your part where youre going to put your coffee and your coffee granules turn on the power. You can see an orange light now. This is actually warming up as soon as its warmed up and apparently it should take around 45 seconds.

So the temperature, like green, that means, were ready to make coffee. The machine is hot and ready, put some coffee in get the flat spoon and you simply and dont exceed the maximum line, which i have not lets put this in the machine things right here, so that attaches there and then youre twisting it tight. So my mug is on top and thats, actually a warming plate for the mark, so you can have a kind of warmish. Mug is now in place. All right so were going to press the espresso button, alright check it out, thats our coffee ready. So we havent put no milk in or no sugar. Nothing like that wow look. How frothy that is that is so smooth, so were gon na froth, the milk right. So this is my first coffee ive made with this uh coffee machine and im happy with it. It looks good so that was the espresso coffee maker, with milk frother all right. So next, up keeping with tradition weve got a drone, and this is the holy stone. Hs, 710. So youre getting a really nice zip up hard case included with the drone, and you can see everything is neatly arranged. So here is the controller. Weve got dual joysticks. If we just open up the antennas, they can also twist to give you space and what i mean by that is you have an attachment here for your smartphone, so you can attach your smartphone right there and that will allow you to see a live feed of The actual cameras now weve also got grips that slide outwards.

So you give you a bit of a hand grip which is quite a nice touch. Now batteries lets open the compartment. It takes two double a batteries, so you need two double, as so. The new hs 710, so it is folded up, lets unfold. The drone first of all and rip off that plastic. Look at that shiny brand new drone. The battery just slid out there because it wasnt secure weve got a 4k camera on the front 120 degree field of view. Youve got five gigahertz transmission optical flow positioning, youve got two batteries, included 1820 milliamp hours, so quite a decent capacity and they are charged via usb type c, and you can expect 25 minute fly time from each battery micro sd card slot. So we can record all the footage. Pretty neat looking drive a very nice finish to the drone and your charging cables and theres, even a screwdriver included as well. Now there is a smartphone app, so youve got app control. Now, when youre outdoors, the wi fi operating distance is up to 300 meters and the transmission distance is up to 600 meters – Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Music. So this is the real deal guys it is a proper professional 4k drone with all the bells and whistles long 25 minute battery life so definitely check out the holy stone hs 710. So there you have it guys. That concludes episode. 68.. If you got this far, then hit the like button, and let me know which product was your favorite from the bunch ill see you guys again next month with another episode showcasing some of the coolest tech that i set my eyes on now.

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