Today we are taking a look at the coal owls fx9p now call is a company that sells on amazon and their specialty lies with security cameras, action cameras, portable projectors and dash cameras. Now i have a couple of their security cameras and they have never failed me yet in the two years that ive had them, they never lost wi fi signal the app never gave me any problems, so they are very dependable security cameras. They are always on and recording 24 7 and still going very strong till this day and like many tech products they have evolved and their designs have changed a little bit in the last couple of years, which brings us to one of their brand new product. It is a foldable brushless motor optical flow sensor, remote tilt adjustable 4k camera gps quadcopter ready to fly so taking a closer look. It looks to be very well made with rounded off body style instead of the rectangular look. We got a huge fixture with led light in the front and just beneath it is the 90 degree, remote tilt adjustable 120 degree field of view, 5g wi fi fpv camera, which uses the 802.11 ac protocol in the 5 gigahertz network band, it records 20 48 by 1088 pixel videos and 40 96 by 30 72 pixel photos in the sd setting to the micro sd card and records 1920 by 1080p videos and 40 96 by 30, 72 p photos to the phone app and thus into the camera, roll of your phone or device.

It also has a 720p optical flow sensor, camera for non gps position hold on the bottom, and here is the micro sd card slot. It supports from a 8 gigabyte micro sd card up to a 64 gigabyte micro sd card and a class 10 or higher micro sd card is recommended. We have a couple of rubber footing under the front body and landing legs under the motor pods in the rear. To stick the landing and under each of the arms, are status, led lights that are minimal in size visually, but provide nice bright, green and red illumination. We have brushless motors with individually screwed, on leaflet, style, props and on the top is the battery bay and they do provide you with two 7.4 volt, 1600 milliamp lithium ion batteries. They are said to be good for about a 22 minute flight time for each for a combined total of 44 minutes of flight time. Squeeze the two knobs one on each side to unlock and pull up to, remove the battery charge it up using the provided usb to micro, usb cable via the micro usb port. Now my batteries took about three to four hours, to fully charge from about a 20 percent charge press and hold the power button to check the remaining charge left in them press and hold once again to power off now. That is how the quadcopter will power on, and power off as well line it up and push it in to lock it into place.

The remote controller has a fold out hand, grips and it feels good in the hands its got flip out antennas, but they are both non functional. The real antenna is tucked inside the controller. Now the phone holder also flips out to the first lock position and has a spring loaded release lever to open up all the way to the second lock position now release the lever to once again close it up from the second position to the first position, and Then, from the first position to all the way closed up on the left, shoulder we have the speed, changing buttons speeds, one two and three can be had there is the camera tilt down button and on the right shoulder? Is the camera tilt up button and the photo video button short press for photos and long press for videos in the front? We have the power push button on and off switch a short press will power it on and a long press will power it off. We also have the one key to take off and one key to lan button, and we have a physical point of interest or the circle me button. We also have a physical waypoints button, the return to home button which, if you press it, the quadcopter, will come back and land automatically to the home point or where it took off, and we also have a physical follow me button now down press on the throttle. Stick for headless mode down press on the pitch and roll stick for the trim function.

Long beep is the center. Now both sticks to the bottom and in will arm the motors and holding the throttle down will disarm the motors charge up the built in 3.7. Volt 300 milliamp battery via the micro usb port, using the provided charge; cable – all right guys. So here we go with the test flight of the coal aisles fx9p battery fully charged and inserted, and i have a formatted micro, sd card 32 gigabyte inserted so lets power. It up Music, all right power up the remote up and down on the throttle, completes the binding process and lets see here. Lets go into the wi fi phone app im going to be using my ipad and go to the wi fi section and im already connected to the hk 5g 4k gps wifi network and heres the app its called. The hk fly gps, app, free downloadable, app in the app store, so go ahead and check it out and there you go lets enter the interface and let me go ahead and screen record three. Two one boom right says: please: take care of safety, keep a distance of more than three meters confirm and its asking me. If im have already calibrated the compass, you say no and thatll initiate the compass calibration, so lets go ahead and rotate and its telling me to do the vertical rotation and lets do the vertical rotation and i believe, its complete there. We go all right lets.

Go ahead and calibrate the gyros and all the calibration is done by default. The camera is pointing down at about a 45 degree angle, so im gon na hit it up all the way horizon, so you can go all the way down to 90 degrees and all the way up to horizon im going to leave it all the way up. The horizon and lets go ahead and check it out very hard to see out in the daylight sun, and but i can kind of make it out here we go there. We go. I can kind of see it now all right, so we got pretty decent field of view and its reacting pretty fast. Now, theres, no gimbal or electronic image stabilization on this quadcopter so expect the video to be a little bit shaky. Lets go ahead and take some photos with the hard remote here you go, lets see what happens. Ah, it takes a little while tip the aircraft is now in gps flight mode, all right so it has acquired all the necessary gps and all the lights are solid. One more photo and let me take a photo this way believe it takes a little while for it to download and one more photo. Okay, now lets go ahead and start the video long pressing the physical photo button. There we go, and it is counting down all right, so im going to go ahead and leave the ipad right here on this table.

Well, come back to it. Lets go ahead and check this thing out. First, so both sticks at the bottom and in arms. The motors and then you can go ahead and one key to take off after that. So i mean the motors one key to take off and looks like we got a position hold. We also have the optical flow sensor, so thats gon na help out in position hold as well, but we have gps position hold at the moment. Lets go ahead and yaw in place and see if it yaws in place yeah. It is drifting slightly, but very good. Music, okay, stop thats, pretty good. It drifted from right here to right here, right, lower it down, get it angry and it slowly moves back to its position. Whole spot. Okay, lets see what speed we are in. Okay, okay: this is speed number one forward, pitching all the way and full yaw Music thats, not bad. So if you want to take smooth videos or the smoothest video, you want to do that in speed number one since its not pitching that much so you can still see some sky, so theres a little shakiness thats to be expected because theres, no electronic image stabilization. No gimbal hey but its not bad yeah. You can fpv. With this thing, the field of view looks pretty good too. Okay speed number two: there you go a little bit more dramatic pitch and its going pretty fast a little bit faster than speed number one anyways.

There you go not that its going too fast, yeah thats, not bad for speed. Number two. I believe you can still see yeah. You can still see the sky in speed number two kind of wobbly if it only had like a uh electronic image stabilization. That would be that would have been really helpful to this one here and there we go. That is speed. Number two, and here it is lets, go to speed number three: oh yeah, a lot more pitch and now its gotten a little bit faster yeah. I can actually use the word faster there. We go Music speed, pass digs in hey, not bad, and you still see skye. Oh, but not on the turn. Look like youre gon na dig in and there you go guys, speed number one. Two and three okay, my throttle, stick kind of gets stuck so even though i let go, it was still going alright, so its facing me right now and let me go and camera tilt down. Yeah it works and if i hold the button pretty smooth one speed. Servo there you go: okay, theres a i believe, theres like a zoom somewhere lets see here there. It is theres the zoom and you can zoom in 50x, zoom out im, not sure if thats going to come out on the video recording on the sd card. But you can zoom in and out from the phone app all right. Okay, lets go ahead and land it and establish our home point, so one key to land, and then you can go ahead and direct its path down.

I forward pitched it and it flipped over. Ah, the motors did shut off, so let me go ahead and clean this plugger up all right, guys so cleaned up the camera lens, especially and wiped it down, and it is just like new, so lets go ahead and start it up again and this time im Going to manually take off a little slow to respond to the manual takeoff, but just as good so first things first lets go ahead and check out the return home, which is the most basic necessity on a gps quadcopter. So this is the button so short press. It and immediately it rises up in altitude, turns around and heads back, Music hangs there for quite a while and now it turns around. So it takes a lot of time and its coming down getting its own prop wash okay lets see, and it stops briefly somewhat lengthy, and will it come back down? No, it does not come all the way down its just staying there im not doing anything, so thatll be the return of home wow. Okay. So let me try that one more time thats, the first time ive seen a gps quadcopter, that doesnt fully land itself on a return home command, so rises up in altitude, turns around Music hangs there for a while were going to turn around again. You go and starts to descend, slows down and it stops and now either you can go ahead and fully land it or you can go and fly again.

I guess yeah, so it wont fully land right. So if you want to land, you can do the one key to land and then let me not pitch forward trying to get into the almost did it again my pitch and throttle stick kind of gets stuck. You know so, and that is the reason why it flipped over all right. One thing i forgot to do is i forgot to show you guys something here in the settings you can put the maximum amount or you can choose the parameter that you want to put in here. I put everything on the maximum amount: okay, so thats what you want to do before you get started, and i didnt show you guys that all right so lets go ahead and arm the motors once again and manually take off once again. So we know that the return home works great, but it slows down and it stops, and it just hangs there for you to decide what you want to do with it now lets check out the failsafe return home in which im going to turn off the remote Control so turned off the remote and lets see what happens. Lets see if it does anything here, yep yep. It responds after maybe a little less than 10 seconds around there and it heads back just backwards. It didnt turn around and we should have 22 minutes of flight time, so we should be able to get all the testing done.

If not, i do have an extra battery. This thing did come with two batteries, so lets see what it does now on a fail. Safe does it come in land, looks like so yeah, so its going to land on a fail, safe, return home, but not by pressing the return to home command and does the motor shut off its still idling? The motors are not shutting off by themselves. It is still idling there all right, let me go ahead and turn on the remote and then up and down, and let me go ahead and throttle down all the way, and now i can shut the motors off okay. So next thing lets go ahead and start it up again, once more and then manually take off see how slowly it responds to the manual take off. Okay, the lights are blinking, however, maybe it is already in low voltage, huh. Okay, what i wanted to do was i wanted to turn it off and then turn it back on, while its coming back so lets go ahead and see if it rebinds and if i can retake control of it once it starts to head back, and i turn On the remote control, so its rising up in altitude and heading back up and down on the throttle and looks like the return of home has paused and i have regained control of it. All right lets see how much battery life i have here. I still have good battery life, it looks like, but the lights are blinking im, not in return home mode or anything, but the lights are blinking.

Okay lets bring it down a little bit more and lets check out the circle me so im gon na place the clock up the right above myself and im gon na hit this button here. Music, okay turns around and it goes away not that far and does it turn around again? Okay, and does it commence the circle me? Yes, it does check it out and let me go ahead and lower down the camera Music. All right here we go now lets see if im going to push it out with the pitching roll stick here and im going further away. So i can actually change the radius and, let me let go of the stick. It kind of sticks on the side wall. There all right, it is still continuing to circle me and i can pull it towards myself to minimize the radius and increase the radius lets see. If i can make it go faster by rolling to one side yep, it is going faster and that is the fastest itll go. Let me check it out: yeah its circling, the car and myself nice there. It is continuing to do the circle me or the point of interest now lets see. If i go the opposite way, lets see if i can rotate the opposite way, yep and let go of the stick and it is continuing to circle around in the opposite direction, and i guess i can throttle up yep. I can throttle up and i can throttle down and it is continuing to do the circle me if i yaw the yaw has no effect all right, so the circlemate works really nice.

I am very satisfied with the circle me function. The only thing is no electronic image, stabilization, no gimbal, so its a little shaky all right. So if i want to exit the circle me ill, just press the exit or the circle me button once again and there you go ive exited the circle me all right lets see. I dont think i can do the follow me because my ipad does not have a cellular service. So let me go ahead and try it anyway, its positioning itself somewhat, but it is continuing to go huh. It made a little turn. No, the follow me is not working because theres no cell service on my ipad. So let me exit that so obviously im not going to be able to do the waypoints either with my ipad, because the ipad does not have any service so lets just see how far i can go with this thing. Let me go this way and lets see how far i can go before the 5g wi fi fpv dies out. Okay, im continuing to push it and looks like distance is 50 meters. It is saying, okay continuing to push it physically. It looks like about 100 meters. It is still registering at 90 and is continuing to go so i still got good video, oh now, its getting a little choppy its going in and out. So, even though it is using the 802.11 hc protocol, it does get a little choppy here and there look at that, and i got my hand up in the air.

I can still see it going and the battery is about to die out. I got about good 30. Maybe lets see what it says here. ‘. No, it just says the volt 7.38 yeah im continuing to push it and i can still see it way over there, but my video is starting to get really choppy. Sometimes stationary im sure the dvr is recording it without any choppiness or loss of frame. But look at that im still pushing it, it is still meandering and basically i see a tiny little dot and i think i should start heading back because i lost video and the battery is about running out, but it is still going. I believe i can see it disappearing little by little and im still pushing it yeah. I think that is about it that i will push it because the battery situation, so what im going to do is im going to hit the return to home button and lets see if it returns home. The return home icon on the app has not lit has not lit up, because i believe i lost wi fi video as well. The wi fi connection is lost, so hopefully it is starting to head back. I can see it way out there tiny little dot. I dont know if its heading back yet but kind of looks like it. I think it rolls up in the air turned around, maybe and then its heading its way back yep its getting bigger its coming back nice, no video yeah.

I completely lost wi fi video. So it should have a low voltage return home as well, and this is not it. This is the return to home command, push button response and it is heading its way back. Im going to retake control im going to hit the return home button again and no, i dont think its going to exit the return home now check it out. The lights are solid, though Music. That is odd, that the lights are solid, its turning around and it is heading down. So is it going to stop and stay there or is it going to come all the way down yeah this one does not land, it just stays afloat. It did, however, miss the landing pad by quite a lot. So if it lands right over here its going to be about good, almost seven or eight clock up the distances away, all right so lets see here. Do i have video back? No, i do not have video back guys, so im gon na go ahead and stop the video recording, whoops. Okay, i stopped the video recording im gon na restart it. Okay, all right so lets go ahead and cruise around until low voltage hits. We are in speed. Number one speed number two: hey this thing is fun to fly. The only issue is the throttles or the pitch and roll stick gets caught. You see how it kind of gets caught. It doesnt want to bounce back to the mid position its rubbing on the sides.

Perhaps i did it when i took the remote control apart, but there you go its still got good battery life. I guess its still going. It does look like its flying nice and smooth, but the video didnt come out as good and my wi fi video did not come back, so i still dont have video unfortunate once it goes out very hard to come back. I guess so. Sometimes, when you come really close, it comes back, so the wi fi is not really reliable. Now the lights are solid, again, thats kind of weird. So does it get solid when the video is recording lets stop the video okay, its still solid video is recording and it is still solid, so im not sure what that blinking of the lights were earlier. Okay, so im just going to waste out the battery here and see what happens when theres a low voltage situation Music since im, not gon na, be looking at the app anymore im gon na on my sunglasses, turning around theres a lot of haze in the sky, Because of the fire, i believe yeah theres a lot of smoke all around us and it has been like that for a while because of the fire, so its got pretty good control. Everything seems to be working really nice, its just a little bit wobbly. Nice turns lights are still solid, so its kind of like a flying security camera. In a sense, the front kind of looks like one of those security cameras.

So koal has some good security cameras and theyre entering into the oh theyre entering into the uh. The drone products – okay, the lights – started to blink, so im, not sure what that is. Oh theres, a geo fence check it out, im pushing it all the way, but it is not going. There is a geofence. Let me turn around, so this is the first phase of low voltage where there is a geo fence. Lights are blinking and im pushing the throttle pitch all the way and look it hit the geo, fencing and bounced off and its just hovering there. Even though i have the pitch all the way look if pit stick is stuck all right, so there you go thats the behavior of the first phase of low voltage and its going to hit the wall again boom that geofence wall. So you can still fly around a little bit in this mode, but your distance is limited now, so you are geofenced in and lets see how long this geofence is its acting a little bit strange. It digs in a lot and it kind of slows down a little bit. I think the battery has a lot to do with it, and this pitch and roll stick gets stuck so oh check it out now its going to land completely. So this must be the second phase of the low voltage return home, so its just gon na land, wherever it can, it was trying to come back, but the battery level is showing me just one dot left on the battery.

So there you go guys my test flight and a review of the coal owls fx 9p. So thank you so much for tuning in and watching have a great day and well see you again.