My name is ryan and today im going to be taking the contixo, i hope im pronouncing that correctly. The catixo f30 brushless gps drone with 4k camera up for its test flight. Now, if youre subscribed to my channel, you know a few weeks ago, i did post an unboxing overview of this drone. You can see the black carrying case next to it in which the drone comes in its a two battery version of this drone, and i did mention in the table review that i felt this was probably a rebranded mjx bugs product if youre not familiar the bugs Lineup is was a really popular lineup of drones from mjx, and this is indeed a rebranded mjx bugs 7.. So its a 4k camera ill show you here in the app settings you can go to 4k and 2.7. K 2.7 should have a higher frame rate. I dont know the frame rate on these just yet i didnt notice in the instruction manual thats something that we can see. I wont know until i get inside and do post production because ive not actually flown this. So this will be the maiden flight of this drone. Usually, the low resolutions will have a higher frame rate, so well have to see im going to film today in 4k, and if you get it here in the app and im doing a screen recording. So you should be able to see here when i click the little gear icon in the upper right hand, corner youve got your max flight altitude, which is turned off, so those are like beginner modes and your max flight distance with those turned off.

You should theoretically be able to go until i guess the drone runs out of its signal, gets weak and it doesnt return to home. There could be a preset in here and it could be the 120 uh altitude in the 200 distance thats possible, but it says its off. You can see you flip those on and it turns green. We have them off. The orbit send diameter. That is for doing your orbit mode, which well try to test here. If we have enough battery, it says in the instruction manual its default to 10. I believe it said, but here in the app it says, a5 so thats, not a very big diameter im going to bump that up a little bit 11 is good enough and return to home altitude, which is set to 15 meters now inside. Here you can see you got a geomagnetic calibration, thats your compass calibration and below that your gyro calibration now instruction manual says if you, both both sticks down to the left well enter. The drone well enter actually do a gyro calibration. I didnt have any luck with that. So if i just click this, it should do it and it just did it right now. You wouldnt be able to see that, but the front light on this drone. Let me show you with a flash really rapidly green, but right now we should have power to the drone still and i can see the video feeds moving.

So i do now when you power the drone up youre supposed to have to do a compass calibration. Every time, but i havent flown the drone since then, so i dont know it doesnt you get the headless mode symbol on the controller over to the upper left hand, corner, which is hard to see right now that tells you you need to do a compass calibration. Um, i did it inside just to test it out. You dont want to do a compass calibration indoors theres a lot of metal around, so i need to do it again, youre supposed to its supposed to do it whenever you start the drone up, but i didnt see any indication that it needs it. The way youll know as well is if this front light here is flashing, yellow, and i dont see it doing that. That tells you you need to do the compass calibration and ill just go ahead and do that now, because you can start that up within the app. So if you dont get that notice and you need to do it, do it from an app here, you can see it down here, which says geomagnetic calibration real quick. There are some other settings. Some of these settings are stuff for a gimbal version. So, and this is not connected now – let me see if its. If we lost the connection, let me see because the drone may wan na yeah we did so.

I have to power the drone off and on it could be. The drone turned itself off after a certain amount of time. Some of them will do that, so im going to go ahead and exit lets, see yeah the drones powering itself off thats one of the most frustrating things as a reviewer. You got to do some talk in the beginning and then the drone ends up turning itself off so now, ive re turned the controller off and on um, when you first power this up, you have to hold down the lock button power, the controller on itll itll, Beep twice then power the drone on and it will bind with the uh craft you just have to you have to just do that. One time thats very common with mjx products. Nobody else does that so lets go in here and go to the network internet, and it says it is connected to the contixo f30. So lets hope that that works ive had a little trouble. This seems to be an android thing or times you see. It says not connected its just so frustrating. If i kill the app out and restart it, then i think it may work these android apps never like whenever it loses its feed, they want to keep running and then it just freaks it out and im still getting it so im gon na do is im Gon na power, the drone off and well come right back and then well do a compass calibration immediately because sitting too long like this is obviously not doing well with the drone.

So let me just do that ill, be right back guys. Okay, guys it says its connected. I got a green light here. I just had to power cycle everything the app for this i dont think i mentioned it – is the mrc pro app so thats the name of the app ill put a screenshot from the play store here, so you guys see what that app is called lets. Go back into the gear lets go down to the geomagnetic calibration and it should be telling us now im going to need to rotate the drone level so im going to rotate it level here. I cant see any flashing lights lets see. If it, i think, and it still says to rotate – usually it goes, then you have to go vertical. I did this indoors and had no problem and it says were done. I think the weird thing is, i couldnt see anything telling me, usually an audible beep, that you need to go from level to upright, but its three times each direction level. You know horizontal and vertical. So that should be good. I i think if we have any problems, we go up and it starts toilet bowling. We need to land it and redo that. But when you first power the drone on youre supposed to be it automatically supposed to enter into compass calibration mode, and it did do that for me. While i go inside and that those front lights will flash and once you get done with the horizontal itll go from yellow flashing to green, that means go vertical again.

I couldnt see any of that. So lets go ahead. Im going to take it up and take a couple photos and ill show you guys in here when we get off the ground theres, quite a few settings for photos that will land it and well do some videos lets do the uh lets do the unlock and Then lets go ahead and do an auto takeoff on the top left bumper there now that were in the air. We dont have to worry about the drone um turning off on us. He says: shouldnt, okay, just doing a little test here to see. If we have any toilet bowling, oh that was kind of lets make sure were in gps mode. We are that was kind of wild lets, see if it catches itself and settles down. You do have a gps on and off switch on the side, and i was in gps mode were gon na see were up to 14 satellites, so it could be. We didnt have a good sat lock when i took off. I should have checked that out now. This is just a manually, controlled, uh, camera tilt. You have to actually preset it before you take off, which is unfortunate, so ive got it facing up as high as itll go im just going to go ahead and try to take a photo. A quick press here should take a photo. Let me move it over a little bit and there we go.

It says tf photo, which means its saving it to the internal, the sd card. Okay, thats good enough. I just wanted to test out the photo quality of this drone yeah. Its really look at that. Why did it fly over here, not see? Is it going to go back now? Thats, weird, most people really like this stronghold. Its really wandering on me lets go over here and lets just do a um, an auto landing press that upper left bumper and just this is of course, auto landing guys. This is not there, you go. That was not a return to home. That was not very good in terms of it. Just all of a sudden will kind of drift on me, which is kind of bizarre lets. Try to do that, travis calibration again just to see if that might be it, and i dont see on the screen. I cant read anything there might be something there that it glares too much. This is supposed to be flashing, so lets keep turning it and see this should be. You should get an audible, beep now im just gon na go up right now and see. I know the screen went green down there and that now it says its complete well youre, not getting it theres, no theres, no audible, beeps or anything on the screen. Let me know that i actually completed that thats bizarre. Whenever i did it inside the house, we can hear some fire alarm trucks there.

In the background, when i took off my excuse, when i was inside, i did it, i powered it on the front. Yellow light is flashing, you do it, you do the horizontal, then it goes to green flashing. You go nose up. Do it three times the light goes back to like solid, yellow or off. I forget, and then its done so i dont know whats up with that. Lets go ahead and start recording some video lets go into the settings and make sure that we are set to 4k see. Where was that in the gear here you want to be in 4k. I cant tell, i think, yeah its its green. It defaults to 2.5 lets do 4k and that should be good to go. I didnt show you guys. There are the photos. I took a couple and forgot to show you theres, like a brightness and the contrast and like saturation, and you have some presets for sunny and cloudy. We just took the default one, so thats. All i was planning on doing anyway, so were in 4k. Lets. Go ahead now and start recording by the long, a long press on the we should be recording video and we are lets, go and unlock the props and lets uh do another auto takeoff lets see if we have any better now, because now that ive taken off This time i have a 15 satellites, a better sat lock. There is a little breeze today, coming from you know, feels like its coming from the south a bit, but its a nice really nice day today, low humidity, really nice.

So our battery looks like its at 3 4 battery. The camera icon is flashing on the controller screen, so that tells us we are recording video. This screen is not super bright, but it is nice that you have a built in lcd. So as looking at the fpv feed, i can see those wobble what you expect. Theres no stabilization on this drone, which is another reason why i wanted to take a photo, a couple photos, because that may be what this drone is going to be better for see its kind of drifting back again. Its almost like. I see this in the cheaper drones, you break or stop, and then it marks the coordinates where its you give it the input and it doesnt break as good as a as the better drones. So then they want to fly back to that spot. Where you first gave it the input to stop so there are the rate modes are supposed to be this upper right, bumper on a long press, it says short, presses optical flow, but it looks like its just turned the led on and off and maybe thats what I did let me come down here and see if that, because maybe thats, why that i had turned that off or something lets see, i cant see anything. Oh, i see it on the bottom. There theres a led on the bottom, because the optical flow camera is on the bottom of this drum, but its its behind that white led so lets turn it back on thatll help us see the drone a little bit better.

I dont know why they call that optical flow, but its actually optical its a light. Thats weird anyway lets see a long press, thats low right so lets see. This is going to be better for filming and lets go to high rate and see is that yall increase ah and the way it might its not much of a difference or face, and i see now look how it flies over there. Its trying to go back to where i first told it to now were facing a place, its just its kind of just drifting around on me. Look at that. I mean its not like doing anything crazy, but lets try that again lets go forward and break now. Look is: is it going to try to fly back here or i gave it the stick inputs yeah see how its drifting back. Then it should settle thats. Just typical of drones at this price point lets go again and then im going to let off the sticks and it should park itself here. But i feel like its going to probably fly back, see how its taking it a bit its going to go back and then its going to try to. I mean its not a huge deal. But if youre trying to fly in tight spaces, which i wouldnt recommend with a drone like this and no thats not going to be very good, but it isnt the most like its, not a rock stella, see look thats, just not a rock steady gps, lock at All lets see if it settles down, because if it starts going in circles, we know that the compass is not calibrated, but ive done three compass calibrations and when i powered it on it, just didnt look like it was in the compass calibration mode, which is supposed To in fact, it even says, if you uh, even switch batteries, you have to do it im not going to mess with landing it and turn it off and trying to do like the non the startup calibration, which again its supposed to enter that theres.

No stick combination to do that, but it said it. It said i successfully completed it as far as i can tell, but it boy the app. It was certainly not giving me any kind of indication that flies nice, like that. What i like to do at this point in a review, especially with the battery down well thats, still over or three fourths. I dont get that away from that tree because this thing just wanders im going to send it out here a little ways and well do return to home accuracy test. Take it out over the cemetery. I got a nice fpv feed. I mean theres zero break ups. You just have that silly wobble ill park it out there. I cant make it out too easily here, but im gon na. Let it settle down like it always needs and then were going to do a return to home, which will be a press on this gps button here, whether the uh gps tag or whatever you call it lets see if it flies back, it should be. It go to like, i think it was 15 meters or, and i can see it is definitely coming back. In fact, this hauling butt back here. Well, it looks like its what the heck is it doing here it comes im going to give it some throttle its going to fly into that tree. It is just going in giant circles and we crashed well. I dont know what was going on there, but that was a big i told to return to home and its still on over here.

I just have to go find it. So let me stop the video ill go grab it. It looks like everythings fine. They were just doing giant circles, they did not do a return to home at all. That is really weird. I have not had good luck with these any of these drones. Lately now people really say this ones good. I dont know if im just not getting a good compass calibration. What ill probably do is go ahead and stop recording the video and it still shows a flashing, but the app no longer shows it recording. So i just want to see if i can figure out where this landed. It did land up right, okay, guys, so i brought it back over here and i cant get it to connect to the app anymore. Just this is not connected doing the same things. I did while i go. I may have damaged something with that crash. It looks fine. The wi fi does come up in my phones list. When i connected the app just as not connected it. Has this staticky looking it did. It had a staticky looking frozen screen, which it was doing this before this crash, but i was able to fix it by power. Cycling, i power cycle three or four times, and the app just refuses to bring any up any video feed. So maybe i damaged something im gon na just try to fly it without fpv now, just to see if anything calms down when i did start it up here, while i go, i was finally able to get the flashing icon, but its like when i the sticks Out and or something that happened to come up at that time, but i cant seem to generate that now.

So maybe theres been a coincidence when the sticks that came up im not getting it now. So maybe the fact that i did it its seen it hasnt been flown, so its not making me do it, even though the instruction manual says every time you power it on. You have to do it so lets just take it up and see theres not going to be any video. This is just me only video is going to be my head cam, because i cant, if screen recording, does nothing when the apps frozen so lets just unlock the props and lets just do a manual takeoff lets see if it just flies any better. Now i just feel like the compass never calibrated correctly, because those giant circles is what youd expect on a drone to do when the compass is not calibrated correctly. Now, look that looks very stable and my gps is still on so it wasnt off and if its off the return home should be disabled because it cant do it then lets just try that breaking and see if it fly back now. No, that was pretty good. It is, it is coming back slowly. This may be a low battery warning, probably im just going to take it out here. It should be. Its distance should be capped right now. Im just going to try return to home from right back over here lets see what it does its raising up to its 15 meters lets just see.

Does it well thats working at least so far its theres a big hawk up here? It didnt do a giant circle, its working, fine right now, its gon na be off, but its you know, thats to be expected. Thats going to be off by more than you would want, even for a toy drum thats off by a good six seven feet. That should be closer than that thats, not very good, but yeah were getting and we have 15 sats. So we had plenty good gps lock to do better than that now be mindful on these toy drones that youre just you thats that ridiculous low battery warning is going to drive me mad, but lets go ahead and turn everything off because were done. I turn off the controller um theyre, just using gps signal to locate the uh and look at that. It looks like the arms got popped out of place a little bit too. That could have affected it, but it actually, it actually flew just fine, but i think the arms werent i didnt – have them completely snapped in a lot thats a problem with these ones that dont lock they just sort of go into a place, as you can knock Them out of place not notice it and then fly it, and it actually flew fine. They were a little bit out of whack but not badly, but these gps drones like this. They land the optical flow cameras here where my pinky is next to its an led.

This they dont use this for precision landing on these cheap drones because it has to be looking at photos. It takes it ha. It probably uses the app to help it with that. That requires a lot of money and resources and programming that these companies dont have so youre just using the gps coordinates alone to find it and that just doesnt always work very well, especially on these toy drones. That dont have the best flight controllers. They just dont have the precision of a higher end drum, but my overall experience on this drone is terrible. You know i just dont trust it at all. Ive been doing this five years, so im not dumb. I know i do a compass calibration. Those typically work. Fine, this doesnt give you a good compass calibration indication. It does on the drone if it works, but then it has an ad the app one seemed to be junk. It seems like this app is used by multiple drones, because it has the gimbal calibration and in fact one person said they used it with their hs 720e, which is another drone that had a minor zone thats by holy stone that i reviewed back a few months Ago – and they used this app too, what this one was, so i mean you cant expect it to be the most compatible app, but people are using different brands of drones made by different companies. So, overall i get a hard pass on this dont waste.

Your money um. Obviously, if you you know, if you buy the mjx version, they probably have their app im sure i could probably try the mjx app and see if it works better with it, but at the end of the day. So what youre going to pay for this, which im sure you know contixo, was kind of to send this out to me for review, but its not going to be cheap for a rebranded mjx on amazon save up a little bit more money, get yourself a dji Mini used or you can go a little more – a dji mini 2, even the femi x8 mini its light years better than this theres just a lot of other options. The drc de 22 is really really good. It has a 2x stabilized gimbal. I cant attest to the camera comparison. The camera on the de 22 is not the greatest, but the gimbal works awesome. The drone flies really well so hard pass on this guys. Dont waste your money on this, and this is no insulting antiques, though theyre just rebranding. Theyve been kind to me, but i got to be honest with you. I cant tell you to buy something and i think youd be pretty foolish to buy a drone based on my review, seeing where it acted. If i told you to buy this drone still, then you wouldnt want to watch my channel dont watch anybodys. If they tell you something that clearly, this piece of junk is good theyre, trying to make sales dont, listen to that channel, unsubscribe to them.

Dont visit them again, its not worth it theres too many big channels out there that creatively, edit theres big channels out there. I dont want to get into a soapbox here, but theres big channels. I know one has got its one of the biggest channels out there. He createdly edits stuff and im, not talking about quadcopter 101. Just to be clear, i think hes good well cr well edit out the crashes and stuff because they want he wants to make sales. So he doesnt care about being honest with you im not going to name the person. I dont want to get into a feud with anybody, so i dont think im narrowing it down very big, except for its a really large channel. So take that for what it is, most people are not watching this video at this point anyway. So if youre new to the channel, you appreciate the honesty you know please consider subscribing when you do subscribe, please tune in no sense subscribe to channel and not check it out again. I got too many dead subscribers. So if you tune in be sure to uh visit the channel, if you dont have any attention to visit channel, then dont dont subscribe, give this a video a like. If you like it, if you dont give it a dislike.