This is another product review um. It should be either my four fifth or sixth video. It is a the contixo f20 uh quadcopter drone ive uh. We got it for future vlogging experiences um it has an hd camera on it. It also can mount a gopro on it and it and it comes with a backpack. It comes with a battery charger, a battery. We bought an extra battery for it um. It has a pocket in the front and it thats where i like, to keep all the like handbooks and manuals and paperwork then on the sides. It has pockets in this pocket. I have spare pieces in this pocket and this i get. I have spare pieces in this pocket. I have the sd card because it requires an sd card to record the to for the camera to record, then the actual drawing part it has this little like full mount line and it heres. The drone here are two battery slots. The reason this one is empty is because im charging it right now, um then the can then the actual drone is this right here see it has a little webcam right here, full hd 1080p. It can angle twist um. It has a nice like cut through the ear kind of design, although i think its mainly for looks here are the propellers theres, a black theyre black and green, to match everything else, then, under that little foam outline because its removable, if i take it out, bear With me it it comes with a little phone mount for the remote controller.

You can put your phone up, you can put them, you can put them out in this little hole right here and that allows you to put your phone. It allows you to put your phone here, because if you use the app theres a lot of extra cool features – and here are the buttons for recording uh to hold the height to not allow any movement and to bounce up and down uh here are. This is uh. This is twisting side to side like twisting this way and twisting that way. This is throttle up which makes it go up and throttle down which makes it comes down. This is left right. This is left and right. That means it leans. So itll move instead of just twisting uh heres the on off button and heres a little display that tells you like the battery life and all it also um. It also comes with spare propellers and a few tools in case. Something goes wrong, but, besides that its pretty much all this and theres also a pocket right here for the sd card uh, i theres an adapter in here, but inside of it is the sd card. The one caveat is that you need an sd card. If you dont have a micro, sd card reader, you need an sd card adapter. That way you can put it in your sd card slot and it can. You can still transfer files, although i have an sd card, adapter, uh or no uh transfer uh.

So i dont need it. I just have it because its nice to have in case youre working from a laptop um, also if its a it comes with like a great backpack, it has padding and to make sure its comfortable. You can also download the contixo f20 app and if you do, if you download the app you can access special features like follow me and if you say follow me, you can put your phone like in your backpack and if youre biking it will follow. The drone will automatically follow you, but you couldnt do that in an area without a lot of trees, but just because um Music. If there was a lot of trees, there would be a risk of them running into the trees anyway, um uh, i will see yall in the next video.