No, they didn’t um that’s the empty box. That’S got some cables in it. You get those cables believe it or not. Yep, where are the goggles? Well i’ve been using them. This is one of those reviews i was talking about where i’ve been using this product for quite a while now and it’s just as well. I did choose to use this product for a while, because my first impressions were somewhat wrong and so i’m not going to give you some misinformation based on a quick unboxing in a couple of seconds on the bench. No, this is a more in depth. Evaluation of a product that has some you may like it, you may not like it. You may, like it it’s very difficult. These are also very difficult reviews because i’m talking fpv goggles and some people, like one thing, some people like something else. Some people have a certain shaped face. Other people have a different shape, face, it’s, really hard for me to tell you. These are the best goggles for you. I can only tell you what my experiences are so it’s important. My experiences are are diverse enough to give you you know the pros and cons and that’s what that’s i’ve been using them for weeks now, i’ve been using them for weeks now. My daily drive has been my skyzone 04x goggles, and i love these. These are still my daily drive. These are still the best goggles i have bar none.

I wouldn’t. I would use these ahead of the dji digital goggles for analog stuff. Every damn time for reasons i’ve explained to my review of those goggles go search that on the channel. If you want to find it, but what i’m reviewing today are these skyzone goggles? Yes, they are skyzone goggles. They are similar to the o4x, as you can see similar to, but they’re not the same. These are the o2x and you’re. Thinking hang on a minute. What is the o2x? There was an o2o or something i don’t know what there was, but they’ve had o2 as like the cheaper line of goggles. It doesn’t have the same field of view, cuts a few bits and pieces here to bring the price down because not everybody can afford or not. Everyone wants to spend this sort of money on analog fpv these days. These are not cheap, they’re, great value, but they’re. Not cheap but, and so if your budget is a little more restricted, you might think. How can i save a few bucks here? Maybe the o2xs are good enough, so i’m going to talk you through what the differences are and what you get for your money with the o2x and basically you get a box see there’s the box. I already did the unboxing weeks ago, but you didn’t see it because we don’t unbox things here: they they come with all the normal stuff, the cables, the power, cable or video external cable.

Interestingly enough, they come with antennas, but not your rubber ducky antennas, like you, usually get you get a proper circularly polarized antenna and a patch which i’ve lost that’s. How long i’ve been using these things? I’Ve misplaced, the patch but it’s a nice little looks like about a five or six decibel patch, which is a lot of people like using patches. I don’t use patches much. I much prefer helicals, but if you like patch it well, i free well when i say free, they come with the goggles and it’s a damn sight better than those stupid. Little linearly polarized antennas that nobody really uses and nobody really should use, except under special circumstances, which i’ll cover in an upcoming video, but there we go, there are the goggles, they look fairly similar um other external differences are. These are the o4 x’s have got the little twiddly wheels. These have just got buttons. In fact, the plastic for these is pretty much the same plastic as for some of the earlier sky zones, which had chromie buttons, but these have got white buttons, so that’s the externals it’s got the same usual stuff. It’S got fan on the front here: it’s got ipd adjust, but, unlike the o4x it doesn’t have the individual eye focus effect. Doesn’T have any eye focus. If your eyes are not 100, you may have to get some diopters or, as i’ve shown many people how to do here. When you get old and you have to use reading glasses, buy a cheap set of reading glasses, pull the plastic lenses out and hot glue them in there save your buying diopters and you get better results.

A lot of the time so that’s a little thing. If you’re getting old and you can’t focus don’t waste your money on expensive diopters, which are often just negative, not positive, just glue some hot, just a couple of blobs of hot glue push the reading glass lenses in there. Bingo you’ve got video, glasses or goggles that work for you. There you go a life. What is it called? A life hack, a life hack anyway, so those are the gold. Those are the goggles now you’ll notice that also they don’t on the i4x’s they’ve got this bay here for a no that’s the wrong goggles. What am i doing? Don’T pay attention to this man, who knows nothing. They’Ve got the fat shark like bay on the side. Even though you can’t fit many modules in there, because the plastic is not quite the right shape, but you can remove the rf module or you can put another one over this side. If you want to high end stuff, these goggles have exactly the same electronics for receiving as the expensive o4x’s they’ve got that wonderful, what they call it um rapid mix, which is like rapid fire and and the the one that fusion uses on the or tbs fusion. Whatever it’s just a more clever way of switching between receivers when you’re getting a noisy signal, it gives better results. The one on these works really really well it’s, exactly the same as the one in there and in the cobra x, goggles, so that’s.

Another reason why these are pretty good and i like the fact that we don’t have a module bay, that we have one antenna connector here and one here, because you get better results if your antennas are spaced. If your antennas are both close together, they can affect the radiation pattern of each other and you’re, not getting the spatial diversity that helps when you’re getting multi pathing having spatially, diverse or separated antennas really helps with multi pathing. So this will actually work better than that. In many cases and i’ve proven that i’ve flown with these, they do actually give a better result than these, because these antennas, too, damn close together for my liking, has the fan on the top. As you’d expect. It has a standard head tracker interface on the bottom, which is pretty good because the new four x’s have got some strange three three millimeter jack, whereas these use the standard old, din type connector, which a lot of people have got those plugs. Not many people have the plugs for these, so this is great it’s, more old school it works really well has a built in dvr difference between the expensive goggles and the cheap ones. This uses motion jpeg in an avi file. This uses h.264 and the h.264 gives you better quality and a smaller file size motion, jpeg it’s, still fine for most people, you’re not going to be sort of worrying too much about the quality of your video.

This is perfectly adequate, it’s, still better than many other goggles on the market, which i shall not name in terms of the dvr performance, so that’s, basically it now. I want to talk about when i got these things and why i’m glad i didn’t review them straight out of the box. Now one of the problems with going lower cost with oleds is you’re using a smaller display. The actual physical size of the oled screen in here is much smaller than the physical size of the one. In there it has fewer pixels as well. So this is, i don’t know what it is: it’s 1200 by 900 or something pixels on the oled display it’s a lot of pixels. This has something like about, i think, it’s, some 600 by 400 or something much fewer pixels and you might think well that’s terrible because this will look like all grainy and pixely and blocky, but it doesn’t and it doesn’t, because this also has a narrower field of View that is to say, if you’re looking through the o4xs, your picture will look about this big and if you look through the o2 x’s, your picture will look about this big, so it’s, a smaller picture, everything’s squished in the field of view, as it’s called, is Narrower and that so, even though you’ve got fewer pixels, the actual pixel spacing is not much different, so the image looks just about as sharp, but it looks smaller.

It just looks small and there’s. Some people love a smaller field of view, that’s what they prefer when they’re flying and because they find that all the movement on the corners of the field of view distracting. I love a big field of view. I love an immersive experience. I love the original fat shark base edition, which were 42 degrees. I love the o4xs because they’re about 46 or something it’s brilliant. As far as i’m concerned, i don’t want to see black. I don’t want to pay for black around the edges. I want to pay for the picture, as i say, other people much prefer the narrower field of view, it’s less distracting for them. They find it easier to focus on that image in the middle, and i know when fat shark first brought out their dominators. The first set of dominators they had a much much narrower field of view than the base edition that came before them i’d been flying the base edition. I got the dominators and i hated them. I never used them because the picture was just too small for me. It was much better in every other regard, but it was just. I just didn’t have that immersive experience that i didn’t feel like. I was part of the machine, so i used my base editions and i gave the dominators away because they just weren’t for me. Yet i know another chap who looked through all the goggles and said i like the dominators and he wanted the dominoes because he wanted that smaller field of view.

Now these are the subjective things that i can’t say. This is better for you or worse. You’Ve got to see this for yourself, which is why i keep all these goggles here and when people come from all over the world, sometimes i say: hey, try them out, see which one you like the most put them on, and that is hopefully, if you belong To a club – or you know some other people that fly so what i recommend you do whenever you can try out other people’s goggles goggles, try the hd02s, try the orcas, try the skyzone 4xs and you will find out pretty quickly which one you prefer in terms Of field of view and the vibrancy of the image and that sort of stuff – and you can work out the costs accordingly, so the o2 x’s have a narrower field of view and that’s immediately apparent if you change from these. But the really interesting thing is: i flew for these flew with these for a week continuously because not continuously, but i use them as my goggles every day for a week, just to see how much i like them, if i could find anything wrong with them. This is the o2x as we’re talking here, and i realized that, after less than a day, i was used to the narrower field of view, and it didn’t worry me anymore. I, when i went back to these it was still great to have the big field of view, but you adapt very quickly to a narrower field of view.

So i i could use these as my daily drive. If i couldn’t afford these i’d probably use these because they’re just the color, the oled image is just brilliant, it’s, absolutely fantastic. The the receivers are just brilliant, absolutely fantastic, and you know the whole thing is a nice package. Now the reason i say that i’m glad i didn’t review this out of the box is because when i first tried these goggles out, i hated them hated them, because when you’ve got a tiny little oled screen being magnified to be bigger in front of your eyes, It really puts a strain on the optics and the optics in these are obviously nowhere near the same quality as the optics and these and we’re starting with a smaller screen. So what i found was wearing these. I got vignetting quite noticeable vignetting of the image before my eyes and you’re asking. If some of you will say what is vignetting, what is it well, this is vignetting see see around the corners of the screen. See it’s dark here in the corners i’ve done this with my video editor, but this is what it looked like looking through these goggles and some people using hdo2s also complain about this, and the reason is that originally the little padded face plate here was too thick And my eyes were too far away from the actual lens elements, so it was like the image was going down a tunnel and if i pushed the goggles really hard against my face, it looked okay, but under normal operation it just it had the vignetting and then Out of the blue sky zone sent me a package with some narrowest and thinner padded face plates and the vignetting disappeared.

I’Ve got the thinnest one on now and it’s still very comfortable excellent light seal, but the vignetting is gone, and that means that these are the perfect backup for my daily drive. These are now really really good goggles. I love them. The thing of course, you’re gon na have to weigh up as a as a fpv flyer is. These are still expensive. These are not cheap goggles. You can’t get cheap oled goggles, because oleds are expensive and also you’re getting all the other. Goodness. The only real differences are the optics and the displays um same electronics, pretty much in here. Perhaps apart from the dvr as well. So you have to realize that these are still a pretty top end goggle, so they they’re not as cheap as many of the lcd options. That may have a bigger field of view and other things you might like, but they are still damn good, fpv, goggles and um yeah it’s a shame i can’t actually put them on your face. Try that no it won’t work so um. What would i say? Well, you have to make the decision now, if you have the money, there’s no question about it: go for the o4x go for the alpha x because they are just the best experience. There is in the analog world and of course they got hdmi input. So if you’re running fat, shark, bingo away you go, you can just plug in there, you can still run digital and you’ll, get that 42 degree field of view and all the other benefits this thing offers.

So if you, if you’re a fat shark user i’d, say to be totally honest to be totally honest, i’ve got to be brutal about this. This is nowhere near as good as as this i will be putting the fat shark digital module on my sky zones, because they’re just a bit of goggle. They really are sorry fat, shark, but i’m just that’s. The matters sky zones are a better goggle. The hd02s, and certainly a better goggle than the ones that i’m using here, so i will be putting my fetch art digital on here, that’s. What i’ll be doing if it could be quite nice of fetch i’ve, made a little thing that no, when we only ignore that just thinking out loud and incorrectly, so yeah um? If you can afford them get the o4x’s, you will never regret spending the extra money and if you can’t, afford them, but you want oled goggles, then the o2x is definitely a viable option so long as you’re happy to put up with us a narrower field of View, and in fact that may even be an advantage to you, because i’ve watched charles albert kim, i think it was albert kim saying that he normally flies the o4 x’s, but there’s a new set of goggles out there called the o4l from skyzone. They haven’t sent them to me. Don’T know why, but i haven’t got those, but he likes the slightly narrower field of view of the o4l.

So it’s horses, because different people have different preferences and all i can do is tell you what i’ve found so yeah good on you skyzone for realizing. Someone must have said to them. Hey look. You know we’re getting vignetting, because our eyes are too far from the optics and they sent out the replacement padded faceplates and that solved the problem, at least for me. It solved the problem, so these are now kick ass. Goggles really really good. If you don’t mind the narrower field of view, so that’s about it, really it’s hard to review fpv goggles, because what can i do if i put a camera in here, all you can do is just see the screen. It just looks like an oled screen. Um. You have to take my word for it that the experience with both of these is just better than lcd. I i find it very difficult. I get the dji digital goggles on and i’m impressed by the field of view and i’m impressed by the resolution, but the quality of the colors and the dynamic range they’re really quite disappointing, got ta be honest, quite disappointing lcds just don’t. Do it now say the new o4x o4l that skies don’t have apparently have a um liquid crystal on silicon, which has some of the benefits of oled, but at a lower cost? Maybe skyzone will send me a set of those and i’ll. Tell you what i think of them and we’ll have the complete lineup of possible options.

There you go that’s it that’s another that’s that’s, a review that’s, the ten thousand mile. Kick the tires review. Well, hopefully, i’ve covered everything you might need to know difficult to say difficult to review, fpv goggles, but i do know that i still my first set of skyzone goggles are still going after. I don’t know how many years must be eight nine years, still going brilliant. That make really good gear i’m very pleased to to give them a thumbs up very happy to do that because it won’t come back and bite me on the backside. Just before i wrap up this review, i want to show you what happened the first time i used these goggles now. This is quite a few weeks ago, in fact, months ago and you’ll see it as it was sunshine, warm weather, t, shirt, weather in fact. So this was a while ago, it’s freezing cold now, but i put the goggles on and i went for a fly and i want you to watch what happens in this video now notice. I had the vignetting. So i comment on that. But the most important thing is what happens towards the end of this video segment and once it’s done i’ll tell you what happened and why? Okay, i’ve got the goggles, i’ve got everything turned on, and there is definitely some vignetting i’m losing the top corners of the thing. If i set my ipd’s that’s as wide as it’ll go on there um.

If i get, the ipd set up, just right, i’m still losing the corners, which is kind of strange. If i push right in it’s, okay, but with the normal spacing no it’s it’s, really not giving me a full square images. I am looking down a tube into these goggles, but let’s see how we fly let’s uh. We got the recording going there where’s my record button here, it’s this one isn’t, it yes, i’m recording on the vcr now built in dvr. I mean so let’s pick up the transmitter. Excuse me, while i disappear out of shot and let’s, have a fly and i’ll tell you as i’m flying what i think of the results. Now one thing i’ve noticed immediately is unlike the a4 x’s. You can’t just drop these on your face. They love the a4 x’s because they just they just fall on your face and you don’t have to mess around lining them up, but because we’re looking through a tube here, it’s a little bit harder to get them lined up, but let’s see how they perform now Notice it comes with this. These are the antennas that come with it. This is a standard circular polarized. This is a patch comes with the goggles, but, as you can see, the patch points out to the side that’s one of the things you have to remember to turn your head so that you’re sort of looking in the right way, you’re looking away from the model With the patch exposed to it, but let’s go let’s, do some flying oh yeah.

This is well. The picture is, of course, like oh dude, as you’d expect. The picture is very nice it’s, brilliantly clear in fact yeah now this is imminently flyable. This is i’m impressed. I’M always impressed and because it’s a smaller picture, it seems much sharper than the o4x. Is you know the the o4x, because it’s got the wide field of view, makes things look a little bit soft, but this this looks really sharp and i’m getting no break up to my head a bit no breakup way down here, close to the ground. These receivers in these goggles are fantastic. They are the best receivers i have used in any goggles i’m going to get an rssi warning long before i get a lack of video here, but just to make sure i just put my antenna up on the transmitter, because i forgot to do that um right. So yeah, no! This is oh i’m, getting a such a oh what’s that mean what’s that oh i don’t know why this is beeping. I better come back there’s there’s, no alarm showing. Why is it beeping my charge? Goggle battery, oh it’s, turned off signal. It’S turned off i’m gon na have to go and find the quad okay. So what happened? There looked like the goggle battery had gone flat. Perhaps so i uh took everything back into the workshop. Checked it out. No, the goggle battery was fine. So why do the goggles shut down? Well, it’s? The screen saver function in these oled goggles now, as we know with earlier televisions, burn in, would be a problem if we had the same image on our screen for an extended period of time.

So these goggles have a timer in them that if you don’t move your head enough in a certain period of time, then they will time out and shut down because they think you’ve left the goggles sitting there unused and it may have an image on them. That could burn the oled, so my head was way too still during this flight and the timeout happened and the goggles shut down. Now the beeping started. If i’d just moved my head a little bit from side to side or up and down it, probably would have cancelled the time out. I haven’t had this problem again. It only happened once so. I think i was just so focused on flying and enjoying the experience. My head wasn’t moving, so something to be aware of, and it’s common with, all oleds all eyelids have or should have a movement based, timeout and that’s tied into the head tracker with the accelerometers. So i can tell if your head is moving or if it’s, just your goggles are just sitting on the ground, so something i learned something i learned on my very first flight with these goggles and something to be aware of and again you’ll notice. I was talking about the vignetting because if i just rushed this review out i’d have said these goggles are crap there’s too much vignetting it’s like looking down a tube, but the reality is with the new cushioned faceplate. It is there’s. None of that problem.

I have no vignetting at all there. You go thanks for watching guys thanks my patreon supporters. You make it possible for me to spend the time necessary to do these longer term reviews and when you consider the hours i put in versus the money you get from a video through youtube, thank god for patreon that’s.