The question is: is the dji mini 2 still a good buy this late in 2021, or should you maybe considering other options well im going to jump in and tell you if you should consider buying the dji mini 2 at this stage in 2021, Music? So before i get in and talk about whether or not you should still consider buying the dj mini 2 at this stage, i just want to say if you like this video and you learned something new, please make sure to hit the like button and if youre New around here and havent subscribed, please make sure to hit that subscribe button and make sure the notification bells on so you dont miss any of my upcoming videos, so the dji has been out for a little while now its been out since november 2020 and ive Had this drawn for most of that time – and i fly it pretty much every week, so i feel like im experienced enough now to tell you at this stage if its a really good buy, give you a bit of a long term review and discuss if this Is a drone you could still consider buying this late in 2021? So if you dont want to sit and watch this entire video, you just want a yes or no answer ill. Give it to you. The answer is yes, i still think the dji mini 2 is the best budget and the best small drone in the market and ill actually go one step further.

I think its potentially the best drone available full stop for beginner flyers or flyers, who want to fly in an unrestricted way due to the drill laws. So, firstly, lets actually talk about the drone laws. The fact is that the dji is a sub 250 gram drone, and that means in most countries you can fly it in a very unrestricted way. In the uk, for example, where i fly my drone because the dji mini 2 is under 250 grams, you can fly in the a1 category now without going into too many details. What that basically means is you can fly your drone in residential, commercial, industrial and recreational areas without any specific license or any specific training. Some of the heavier drones like the air 2s, for example, a low can produce better quality footage. You must fly in the a3 category with no specific training, and that means no flights within 150 meters of residential recreational industrial or commercial areas and thats tricky. Because i, if i have to come up with an area, thats 150 meters, away from residential recreational, commercial or industrial areas, i really struggle to think of anywhere where you could actually fly that drone, its okay to say. Okay well ill fly my drone out at sea and that way im not revealing any of them laws. You have to take your drone off from somewhere. So if you go to a beach to take your drone off to fly out to say well, then youre not 150 meters away from a recreational area and thats where it gets really tricky with some of the heavier drones.

Thats, not something you have to worry about. With the many too now its worth saying that drones, like the air 2s, you can find the a2 category with specific a2 cfc training, which makes these drone laws slightly more relaxed, not as relaxed as a one category, but it does open up the areas you can Fly these heavier drones, but as a beginner as someone whos new to the hobby, trying out seeing if you want to enjoy flying drones, youre not really going to go and do your a2 cfc certificate, or at least that would not be the norm. So, for this reason i think the dji mini 2 is a much better drone to fly safely and legally and more unrestricted within their drone laws. So if i think about the potential customers for the dji mini 2, who is a potential buyer of the dji mini 2, currently in this climate? Well, the first one is going to be people that want to try out drone flying as a hobby. Theyve maybe seen someone friend or family out flying a drone and think thats, something i might be interested in, but i dont want to splash out a lot of money to find out if im interested in. I just want a really good drone, a quality drone, a safe and easy to fly drone without spending a lot of money to try this hobby out, and the thing is too: as someone whos new to the hobby, accidents and crashes happen crashes happen a lot when You first start flying your drone.

The first couple of times i took my drone out flying i crashed and so its worth not spending a lot of money, because if you do crash, i think its inevitable that youre gon na crash nine times out of ten youre not going to really do that. Much damage you might break a prop its easily replaceable, but if you do damage the drone, you want a drone thats not going to be that expensive to replace the next type of person. The dji mini 2 is perfect, for is someone who wants a small drone. The fact is the larger drones like the air 2s. Although produce better footage in certain scenarios, they are much larger and much heavier drones. I couldnt believe how small the dji mini 2 was when i first got it and for packing and traveling its absolutely fantastic. So maybe youre someone who does a lot of traveling and you want to draw one to be able to record your traveling adventures. Well, the dji mini 2 is absolutely perfect. You can put it in a small backpack. You can put it in your pocket anywhere. You can put a large iphone. You can put the dji mini 2, so its perfect for that the accessories are also small. So maybe you do sports, maybe do cycling. You could literally put the dji mini 2 in your jersey, pocket its that small, so the dji mini 2 is perfect for someone who does a lot of traveling.

The third type of person who might want this drone is someone who wants a quiet, drone. Someone who wants to fly without the hassles that come with larger noisier drones its a fact of reality that not everybody is a fan of drone flying, and that might be for a couple of reasons that might be they just dont like the noise that comes off The drones that may be because they themselves are not well versed in the drone nodes and think youre doing something illegal when youre, not, for example, if youre out flying over a beach, some people might think that youre not allowed to do that. The reality is some people just dont like drone fliers full stop, and sometimes, when youre out with a larger drone, you attract a lot of attention. Good and bad. I have to say when i might fly my drone nine times out of ten any of the attention. I get from flying is good its people who are interested in the hobby, its people who are interested in your drawing interested in the type of shots youre getting interested in how youre flying it and just people are generally excited about the drone flying hobby. But there are times when you do get someone who is a bit more annoyed, a bit more peeved off about flying a drone and can get confrontational. The many too, whenever you put it up in the air, you can barely hear it.

In fact, in some circumstances you cant hear it at all. So, if youre, someone who wants to go out flying and not attract any attention – and this is obviously said it more towards a beginner flyer – because getting attention when youre trying to learn to fly a drone isnt ideal, although the dji drones are fantastic, they will hover Themselves, they have an emergency brake button, so if you get distracted its fine as a beginner, you want to put all your focus into flying a drone and not any attention that comes with it. So the dji mini 2 is perfect for someone who doesnt want to attract attention and if you do get into confrontation, why not go onto my website and download my free, creative drone pack because included in it? I have a drone information leaflet that you can fill out with your flyer id and it has a list of all the drone laws for the dji mini 2 and you can print that out and put it in your bag. So if someone does get confrontational, you can quickly help defuse the situation by showing or explaining to them what you are allowed to do with your drone. It also comes with a gear packing guide so that you know all the items you need to pack before you go out flying. It comes with two video lots to help. You get really cinematic footage easily and it comes with one photo preset, so you can color your photos literally in a few seconds, the links down below is free, so why not go and download my free creative pack, so this drone appeals to all types of pilots And arguably its the drone i fly with the most for all them reasons, its really light and really small and easy to pack, and i love that its really easy to fly and it garners not much attention.

So you can go out flying without getting much attention. Its a fantastic all around drone, so what do i personally like the most about the dji mini 2? The first is the camera quality ill, be completely honest. When i first bought the dji mini 2, i wasnt expecting the camera quality. To be that good. I thought i was making a trade off between size, convenience and unrestricted flying and camera quality, but i find for the right settings. The video quality can be exceptional. The 4k camera in this drone in the right circumstances and the right sounds, and if you know how to use it, it can be really hard if you do a side by side comparison with a bigger. Arguably, better video quality drones as to which one the videos have come from. I put videos from the air 2s side by side with a mini 2 ive been really hard pushed to tell the difference between the two. In some circumstances, the only drawback i find with the dji mini 2 is that the images can be a little too sharp. I think theres, some post processing sharpening going on. I wish you could turn that off, but thats not that big of a deal breaker. Is it something you personally can fix in post low light performance is also not great, so sunrises and sunsets youre not gon na get the best footage out of the mini two. You just have to know its limitations and if you know its limitations, you can get epic footage.

The next is okay, sync, 2.0, so augustine 2.0 is the transmission signal between the controller and the drone that allows you to control it, and also the video fade. Coming back from the drone now the original mavic mini used, enhanced wi fi, now enhanced wi fi. I find to be nowhere near as good. Not only do you not get as much range, i find it to be really spotty, especially in areas where there was quite a lot of obstacles, so forests where there was trees or even areas where there were quite a lot of buildings. I found that the enhanced wi fi, the original mavic money would cut out, even if the drone was only a hundred meters away, not that far away, and that just makes for a really unnerving flying experience. Boggy, saying 2.0 has a range of 10 kilometers but, as mentioned its not the range thats, the deal breaker its the quality of the transmission. So what i mean by the quality of transmission? Why just mean that, even if youre, only flying within a couple of hundred meters – but you probably should be anyway because of v loss that youre never going to lose connection, because the signal quality is that strong? So if you momentarily get behind a tree, its not going to cut out youre still going to maintain that video fade and control off your drone – and this is great for beginners, because one of the main things you want as a beginner is confidence in flying.

Your drone and youre not going to get that confidence if your drone is continuing the cat night. Yes, the dji failsafes are fantastic. Yes, your drone will return to home. If you lose video signal, ive lost a video signal loads and my drone has always come back safely. You also get dj indicators, so the drone will start to return home itself. Once the battery gets low, you have to manually override that youll get warnings when the battery is low. So really, you should never be in situations where your drone is trying to come back and land itself, but dji systems are so good that if that does happen, you know it will come back safely. But the point is you: should you dont really want to be in them scenarios? You want confidence when youre out flying and you want to know that the signal is never going to cut out and with augustine 2.0 you get that. Lastly, its the flight characteristics. The drone flies superbly. One of the things dji does really well is create drones that fly really reliably and have fantastic performance. You know that when you make a certain input into the controller, the drone is going to do a certain thing again and again and again its not going to be like well. If i do this in one circumstance, the drone does one thing, then you do the same. Drone move a day later and the drone kind of does something different.

If you make the same inputs, the drum will do the same thing over and over, and it really is like playing a video game. You know if youre someone who plays video games youll find drone flying really easy. The drone flies superb its very easy to control its very easy to maneuver and in less than ideal circumstances like high wind scenarios, dji mini 2 still flies amazing. The dji mini the original didnt, really like wind that much there were certainly circumstances as a beginner. I made mistakes of flying in a tailwind and then turning to come back in a headwind, and the drone really struggling me trying to bring the drone down as low to grind as possible, so the wind would be less to bring it back. A few sketchy scenarios. The dji mini 2 handles amazingly and wind, so my conclusion: should you still buy this drone? The answer is yes, even though were late in the 2021, the dji mini 2 is still. In my opinion. The best drone you can buy for beginners is an absolute no brainer, but for experienced flyers. It also makes a lot of sense to be able to fly your drones in areas you just cant fly them larger drones. You know if you want to fly in an urban area with a mini 2 you can and thats, not something you can really do with something like the air 2s without having to consider a lot of drone laws, and you might be asking well what about the Dji mini se.

Well, i actually have a video going over the differences between the dj mini sc and the dji mini 2, and you can watch that either. Click on the link above or its in the description down below the dji mini 2 is basically the perfect drum theres, not a lot. I would change theres only two things, i would maybe add more obstacle avoidance sensors. If this drone is aimed at beginner flyers, the more obstacle avoidance sensors, the better, it just adds that layer of protection and means youre less likely to crash your drone. If you have a lapse in judgment or elapse in awareness id also love to see active tracking on this drone, its really unfortunate that this drone doesnt have active tracking and yes, there are ways around it, but its not really true active tracking. If dji could introduce active tracking in the mini 3, then it just would be a fantastic drone or if they could even retroactively, add it to the mini 2. Then that would be absolutely fantastic, but those are two really small niggles. I really do think the dji mini 2 is a drone that you should consider buying, especially as we come up to christmas if you havent bought a drone. Yet so, if youve liked this video and youve learned something new, please make sure hit the like button and if youre new around here and havent subscribed, please make sure to hit the subscribe button and make sure the notification bells on so you dont miss any of My upcoming drone related videos.

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