So as soon as you open the app here, youll notice, you can set it up to where it takes you right to the screen, where your lock unlocks start and stop and setup is so here i have it set up to where i can just tap on The lock itll lock it tap on the unlock itll unlock it tap on the start and stop and itll remote start. You can set it up to where you can hold it for three seconds and then itll go through with the function. If we scroll over to the auxiliary screen number one i have set up to where all my windows roll down, including my sunroof number, two, all the windows would roll up, including the sunroof number three is for the truck release and the trunk close and then the Fourth, one is for the panic and you can set these up to different different ones. You want number one you might want for the trunk and so forth. Now, if we go here to track the setting but button down at the bottom of the screen, itll show your exact location. Just like a google map. Itll show you exactly where your car is located at with a little profile picture of your car on there, and if we scroll up here, it will show a map of your exact location where your vehicle is located and a profile picture of your vehicle that you Set up shows our vehicle battery voltage, and this is really nice to really monitor your car battery.

Youll really know if its dying or not if its consistently low or if you need to just charge it up. It all shows here real time im currently at 12.5. Right where i want to be currently status is the engine off the car is locked, alarm is armed, doors are closed. Trunk is closed. Hood is closed. Inside temperature of the vehicle currently is 61 degrees shows your firmware. Your module cell strength is high and whats really nice function of this. It shows your maintenance. You can set it up to where uh, when your next oil change is due or whatever your tire rotations might have set up for 2665 more miles due at december 16th. 2021, you can change the intervals. You can change it to 5 000 miles 4 000 miles. You can edit all that stuff. A lot of nice features now when you set this up youll get a tag with a code on it and you you have to go to the drone mobile app and set it up to set all this up and you can choose a monthly payment plan or A yearly payment plan and you can choose basic premium or premium plus i have the premium uh premium plus – is just way too many features, youll, probably not even use, so i just got the premium plus paying monthly, i think around 11 a month. So we go here to the fourth button activity. It shows all your vehicles, activity ignition turned on ignition turned off.

You can set this up to where it doesnt show this. You can set it up to where it only shows certain functions go here to the feed and if you tap on that, itll show your all your vehicles activities for that particular day or time. Trips trips – here we have uh, currently were at the past seven days, 16 total trips, no speeding violations. Uh. Yesterday we did 85 miles drove for three hours and two minutes on the 5th 25th. We did 9 miles and if you tap on this little button up here, it shows you can filter this to shows all these uh vehicle status for the last seven days last 30 days or you can customize it, you can apply the filters a lot. A lot of different features here, if we go to settings here, if you type account itll, show all your personal information name address your profile picture, email, all that good stuff vehicles you can add, and edit vehicles your profile picture to the to your vehicle. You can add multiple vehicles to work with this. This app and your key fob you can share with family and friends. You can set up geo fences thats, where, if you let your kids per say, bar your car, you tell them not to go outside of your county. You can set up perimeters and if they go outside that perimeter, itll show youll get an alert on your phone and itll show.

On the on your map, google maps, the exact location of your vehicle, where its located security, you can set up face and touch id update, your password two way preferences you can set this to where, when you press your button, you get confirmation on your phone audible, Confirmation vibration, confirmation, auto refresh, show commands launch the command screen whenever you open the app and thats where i have set it to so. When i launch the app open itll go straight to my command buttons remote start hold. I have that off. I can just tap on my remote start and itll. Itll start right up same thing with my trunk hold appearance, units release, notes, appearance. You can change that to light dark or system default units imperial metric release notes, and they do a really good job of uh. Keeping this updated with different features of the app so just wanted to show you guys some different functions of this drone mobile app. If you plan on purchasing the compute star pro t13 system, a lot of different features on this app here really enjoying it. So, in the meantime, guys make sure you subscribe to the channel.