. In this video. You will know the items which comes in the newly received parcel of this drone Music and also a short flight test. At the end of unboxing, the next video is just above the right side. Corner of this screen, which i made earlier. The drone was flown in that video, with a sports mode, where i am showing a battery timing, hd, video recording and flying speed in sports mode. Music, as you can see, that parcel packing has been removed, it’s time to take out the box with drone and all its other parts. I bought this drone with one extra battery and carrier bag after breaking the seal. Now you can see a black leather bag which is very nice and seems to me a water resistant Music. There is nothing else in the box. The drone and all its contents are fully packed in the leather bag. Music unzipping the bag to see what’s inside the folded hubsan xenu 2 is packed on top of the bag and a manual book which gives all information about drone operations and help and on the next portion of bag. You can find the stylish remote control of this drone Music. There is another pocket just under the drone’s placing space just lift up the leather pocket cover. Here you can find the battery charger spare props screwdriver Music, a spare battery Music, a charger connector. Three usb cables for mobile phones of almost all types includes android, iphone and new type of usbc for new type of android mobile phones and another normal micro, usb cable.

To charge the remote control Music, please continue watching this video because i am showing further basic information of this drone and its remote control, then. Finally, a short test flight at the Music end Music, so Music do Music, good, Music. First of all, remove the paper holders of props from drone and then unfold, the props arms um. Also, please do not forget to remove the gimbal cover before to turn this drone to avoid damage on gimbler and camera. Here you can find the two knobs for your left and right side controls attach these two knobs to remote control by twisting clockwise as showing Music, okay turn on the drone from its batteries button by short press and then long press. After turning on the drone, please place the drone horizontally on the flat surface and now turn on the remote control by same way by short press and then long press, the power button Music. After turning on the drone and its remote control, the both devices will be connected with each other’s within few seconds, as you can see on remote screen that it’s, showing all parameters and already connected to drone now it’s ready to fly it’s just need gps signals. Now. It’S, the time to show you a test flight, i am sharing a mobile screen, recording a first flight where you can see that battery level low. Actually, you will have to charge your drone and remote control batteries before first flight.

The next videos will be shared very soon, which will show you battery timing for flight speed and camera review in hd uhd, ultra hd and aerial photos with its 12 megapixel camera. Please subscribe our channel for further reviews on this hubsan xenu, 2 and other budget mid range and high end price range drones and their comparisons please hit like and share this video to other social medias as well. Music.