We wanted to take a minute to to mention everything. That'S going on, where you know, we're in the midst of a global pandemic and it's definitely uncertain times, and so we just want to send warm wishes to all of you guys and remind you to be safe and stay healthy. Take all the necessary precautions. Now things are pretty much on lockdown we're, fortunate enough to be able to continue operations out of the warehouse. Shipping and fulfillment centers are considered essential business and and we've got the whole operation down to pretty much one person work in the floor at a time. So we're continuing to to fulfill the the rotor ride, store orders. So you know your support. Right now means a lot. So, if there's anything that that you guys need to pick up, you know right now is a great time to stay inside and build a drone. You know we are dedicated to continuing to put out content every Monday like normal. It is going to be challenging and we have had to cancel a lot of the plans that we've had we've. Obviously I described travel and it's going to be difficult to make episodes, but we're gon na find ways to make it work so that every Monday we keep coming out with episodes. We still have some episodes left from our trip to California that are really fun and, of course, we'll be posting. Those give you guys something to look forward to and we're gon na start filming more stuff.

Here, we've got a lot of fun episode, ideas that we can still do here in the studio, so you guys can also look forward to some different content coming out stay tuned and with that let's get into this community spotlight. Our first category is good old freestyle. Some great tricks, flips flops, good locations, you name it these guys have it first up is let to lick fpv. I love this video. I love how he's playing with this steam coming from these towers. It'S got some mood. Man feels like he's up in the clouds and once he's got the mood set now he's getting to some freestyle action around the parking lot. He'S got some awning some busses some white holes to play with he can freestyle anywhere and he's, made good use of this location. This guy only has 601 subscribers so stop by his channel and show him some love links in the description to his channel as well as every channel that we are featuring here on community spotlight. Next, up, we've got fpv drone kim check out some of this stuff that he's pulling in a bando power looping and just the tiniest of gaps. I don't know if he made it. I think that pole got him, but look at this. He goes up through this. Other gap and then Tunes it into a backwards time. I think that's a really unique flow that up and then back in. But aside from the freestyle, this video is just an awesome composition.

It'S got good b roll it's got ribbon, dancing, it's got good tunes, good color, great it's got it all here we have Ollie Hawk. I guess this is technically a bando, but it's not just any bando. This is an abandoned castle. Title of this video is Mady Castle tricks because he's doing Mady flips through castle windows. This is so cool. I love fpv app castles, probably just because it's one of those things that ya I'm just never get to do in America. So whenever I get to see cool fpv action at a castle, I was just like really into it: cuz it's really unique architecture and he is exploring it in really unique ways doing the Mady tricks doing the juicy stuff getting the flow on. This is a great video, but you don't always need an epic castle to have a great time fly, and here we've got bubby FPV doing some tree style. We have featured bubby in previous community, spotlights he's a very young pilot and he is progressing rapidly. Every time I check out his videos he's leveled up and this one is no exception. He'S doing tight proximity power, loops, tight proximity, Mady flips, getting through all the trees and just I'm really impressed with how his style is really starting to evolve and he's, really cleaning things up linking things together. Having long flowy lines, you know, he's not just doing a bunch of different tricks, he's taking the time to refine how he flies and refine how he does the tricks so I'm, just really enjoying following Bubby's progression, so Bobby keep at it.

Man, you just keep getting better and – and I can't wait to see your next video for our last clip in this category – we've got a 3d clip. Did you see that? Did you see that inverted jaw spin? I mean it's, not just an inverted yachtsman, he's actually able to hold the altitude while spinning, because he is flying 3d, which means he can thrust his quad in either direction. I know Zoe would love this clip because she is all about the 3d and this guy is killing it. This is some of the cleanest 3d. I have ever seen. He says he's, not using any video stabilization and he has just got those transitions down on lock. Sometimes, when you watch 3d clips, when the drone goes from a positive thrust to reverse thrust, there's like this shutter and you're, not seeing any of that he's just got it so smoothy he's got a real flow to it and I think that's something that I haven't Seen a lot of in 3d flying something else I really like is that he does, where he's kind of holding on the edge you see collective pitch helicopters. Do this, where it's a really rapid, tic TOCs and they basically hold the helicopter sideways and he is cruising kind of doing that tick, tock back and forth, just kind of cruising in a knife edge like I said just some of the best 3d flying. I have ever seen so check this guy out before we get into the next category.

I want to mention that this community spotlight is brought to you by Blaster motors, which are now available in both a 4s and a 6s version. These motors come with a replacement program, so you can fly with confidence and not worry about crashing and progress and do crazy stuff. Like you see in this community spotlight, we want you guys to be able to fly with confidence and that's the whole point of Blaster motors. If you fly hard crash hard and actually break one of these motors and they're they're, pretty tough. If you manage to break one, you can replace it for a smaller core charge rather than having to buy an entire motor all over again and the best part is you can swap between motors. If you break a 4s motor and you want to get a 6s motor no problem – we got you so one of the pilots that we're featuring here today is going to win a set of blaster motors, their choice of 4s or 6s, and if you want to Set a blaster motors check them out at Road, calm, there's, the plug let's, get to the next category, which is stay inside, which is something that we're all having to do right now during these times. So these are some awesome indoor clips Frank Albers got to fly around what looks like an airplane museum, so he's flying with a cinema but he's able to just get right in there between all the models that are hanging from the ceiling and it's a really unique Perspective getting to fly in between them over them.

The videos got a real nice stabilization on it. Great clip great perspective, loved this video but drew what if I don't have an awesome indoor airplane museum that I can send a whoop around? What am I going to do? Tear up what you have here? We have SR 13 doing some tiny whoop freestyle just in his house and this dude shreds. He does things that I don't understand how it's possible, with one of these micro drones. Just some of the hang time he gets some of the juicy maneuvers that he's able to pull off without any propwash he's, either got a great tune or he's mastered his craft. No it's, both he's got a good tune on this thing and he's. Clearly, a master of it for me, love and freestyle. I can just watch this whole video it's just awesome. I wouldn't think that I can enjoy an entire video of just someone's living room and kitchen, but like I'm into it, man freestyle is not actually thing. Of course, you can race these little guys, and here we have RAB fpv doing some race training with his tiny, wolf and he's done something really cool. He has set up a course that mimics a tiny whip course from a simulator, so he's doing both side by side and he's really taken the whole stay inside thing to the next level, he's training inside on the sim and then using that training. Also inside on the micro course Reb is a super talented pilot.

I had the privilege of meeting him at a tiny wolf race in Knoxville earlier this year and he crushed it. He took home first place at that race, super talented pilot that not a lot of people know him, so you guys definitely need to check him out, but anyways with this video, I loved seeing the back and forth between the the sim version and the IRL version And even the side by side showing you know the Princes, he definitely proves that there's some benefit to getting the muscle memory down in the sim and if you can set up identical courses, it's just really cool to see how well it actually translates. Sims today have gotten so good, so that brings us to our next category Sims. Here we have one pack Jack experimenting with 3d flying and that's what's so great about Sims. Is they make it easy to try new things without worrying about crashing your drone or having to set up your drone for something different right? So just try it in the sim. You can try it out without having to do all that crazy setup. This guy's doing some cool stuff. I love how he just came out of the 3d maneuver and then shot into the gap. One pack Jack only has a hundred and ten subscribers he's a new pilot and he's getting really good with the sim already I'm. Looking forward to seeing him take those skills to real life, so check out his channel, except we have drone, supremacy and check it out.

This guy has nearly 70000 subscribers he's opening the video up with some fiery b roll. So his channel has been more about aerial photography flying like Mavericks and phantoms and he's also doing camera reviews, but but now he's getting into fpv flying which come on that's. The best kind of drone so I'm glad to see him getting into it and he's starting his fpv journey on the simulator, showing that it's a great way to to learn how to do fpv, which is a pretty hard thing to do without risking your actual drone. So he's sharing his progression and it's really cool to see someone come from another side of drones, getting into fpv and going about it. What I think is the right way, putting some stick time in on the sim, so that when he does get to pick up the drone in real life, he can get into it with a crow and fly with a lot more confidence and one more example of How great the sim is for learning things here we have a clip that's, not actually from a sim. This is Chris, fried doing his first ever trippy spin in real life, and he credits his training in the sim to being able to pull it off on his first attempt ever so. His first ever attempt in real life doing the trippy spin and he does it without crashing that's impressive. Now, before we move on from Sims altogether, I want to shout out lift off because lift off recently came out with a new level where they recreated douga antenna from Chernobyl and tons of pilots were psyched to see this got on and started posting clips of their Own Duggan dives and their freestyle around the giant antenna, rather than going one by one.

I think we got to put together a montage Music, alright guys. I want to end this community spotlight with something epic. So our final category is stuff that makes you just go to am that's epic. Here we have J. True, who always has the fuego ha ha ha tearing it up in China flying some really exotic and beautiful locations. These tall spire cliffs the fog, the city's. Just everything what didn't he do check out this whole video link in the description of course, J true is always blowing my mind. This video is no exception. He'S flying mountains, he's flying around boats, he's just doing everything and it's. Just all so amazing, great edit he's got really well time. Speed ramps it's got great music it's, just a really solid video keeping the epic come in. Here we have chimney demolition I and dross puro Scott. I hope I said that right, listen check this out. He gets to fly a giant chimney as they are demolishing it. I got to do something similar to this once and let me tell you: it is a super nerve. Wracking experience, like my whole body, is tense, so just amazing opportunity and Andres nails it perfectly time. Looking down as dub now, which way is it gon na fall? Which way is it gon na fall? Get there man get it, get it get it get it? Oh so it's satisfying is so satisfying it's. So for our final featured video of this community spotlight, we actually have a music video from for Tet.

So I've really seen something like this from a bigger band, but the official music video for this song baby is all FPV footage and it was piloted by Andres, a Guerra Morales hope. I said that right, aka Andrew you FPV also hope. I said that right, but anyways and Rio is super talented at the cinematic stuff in these locations are just amazing, and I am so excited to CFPB being used like this, that a music artist would want to use FPV for the entirety of their music video. I think it's super, exciting and Andrew is clearly an excellent choice of pilot, because his footage is epic from the locations to the style to the colors, just everything. So as an fpv pilot myself, i could just watch this whole thing on loop, it's, a good jam. It'S great flying, my favorite part, is when he is playing around these rock formations over water because he's like in it he's flying through gaps, he's kind of looping through it he's not afraid to risk it for the awesome shot anyways. If you make it to the end of the video there's a funny little bit where the actual music artists they kind of like stage it like, they were flying and I just think like that's hilarious, they like put so much effort. It is like giant feather wings and there's, you know, but I love seeing that they're into fpv and I hope they do more fpv music videos because it really fit with their style of music and come on.

We got to share fpv with more of the world, so really really exciting. Seeing this great work and Rayo fpv link in the description too, for tetes youtube channel, so you can check out more to their music and link in the description to andrew fpv. So you can follow more of his piloting. That being said, andrew you, like haven't posted in 10 months, you don't post a lot but you're awesomely talented. So i hope to see you post more and i hope you guys will subscribe to him alright guys – and that brings us to the end of this edition of community spotlight, which means we got to pick a winner. One of these pilots is going to win a full set of blaster motors 4s or 6s versions. Their choice, it's always tough, choosing a winner. We had a lot of great options. We had that steamy freestyle. We had the castle, which I love. We had some of the best 3d I've just ever seen, but we got to pick one and I'm gon na go with libera mo for that super smooth 3d, so libr mo keep killing it with the 3d and you earned yourself a set of blaster motors hit. Stop, let us know if you want the 4s or the 6s guys. Thank you. So much for tuning in to this episode of community spotlight, remember to stay we're posting episodes every Monday and sometimes more here on Rhoda right, we'll, see you next time, Amla drip.