So we have some categories that i always choose arbitrarily, starting it off we're, going to have some good old freestyle. This is one of my favorites i'm, a freestyle pilot. This is what i like to see so we're kicking it off with a video from pdevx. I don't know how to say his pilot name, but let's check it out, like the little b roll intro, getting right into a real silky wall ride and then look at this. What was that that was so mind, blowing it's like up into this shaft and then a little front flip and then a backwards dive out. That is a sick, little maneuver i'm, not sure if i've ever seen that before this is just a great spot like all these little bridgeways and stuff to uh to loop around, and i like coming out of that loop into kind of that reverse wall ride flow. Overall, i i just like this video it's just got really good vibes. I think it's partially, like the song, you chose it's just kind of one of those vibey things i just like watching this. It just puts me in a good mood. I feel like this pilot was in a good mood flying just really enjoying the flow doing all the little tricks linking it together having a good time and i'm having a good time going on the ride with him. Next up, we've got captain chaos in this video titled diving chaos tower.

This must be like a spot close to his home, or something like that. I love that it's, just this one simple obstacle and he's just having at it and this dive from the moon. Oh, he like definitely cut the grass coming out of that. I love it. Next up, we've got terror, burb fpv. I think i said that right is that this bando spot and the song is just got that like that drop that epic feeling check this out. He'S got maddie, flips he's got double maddie flips he's got this like. Oh just barely made it dive on his instagram. His bio just says: drone destroyer and i imagine with some of these tricks that he's doing at this spot – there's – probably some truth in that. But i appreciate a good send. Next up we've got john arn iverson, with just the most perfect power loop to yaspin to matty out it was so crisp and then he even continues it with another mattie it's one of my favorite tricks to do it's, one of my favorite tricks to see. But this has to be one of the cleanest. I have ever seen that yaw is just so locked in and then perfect. Our last pilot in the good old freestyle category is dr nope. I, like that it's got some build up with the dramatic drops and then just kind of gets to the point of oof there. It is barely pulling out of it.

Give me that slow motion replay near destruction near destruction. Our next category is a new category that i've made up called bucket lists, so these are stunts that we've all dreamed of doing with drones. Like the first time we saw fpv, we all had these thoughts of like oh wouldn't, it be cool if fill in the blank and there's just a few of those things that i think we all universally in the back of our mind, really want to do. We really want to see it happen, so first off we got ross has a drone flying through a moving car. This is definitely one of the first things that i thought of when i thought about what you could do with fpv as a camera. How cool would it be to be chasing a car and then actually fly through it? So you can fold down the front windshield and remove the whole rear section, making it basically a gate on wheels which is really cool. I also like the uh kind of the soundscape he's got going on. Just got sounds of the engine you don't hear. The drone it's kind of a cool effect also just want to want to say that there's some serious trust here. This is one of those that, while it's one of the coolest things i've ever seen, i also want to say maybe don't try that at home, unless you're using a cine, whoop or some face coverings on the driver, that was a little risky but really awesome result.

Our next bucket list item is sergey boulash flying a demolition site. We'Ve seen a few clips like this and sergey's here is one of the coolest i've ever seen. He he's got no fear here flying right into the madness of it. Even around some of these firehouse. I think he just got sprayed there by the hose just craziness. I also like the cutaways to the b roll, showing him on site kind of like how close he's actually standing to the madness. The dust is hitting the pilot himself he's wearing a face mask and all this stuff this is uh. This is a cool little edit. All right. Our last item on this video's bucket list category is a roller coaster. Video now we've all seen roller coaster. Fpv drone videos before, in fact, we've done multiple on the rotor riot channel, but this just isn't any roller coaster, video shaggy's actually chasing one of the trains the whole time. This is epic that loop. He follows it around the loop that was so cool. He kind of got a little far away on the second one, but i can't even get mad, because that first track was just always perfect. And then i like the choice to just go straight through the spiral as the roller coaster circles around you throw in a loop of the drone itself and then meet back right up with it for the circle around. That was awesome. What what just took it to the next level for me was how it followed around the loop that was just perfection.

Moving on to our next category location, a big part of fpv is going to cool locations and getting to experience those spots in a really unique way. Now i think one of the coolest things that you could ever get to fly are power, plant cooling towers, and so here we've got sync fpv doing what might be the best cooling tower video i've ever seen. It'S just got the perfect vibe. I like how he's flying it too doing some things. I haven't really seen before kind of that tick tock over the edge and then this i love this. How he's just doing the infinite wall ride? How cool is that? Of course, you got ta dive it and the dives on cooling towers are so cool because they've got the perfect arc to them. Where you can enter with some speed, trace the upper part of the arc and then add some throttle to keep following it down really awesome. He throws in a perch he's just doing everything that you could possibly want to do here. I love it. Our next location is being flown by chaco fpv and he's, flying like a 95 sized micro quad with hd video recording around this, like old rusty, ferris wheel i'm, just loving the spaces that it can get in with this little drone. I think this is one of like oh, my god's new things, this like emma 95x. This is the perfect drone for this application to be able to get in that tight little area flies around some more of the area you get to check in with the guy himself and then splitting that light post there.

That just proves how small this thing is. Like i said, it's just the perfect platform for this, because it's really safe to fly around people, it's super lightweight, very low risk and, in this case, high reward all right before we move on to the next category. I want to take a minute to tell you guys about something new that we're coming out with, and that is the rotor riot sim pc Music we've partnered with apex gaming, pcs to come out with a pre built pc that was built around the specs. That packs enough of a punch to run high performance fpv simulators at the full settings. I was never able to get good sim performance out of any of the macs that i've owned, and so i actually did go through the process of building a pc with my friend sean and if i didn't have sean that pretty much build the whole thing. For me, it was overwhelming it's like a whole nother hobby that i don't want to get into. I just want a pc that i know i'm going to be able to turn on load up, lift off and rip and that's. Why we're so excited about the rotor riot pc? This pc comes with steam pre installed, which is what you need to run liftoff, and when you buy this pc, you have the option to also get liftoff at a discounted price. You get half off liftoff with night fever when you pick up a rotor right gaming pc.

So, with all the standard options, it's gon na have more than enough power to run liftoff or any drone sim, and if you want more storage, more power, more hamsters, spinning on wheels whatever's inside that box. If you want more of it, there are options you can upgrade it and max it out, for whatever your needs are as part of launching this there's a 10 off discount. If you shop at the rotor ride, store that discount will automatically be applied if you shop at apex, just use the discount code rotor riot and that 10 percent will be applied to the rotary pc and anything on their stores now, usually on community spotlights whatever product. We feature we like to give one away to one of the pilots that we're featuring on the episode. I wish we could give away a full pc, but that's, not quite in the budget, so what we will do is we are going to give away a 100 gift card to the rotor riot store that the winner could use on a rotorite gaming pc or if They don't need a pc; they could pick up whatever else you need for your drone, all right, let's get back to community spotlight. Our next category is close calls, so we got another vehicular chase situation from steve mccall, but he's getting real close on that chase. Real close real, close he's under it, he is under the car. I don't think you've ever gotten a closer look at a vehicle suspension than right.

Then, and there you swear, you think it's, just gon na go right under the tower and get squished and destroyed. He gets lucky, the drone gets kicked out and he says that all he needed was a prop change and it flew again. I love this clip and i like that right before he went under you, also see that that fiery backfire great clip steve i'm glad your drone didn't get totally wrecked. Now we have christopher acosta he's flying over water, which is always risky and then, as he goes under this bridge structure, thing doing a little bit of yaw spin. What do you see there's, a stream of water, that he just barely misses? In fact, it almost looked like his props might have touched it, but if he was just one inch over that water could have ran right into his drone, knocked out his flight controller and i'm thinking. If you go down there, you're not getting it back. That looks like pretty deep water and pretty uh treacherous to get down to so good job, on not being one inch over and having your drone wrecked in the water. Our last close call is brought to you by session fpv, who does this massive power loop and then, instead of pulling up? Oh, he sends it into a maddie. He just full sends the power flying backwards and then right when you think he should. You know flip out of it, he goes and gets under the gap and it looked like he was just yay close to a complete, concrete wreck.

I appreciate the commitment there that was awesome. Our next category is cinematic. First up we have one of the coolest videos. I'Ve ever seen not just coolest fpv videos, just coolest videos ever tom has a time lapse blog, so he specializes in time lapse and hyper lapse. Video but he's starting to work fpv into his workflow, and i think the results are really stunning. I do not know how some of these shots are just so well blended together, and i love that i can't tell what's what you can't exactly tell what's being done with a handheld camera what's being done with the mavic. But you definitely know when you're, seeing that fpv influence that there's no mistake, and that was an fpv shot, but look how that blended in those those were not the same shot. That was just a perfect seamless transition. What what is that dude it's so cool these? These transitions they just it's like magic. Oh awesome, awesome, ending. I love seeing fpv get adopted by video artists and use fpv in all new ways. This is so cool. Our next cinematic video is by drew no, and it is a cinewoop style video that i believe this is actually a one take continuous shot. So, whereas that last video had a lot of really awesome transitions that made the video feel like one shot. This video is more about piloting skills, getting all the shots linked together in one run, having no chances for mistakes, so he gets a full loop around the courtyard under the bridge, actually goes into the building flying around these different rooms.

Taking a look at the painting here, where was the pilot set up to get all this range? Maybe that was multiple shots just done with some really slick cuts to to make it look continuous, but i'm, pretty sure that was a genuine one take, and so i really appreciate the skill it takes to fly that type of one take cinematic shot. Our last cinematic video is by parasite fpv i've, never heard of this guy before, but i've got my eye on him now because check this out beautiful location here and then look at i like these transitions right, so it's it's definitely got that cinematic. Look where it's stabilized and got some of that that, like lens distortion, removal going on but they're doing more freestyle moves here. You know he's not afraid to whip it around with a yaw or a power loop and then check this out it's going to like a maddie into awesome transition. I love that just oh gosh. What is happening here? What has happened? Oh god, what is happening? Is it 3d or is it an effect? I don't know what i'm looking at but i'm loving it it's so cool. Basically, i love that he's flying freestyle and then flying in the face of all the freestyle rules using stabilization, speeding up and slowing down footage playing things in reverse flipping the video upside down. He doesn't care about what you should or shouldn't do for freestyle he's.

Just being limitless here and making a really awesome result, it's, so spectacular, just the transitions to everything. I love it all right. Our last category is wtf and we've only got one video. This is by yet fpv. Look at this. Look at this. What what is he doing here doing a little bit of a handstand action while flying a drone? I'Ve, definitely never seen this before i don't know what else you can say when you see this other than just wtf mate, this is so cool. I can never do this there's, no chance i'll ever be able to do a cross, legged headstand and fly a drone and self orbit like how disoriented oh leg gap. Why not just throw in a leg gap, but just how disorienting must this be it's, so mind? Boggling to watch nice, so cool, so that's gon na do it for this episode of community spotlight. If you're wondering how you can get one of your fpv videos featured on a future episode of community spotlight, just keep ripping we're, always watching new pilots on youtube and instagram and facebook. If you're not already a member check out our facebook group, it's a great place to get help, help others and of course, share your flying don't forget to leave a youtube link because we always want to include the pilot's youtube channels, get them some subscribers. When we do these community spotlights so post a video in the rhoda riot facebook group leave a link to your youtube channel and we might feature you in a future community spotlight.

The last thing we have to do is pick a winner from this episode's featured pilots. Like i said this winner is going to get a 100 gift card to the rotor ride, store that they could use on the all new rotor rack gaming, pc or whatever else we got on this store that you might want and today's winner is parasite fpv, like I said i've not heard of this pilot before, but this unique cinematic freestyle, cinestyle video really captured my interest and i'm really looking forward to seeing more videos from parasite so parasite awesome work keep flying just keep doing what you're doing because i'm loving it guys. As always, there are links in the description to the channels of all the pilots featured on this episode of community spotlight, so definitely check them out like some of their videos and hit them with a subscription. We hope you enjoyed this episode. I'M ladrib. This has been community spotlight and we'll.