tv and its that time again the rumor mills been turning and it looks like we have a brand new mavic mini about to hit the market of all drones. I was not expecting a new mavic mini anytime, soon, still waiting on that mavic 3 pro that might or might not ever hit the market. Who knows maybe its coming 2030, who knows whats gon na happen there, but the new drone is called the mini se and, as you can see from the leaked photos, its almost confirmed at this point. Dji have had the worst luck pretty much. The last five drones have been leaked on them. Everyone knows the details before theyre even announced, let alone hitting the market, and it looks like the same situation again where the mini se is ready to go Music so for people out there that already have the mavic mini. Do you need to care about the mini se, or should you be looking into the mini 2 or even the air 2s or the mavic 2 pro well lets be honest here: if youre waiting for the mini se youre going to be disappointed, its nothing crash hot, Its going to be basically this drone here, the original mavic mini, but its going to be slightly cheaper, so thats amazing for people wanting to enter the drone space. This drone, the se, not these guys, i dont – have the sc yet, but the mini se is going to be a really good starting point for people its going to be cheaper than the original mini and its going to have everything that you would expect from the Mavic mini so what i think theyve done here is theyve, obviously, mass produced, the original mavic mini and the mini 2.

theyve got pretty much identical bodies and components. It almost feels like this was a software limitation, and then this guy here that has the exact same camera. They are identical, besides the fact that this says 4k on it. The only other difference is that the wing tips are orange. On the mini two and theyre gray on the original mavic mini everything else is pretty much identical. You can almost call it a software limitation on the mavic mini, so it feels like what theyve done here is theyve mass produced these two drones. Obviously, the exact same components, the exact same body and the fact that theyve mass produced it has obviously brought down the cost, theyve released so many components and and chassis for the drone. To the point that now they can pull the price down. Rebrand, the mavic mini call it the mini se and then get even more people to come into the drone space. So for a lot of people, this is not the drone for you. 100. If you own a mavic mini you dont need to care about the mini se, if you own any other drone, the mini 2, the air 2, the air 2s, the mavic 2 pro even the mavic pro, then the mini se – might not be something that you need To care about, but that being said, if you want to get something a bit more portable, a little smaller something that can get through those tight little gaps, something that you can have a lot of fun with and something that you dont have to worry about.

If you smash it into a tree, then the mini se could be a really nice complimentary drone for people and its also the perfect starter drone for people who have never owned a drone before based on the leaks. So far it looks like its going to be even cheaper than the original mavic mini. It looks like its going to be 299 for the mini se, and that is ridiculous. Again, it comes down to that mass production theyve been able to pull the prices down and almost re release repurpose the mavic mini. It looks like its going to be almost identical down to a t, but its going to be rebranded and a little bit cheaper. So that being said, it looks like the original controller from the mavic mini, which was a similar controller design for the spark – and you know even the mavic pro very similar, besides the fact that some of the other drones had an actual screen on the display. Here almost identical again, so they have mass produced this controller, to the point that they can obviously pull those prices down and almost just re release it for the mini se. The mini 2, though, had this beast here: the updated controller with improved range and a whole redesigned controller itself. Doesnt, look like this is going to come out. This is relatively new and theyre, keeping that for the mini 2, but based on what we can see, this controller is going to be coming with the mini se, its going to be pretty much the exact same thing like this is it this is the mini se.

Basically, but theyve just called this one, the mavic mini theyve waited a while and then re released this guy rebranded it and called it the sc. If we have a look at the leaked photo here, we can see that the mini se has a 2.7 k camera. It looks pretty much identical to the mavic mini weve got a 2.7 k camera with a 12 megapixel sensor. Its got a range of 2.5 miles, its got a flight time of up to 30 minutes. So so far everything is the same. Its gps enabled yep tick. Thats the same its wi fi, which again is the exact same. If we look at the mini 2, which uses ocusync and that new controller it doesnt look like, were going to get that new controller, its going to be the original mavic midi controller. With that wi fi connection, its then also got bluetooth. Its app enabled, obviously through the dji fly app and its got return to home as well, which you would expect at this point so on paper and from everything we can see. It really is just a rebranded mavic mini slightly cheaper, but with everything the exact same as the mavic mini for people whove been on my channel now for a while, its not news to you at all that i absolutely love the mavic mini it revolutionized the drone Space, it was an affordable, foldable, capable drone with everything you need really down to a t.

This is the thing i recommend to pretty much everyone that wants to get into the drone space. Also, a quick mention, i do have a mavic mini facebook group, its called mavic mini australia. I will have those links below to check that out or if you want to check out the mini 2 or mavic mini ill. Have some links below to check it out on dji and amazons website, both fantastic drones and honestly, based on what we can see so far from the leaks? You really dont need to wait around for the se if youve got the money and youve already got a previous drone, and you want to get something smaller and just as capable. The mini 2 is the one to get really at this point. But if you want something really cheap, something that you can have a lot of fun with destroy it almost and just do whatever you want get through tiny gaps, get really unique footage, then either the mavic mini or the mini se is your go to, and i Guess you might as well wait for the mini se, its probably just around the corner. We can expect it in the coming months and if its going to be cheaper than this guy here, the mavic mini and its going to have everything pretty much identical. You might. As well, wait for the mini se in that situation, so i guess its kind of a weird point like if youre brand new into the drone space, the mini se, is a great starting point.

And if you want something just for a bit of fun, a throw around drone, something you dont care about damaging as much as your more expensive drone, then the mini se could be that great point. So i think honestly, dji have done something pretty exciting here for them, because theyre going to make a ton of money out of this theyve, already mass produced the body and the components so its no major issue for them, they can just pump it out and rebrand. It and its this new, exciting thing thats actually no different from their previous model, but i think the fact that its come down in price is going to be a massive appeal for people wanting to get into the drone space and for people who want to have A fun throw around drone so again theres, nothing too much to it. We havent had too many leaks. Weve just had a few pictures pop up and based on what we can see it is the mavic mini the exact same drone, rebranded and weve. Seen this from other companies in the past, its a fantastic strategy to capitalize on that cheaper that budget drone space again dji are already dominating that space with the mavic mini and the mini 2 theyve, obviously discontinued the spark which was their original budget drone and now Weve got the mini se, just around the corner, thats even cheaper again, so theyre really going to capitalize on that budget.

Drone space id love to know in the comments below, though whos going to get this.