Everyone welcome to our spy drone I'm Greg hi there, folks I'm John with you, so this is actually oz by drone and Ready Set drone at the same time, we're simulcasting today on two different channels. So a little bit of fun for us the first time I knew something happened. Cuz I had to get out of bed two hours early, so we've got a whole. Probably some extra you people to listen. Welcome to Australia. For this brief moment, we hope you enjoy the show absolutely so let's start with a quick little explanation of what we're doing so people can get into it as soon as possible, we're having a global fly and now everyone's been talking about. You know the pandemic and all of that kind of stuff we've got those challenges and sorry for that noise, whatever it was it's gone, laughs, yeah good, so people have been doing things come cook with me. Come play chess with me and all of these different things on the internet and we're drone drone people, so we said let's come fly with me. Everyone knows that famous song so we're inviting you to go and fly your drone wherever you are in the world and do some very geeky technical stuff to send an rtmp feed to us and we're, going to put it up on the screen. Share your video and have a global fly in now. What I'm going to get a few people to do in the chat to help me out? Can you paste my Dischord URL into the chat for people that want to go over there and help each other that's? The first ask the second question: Lloyd: if you could post the RTMP instructions which I'll put in the discord room just to make life easy, actually pretty easy these days, particularly if you've got a DJI aircraft, you go to the live streaming section of the about page And you'll see there, you can select YouTube, you can select, we can select Facebook even and other ones when this is where you're going to select the stream into the stream in enter it and it should connect up.

So I was amazed how simple it was. First time I tried it and a little bit of news while they're posting those things up, there's a new version, those of you that are enjoying the smart controller. There is actually an au dot, 700 version of a smart controller which fixes the problem where you couldn't stream previously. So perhaps, if you're using that device, don't rush the upgrade, but but there is an upgrade now to fix that problem. So that's a little bit of news that we had this week, it's been there for too long. Dji spent way too long trying to fix that problem for people that, like to stream their footage while they fly and feel the game so well wait. Here'S what's going to happen in the chatroom someone's going to go and paste in your rtmp stream. Key everyone's got to have their own stream key, for example, if you're Chris hope Chris could use the word Chris as his stream key or art Coe. If he wanted to fly today, could use art Coe as his stream key put it all in a lower case. Just to make it easy for me, keep it lowercase, make sure it's unique. Tell me when you're streaming, because even if you send the data to me, I won't know that it's there. Until you tell me what your key is and then I can bring it up on the screen and we can have that come out, lloyd is monitoring the chats in the background and I'm gon na put his mic live now there we go so void.

You can tell me when someone's got their video coming on and we'll bring that live now there was a plan for us to be up flying this morning, but I tell you, if you are in Sydney this morning or anywhere to the southwest of us Sydney in Eastern Australia, here you know why you don't fly today: man, it is blowing we've, had snow on the ranges here down to quite low levels. Actually, sand hail and just the weather is just like from somewhere else. Yeah. We really get this type of stuff in Australia, particularly for long days, but occasionally get a day like this so I'm on the boat it's, pretty pretty rocking and rolling here we've got a good, steady of 40 knots here on the boat right at the moment. So yes notnot flying here today, it is freezing today, I've, just posted in the chat for those who are on ready, set drone the information about how to do it. On my side. For some reason, I don't know what your computer's locking up like we'll work. It out he'll be there in a minute, so in the meantime, we're going to go and get in with a little bit of news in the background, and hopefully someone can let us know when they've got a ready to go stream and we'll go and put some Video up so without further ado, let's get into a little bit of news. I don't have the fancy, graphics and titles today, because we're doing all of this other funky stuff by the way well don't be on yeah we're, not only on YouTube.

Today, we're also on Twitter on Facebook, on twitch on D, live smash, cast and mixer we're going absolutely everywhere, but a couple of people are chatting about the DJI Mavic air 2 let's just play a little bit of that video. In the background, we'll cut the audio and we'll have a conversation over the top of it. Let'S play the clip. This is Mavic air 2. You may have some questions like so what's different, so John, have you been keeping up to date with the Mavic air to yourself yeah? I have I've been looking at it. One of the things that sort of strikes me as interesting is that DJ I send to be treading on top of themselves in terms of some of the products. I don't know how you guys out there feel, but you know I'm thinking that almost makes it difficult. I'M thinking, of course, they're different sizes, now we've got a little bit more flight time and you know they're preparing more range and because, if they're moving the occu sink into into this aircraft as well so it's still a 12 megapixel sensor. So if you're a serious photographer, you might want to stay with a 20 megapixel camera they're, not not caring about flight time and range and all of those things depending on you. So, admittedly, there are horses for courses, and you know this is going to suit. Some people are going to go right, that's, the one for me to tell you the truth.

Unless you've had a son fly like, I have a mini spark Mavic ear, the old maverick Pro in the mode. Unless you fly on the five types of medic out there, you might not even know whether this is exactly the one for you so I'm. Staying with the medic to pro I've got the zoom and the and the pro model, and for me they're, there they're, actually the right aircraft for me so I'll say that, but for maybe for some people out there. This is going to be a great airplane. One of the things that does have is a more if you like, gifted processor, so the processing power goes up, as you expect, like everything, a phone or any other other technology processing power does push things along. What do you think Greg? Yeah? I mean you definitely write about stepping on the other aircraft and certainly the question Mavic to pros and all of this kind of stuff with very similar feature sets, and then you've got this one down at the bottom in doing the 8k, video and so on. And I don't understand DJI as marketing, but certainly there are some of the features that people who've just purchased. An aircraft are going to be pissed off with some of the software features that are in this aircraft that aren't in what they've got yeah. I see that, but you know that's going to happen and when you buy any type of computer or phone or technology, you know the next day you wish you'd waited and other days some people say: oh I'm gon na wait for the Phantom 5 or the phantom 7 or whatever well they're, still waiting we're still waiting for one of the things that marketing can.

I just interrupt for one brief. Second sorry, John yeah, I just saw a comment: Philly drone life. I want you to get. You said you're about to go flying and you wanted to support in Yahoo, go and fly and send your video live into the channel here. That'S. What we're here for today, we're not here to be Talking Heads today? We want to facilitate you flying wherever you are anywhere around the world and sending your video feed into the show today. So we want you to be the stars of the show. Philly drone life I'm gon na have a look at what grumpy sending you right now in the chat right. So you need to use the RTMP URL that he's using and you need to have a stream key after the end of that live which might be Philly. For example, instead of your key put Philly at the end and we're going to put you up on the screen today and share your flight or anyone else that wants to fly that's what this is all about and don't forget after this show today make sure you Stay tuned and watch ready, set drones, so we're kind of the warm up act for him and he's going to have a lot of fun on his show today as well. Interrupt on John, I just saw someone about to go and go away and fly and leave us, and I thought you know. We absolutely need to see that, but back to the topic let's get back to advocate, they call it different name.

Why not leave the Mavic of the premium in they had a perfect pro. What we use the word pro and then they had them havoc to everybody, understood that then we had to have maverick AIRMATIC me, I'm, a spark that was an idea, spark came out and they used a different name. So I would've instead of the medic air and copying the Apple idea, like the air laptops that they have. I would have just used a new name, you know call it whatever Comanche or some kind of you know. Interest aviation related name at all would have been good, but look who knows if anybody has guessed the way, they're marketing, if I spend all that money, RampD money at in the beginning? I ice that said this a couple of years ago, when the Mavic Pro came out, I believed, because of the way DJI was invested in the phantom, that Mavic the Mavic Pro and the first version of it was designed by someone else and DJ. I had purely bought the design thought that's a great idea. A folding airplane let's let's make that a DJI air come like. It may be the same sort of relationship that they have with rise over the Telo, and I was almost convinced it was just too different. There mavet mavet and phantom. There was no development across over there at all, though really different designs, so it might have been a different design team. I still don't know, but when we started going down the Mavic path and we got into into folding quadcopters it's such a massive rate and the take up of them so popular, I mean if you, if everyone would acknowledge, if you own a maverick you probably wouldn't, Want to let it go and trade it for anything.

If you, you know like the stability and the functionality of that aircraft, and you know what we've still got phantoms, of course, because we use them for survey work but as a go to airplane the. What first one to go out the doors, the Maverick Pro Mavic, I should say so, um you know there is like I said, there's one for everyone isn't there. You know it depends on what what you actually like to fly. Indeed, I've got a couple of clips that I found from a few other locations. I'Ll skip the next video and go straight to the one after that, and can we play that now, the third video in the list there we go so this video is some footage of some some hyperlapse kind of stuff where they've gone and slowed down the framerate. This is where I think the mavica certainly got an advantage of being able to shoot at those high frame rates and to be able to slow something down and to do some creative effects like that for a video guy that's, the kind of stuff that I'm definitely Excited about and that's processing power based processing power, absolutely yeah, yeah I've been doing some hyper lapse. Photography, tom tom photography and it's great fun really is yeah other than that. What else to say about it, the question I've got. You know there was the the cheating that I call it, cheating that DJI has done in previous aircraft, with the the number of pixels and so forth.

I haven't yet had enough time to research and read to see if they're doing any cheating here, but at first look it seems like if they're doing a K we may be in a happy spot. Have you heard anything John yeah look? I think those numbers have been pushed up there, a little bit and, of course again some of some processing power. You can do some pretty clever magic. The eventually, once you drill down into the hardware, you'll see what the sensor is and and then the best what I always do. It I'm checking a sensor or second camera, find out what sensor it Sony such and such and then I go and have a look outside of the the DJI website and have a look at what that sense. It was capable of. Of course, you can bind photos together and and increase the pixel size and so forth, but at the end of the day this is still a very small sensor: it's a it's, a 12 megapixel sensor, essentially and that's so that's, really what it's, capable of and and The rest is magic and look. You know that that's fair enough. We we're going to accept that this a fair bit of magic in digital photography. Anyway, to start with, you not you know, you know going back to to SLR camera technology anyway, so there's a lot of a lot of processing in there to start with, but you know, I think the Evo 2 is what set DJI off the rails a little Bit they their specs.

You know they're flight times being longer the the specs of the camera and what they were starting to, but we still really haven't seen yet you know but and being able to evaluate completely, but it stands is a pretty good airplane and the numbers are very good. So DJ I held off, you know a couple of their releases just purely to that. You know because the the Evo 2, the top of the line ones going up against the mitrice and that's saying something: yeah, absolutely okay, let's move on from that. So we'll get moved to our next news story: I'm, just looking in the chat room to see if anyone's ready to go and fly where you are at your house, I'd love you to go and fly now and send your video feed up. I think someone is just starting right now now, whoever that is. I just need to know what is your stream key, so please do type in the chat, the stream key that you're using and once I know that I can bring that up onto the screen. I can see the traffic's coming in. I just don't know your key don't rush, everybody. If you want to go and have a fly, I know we'd love to have you on the show, as soon as possible, make sure you set up make sure you're a safe flier, absolutely with us. We can accommodate you when you're got ready properly. So no problems will get okay, so, while we're waiting to find out that stream key just a quick discussion about the next one UK has delayed their drone laws, no great surprise with a lot of the stuff that we've got happening in the world.

At the moment, you know you want to make it not as complicated as possible for people to go and fly potentially to go and help with some of our social distancing. You know we've seen the examples of people using drones to monitor and have a look at that, but especially you know from a safety perspective, you don't have so many people on the ground, so no need to race that as much perhaps as before, yeah. I think so too, the you know, the the populous area rule at the moment is a bit of a talking point because it'd be illegal to be in a populous area, so we actually put on a risk assessment, the other day non populous area, and we can Say look the government is declared that you can't gather in populous groups so that that became a bit of a talking point. But look, I am, I think the regulator's have pushed everything back because I think they're, you know a lot of people have gone in businesses and so forth. I'Ve gone into survival mode casas. All of the Casa people are working from home, so there is going to be a slowdown on these things in Australia. We had a couple of things: do to come in the manual of standards that they push back. One is the changes to the flying schools. Most flying schools are shot and they're now offering some online courses, but a lot of them had to close for at least a month while they gathered their bits together, and so there was a requirement for them to change over to a new system instructing system.

It was a very big deal. It was probably the biggest thing of the MOS to happen. We have the standard visual on a site flying closer to controlled airports, which is now actually has come in and, of course, we've got record, keeping so licensed holders or waiver holders. Rioch holders in Australia have a new in law requirements to keep records for seven years of their flights of their maintenance of their pilots of, and so that was normally a requirement under a real colder. But now it sort of been passed into legislation. So that's going to be a has also been put off by another six months, just to let people have some breathing space actually. But for me it was a good time to bring it in, because you know having a lot less to do. I thought let's get on with it: let's sort out some of the regulatory stuff, while we're you know, got some down time at home. We can sit in front of a computer and sort things out. It seemed the logical thing to me, so we've been doing a little bit of that we've done the tethered operations section of the manual, so kasseri, building a template for tether operations, so that'll interest some people who are interested in flying in areas that are a bit More sensitive, basically, if you can attach a tether and – and you know, as a as a license of working commercial UAV pilot, you can fly on all sorts of new places which is kind of exciting too.

As much as we don't like tethers too much. You know they're a bit of a problem, but they go Utley I'm, just I'm hearing that we've got one of our pilots up and I'm just going to get his feet up in the mint in emerge on doing a talk about a little bit more about the Weight limit that happened to Australian drone pilots. In that letter that came out yeah, we all got a letter. Basically, when you first got your license, and here and I'm talking recreation license. We'Re talking our Appeals or rec room oak pilot license, the rate limit was seven kilos originally, that was that that's what you had a class for and see how to get a approve, that you can fly an aircraft up to 25 kilos and then up to 150 Kilos, then, beyond that it was certified so, but they brought in, they went to maintain with the rest of the world the to 225. So you know, obviously I have Micro, which is under a hundred grams. I think you have very small, which is 100 grams to two kilos, and then you have small small UAV. Technically is from two to twenty five kilos worth 25 kilos. You wouldn't give small the word small and my anger. Then that's, you know that's a big to copter and anybody is standard, but that was the world classifications we're. Talking about you know the the the greater global remote aircraft industry right up to the predator and and large military aircraft, so essentially it's it's, a small UAV it's a lot smaller than a manned aircraft.

So you know if you were going to describe it if a pilot was going to say I see a small, you know drone then that's the category two to 25 kilos. However, they believed that there was a significant jump between 2 and 25 and there is and the complexity so that we always had this 7 kilo restriction, so it wasn't not in in legislation, but it was under an advisory. And so, when you got your license, you said your license to fly up to 25 kilos unless you're you have a restriction, and so we all had a restriction that limited us to 7 kilo. So what they've done now is if they've legislated 2mu went on the online record to clarify that that's, what you can do you can fly up to 7 kilos unless you fly on a heavier aircraft. So great good schools here, like every assist in Australia, they're really good, probably for my money, the best training school around they will in your initial training, have your fly I'm, a tree 600 at the end of your training. So you can lift that restriction. Have a 25 kilo license, so they've always done that, but you know they're they're sort of one of the more complete training organizations too. So you know, if you're thinking about all this stuff check out a V assist for sure, Australia, why there's a plug for them? Absolutely just a quick comment: Chris, you said you're flying I'm trying to get your feet in now.

I can see you're sending me data, but is it Chris all in lowercase? Is there anything else in there if someone could type that in in the background and I'll just see if I've got Nick coming up yet because I'm not getting that feed yet so we'll definitely look at that in a couple of minutes, and I see stingray chatting To me, in the background I set it to redneck, okay let's see if we can get redneck up, because I want to get one of these video feeds there. We go we've got redneck coming in right now, we'll send him live so redneck. Your audio will be up there as well. If your microphones working on your um there, we go. Take oh yeah, I can hear it so Nick is one of the regulars that phone is working, so there will be some lag between him and us. If he's listening to the YouTube he now we're ready, greatness, give us a location. If you tell us where you are roughly State or part of the world, I'll chat to him and the first one is Chris's: okay, good in America, yeah Chris okay, Chris y'all, ready, yeah, okay, I'll get Chris loaded ready for the next one nice to fly nice Place to fly man look at that. You'Ve got a lot of a lot of wilderness forests. You call that Bush. We call it here in Australia. A lot of bush good, yeah it's a pond back here and a swamp area can be good on check rig and I got a super shot who's that from muddy Mick Road groans, 10 super Chad, he's just happy Friday, groaners what's up Greg Metro.

Thank you for that now here's. What I'm gon na do just to make this even more interesting and more technically challenging just? Why not do it you know, does it need to be I'm gon na have Chris and and Nick both on the screen? At the same time, oh great, they might run into each other. Well, I know I just got to build a quick template over here. Oh that's, nice there's, someone fishing down there. Are they fishing little? Oh yeah? Look you got to swamp, they your neighbors over there. Okay, there we go we've got two streams happening: we've got Chris as well. Wow, look at that, so two different parts of the world flying live right now and just a quick comment Chris. If you can turn your youtube down a little bit just so, it doesn't open a hole in space and time, and we hear ourselves back too many times. Look at that there we go where's, the other one, so Creek so Chris and tell everyone where you're, based at the moment, you're someone else yeah definitely USA, is in Texas yeah thanks Joe that'll. Do we don't want you to tell us where you at really? We just want to know what state you're in come on: you've, really Barberie it's, pretty pretty bad okay, yeah yeah! We we actually wanted you to go and take photographs of your home so that we could give it to bad guys and they come and steal things and give them to us.

Chris Breen Lloyd, look at that. Like I'm looking at Texas that's right and it looks like a paradise in terms of the color and the other one part obviously might be in the north – might be well and truly in the North or swamp area. I don't know I'm guessing but wow. Look at yeah it's, a different weathering, yeah everything's turning green here, there's, just it's, still cold up north they're still pretty cold up there, but Texas in Oklahoma has turned really green, really fast, yeah, beautiful yeah, so we're gon na. Let those guys continue to fly and we'll go and continue our news over the top of it. We'Ll skip 103 because it's got a video and go to 104. Yesterday, the drone racing league announced that Rachel Jacobson is its new president and she'll, be managing global partnerships and media. Just an interesting thing to understand that we've caught a woman in drowning managing the top of the drone racing league, obviously a very well known organization. I don't have the photo here for that at the moment, because we're enjoying our our remote guests at the moment flying more than that so well we got a fence, so we gon na, I thought he was going to go and clip it for a second that's Good I'm enjoying the flying it's great guys at a chicken house as a chicken out I I could live there, that's for sure that looks great Happy Days.

Yes, nor no so I'm thinking you guys are coming out of the cold period. Yes, oh it's, boredom there. I have to switch to this. Is that a golf course there or just on the left might be on the left? Yeah very nice Lloyd? I hope you can keep monitoring the chat if anyone else wants to fly. He just goes. You just got a super chat for twenty dollars from the famous or infamous ken hearing, the Maine golden hair man with the silver hair. Now he was going to go and have a haircut today, and that was his excuse for not going to fly today. So Ken now that you're not having a haircut, I hope you're gon na come up here and join in. But he says: ask everyone on Ready, Set drone on the other channel to check outside, be just letting people know who do tune in to ken that side B is his other channel that he has where he's got. Prank calls from his radio days and he's got another guy going and building animations for all of those, so that's a lot of fun as well. It'S a cool channel Chris just said: low battery low battery so low battery warning. Mr. Chris has got to come home. Let'S go back over here and we've got Nick the high tech redneck still mooning around over there. Let me go see if I can get mine fired up, Greg and I'll see.

If I can't get up in the air, yeah that'll be cool, Lloyd in my Mikey is grumpy by the way also run laters let's go let's, go back to the load battery airplane. That might be interesting, I'll be right back to them up over. Here there you go now he's gon na make it home. Oh definitely, Chris is a chris is a great pilot. He knows how to stay safe. How do you get a stream code? I have a taught photography. You make up your own one. Yours is now eight zero artsy I taught, and if you send some video to us, I'll put it up on the screen and will it will enjoy you being the star of the show today, both on ready set drone and on on spy drone? And just remember, everybody we're expecting you to keep your clothes on. You know if you're gon na send me some video, I mean you know family show it all we're looking for some aerial footage: okay, yes! Definitely there we go stream lost one that one we've lost. One Nick so I'll switch over here, Nick's off that's, all right, we're back in Texas, oh no that's, not we haven't lost it that's, actually, just water he's flying over water wow. I can see it now. Yeah there's we've got a duck down there of some sort. That'S good that's, not too worried what's the aircraft mate um. Do we know what is flying Greg, not sure, but Nikhil mentioned that I'm sure in discord as well maverick bro Matt's, a pro yeah.

You go good good stuff, my favorite yeah. I was amazed at the streaming I was getting out of mine Greg. You know the couple of weeks ago when were streaming mine to the on the on, by the show it was so clear. Metro drone says he sees the duck, but it sounds like a dog that's: okay, it's Lloyd, the grumpy vloggers dog in his room over there. You know what, if it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck, it probably is a duck, but if it barks like a dog – and I probably not a duck – someone want to take care of evolution reviews over there. We don't need that someone a moderator if you could take care of that in fact, I'm a moderator aren't. I let me see there we go that problem is solved. Geeks Vanna. Thank you for your super chat. 5. Pound super chat, side B rules thanks very very much now. Let me get back over here just because I'm watching the chats and the screen nice man, you got some lovely places to fly NIC where you are that's great. They enjoy that now. If anyone else wants to fly, the only thing I need is your stream key and we'll. Throw your video up on the screen, as well. Barry Markowitz says was that an old school outhouse on the left that we just passed so that's a question to unique long drop. Ten toes is saying he didn't go out today because it was real windy out of there yeah.

I was gon na say one of the nice things about flying around your house, and you know your own area is he did you get familiar with it? I never get bored and flying in the same spot. You know either finding something new or checking out, but I like the the comforting feeling of knowing where I am and I'm not gon na get caught out. You know with wires and whatever else it might be around by now, the area well, just a quick one. I'M, watching in the chat there, Jonathan Philander, hi, Jonathan and welcome my my father's family is from Cape Town, South Africa in muizenberg. Specifically, so, if you've got your drone over there today, we'd love you to put it up in the air and we'll. Take your video feed and make you the start now, if you're, if anyone is in a place, that's not currently daytime and it's, not a good time to fly, that's. Okay, get your drone check it up in the lounge room without actually flying and give us some entertainment any way and since send a video feed from your drone anyway, have a bit of fun yeah one of the things about the feeder cuz it's um it's, been Around a little while now but we're at the stage, where being able to merge streams and fly together – and perhaps you know, share footage while you're flying is it's gon na be more and more possible.

Firstly, is the bandwidth improves? You know we're all about to jump into 5g and that'll that'll give us some some new things to do as well. So just a reminder: if anyone else is ready to go and fly where you are, I need to know the stream key and grumpier said he was going to go and fly. I might try and see if he's up there that's great man they don't seem too worried. Checking it out. Are you sending the video by the cellular network and NICUs that are you look at that that's great, so you're not still next year house using Wi Fi? Are you sending rather cellular network I'm using my Wi Fi at my house? Okay, cool yep, understood yeah man. They'Re not too worried at all. Are they look at that? Oh no, there we go is waiting for the feed to come in from grumpy he's, not up yet again. If anyone else wants to send some video and be part of this today, can I use rtmp with a unique typhoon? 480 it's, a really good question. I don't have a unique. I don't have a typhoon, so I can't comment I'm about to fly. What do I have to do to string so there's two pieces of info? Let me see if I can get them again: I'll paste that to the ReadySet drone channel and the second piece of info, if you haven't done it before so, just a quick comment on that.

If anyone does want to fly a nice ReadySet drone have their first Friday once a month and I'm thinking on my channel. You know I wanted to do this global fly and thing once a month I'm thinking. If we, I try and time it on the day that Ready Set drones got their show and I'll either go before or after him, depending on the time zones. At the time, we'll get you guys to go and fly and have some fun and Craig stabile says what drone model are we currently flying? It was a Mavic 2 pro pro Mavic 2 pro side bee tomorrow to fly in Kentucky, which is called just capping back, while we're chatting behind this great video Greg. I didn't see a dsb on the on the new maverick. It was an interesting one. Now they didn't mention it in the stats or in any of the publications, but they had previously promised that every new version of their dream was going to be doing that now, as they change them and I think they must've or they for whatever reason they decided. It'S, only a receiver it's a fairly simple bit of hardware to put in that's what they did. They promised what happened? Lord, did you crash wait. I don't see your video over here. We got the dog. Maybe it may be sort of strapping up the dog to go for a fly. I don't know let's see who we've got in the background.

Is anyone ready to go flying I'm enjoying and flaw join the fly I'm enjoying it yeah I'm enjoying it ATSB is only in the US. Is that only in the US on those drones, so they do have air sense, which is their work their term for ATSB. They call it a success, so it's optional yeah. I remember now it's called air since yeah. Ah, I just saw a super chance. I had kin. A ka side B is saying: make me a moderator, please, yes, you're a moderator under your normal channel. So it looks like I've got to do something about that. Otherwise, I'd be I'm, a producer on his channel. So I should definitely do that. Okay, I'm! Back there we go so grumpy. You couldn't, get it up. Sorry, the drone, the drone, the drone yeah. No, it was up, I just it never connected to you yeah. I just get them connecting connecting connecting and Ken Haran since you're, here I'm going to have to take away that moderator flag unless you can get your drone up in the air. So I can please to attempt to get your drone up I'd love to see you going for a fly while we're waiting there. So let's talk about the next story that I've ball we're getting low battery warning there I'm. Guessing. I think I heard a low battery warning and John. I think your mics muted yep yeah there we go he's on the way home, yeah kin, sick Ken Haran side B is saying he couldn't get his up today that so some problems over there, both suffering from old timers disease as grumpy without a lot of people, Would want to live there dear ma'am nice job today, buddy in your launch pad there we go so glance back to the studio.

I was fabulous, mate well done, and what of what a great you know things on all the way all the partner things we're soaring. The Gosling's and out wildlife and stuff – you know that was a lovely little cruise. This morning I enjoyed that. That was awesome and, and especially you know, people can't get out and about, and you know being able to stay at home in your home. Put the bird up and go for a fly and share it with the rest of the world like that. That is absolutely awesome. Yeah well done beautiful what I'm actually trying to connect now they're still not doing it. So I don't know what's going on. I nicked in a great spot for where, where every is it to fly, this, you know lots of lots of things to go and look at. Let me just have a look over here. Anyone know what might cause my p3s gimbal to wobble left to right. That'S a question from the magic: now I can't be comment about it. This is a p3s yeah, yeah yeah I've, seen problems before where gimbal motors have slipped or otherwise kind of had it, so that they're, where the motor thinks it is versus, where it actually is, has been out of sync and needed a repair on that. That was one thing that I've seen any other thoughts: John it's, an unusual one, the p3. Of course you had you didn't have a lot of left to right movement.

The gimbal was basically, you know, yeah up and down so forth. So is it a high frequency? Is it? Is it like a vibration left to right, or is it just a slow wander like this, that that would be very telling the type of the type of movement? If you find out oh there's, a couple of reasons it does that yeah I mean start with the usual. We refresh the firmware recalibrate the eye you sometimes the people say. Well, you read calibrate the IMU. If the camera is wobbling well, there is a relationship between the camera and the IMU, because it that obviously sends the messages across. So if there is, if the IMU is out of whack or you know, could do with a calibration, sometimes that can fix a camera instability and those of you that are sort of mucked around with non gjo aircraft and use platforms that have other gimble's. They often have an IMU in the gimbal, so if your paradigm and it'll work there are many many gimble's like that, of course, just reading the comment just reading. The comment from him here seems to do it less when he's level or looking at down more so when it's at 45 degrees and it's a fast wobble, yeah short answer short answer is it's it's either calibration of your gimbal end or your IMU, and if those Two things: don't fix it. Definitely a hardware issue, no yeah thing else: it's, not gon na, be your software or firmware re upload.

The firmware calibrate the aircraft calibrate the gimbal and have it go again and have a listen to it carefully too often, if it's a hardware problem in a gimbal you'll hear you know some some kind of either grating sound or something it's unusual, perhaps about it where It'S, not getting command of the hardware itself is as unfiled in some way so those cameras aren't available. So you can certainly replace the gimbal if it's a hardware issue, it won't be much problem. Yeah just reading around just a reminder: ReadySet drone, their regular livestream is going to commence at top of the hour. So 15 minutes from now we're going to go off the air at exactly that time and make sure you do check out for their next room. So that's their regular stream. Now I haven't got any inside knowledge, but normally he does have giveaways and related kind of things, so make sure you are watching, make sure you're tuned in so whose heart to forgive away soon 3d Revell. Please do go and check out that next stream, which is going to be in 15 minutes from now in the meantime, we're waiting for anyone else, who's going to fly with us today, Geoff sills who's, the news guy on on Ken's, show, is planning to stream today. So do do stick around that'll, probably be the last 5 or 10 minutes today and we'll have Jeff up there. Moe Jack is saying it makes a slight ringing noise when it wobbles yeah I've, heard noises from gimbals before it's, yeah they're, very small, very intricate piece of hardware – again, you know, is very small motors.

You know that they're quite a quite a tricky bit, they're amazing. What they do you know to the point where encasing them and as much enclosure as they can get. You know on the later models. You'Ll see right to the point of the Mavic these days, the gimbals quite protected under the fuse and still need to be careful of it. Of course, and a lot of people use extender legs on it, but not saying it's been mistreated, they do fail, you know, but you know, for everyone out there that flies a lot and had the problems before we know that the the most fragile part of your Aircraft is definitely the gimbal yeah Alt alt clutch bolt clutch hope you guys do this more I'll fly with your string, so definitely I'll be doing it on my channel. The only question is: will it be restreamed across onto Ready, Set drone I'll have to have a chat to him about that, but at face value you know we're mates and I don't see why we wouldn't do that. But if you do want to come across and check out my channel shameless plug I'm, just putting the link in there right now, David Christmas is saying: Jess is there now so trying to get locations? Send connect info to me. So Jeff is just about ready to fly. I'Ll put that in the chat right now and Jeff just use Jeff, je double F as your stream key once you do, that we'll be fine and ready to go so instead of your key just put Jeff up there in the meantime, I'm gon na see what We'Ve got Music Hollywood.

Drone operators win recognition as photographers, so while Jeff is getting his drone in the air, let's quickly have a talk about that story. Basically, there was a case in the US where I think it was Warner Brothers hired several drone operators to shoot aerial footage and the drone operators didn't get the same benefits that other cameramen get when they're doing. You know work for Warner Brothers and they were a little bit annoyed about that and it went to court now. The interesting thing is the International cinematographers guild and so on, and the court upheld this, so those people who are flying drones are actually deemed to be cameraman and they're. Getting the same benefits that other Hollywood producers or cameraman would get. That was a good outcome, but there's one cash. If you've got a two pilot drone, where you're you have one person flying and one person operating the camera, only the camera operator gets the benefits. The drone pilot, if he's not also operating the camera, doesn't, get the benefit. So if I, our two person team make sure you swap over at half time and then you're covered Wow yeah, I think you better be right once again pilot you know gets overlooked here. Yep John I'm gon na ask you to fill for me. While I try and get Jeff sills a stream up. So any topic you like tell us a joke, tell us something Australian for our US viewers. I can.

I can tell you what it's been been like. We'Ve got a great little job coming up this week and I I wasn't gon na sort of gon na go and elaborate on it, but I will do that. We'Re building a new airport here at Sydney and in the western suburbs, it's going to be called Western Sydney Airport, surprise, surprise, there's, a joke that's at Badgerys Creek and, like all new airports, major airports, they're a political football they've, been kicking. This thing around for more than 30 years and finally, a few years ago, they said yeah we're, going to build the airport we're going to need it. One day let's put aside five and a half billion dollars to build the first stage, which is going to be a three kilometer runway and so that took forever then because you've got you know, lots and lots of environmental issues with their ports and people living that Area this is a fair distance away from built up areas, it's going to complicate the airspace a lot so anyway to come to the short part of the story out of 1700 hectares, the first 100 hectares has been flattened now with bulldozers and heavy machinery and the Contract for for that, which is public knowledge about 650 million dollars to flatten the dirt out, and, of course, at the end of the section the contractor has to say well, this is what we've done and we've moved. You know 18 million cubic meters of dirt and he give us the money, so they usually send out a surveyor and the survey goes that's a yes.

They have moved that much dirt. We can see it's level and then someone else doesn't a chick survey. So our independent survey goes in and make sure two chicks that you know and lots of money being used so coming out of service lots of work for drone pilots going and doing the surveys to make sure that the dirts going away well I'm doing I'm. Doing a survey for the first hundred hectares next week next Wednesday and what's interesting about it, is I kept thinking how we're doing the paperwork for it puts out in the middle of nowhere there's nothing one day, that's going to be restricted airspace. You know it's kind of weekend, we're actually going to be flying over where the runways go to be log as many hours as I can fly over this thing, because one day I'm not gon na, be able to fly here at all, but yeah it's a good Little job and if you know, if you're interested in that kind of thing or you're thinking about how you might perhaps one day, make a few bucks doing this starts reading up on geo is survey and, and you basically, you just need a good phantom and a Ppk lead type GPS, that we're logging the photos with and and then of course, I don't. I could send all the photos off to get processed by someone else, much cleverer than I am, but I handle all the flying part of it.

That'S really interesting and it's. Not rocket science, it does take a little bit of application to get yourself into it and make sure that you know what you're doing but, as I said, there's lots of surveyors using them now they've learned to fly and using them, but there's certainly going to be Lots and lots of survey work in coming years and the Phantom phantom 4 Pro is a great aircraft for it. It really is it's got a beautiful camera and it's got a mechanical shutter and it shoots very, very straight photos with very little distortion. So anyway, if you've got a phantom 4 Pro don't get rid of it yeah. Absolutely. Let me just go to a few comments here. I'M reading some stuff we've got a gentleman from Rwanda asking for help on how to repair and maintain those drones, especially the Phantom for a general comment. Jeff sills, who is the next person who's going to be flying he's done a lot of repair work and I encourage you to go and look for his channel grumpy. If you could do me a favor and post a link to Jay s, Ariel's channel across on ReadySet drones chat. That would be really helpful. I taught photography 8 cor you're about to fly, so let me see if i can get yours send it now: I'm. Waiting on streams to come in as soon as it comes in I'm, going to put it up, we're, waiting on Jeff sills or a taught photography and don't forget straight after this one today Ready Set drone for First Friday, they're gon na have a lot of fun With their regular show, so I've got a thought.

Sorry Joey. I just saying I wish it wasn't windy here, cuz I'd be up flying for sure I love doing last time, that's the previous shot. Oh we've got someone starting now. Let me just have a look bear with me after he seemed moving around on the screen. I haven't been drinking it's nine o'clock ten o'clock in the morning here but I'm on a boat and it's 40 knots outside and so yeah I'm at sea. I'Ll. Give you a little look while you look at waiting for the video stream here we go. Oh God, I can see that someone is sending me packets, but it's not connecting with either Jeff or a taut. So could one of you tell me which of you it all here we go. We'Ve got Jeff sills coming in just in a moment there you go that's 40 knots outside God, so I've got a gray screen from you Jeff, but it's. I can see a little bit in there, that's gray, but it's only my beard that you're looking at I wasn't talking about your beard, John, but let me just send this live even though it's a little bit. This is what we're getting from Jeff cells. At the moment, so I don't know if you can actually see in there there's a few pixels in there that look that it's got there. We go there, we go we're on or on it was a snapshot and and – and the horizon was the right way up.

So it's not the right way up there, John he's, on the other side of the world, yeah that's, true it's, green. They look nice and green. There we got all sorts of like rides, and things will come by here: they've got live animals and pets and stuff like that that you can interact with, but I did that last time strong, inner France yeah, I know it's those power lines all right hand relocate Where I'm still okay, yeah got power lines in there that but of course, may be causing the transmission blow as well yeah. I think I think he's also coming in to us via mobile instead of a local home, Wi Fi, so hmm yeah. I can make a difference for those who might have heard of it. There was this is the Chris Rowland's drone Chris Roland's had a Mavic and he crashed it in a rather spectacular experiment. I think it would fell off the back of a truck or something I can't remember, but this was later repaired by Jeff, sills and again do go out and check out Jeff's channel grumpy who's walked away. I'Ll ask him to put that link to Jeff's channel up later, but we've got bad internet for Jeff today, which is rather unfortunate. We got a couple of bits left what is Mikey a tort photography, a tort, ATO arty is your key, just use that as your key and it will come in, but we've only got literally three minutes left.

If you can get something up in those three minutes. That'Ll be great, if not one month from now I'm gon na. Do it all again, if not in between, definitely come and write to us watch the regular oz by drone. We have to put the word out everyone's prepared Greg before the show starts. Oh it's, not a bit of a rush yeah. I did sure I did share it yesterday and I got a few other places, but anyone who it was coming, I knew it was coming so just some people that would – and I was keen to go, but you know I said the weather still here is. You know crazy the blowing down there, where you are don't know windows are shut, but let me just quickly finish off. With the last little bit of stuff, I've got a guest coming in a couple of weeks, just play 1.09 to my producer that's, a video from our show, and this is Kel one. A videographer captures some stunning drone footage of oak Oak and gun Okanagan Lake is going to be our guest in a couple weeks from now, and this was just some beautiful footage that came up in my inbox this week and I wanted to have him on as A guest so he'll be here in two weeks next week, we've also got someone coming from from the Guardian now last week we played his footage but he's going to be our guest.

Next week, someone from The Guardian he'll be here next week talking about how to use your drone for journalism and getting into it and telling a story so that's going to be really good next week as well. This is all I knows by drone again just a quick little shameless plug to those people watching on the other channel today on Ready, Set drone I'm going to put the link one more time up in the channel. Please do come over and say hello to us at the same time. Next week i tawt it's, saying error. I tell you what jump on to our channel next week and we'll see if we can sort it out, for you teach you how to do it, but for now I've got to get ready to say goodbye. We'Ve literally got 60 seconds left and John any last words and messages from you. Now I have fly safe. Everybody and remember you know, though sometimes we don't get going with the first time. We'Re gon na persevere with it and certainly improved a lot over the last hundred or so shows live streaming, and you know stick with it. Everybody don't don't. Let it get you down with we're, getting better and better at it, and, as certainly as we get better bandwidth as well. We'Re gon na have shows into the future that are just going to be like this amazing live streaming jumping around the world and showing each other's footage it'll be great fun, okay, that's! All we got time for.