I like it good. I Kelly how you doing great just trying to keep up with to set to chat there's a lot to write the cover it's a lot to cover it's a lot to have happen at the one time. We'Re live on YouTube on my channel. We'Re live on Ready, Set drone on Twitter on Facebook, twitch D live smash, cast and mixer. We are infinitely we yeah we're on the smash cast smash cast I've, never even heard of that one it's another one look we're out there, we're here for global domination and we're, also for here today for global flying anyone who's watching us. If you want to fly today and have your video be part of the stream that's, what today is all about so before we do anything I'm gon na get Lloyd to go and paste the info into the chat. In fact, I'll help him do that a little bit on the oz by drone channel and if you can copy that over to the Ready Set drone channel and everyone will know how to do it and everything will work just wonderfully I'll. Give you a quick summary, though, what you need to do. You need to send your video to the URL that Lloyd's going to paste and just replace the Yorkie part with something that's. You need to you. So if grumpy was gon na fly, he would replace your key with grumpy if that's what he wanted to use it doesn't matter what it is I'll see it come up here and we're gon na go and send your flight live to air.

Today, we okay. So what we're going to do? Also as we go through the day today, we're going to have some news we're going to mix that in so any time, there's. No one ready to fly we'll have some news coming up I'm, just gon na have a check to see, because Chris Hope was going to be one of our first Flyers today, so that we didn't have to wait too much he's, not yet there so let's start With some news now, I don't have my funky titles today, because my computer's doing other things but let's get on with it. Our first story, this one's about a breakthrough in GPS denied autonomous flight. The system on this particular drone – and this is a new startup – identifies and categorizes objects in the environment, people's cars and drones and supplies real time data. Now this is really really cool. If you have a look on the right hand side, you can see. Like an author stitched photo which – and I couldn't tell from the article if this is live generated in real time, but I think it is they're. Building that auto shot in real time and they're able to use with no GPS something to stitch that together and map. The position of the drone, but this test that they're doing right here you can see they've also got a GPS onboard that they're not using for flight and they're, comparing the two together and you can see the red line and the Green Line almost exactly in sync.

So a really cool ability to go and fly without GPS in a place where you might be unable to receive GPS. That is supercool is that the name of the company, a tech site, tech, yeah, and this the website for this is in the description. If you click in the description for the video we've got links to all of the sources for this location, the all of this links for all of the locations where we found the information, so do click on that. If you want to read some more about it, but SciTech was the name of that company sources cited just like a good paper. Absolutely no fake news here. This is real stuff. So Kelly, what do you think you would use that kind of thing like what? What places would GPS be a challenge? What purposes you'd use it, for you know, it's funny. Actually I was just agent Kay is in the chat. Excuse me, agent, K is in the chat on both channels. I think and hello agent Kay. I happened to catch Jake. Sloan'S live stream the other night and Greg. Do you know Jake's alone? I do but not well, but yes, he's up in Alaska and he flies through a lot of glaciers and ice caves and things like that – and I could imagine there's places just like, probably in Australia and also in Oklahoma and also in West Texas, where but as Well, as Alaska, where that would be very useful, because you know you're, you're gon na be in a place that probably one of the more remote places I've ever flown.

A couple was West Texas out near to lengua and then also in Moab Utah outside of Moab Utah. You can't actually fly in the park at Arches, but anyway, a very, very limited amount of cell service. Now GPS was still solid, but you never know yeah and the other interesting use for that. It would be a military application as well, because if you've got the enemy wanting to do GPS jamming to try and bring you down well, you don't need GPS. If you've got some of this kind of tech onboard so really you're sure of that as well let's move on to our second story. This one is again researchers using cameras, but this time, instead of instead of supplementing GPS, this time for drone collision avoidance using some stereo cameras, along with some gaming software, in this case, powered by an Nvidia Jets and onboard cool. So this kind of stuff. This kind of stuff is already on board to some extent, like you have a look at your phantom and your other DJI drones with your stereo cameras, but the difference that they're doing with this right now they're actually going one step further and saying, instead of just Looking for stationary objects, we're going to be looking for moving objects. Looking at the depth perception of those and being able to use that for collision avoidance, you know I will say something to does that footage look sped up to you. It is sped up.

It absolutely is sped up and that's. Okay yeah. No, no, I mean I'm sure it's impressive, but it's it's, like wow. Those things are really zipping around at high speed. So I could tell it's, probably like 2x or 3x what it normally would be: yeah very cool stuff. You know the other thing. Did you notice the markers on the floor? I can't from where I'm sitting over here but I'll take your word for it. There'S some there's some symbols on the floor, so they must be using those either for positioning or just as a way to tell where the you know where these things are going like in the choreography of how they're flying yeah from what I gather. This is an indoor thing, so they obviously don't have GPS in there, so maybe they're using that for positioning. But according to the research, the stereo cameras is specifically looking at the other objects for collision avoidance. I don't think it's taking into it. Can I interrupt for a bit of wonderful Telstra Internet drop out for a minute there it's just come back, hopefully, if you're having any problems, people who are watching just click, the reload button or the refresh button – and you should be all good. You were saying Kellie, just just I know for me. I have found a lot of times having a vertical line so, for example, if I'm able to take off in a parking lot and take off exactly parallel with the parking lines or with the curb or something like that.

It helps me to orient where I'm gon na go and how I want to do my flight path it's. Basically, I always try to think of north south east west and then degrees of that when I'm flying, and so I wonder if those markers in the warehouse might be something along those lines almost like a like, the you know, the ticks of a clock or something Like that I'm, getting off on a little bit of, but I for me flying is very very – I always imagined myself above what I'm what I'm, where I'm flying like. Okay, if I was above this it's that way or it's that way or whatever yeah, absolutely so I'm, just gon na bring in Lloyds microphone as well. So Lord, hopefully your mic is up by now. Can you let us know if there's anyone who's telling us they're ready to fly in the chat and we'll make sure we can bring them up? Sure yeah let's, see Mel, says: he's loading his gear he'll be back soon: okay, I'm, not sure what that's all about. But I don't see anybody who says it: yeah I've been posting it in both both of the chats, which is hard to keep up with but I'm looking to see, I don't see anybody else yet who says: they're, ready, hey and and since we're, since we have A moment here, I'm, not sure I'm gon na look at the other chat here, but just everybody real quick.

I wanted to give a shout out to Rick Hal burr, I don't know if Rick Hal burr is in the in the chat or not, but he had a little health issue just recently, and you know, Rick is one of these guys that supports the entire community. All the time, so I just want to give him a shout out, make sure everybody's sending prayers and love to Rick Alber. So there you go yeah howdy retailer, absolutely and just on the topic of chats, though, while you're mentioning it, we do have two chats. One of them is on my channel one of them's on ReadySet drone Lloyd's gon na try and monitor both of them, but unfortunately he's only got one brain, so you may take a little while to respond and once been one thing, a little bit of generous yeah Yeah, okay, some people. So for you Thank You, Kelly, okay, let's, move on to our next news story. While we wait for someone to join I'll, just do a quick one. More time check see if anyone's online they're very fresh, I could wear the hours consulting with the flowers conferring with the rain. Anyone with the thought – and I could and rather link – and if I only had a brain, Lord I'm, but the number of brain cells that's. Another story, but it's Kansas, just you know, that's right of your bio, yeah. Okay, you know we're stuck between Kansas and Texas.

Well, you know what weren't that's, why we got tornadoes. You know work the Texas Cowboys in Kansas City, ladies: there wouldn't be in Oklahoma that's. What I always say, yeah well it's, like you know, the reason Oklahoma has so many tornadoes is because Kansas sucks in Texas blows all right back to the show back to the van go outside go on the next three we've got a drone equipped with thermal camera. That'S been used to help put out a fire on a ship. This was in Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department and they had a ship. You know, obviously that was burning. They use the thermal imaging to help the crews to go and put it out. Unlike something that say, a house fire, you can see, you know where the wood or something is penetrating. The fires going through that it's a lot easier to see with the naked eye. But when you've got a ship it's a lot harder to know exactly where to go, and that was helpful to them in doing that, that is I mean if that weren't on fire, that that would be really cool. That is, you know I wanted to mention. One thing: real, quick to Brian Fannie, brought a FLIR camera on a mitrice 400. I think to spin up the first year and had that had that thing flying in the Dell diamond and had it we had a big screen setup. So it had a live view and you could see everybody's signature.

It was December 1st, I think 2018 and you could see everybody's heat signature walking around that Stadium. Those cameras are just so pardon the pun, but they're so cool heat cameras are so cool. I'Ve got one of the small ones the flee ago, or something like that. It sits on the end of my iPhone, really cool tool, pardon the pun. Again. It worked very well yeah. It does work well, obviously, I'm, not going to necessarily go and strap my iPhone to the bottom of my drone and fly that but other than that let's move on to something else: that's cool or in this case not police, drone and helicopter collided earlier this year. In a flight over over Canada, this was a Fleur Skyranger r60 drone and it was also an aerospace yel. As350. Now both of these aircraft here's, the kicker, were being operated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police let's watch. It was February 6th this year for most everywhere else, an unremarkable date, but not southwest of Houston. For two reasons. One it's the day the RCMP ordered a controversial exclusion zone during the gas pipeline protests and to it was the day in RCMP helicopter, with three people on board collided with a drone on our CMP drum. Also operating the area were two RCMP remote pilot air systems are past, better known as drones. During low level flights below 300 feet, the helicopter in one of the our path units collided.

The helicopter suffered some initial vibration and the pilot completed precautionary landing on a nearby road without further incident. So this is just a really short clip and there's a longer news story that you can have a look at if you Klink click the links in the description but there's a couple of points here. First of all, no one was prosecuted. So if you're flying a drone near a helicopter in different parts of the world and Canada's particularly famous for their their drone laws, I would have expected someone to be prosecuted. Well, I mean the thing. I would say that, because they were both part of the same operation, it sounds like and part of the same agency. Why? I don't know I don't I don't feel like prosecution would be, especially if nobody was hurt right if this had turned into something where taxpayer dollars were destroyed, the the helicopter was damaged. Somebody was injured, I don't know I'm, not I'm, not the Bloodless guy that you are, I guess, Greg. Look by the same token, we've got someone in America this this week, who was prosecuted for actually physically arrested. I don't know about prosecuted, yet when he was operating his drone too close to another helicopter. Those kind of things happen all different. First of all, it's a different country right. The PB on Canada are much nicer than the people in the US I'm married to Canadian. That, true and second of all again, it was in monsier if it'd been a private citizen or or a law enforcement agency flying and a private helicopter.

That would be a different story, but I feel like it's, almost like it's, almost like one person in a family. Getting somebody else in the family, sick, right, it's, it's in that family and I'm, not saying they should have covered it up. They certainly have to have transparency about it, but I don't know why anybody we would be prosecuted. I disagree with you. Finally, Oh I'll respectfully continue to disagree. I think the fact that it was the police and that may have had a influence in the fact that they weren't prosecuted but same family or not you can't, kill media. Yes, the Canadian Mounties are like the the guys who help old. Ladies across the street, okay, actually move on that's, one of it sorry guys. What I was going to say is because it was a police matter, it's, probably being internally. Both pilots may be reprimanded in something put on their permanent records, but that would probably be and that's how our police department here in the states would handle it. Probably, even though, because if they both had permission, they both you know. Yes, they somebody screwed up and they're, going to do an internal investigation and that will be handled internally and that's why our police department would handle it here in the States, military right, Lloyd and the military yeah, because the military we have screw ups all the time And I get they get article 15s. They get captains mask.

You know all sorts of different depending on the branch you're in that's. How definitely outside of the military then it's handled internally right, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's that's, my point: if someone be outside involved, I could see it being. You know necessary to prosecute them in a state or civil court, but in terms of everybody be internal, but but but again the the cover up part. Is this the part that is not cool right right right, so let's talk about that so Giggs Varner's just mentioned that the public reporting of the incident was delayed while they carried out the internal investigation – and I guess that this kind of stuff frustrates me because they Weren'T operating outside of their local aviation authorities, rules and guidelines. The fact that it was police means what what does it mean there's still someone flying aircraft, the local aviation authorities still need to investigate that. You shouldn't be delaying that stuff pending an investigation by the people who went and had the collision. Oh, I agree and the cover up the delay. None of that stuff is right, but I guess what I'm saying, though, is that as long as they had come out and said, we are doing an investigation of this. This is the protocol we're following nobody outside of the agency, was injured. Nobody was injured at all. Actually, and so you know there you go and I suppose if a civil judge wanted to take it to there, they could try to.

But I don't see the point. I mean it's, just a waste of money. Okay, just a quick little interruption. We'Ve got Wayne yeah I'm just about to bring up his feed right now. So while I do that, can we get a two shot of the two gentlemen they're, our co hosts and comic relief and tell a joke to each other go on and I'll do this? All right Kelly, you got a joke. You go hey Lloyd. What kind of what kind of bird flies straight towards you? I just ruined it. I have no idea dark. You know Kelly. I was going to give you a nasty look, but I see you already have one: okay, keep going I've just got a bit more here. Well Lloyd! You know how many flies it takes to screw in a light bulb. No, how many do but don't you wonder how they got in there. I usually don't crack up with these because that's the pointers to try out laughs, but that was absolutely funny. My favorites that's a classic. I guess it's called a pg 13 dad joke right. What do you call a built with a watch on it, the belt, with a watch on it? A I don't know a waste of time. Detective. Oh, it is from somewhere with some hills and mountains. What'S up this is from Wayne King and he he lives in the Australian Capital Territory. Let me see if I can get that audio down a little bit.

They said you got a system, so it's yeah we're, looking at Conibear, Oh in the morning, what's he flying drunk. I don't know Wayne. What are you flying? I don't know if he can hear that. Let me answer so into barrel: yeah Canberra, not Cantor bra. This is him Australian, equivalent of Washington, so he's flying in the capital flying in the capital. Alright, Wow it's a very beautiful place. It looks like yeah, where, where is this north south east west, so Canberra as far as a location, he's flying a Mavic Pro, he just said: he's got a delay but that's. What he's flying okay, nice, nice Canberra is, is what part of Australia Canberra is. If you can imagine Sydney and Melbourne when they were trying to set up the capital, they were trying to decide where to put the capital and Sydney wanted in Sydney and Melbourne wanted in Melbourne and they agreed on a place in the middle somewhere. Okay, so right between them, roughly probably closer to Sydney. The Melbourne, though, and where is downtown area, can you point towards the downtown area wayne? So he's got a little bit of delay, he's only listening to us on YouTube, so Wayne we've got a request from Kelly. If you could point your drone towards you know the center of Canberra. That would be helpful, so obviously Wayne, I think, is probably in his backyard and not necessarily wanting to go flying over streets and, like all pilots flying safe flying legal, but a little rotating on access, which is great.

I do that all the time now, it's beautiful. Looking spot absolutely gorgeous with the hills, is it near? A mountain range are those just typical hills of Australia. There are some mountains around there in that area, but he's trying to assume catching up and pointing right now towards the center of Canberra, so he's, obviously not right in the center there yeah yeah yeah those looks like he's near a a park or a golf course Or something back there, yeah I'll just get my producer to turn the audio back up for Wayne for a minute, because he was just saying something. What was that, if you can tell us what we're saying there Wayne hey Wayne, how you doing now, if anyone else is ready all wanting to go flying wherever you are in the world? We'D love to see some sunsets from different parts of the US as well. Very very cool I mean just to think about this. This this whole thing. You know I'm often reminded of the fact that we have people in the chat from all over the world here. We'Ve got you know: we've got the UK, we've got the North West with what, with Shane and and John and California, with with Steve and bohemian I mean we're, just we can hear you whine absolutely go ahead. We can hear you whine. There is a delay, though, from YouTube following this: is your friend come over Laughter Music? So if anyone else does want to fly just a reminder that you know this is a global fly and we want to have some flights from your parts of the world.

Doesn'T matter where you are, you can send us your video from any drone that can send RTMP all of the DJI go for compatible. Drones can do that. Unfortunately, the new DJI doesn't have that the delay, as you look at the Tagalog Valley, so that's, the Tuggeranong Valley that he's looking at right there very cool and as far as the size of this town or city. How big is this population wise, so Canberra, Australian Capital Territory is like a state, so population we've lost him? Ah, you can do the googling for me. If you can yeah, if they don't know how to spell Canberra, is a KRC let's see a NBA double RA. They don't teach students in the US very much about Australian geography, I'm, sorry to say, that's. Okay, Lord knows everything about Australia, leaving there you're gon na have to bring it in okay Wayne. Thanks for that, and just if anyone else wants to go fly when you, when your signal comes in you don't have to listen to us, you just tell us the story of what you're doing what you're seeing and where you're flying. We won't ask you questions because otherwise it's big delay and the whole in space and time yeah yeah, sorry about that that's, alright! Well, it looks as though our million Capital Territory also known as the Act. Do you guys call it the act over there? The ICJ Petey 428000 sixty residents it's not a very big place, not too many bunch at Albany's and a bunch of dogs.

Okay, let's go back to the studio, cuz Wayne's disconnected there. Now, though, that was cool seeing that part of the world now a reminder. Anyone who wants to go fly doesn't matter where you are we're, going to be broadcasting on Kelly's channel. My channel and a bunch of other places, and all you need to do is send in your your video stream to us again go to the chat. Lloyd will provide some instructions in there on how to do that. The important thing to remember with that URL that says rtmp during book, the dog slash, live slash. Your key. Make that something unique to you. Wayne use the word Wayne. You can be grumpy or you can be Kelly or whatever. It is just give me something: that's, unique and I'll brilliant grumpy, Kelly. Okay, while we wait for the next person to come in let's get on with a little bit of more news. We were talking about the RCMP stuff. I want to add one more point about that: it's interesting to know that, despite having a collision between a helicopter and a drone that the helicopter was able to land safely, so all of these things about you know we've got to regulate these drones. We'Ve got to stop them from doing this, stop them from doing that, not saying that you shouldn't avoid a collision with a helicopter but it's a good example of how, despite the panic, that there were no lives lost in there still still, we shouldn't deliberately try and Find it but it's good to note that there was no loss of life yeah and who knows? Who knows what sort of evasive actions the pilot had to take, or you know how it happened it it.

It definitely sounds as though it was poor planning on somebody's part yeah. Definitely and again, there was another video which I didn't bring up today. That was an impact with a biplane where they deliberately flew a drone into the wing of the biplane. While it was airborne, the biplane had some scrapes, but there was no damage to the biplane and they did another deliberate impact into the propeller of the biplane and I hate to say it, but the drone didn't win well. Well, may I ask: why was this a test? I hope this was a test, so they because you've got a biplane and you've got an upper and a lower wing. They said well, we've got wing redundancy and we can actually fly with one wing. We want to disprove the theory. We want to disprove the theory that you remember that video, where they shot a drone at a wing right and it tore a hole in the in the wing and everything yeah. Well, they didn't exactly fly a drone and it wasn't a real test, so they wanted to do something different and they proved few light scrapes on the wing. So you know who talked this biplane pilot into doing this right? Hey Bob you're gon na take the plane up and we are going to fly a drone at you. You got two wings come on. I bet that guy was from Oklahoma, just saying: oh, he was. He was from marketing yeah, good, okay! Well, the thing that can happen from a biplane getting damaged in midair is death.

Now we don't want to talk about death. Next takes a state of awarded two hundred and eighty thousand dollar grant to use drones to locate human remains. Now, in the vision that we have here, we can obviously see from this drone where the human remains are. I didn't have any footage with this, but I thought well, we might as well have a cemetery and make it a little bit spooky, but in the story they're using hyper spectral and multispectral imaging, which will allow them to find out where someone in a cold case Is buried underground, really really cool 280000 grant the Texas state has awarded to to find human remains to Texas State or by Texas State. You know it takes a state takes a state have awarded this, so Texas State is very close to where I live, and actually I did a video for their School of Nursing and got to fly with permission and all the right paperwork got to fly. My drone on the Texas State campus, which was really cool so Bobcats Texas, State Bobcats so I'm glad to hear they're doing good things it's funny they at one point, probably about 15 20 years ago, when I even more when I, when I went to school, when I went to the University of Texas, Texas State was known as Southwest Texas State and they were voted one of the biggest party schools in the US, and I think they took that as a wake up call and have become very, very serious about research and about Nursing and about a lot of other things at it's become quite a good school and by the way it's an Marcus Texas.

I don't know Lloyd if you've ever been down there, but San Marcos is beautiful, it's great little town yeah. I have been yeah yeah, you say when you went to school. There was that back when they still had the you know, still had wagon trains and stuff, or was it earlier than that? Oh no, no, I mean it was mostly. We learned how to make wheels and and how to bang things with rocks and shoe horses. Did you see horses yeah that came much later? Okay, all right, good yeah! I like the fact that Martin's hitting me with an old joke, that's, pretty good. Well, if there's, anyone who knows all of the old jokes he's got a collection of them that have been seen. He'S got a lot more experience. Telling old jokes in me. He'S got a lot of wisdom. Ok, let's move on the next story, while we're waiting for our next person to join them. Let'S just quickly talk about how to join again wherever you are. If you're in your backyard and you've got a drone, a DJI drone get it set up, send the RTMP in we've. Given you the instructions in the chat and we'll, bring it into the show and show a little bit of your part of the world. Chris Hope was going to be flying today, hopefully he'll be up in the new ken Haren is also indicated that he's going to be flying today, Jeff sills has indicated he'll be flying.

I might give those guys a call in a little while to give them a reminder, but if you want to fly and be part of this as well get your drone up, if you need any help doing that, we've got guys in the chat that can help. You and we've got some pills that will help to silence really that was brighter yeah, but Lloyd left the room it didn't have the intended effect so actually I'd love to see where Jeff is flying, because I lived in Houston for a very long time and I'd Love to see if he flies in Houston, where what part, and by the way Greg, did you notice on that Canadian? On that Canadian story about the helicopter and the drone, they said something about Houston. Was it Houston, Canada yeah? There is a Houston Canada. Well, I heard that, and I was like wait a minute: did he play the wrong wrong video? Thank You, agent, cave for for at least acknowledging that that was a funny joke if you can't anyway, sorry yeah, okay, so let's move on to a big story. Jokes aside, this one is a drone inspecting a tank. So obviously, when you've got ships that are involved in you know moving oil and fuel and all sorts of other things around. You want to be environmentally friendly and prevent any leaks and previously going and working out. If there are leaks and those tanks required lots of scaffolding and ropes and people and humans physically getting inside those tanks, but instead we've got this solution.

That'S have a look. Gout drone inspection and DNV GL are pioneering a new approach that uses drones and artificial intelligence to inspect the tank. The companies have partnered with altaira infrastructure to carry out the latest tests, as what we have here is a a custom built quadcopter frame drone. The main purpose of the drone is to to gather this Datta many. We have a camera prompt that gathers the data were interested in and we have a 3d lidar which is used for navigation and mapping inside the tank, and then we have a computer system on board that does all the computational work. The highest point inside the tank is approximately nineteen point four meters high. Traditionally, the surveyors would use scaffolding to inspect the tank, but often rope access and climbing is needed for a thorough inspection. The drone, though, can reach all corners of the tank with much greater speed. The video is livestream to the customer and interpreted by DNV GL s algorithm, which is being developed to spot cracks and anomalies, yeah, so pretty cool, again Perry from yeah and again doing doing stuff where you're in a GPS, deprived environment. So again, this will definitely be using optical flow and other techniques to work out where they are and use that to manage their position. I also am very very curious again if you're in a big steel tank or some other metal tank, how you actually getting compass in the middle of that thing and using that that's kind of scary to me so Greg.

Have you heard of the Helios 2 drone I've heard the name, but I haven't got into it at all, so so I will have. I was supposed to actually do this around the time of South by Southwest, which was in March, but with kovat. It didn't happen. I have a connection at a company in Houston actually back to Houston that that rents, this thing it's called the Elios 2, and it is a Swiss made drone that does exactly that tank inspections, pipe inspections. It can get through pipes that have a diameter of 20 inches as a smallest. You can go through because it's like 14 inches across and I don't know what that is in centimeters, but it is 30000 drone and it has cameras all over it. It has a big fiber carbon fiber ball around it, so that, basically, if it bumps into something it can back out of it with this we'll, never get kind of stuck on things. It'S it's super cool that the companies based in Houston. They have several of them and I might have the opportunity to go out and actually train on it, not because I'll be doing it, but to make a video about it. So I'm really excited about that. So if you could just google its MFE rentals MFE rentals is the name of the company, and Elios too, is the drone. If you want to see what it looks like, ok I'll definitely have to do that.

I'Ll just quickly interrupt and say: we've got Anubis arts wanting to go flying today, now I'm going to do this on my phone right now, even though, obviously I don't have a drone attached, but you go into DJI, go on your phone click! The three dots in the top right hand, corner, select, live broadcast platform, click on custom, rtmp and then you've got to type in rtmp colon, slash, slash, rtmp, doc, drone booked, org, slash, live slash, something else do not cut and paste it from somewhere else, because I Tried that one time and it had a carriage return or a newline or some other hidden character that didn't allow it to work and Anubis said it keeps on trying to connect. I'Ll bet you that's what it is in your case, but it's definitely ready and available for anyone who wants to come fly live today. Milka guy well I've got Mitch ready to come in so let's go and get Mitch up now, stand by D and Mel coming quickly to where, where is Mitch Mitch lives in Florida? Oh nice yeah, I guess Mel is further west, so he has a bit more time: yeah Mills in Arkansas yep. So just I just actually sent a package to Mel. He and I are going to do a CO, CO review of an RC plane. I don't know if you know this look. Mel is actually a pretty good RC plane pilot yeah. I knew I haven't seen him fly, but I knew that he I knew that he did Mitch up here now: it's a tiny, Hawk yeah Mitch.

As you know, there's a delay from what you're hearing on YouTube we're not going to talk and ask too many questions. We'Ll, let you do the talking and I assume you're, going to do something amusing for us. Let'S have a look what's Mitch. Gon na show us well, it looks like he's flying a tiny Hawk too, which is awesome what favorites so we're just waiting for him to take off now what I'm, assuming he's gon na do some indoor flying for us and give us a tour of his house. So far yeah we see his workbench and four point. Three volts he's in horizon mode, yeah we've got an Anubis aughts ready to come in as well. I'Ll get him ready as well. In the background have Mel ready to come in. He said he said he was ready to start as well Mitch. Take off arm that thing. You know money doesn't buy happiness. Well, it does by jetski. Have you ever seen a sad person on a jet said that was that the chat that's pretty good, no it's? Actually, it was one of my jokes. You made my wife laugh, so you must have done something good by the way, by the way, a quick little aside, wife and daughter physically got their certificates today, they're officially Australians, oh well, we're deletions, and they can prove it. They'Ve got the paper to prove it that arrived yesterday, so Anubis arts I've got a strength from you coming in, but there's nothing.

There I've got zero frames per second coming from you, that's what we're physically getting from you at the moment, so geeks boners money doesn't, buy happiness but I'd rather cry on a private jet, so so Lloyd. I I love your joke. You don't see anybody on a jet ski with a frown on their face. The other thing you never see anybody that is playing the ukulele who's, not smiling if you're playing a ukulele you're, pretty good, yeah that's. True, you know what I mean one of these things. You can't help but smile and a ukulele yeah that's one instrument I don't, have I Judy won't. Let me get when I threatened to get one. She says: no, you got enough. Oh it's, so small there's, no, I know it's because they play. I have a mandolin which plays the same way so well, you know I play a guitar and I've. Never really. I have a ukulele and I've never really learned the chord structures on it, which I don't think would be too hard to do. But you know I should it's also it's all about the strumming pattern on the ukulele it's kind of you know down up up down or something right right exactly by the way, a quick, little interruption. Anubis arts I've got two streams from you coming in I'm. Gon na get you to do a different name, so change it from Anubis arts to something else. So there was the dead one and they all good.

One Mel is elder to go I'm just a bearing to him up, yeah, hey and – and I think I think this is on my side, but Wayne King just sent in a super check for ten Australian dollars and said hello. Well, so thank you. Wayne much appreciated and there's. We have the man himself. We have 400 AGL oops. No up, we locked him he's. Coming back there. We go clear, props, ready to take off he's listening to the stream. In the background waiting to hear when to go, go Mel goes Hey. Look. I just want to tell everybody any super chats I get tonight are gon na go towards the grow, the fund or Lords of grumpy bloggers ukulele. So I think you get'em a ukulele cuz cuz. You know Lord smiles a lot already, but I think I can imagine the smile on your face playing ukulele. If we got you one, would you play something for us on a show, Lloyd, yeah yeah? I actually would yeah so again in the background Mitch. All guy we've still got your video feed there, but it's pretty boring looking at the bench. If you want to go and actually do something with the bird, let us know we'd love to see that did well. He said to try it again, good thing: you guys uvr yeah, hey everybody Mel. We can hear Mel but don't bother trying to listen to us because there's a big delay.

So you just talk. Tell us what we're seeing and we won't ask you questions. Well, I think he's I think, he's in Little Rock oh he's, yeah Fort Smith, not little wrong. What am I thinking? Why want to think in Little Rock they're all Arkansas, I don't know the difference. Okay, what you're about to see is the old Portsmouth courthouse, the old Sebastian County Courthouse, give purpose while golden hours do it what's beautiful yeah. This is where Judge Parker the hanging judge. This is his courthouse, if you guys have seen him through Britt recovering well that's. What even though it was filmed in Colorado, this is what it was that was. It looks like a dormitory yeah, no that's that's a courthouse, it's electively. I got pecked ater here that's asking me questions, so you might hear some of that in that in the banter. As well yeah, I was just listening to Mel talking and telling someone that he's, an FAA licensed commercial pilot and so someone's asking some questions at now. We'Ve also got TJ who's, sending us a video stream at the moment, as well. Mitch said he tried, he says was under TJ great, so we got this day, but we've got TJ also up at the moment, but the shot from that one is not moving at the moment. So I don't know if that's Rosen or will stick with Mel for now. This is actually Sydney. The duty when I got married in not in this for that Justin Anderson Bridget brings chat, was an old cell was getting ready to hop of offered kid.

The chance to fly. We'Ve got TJ in there as well it's a very low bit rate there. We go. The Arkansas River, in the background, y'all now, where I'm located. I am right on the edge, and I mean right on the very edge of a no fly zone for a historic site. The historic site is actually not the courthouse, believe it or not, but it's that building coming into view on the right hand, side of the screen right now with all the windows and stuff that's, the old Fort Smith, it's called Frisco station it's, the old railroad station And it's that, where that black pickup is, is second Street hope can't go that way anymore, where the black pickup is a second Street and second Street toward the river is where the no fly zone is it encompasses that building? So I can't go any more towards the west and I can't go north now because I'd be crossing garrison, Avenue, that's, garrison Street bridge across the river and on the other side of the river is guess what Lloyd's home stages Oklahoma yeah yeah like I was like. I was saying Kelly just actor the town Judy and I got married in oh right. Yeah hoods Butte looks beautiful and that's a pretty substantial River. I just saw a good sized boat go by, but there's where they're like what lemon red lion from yeah is that the home circuit Street and that red sidewalk that red brick sidewalk, is where the no fly zone starts.

So I have to be very careful not to get over that very cool yeah a nice evening, what's what's the what's attempt there tonight now and here we are safety town after uh whoops, look point the camera, the right direction, safe and sound after a little tour Of the Sasaki County Courthouse historical briscoe space. Now, if I can get a shot of that time right there, that's that's the that's, the historic building right there and they've got it all roped off and stuff you're, not even supposed to walk over there. So I wish I could fly over it, but it's, probably to Kelly. Oh – and I always say I'll – be around 83 84 degree. Ashtag ply legal hashtag, flash smart hashtag fly safe. Thank you Greg. Thank You Kelly. Thank you. Everybody intact and I'm gon na go ahead and cut this off and let somebody else have occurred. Okay, so thanks for in Mill, you watch me ouch the button on the screen to end the livestream boom and we've still got this over here. He'S still waiting for us to do something with that drone there that said live he said he's trying to take off and for he is not streaming for some reason it is streaming. I'Ve got it, it is live now. Well, we've got, I mean happy, having lift the drone up and like spin it around with the tans to see if we're getting a it's, just a freeze frame, no it's, not a freeze frame.

I am seeing bitrate coming in hmm four point. Six three megabits per second coming in well come on Mitch pick it up for us. Somebody was asking what Mel was flying. I think he's flying the Matic 2 Pro is what he was flying so, while we're waiting for Mitch to pick up his drone or for someone else to come in by the way we did have TJ come in briefly, but he didn't have good internet service where He was, unfortunately, I did have a phone call to Jeff sills, who was going to fly today, but unfortunately, he's got babysitting duties looking out over the kids, so that was not to be today come on pick it up. Is that a live shot or not still showing a hundred percent sure we, the battery, would have gone down a bit by now, yeah, I think it's a I think, it's frozen. I think you got it even though you're still getting an image, I think it's. It definitely wouldn't be a yeah, so let's leave that alone, and while we wait for the next one to come in let's talk about an X news story. Scientists are using drone technology to capture striking footage of a colony of 64000 green sea turtles. This was in December of 2019, but the footage is just coming out now. Researchers took advantage of drone tech to conduct some population server surveys at Raine Island, and this is the footage. Let'S have a look Music, Music, that's beautiful I'm, just reading some of the text here.

Some of the comments there is at this point absolutely no need to remind people that nature is pretty awesome, joining the list of other things that we've seen by drone before our sea turtles, and this footage was captured by the Queensland Government. They recently posted this footage on the Queensland Environment. Twitter account showing thousands of green sea turtles nesting just off the coast of Raine Island, calling it one of the most spectacular sights that people will see. I like this. We have it Finding Nemo Laughter, really cool, so that's. The Australian government posting that it's good to see I'm good to see so that footage. Do you have a let's? Have a quick look see if anyone's in the server? No one is live at the original point of no how long after the arrow you were going to go because I don't know he's in the jet, but he may not be home yet. Okay, so short answer is: I've got a bunch of news stories left and it depends on how many people join before then I'll stay as long as we can to get a couple of shots today, I'd love to see Chris flying let's go to our next story. In the meantime, and then maybe we can have a stump the grump stop. The grub bill have some fun. The next one, remote parts of Korea are going to see drone delivery. In 2021, the drones we use the ports logistic infrastructure to get drone deliveries off the ground.

Next year, Pablo ere are planning to complete a 40 to 50 kilometer run let's have a look at some of that Music, so this is definitely been sped up now. There'S, a small little island just or a small location off the edge there they've set it up as a waypoint mission and starting to do some drone delivery set a few boats in the water which Mitch said that he flew three flights. So he says you want to try again, so you want him to reconnect and try it Mitch you're more than welcome to reach retry. It absolutely love to see it so that flight was significantly sped up, but they've got their drone delivery stuff happening. This is a remote island in South Korea and Pablo we're doing some of that delivery work over there good use of some drones, wow that's, a big one too Music and there's. My DVD thanks blockbuster yeah, if you're, going to knock off, do a knock off of a drone like that yeah I mean you know. It looks like a knock off of a CMAs at SEMA, six copter at least it's big. It is big yeah, probably probably a probably – would take a bit more battery power than a SEMA would yeah, yeah, I'm sure hey Lloyd. Did you ever fly that little that little copter that little uh I liked it it's fun manufacturers still sitting here? I actually flew it on the show and I kept bouncing it off the camera.

Okay, my skills, my flying skills really suck. I think it's got prop guards all around it, but it's dead, yeah it's, the most sleek. Looking thing I mean it looks like the kind of thing it reminded me of the of the vehicle they used in Avatar. If you remember that movie, yes, yeah that's, all the couriers right here, yeah that's, what I thought and Matt Farah, I think that's, how I want it cuz. That was your question. Yeah yep yeah, like I got it in front of me. So I see the tiny mark and I see the I see the the I see it looks like it's live. I see a ceiling fan spinning, so we haven't seen Tony Hawk. Okay, guy got a gadget Mitch there's cinema text in there to let him know he can take off because he's waiting on the delay that voice there, we go it's moving iron york in the house yep. So how do you think he's sending this signal from the Tony Hawk? I guess the HDMI out from his goggles I'm, not sure, but if I was him, I'd be getting a USB stick into a computer and using that you can go and screen capture that into an rtmp sender yeah. But he still has to get it from the from the goggles. No, no! You can have something that they USB stick. That can read the signal the same as the goggles do straightened. Oh really yeah.

That is, I did not know about that. That'S pretty cool. So one that basically has a 5.8 gigahertz receiver we're saying yeah absolutely yeah. Well, I am I'm gon na order me one of those pretty quick here. Yeah! Well wonder: Arabia's with good! Why? Because Gary yeah we p 51 is has just bought one himself. He hasn't had a chance to test it and get it set up, but if he had he'd be flying today, but oh there's there's his helicopter yeah that thing's big first time, I think I ever really watched Mitch. He was actually doing with these flights is one of the first times I got that he was, he was doing a flight like this live on his show. I think his first live show ice that I saw then that's been a long time ago, but you know Mitch. My wife says: you've got a nice house, looks good yeah. A p 51 said that looked like the eachine rx helicopter. I assume I think it might be a home built. I think he does some some building. Oh, he does. He is the professor of building yeah. I know he's taught me a couple things already about about beta flight that I didn't know yeah, which is awesome. This is this is awesome, seeing this live like this comment from Zed Zed mate, they're, nice house till he screws the pooch is that a saying that I don't get yeah well it's nice until he hits something or crashes or knocks the tv down or stuff like That yeah to screw the pooch is the same as the Charlie Foxtrot, okay yeah.

What do we got there? Is that that's, his green screen and there's Mitch right there yeah nice flight that's, awesome that's, where spank the monkey lives is on that's the name of his monkey. If you guys watch his live, show you know it kind of pops up in the background. Yeah, hey Mitch, good, to see you bye battery coming up, put says Joe buttock again. If anyone wants to fly in your part of the world doesn't matter, if it's indoors, outdoors or orbiting Earth, as long as you can send me, an rtmp feed will chuck it up there. Today, nice house till he has kids old man new trick. No, I don't think he's. I think he's way beyond that now yeah that's that's. Why? I never understand these. You know guys my age, Marin, he's, you know 35. Look I got ta go. I just got a call. Carry on with that later. The boss is called juicy stuff here. What I wanted to show you guys something real quick. This is, this is a little RC plane. It is a it's, a Mustang it's, a p 51 Mustang and the company it's a sheen, sent me two of these. For some reason – and so I actually sent one to Mel with 400 AGL and Mel – and I are gon na – do a CO review of this thing. I'Ve flown this four times now put four batteries through it and it is awesome to fly.

It'S it's got six 6 axis gyro in it, and so it's self, stabilizing it's, it's kind of like it's kind of like little fpv drones. It'S got a beginner, it's got three modes, and so you can actually switch all the stabilization off and I flew it. The other day, and as soon as I switch the stabilization off it went just, did a crazy big flip over and I had to switch back on, but it's it's a breeze to fly with a switch on. So, look for that video soon coming from both Mel and I and this thing was ready to fly with the remote control and two batteries charger less than a hundred bucks, very cool p. 51 Mustang, it is yeah. Did you catch all that? No, I didn't! I had to go: do something from a whi foot, death well it's, just saying that I got two of these and I sent one to Mel and we're gon na do we're both gon na fly it and do like sort of a co sponsored or a ko. Ko' over you yeah yeah, but it is a p 51 Mustang it's, a very, very, very cool. Little and it's it's got a gyro stabilization, so it's, oh really, cool, yeah that's. How I got into all this to begin with, was my wife bought me, a Cessna plane, Oh notice, I wing yeah yeah just a little one of those little Cessna or not was a set.

No, it wasn't either is a little cub cadet it's. What it was. Oh yeah yeah yeah, you know, and by horizon hobby that was my first RC playing and next thing I know I'm doing Seema's and you know the five. The eight mm – hmm yeah yeah done a couple, others and then I ended up by my spark. I bought three at the same time because art the spark was awesome and it still there yeah let's do it of two Sparks and I'm like. Oh, I haven't flown him in a long time, but do I hold on to him or die sell them? Do I give them away what I do with these things? Cuz. You know that there's a point where you need to clear some shelf space yeah. Well, just let me interrupt for a couple of moments. Brad Alston is saying he would love to fly today. So, unfortunately, he has no batteries available today, Brad no good, but let me just quickly remind people while we're waiting for Chris who did want to fly today as well.