Technology comes your way next, brought to you by the ibm watson decision platform combining ai with internet of things, data to help agribusiness increase yields, improve quality and drive sustainability with halloween in the rearview mirror. A lot of retail stores are changing their decorations over to the holidays for chad. Colby christmas might have come a little bit early with the release of a new drone that he got his hands on and hes excited to. Tell us about. Weve had another interesting year. Testing drone technology – one of the highlights – is certainly those two quantix drones. You see right there as we figured out how to fly big acres, but on the floorboard of my truck, you can see a couple other systems, one of the systems youve seen before thats. In the smaller case, thats, the drone the size and weight of a sprite can and thats that little dji mini 2 great little system for under 800.. But the drone i want to talk about in detail this week is the mavic 3. thanks to the guys at flying ag. They got me a system actually right after the launch – and i had a chance this past week to look it over a little bit and put a couple flights on it now. Certainly, the highlight is the sensor, its a hasselblad, 20 megapixel sensor with 12.8 stops of dynamic range and basically a focal length of about 24 millimeters. That looks really good, but you can see here in the case those batteries look a little bit different and a lot bigger than the ones in the past.

I dont have official data yet theyre, claiming an over 40 minute flight time, and that is unheard of, but i certainly believe the numbers are probably pretty close based on the few flights. I had the one other thing they did with this system, like the smaller mini drone. The controller is similar and actually the operation of it is as well. You can see me clipping in the smartphone im going to use that to see the camera view, but look at what theyve done is im going to start up the controller and when you plug the cord in the app that operates, the drone will automatically start and Friends, thats a big deal. It makes that user experience very easy. You can see me here with my oldest daughter, bristol the drones actually looking back at us and it works great. The optics also allow it to have really active collision avoidance. Now dji has raised that bar again and the optical sensing also has the ability to bypass the object, like you see here, thats something weve never had before before when it detected the object. It just stopped now for me personally, im definitely most interested in the data and the data is going to come from that sensor. Using systems like drone deploy – and i cant wait to check it out, but this drone were going to be talking about it for a while for this week in agribusiness im chad colby. Thank you, chad, its incredible to me how quickly that drone technology has advanced, since those things have worked their way into mainstream usage.