What do you hear? What do you say, charlie mac here, spreading love the brooklyn way? Oh man, you know me and what i like its no surprise that charlie mack likes his dragon, so were gon na check out Music jack silver drone silver, making some really really cool stuff on instagram weve got a cool package to check out lets get into it With no delay, what do you hear? What do you say here we go here we go here. We go dragon slayer, oh no, dont kill the dragon. Weve got to take a look at them. First lets take a deep dive into this cool package. Dragon scales: oh yeah, some beautiful, beautiful piece, uh done by hand folks done by hand some quality work with love and care got some cool dragon scales. Somebody killed the dragons gon na make charlie mac pretty upset, got this dragon scales and the dragons eye. In all seriousness, this is some pretty cool stuff. You know we got a lot of creative people out there coming up with new and cool ideas. These are some really really nice pieces. I know im biased because i, like my dragons, but in all honesty these are nice quality work, awesome awesome pieces by drone silver 999. I, like my dragon stuff, but i came across this as i was going through instagram. I thought it was so cool had to have it, and then i picked up a bunch. More were gon na see that later in the video as well.

So folks, if you like, poured silver, if you like dragons, you are definitely going to be happy with this stuff. I mean the colors on this. Just really really pop theyre, really cool and the designs are nice, so make sure youre checking jack silver cool cool community. Member making some awesome stuff something new something different nice coa, nice packaging lets check out the other goodies. As we dig through the box of treasures, we uncover lots of dragon scales. A dragon slayer and some more treasures to be had lets. Take a deeper look at what we got Music. As you see here, weve discovered the dragon slayer lets see what hes done to this dragon. Did he kill it and destroy the scales, were just gon na have to watch and find out Music? Ah, yes, he did destroy the dragon and, as you can see here, there are different sized scales from the dragon. Slayer weve got them mostly under one ounce, and these are really cool very, very nicely done. Shiny scales for some shiny, shiny treasures. Those who, like dragons, will probably really really enjoy these pieces from drone silver. You should definitely check it out, grab a couple of different sizes and shapes put them all together totally worth it theyre very enjoyable check out these awesome dragon scales. 13 grams 14 grams, 15 grams, 16 grams keep cutting up the dragon little by little. You can steal his dragon scales uh in all seriousness, really really cool work.

Dragon silver is probably one of my favorite things but custom dragon stuff. Oh yeah thats, where the treasures at uh make sure you check them out the dragon slayer edition from drone silver. You can catch them on instagram, really really cool stuff enjoy. One of the things that i also thought was cool, and sometimes we dont appreciate it. Folks, you know we buy this stuff and we expect a lot, but the people making it are human beings. They put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their work. So awesome, awesome, stuff check out your local poor artist. Support them buy something, give them ideas on something to make. You never know they might knock your socks off. I know with this stuff. I was really really impressed. So thanks a lot again.