com thanks to andrew for allowing me to make content for his page and thanks to the publishers and developers for the code. Todays review is clone drone in the danger zone, which is available to buy across multiple platforms for around 17 pounds. So lets wait no longer and see what its all about Music. What is it that makes us who we are? Is it our body and how we look or is it our soul? Whatever the answer? No one wants their identity stolen. How would you feel if your mind was taken and used to entertain an advanced species, ponder this question no longer as you jump into the action in clone drone in the danger zone developed and published by dover or games? This is a hack and slash arena ruler. The game takes place in a brutal vision of the future where humans and robots are at war. The synthetic life forms have a desire to see destruction and death and have created a gladiatorial arena to fulfill their desires, as i loaded in i didnt have high hopes. The premise looked basic and i have recently enjoyed paint the town red another voxel fighting game, but within 10 minutes i had succumbed to clone drone in the danger zones. Charms. The brutality of every event is moorish and the simplicity of the gameplay makes it easy to pick up. I adored cutting off, robotic limbs and slicing the metal bodies in two. Its undeniably violent, fast paced hectic and can be played casually.

The robot overlords transfer human mind into empty exoskeletons. They then force these slaves into a deadly arena battle where they fight overpowered guards and horrendous, robotic monsters, you fight for your freedom and if you die, your remains, are cleaned up and another being is created, its cold, callous and unfair, but with a little practice, youll Teach your characters a lesson while playing them at their own game. The simplicity of the gameplay is one thing, but the choice of mode to enjoy is another aimed at both the single player and multiplayer market, its thoroughly enjoyable and competitive, with a story to work through an array of challenges to try and endless mode to enjoy theres Plenty to keep you playing the multiplayer mode is fantastic with strangers and friends. Youll choose to work together or compete to see who is the best in many events battle each other to see who is the last spot, standing or team up and overcome an array of objectives alongside the variety of modes doberg games has treated us to a selection Of weapons and tech upgrades with such a simple premise, this made a relatively basic game that bit more complicated. I loved the selection on offer and laughed as i took my enemies apart. I chuckled, as i skewered my foes with a spear, knocked them down with a hammer, sliced them with a sword or pissed them with an arrow, be careful. Each tool offered a different approach to every level, and this was fascinating to experiment with.

You are also treated to more energy cells, the ability to kick a jet pack and more but heres the issue at the start of each chapter or if you die, your character is reset, every upgrade goes, and you must begin again, though this was frustrating it allowed. You to try different combinations that you may have otherwise ignored. I adored the challenge that this created and never tired of this approach, clone drone in the danger zone offers exactly what you would expect from a voxel game. The blocky imagery and bright colors overload the sensors, but yet i love the spectacle with over the top robots and absurd weaponry. Youll be fascinated with how each battle unfolds youll be amused, as limbs line the arena floor and your opponent hop on one leg or fall to the ground beheaded. The attention to detail was great and the variety of environments made every chapter interesting to look at the developers tried to lighten the mood while injecting some cold and witty humor into the gameplay classic. American sports commentary supports every battle and the robots blend callous taunts with hilarious one liners the dry humor was a nice break from the high adrenaline and aggressive soundtrack that accompanies each fight. The music was a fine choice and demanded that you keep hacking away at your opponents. The sound of your sword, slicing hammer, thudding and arrows flying were great. The audio was a pleasant surprise. As i expected a more basic affair.

Fans of arena battle games will be pleased with what the developers have presented. The control system is both accurate and interesting. To use the left analog stick controls the direction of each weapon, allowing you to aim at specific body parts. This was devastating as you sliced off limbs for the amusement of the crowd. Boosting jumping and swapping of weapons was just a button to press away. The whole system is well mapped and responsive to each command. This was lucky as the action was so hectic. It would have been infuriating if the controls were slow and badly sought out thanks to its varied modes and competitive gameplay. Clone drone in the danger zone is loaded with replay value. Youll die repeatedly yet youll be desperate to try again with many upgrades and weapons available. Youll, try out different combinations and this forces you to play uniquely if the story doesnt captivate you, maybe the large and challenging achievement list, would draw you back in this isnt a game for the faint of heart and completionists will have a difficult time trying to finish It having played and enjoyed to paint the town red i worried. Another vauxhall title would be a step too far. I was wrong, as i instantly fell for its charms, the simplicity of the gameplay and the difficulty of the challenges got under my skin, and i couldnt resist repeatedly. Trying and failing the multiplayer option was a great addition, and this added longevity and a competitive edge clone drone in the danger zone took me by surprise in a good way, and i recommend that you buy it.

Can you upgrade your robot to defeat your foes and escape if you cannot dont worry as another robot is waiting to take your place, thats it for me today.