Talk drones, lets talk. Drones is brought to you by the droning company. The number one online resource for commercial, remote pilots make sure you check out all of their awesome articles, materials resources that will help make you a better and more well rounded commercial, remote pilot plus a second to none job board opportunities ranging from one and two off Gigs all the way up to full time staff positions as a remote pilot or uav expert with companies and organizations check them out online. The and across all major social media platforms ill have those linked down below todays video. Finally, we are to part two of the be wine f7 drone review. In our last video, we went over the unboxing and the setup of the f7 in those two categories: the unboxing scored a 3.5 out of 5 and the setup scored a 2 out of 5. Giving us a total score so far of a 5.5 out of 10. today were going over the flight characteristics as well as the camera performance on the b1 f7 drone. So for the flight performance were gon na have to go out into the field lets head there. Now, all right, we are here in beautiful jersey, shore, pennsylvania, near the community park, and i am having one heck of a time getting connected to this drone. I actually dont know if were going to be able to do a live flight characteristics review. It stinks because i wish that we really could have gotten into the nuts and bolts of this i mean its just its frustrating.

So what im gon na do is the next best thing and im gon na be playing some footage for you of the drone flying from the first time that i took it out flying and everything worked really well to this screen here. To show you, the different flight modes and flight characteristics im actually just going to turn this controller off its. It says to take it out to a wide open space. It is pretty wide open here and its confusing as to why this isnt connecting ive tried both batteries. Ive got the other one in my pocket here and neither one of them seemed to work like i said this isnt the first time, ive had an issue with this. It may be user error. I dont want to just chalk this up to the b wine drone. Having a problem but, like i said, ive gone through the process: five, six, seven, eight nine 10 times – and i just i cant – i cant – get it to connect. So what im going to do is im going to go ahead and bring up the phone screen so that you can see the app. So this is what the b wine app looks like. What i was going to go over was a bunch of the different flight modes, and they have quite a few here, youll see on the screen that we have image follow followed by gps, follow around flight. Those are the three like intelligent flight modes theres, a fourth one were going to talk about in just a second image.

Follow basically means you draw an outline around your subject and then the drone recognizes that as your subject and it follows it, no matter where it goes so you can follow cars, you can follow people whatever the case may be it. You just have to highlight it on the drone screen. Gps follow basically means that its going to follow this thing right here. So wherever the controller goes, the drone is going to go. So if you were hiking, you wanted to get some some footage or a selfie or a shot of you hiking. You could actually hit that it would follow you based upon where the remote controller was so thats, pretty cool. The last one is around flight. You can probably figure out what that means. That means that you select the subject and it orbits around the subject, for you automatically the next three that im going to talk about. Are the jess photo the jess record and the route rules, so the first one is jess photo if you hold up a peace sign in front of the drone, while its in photo mode itll, actually snap a picture of you when you do the peace sign just Record is when you put five fingers up in front of the drone like your hand, wide open. It will start to record a video of you without you having to interface with the controller. So i think the idea behind these two flight modes was to allow you to control the drone without having to actually have the controller in your hand, you could set this to the side and just take a really nice picture without this big bulky controller.

In your hand, the last one is the route rules, and basically, what that is is its a waypoint. You set waypoints on the screen. The drone then follows those waypoints you dont have to do any manual flying. It just follows those wave points as you go. The other options here in this menu youll see are music, vr, lens angle, filter and zoom. So lens angle and zoom, you can control on the controller here with your dials. It basically just controls the zoom function, which is a digital zoom on the drone itself or on the image itself, not an optical zoom, and then the lens angle is to just tilt the gimbal up and down. You can do that through the app on the screen. Rather than using the dials on the controller, why you would do that? I dont really know, but the option is there: its also got music, vr and filter. So music has a catalog of music clips that you can then put 30. Second, video clips from your drone into, and it basically just pairs it with music without you having to go and download music on your computer or do it in post production and transfer the files over to whatever machine youre using to edit your videos. Vr mode is like fpv mode. It allows you to interface with your phone by putting it into a set of vr goggles, and then you can fly this drone with goggles and get like a first person point of view through the drones camera.

So it takes the drone that youre flying gps wise through your controller and your phone and turns it into an fpv drone or a quote: unquote. Fpv drone. The last is filter. You can just set preset filters to the images and the videos that youre taking through the app you dont have to do it in post production. It can all be done as youre shooting it. So overall, this is a really disappointing. Like adventure, im gon na go ahead and put some video up for me flying the first day that i took this out to try to fly it and just talk a little bit about the handling. The drone itself handles pretty well its tight. You know, and i like flying tight controls, because it gives me a sense of deliberation or deliberateness when im flying the drone. I dont want it to be super touchy so that if i just bump the stick it like does a 360.. I dont want that in my drone. I want to be able to put this all the way over and know that im going to get a nice smooth shot now. I know that theres different, you know different strokes for different folks is the saying, but for me when im flying a gps style drone. I just really appreciate when i can, you know, make a very deliberate movement, and i know the controller and the drone are going to respond based upon my input and not just the sensitivity thats preset into the drone.

I really enjoyed that about it. What i didnt enjoy about the the flight characteristics of it is that a it doesnt hold position super well and why thats important is because, when youre out in the field and youre flying in a very busy area when it comes to obstacles and whatnot its its Very difficult to have faith in this drone thats not going to run into something it does not have obstacle avoidance on it, so thats thats a real problem when youre flying in a tight space, if it cant hold a very precise location and keep that location. You know within maybe just an inch or two. It could cause some problems for you when youre flying through tight cramped spaces. The other thing that i didnt really like about this experience with flying the drone is just it does not stop nearly as quickly as it needs to. If i have this to the ground – and i am pitching forward or backward or side to side whatever, if im going full throttle forward backwards, side to side, i need to give myself at least 20 feet, at least because it just doesnt it doesnt pick up on The fact that i let go of the sticks, quick enough and you know with other drones – you can sort of you still need to give it a little bit of a buffer zone. So you dont run into something. But if you let go of the stick, the drone pretty much responds immediately to that which i guess goes against that argument of touchiness, but its its a different different style of touchiness.

I guess is what im saying those are the only two negatives everything else about this drone and the flight of this drone is absolutely fantastic. I have zero complaints other than the fact i cant get it connected for some reason today, which is really disappointing, because this could have been a much much better video for the bey f7 drone. But i hope that you enjoyed the the footage that i did play went over the flight modes on the phone screen. I just hope that did something for you. You just got ta take my word for it. Ive been flying drones for, oh god, five years six years almost – and this is by far one of my favorite drones, ive ever flown – that has to do with handling its just its a fun fly, is what im trying to say. It may not be the most precise, it may not be the most responsive, but its got nice controls to its got a nice feel to it and, like i said, i just had a good time with it and maybe thats, because i just love flying all drones. But this one in particular, is going high on my list for flight characteristics, hi there, its chris, the drone geek, and because i have small brain i uh did not mention the scores at the end of the sections that we cover in this video so pop it In here and ill pop in again later to let you know that the score for the flight characteristics was a four out of five all right back to the video moving on to the camera performance for the be wine f7 drone, oh hello, there! This is remy! This is my parents, dog and uh he came over while i was recording to see what was going on.

I think he wants to sit on my lap. He does yes, not not convenient or conducive to what im trying to accomplish here, but i mean we can make it work. I guess all right so anyway, uh your little ears are sticking into the lens. Oh good boy, anyway, all right ill try to focus hes cute, though okay, anyway, moving on to camera performance, so this drone is marketed as a 4k drone shoots in 4k video resolution, which is technically true when it comes to the actual camera quality, though its not Going to quite meet your standards, its a little bit deceiving when a drone, any kind of camera really is marketed as a 4k uhd camera, and the picture is just not high definition. As you saw earlier, the camera quality itself is not quite matching up what your expectations might be if a drone is marketed as a ultra high definition drone, because the definition of the image is just not quite there when i was doing the flight performance review just For the pure sake of smooth video feed for you to see how the drone handles from the drones perspective, i did dumb it down to 2.7 k at 25 frames per second, which sort of brings me to my next point. This drone only has two resolution modes. 2.7 k at 25 frames per second theres, no variability in the frame rate on 2.7 k and its even worse at 4k.

In my opinion, at 4k, at 15 frames per second im gon na go ahead and pop something up on the screen for you now to show you just what i mean when it comes to 4k at 15 frames per second, yes, this is a 4k image. This is a 4k video in terms of pixels and resolution for sure the math is there. However, i would never use this professionally. I mean i dont want to say never, because only siths speak in absolutes isnt that right only a sith deals in absolutes and there are no siths here only jedis. So i dont want to speak in absolutes, its not that i would never use this professionally, but i can think of maybe one instance where i would use this professionally and it would be like if i intentionally wanted the image quality to not be great, and it Sounds a little bit harsh, especially after the flight performance, where i gave it a really really high score its the image. Just is not there for me with video now, on the other side of this, to sort of put some silver lining around this. The 2.7 k image at 25 frames per second isnt bad. Would i use it professionally? Probably not it still. Doesnt quite have the the look that you would need to sell these images in these videos professionally. But if i wanted to post to social media, if i just wanted to share a cool little clip that i caught anything that isnt for professional use, 2.

7 k at 25 frames per second, its, not awful its, not the worst thing, ive ever seen its its actually. I dont want to say decent its okay and its something that i would post to social media if i were just a hobbyist looking to have fun now. Why is it that this drone is marketed at 4k, but the image quality isnt ultra high definition? Do you hear that theres a life flight like an emergency helicopter landing pad at the hospital thats about four blocks away from my current house, and it is very very loud when it comes in theres, no emergency at least i dont think. Typically, it might be like a transport if they need to get them in a timely manner or theyre just flying the helicopter around. I dont know why they do it, but it happens from time to time. So why is it that this 4k uhd image and video isnt up to snuff professionally it has to do with the sensor size thats? The only thing that i can really deduce is that the sensor size on this camera just isnt big enough now its marketed to shoot really well in low light, because it has a large sensor. I didnt really receive anything back from b wine in terms of the actual size of the sensor on this camera and because of that, and because of the image that im seeing through the camera in broad daylight. I dont think that we need to take this out at night time because i just dont think the results are going to be there.

It does not seem like a drone thats going to perform well in low light conditions, so im not even going to invest the time in it. Because, honestly, even though i i didnt have super high expectations for a drone thats about 450 dollars, i am a little disappointed with the camera quality and more so. The lack of variability in the camera quality like at least give us something like 1080p at 24 frames per second or 30 frames per second, whatever we didnt even get that we got 4k and 2.7k its. I, i guess, im just a lit a little bit. Let down overall, the camera performance is not the worst ive ever seen on a drone, in fact the images, the pictures that it captures arent bad. I dont have a lot of information when it comes to the the picture, size or resolution on this camera, but theyre not theyre, not terrible. Two more things i want to cover on camera performance have to do with the variability of the other camera settings. It doesnt have a variable iso, it doesnt have a variable aperture, it doesnt have anything to change the look or the feel of the image itself on the camera. So what you get is what you get. The last thing is the image stabilization that three axis gimbal: it is by far not the worst three axis gimbal ive ever seen. It does a pretty decent job, its not perfect, though it does it doesnt function.

The way you need it to to hold a level horizon all the time and on numerous occasions i found in video clips, i would go from a slightly tilted horizon to back level to even tilting the other way. There was just it wasnt consistent. So its again, not bad, and the only other note that i have on this is the vibration dampeners on the actual drone are not they dont do their job well enough! So when you fly this drone and then you look at the video that you capture after youre done flying it theres a lot of vibration and wobble in it. Its not jello, like you, see, with a very popular flagship drone from one of the, if not the leading drone company in the world, its not jello footage like that, but its just you can tell the camera is shaking now. I was able to minimize that effect by just putting a stabilization on it in post production, it did lessen that vibration and it actually made the footage pretty smooth, especially in 2.7 k at 25 frames per second. I didnt see a lot of problems with it when it came to that vibration and that stabilization, but its just an added step to get that smooth cinematic aerial. Looking footage that youre trying to get out of this camera the best that you can get out of this camera anyway. So, overall, when it comes to camera performance on the b wine f7 drone, im gon na have to go ahead and give them a three out of five.

The two points they lost here have to do entirely with the marketing on the 4k camera. It doesnt matter to me if your camera isnt the greatest now professionally speaking, yes, im only going to use a drone that has a really high quality camera, but when im looking at this just for fun, i dont care so much about the the camera quality. The resolution, if im just flying for fun for hobby, whatever it doesnt, really matter that much to me, so, even if your drone doesnt have the best camera in the world, if i have fun flying it, what does it matter if i were bee wine? I probably would have just stayed in my lane on this drone until i had the technology to actually deliver a true 4k experience, and i would have just put a 1080p sensor on this drone or a 1080p camera on this drone. It people still enjoy 1080p footage, in fact, its still largely the industry standard everybody mixes down to 1080p and thats. The resolution that they stick at everybody seems to be happy with it. So why not just do that, and do it really really? Well, you might be able to pull customers away from other companies. If you stay in that lane – and you say yeah, we dont have a 4k camera, but we have a really really solid 1080p experience that youll be able to use in almost any hobby application. It was just a little frustrating for me to get excited about seeing this 4k image and having it fall so flat again positive note, 2.

7k at 25 frames per second isnt bad, actually preferred that over the 4k image. But the big thing is: is that variability on the frame rate youre stuck at 25 frames per second, which in the united states isnt, even like a standard frame rate thats more like europe, so 25 frames per second is more of just a pain in the neck. For me not a huge difference, i mean 24 to 25 frames, youre, not gon na notice, a huge difference, but again it would be nice to have some us standard frame rates at least 24 frames per second, as an option. Yeah hi uh me again and once again, because i have small brain uh heres your score. The camera performance was a two out of five one. Last thing i want to review on this drone that im not actually going to give it a score on, but its just something i wanted to bring to your attention and the reason im not scoring. It is because its actually a subcategory of the flight characteristics category, and that is the wind rating. Now, if youre not familiar with the drone wind rating category scale, it goes from 1 to 10 and most drones fall into a level 5 wind rating, which means they can handle winds up to 24 miles per hour with little to no issue. This drone, the by f7, is rated at a level six, so that means that it can handle wind speeds from 25 to 30 miles per hour with little to no issues.

I took this drone out. I dont know weeks ago at this point to try to do a review on the flight characteristics and camera in the field, and i chose maybe one of the worst days to do it. But it did give me an opportunity to see if this wind rating was actually legit. We had a small, i dont want to say storm front, but a small weather front come in that had some snow and some high winds and i launched the drone and i found that the level 6 wind rating was a little generous. So i checked the weather app. I checked a lot of different resources to see just how strong the wind was, and it came in anywhere between, like 20 to 24 miles 25 miles per hour. It was right in that area and the b wine f7 drone just didnt it didnt handle the wind, like, i think, a level 6 drone should have handled that wind speed. It was able to maintain position kind of it. Didnt stay completely. Still it didnt hold like a perfectly accurate position or within a very small margin of error. It was being blown around in probably what i would say is a five foot radius any direction. I mean that thats, how far away it was which could be problematic depending upon how busy the air space that youre in is whether thats an obstacle like a tree or a building or possibly even another drone.

That could be very, very problematic for you. The other thing that i noticed is when i tried to fly against the wind. It had trouble getting anywhere. I did have one go where it. It started to break through the wind wasnt quite as severe, but it started to break through. It was having trouble with that headwind and going into the wind, but as soon as the wind picked up – and it was back up to that 20 to 25 mile an hour range it immediately. Just the best i could do was hold position and thats. When i had it to the floor again not giving it a rating, i just wanted to throw that in there that that was something that i did have the opportunity, because i chose a bad day to try to go out and review this drone in the field. I did have the opportunity to see it in real time in really high winds and it just did not perform up to a level six. I would say its probably a level five, but maybe even less. I would say level. Four would probably be more of a fair rating for this drone. If you want it to be a good flight experience, it i mean it can handle and stay put in that high of winds, but it really theres no point in flying it. I guess is what im trying to say its time to wrap things up on part two of the b1 f7 drone review.

This is our second of two videos. It was a lot of fun to fly this drone. I cant knock it totally. It wasnt quite what i expected it to be just based upon my conversations with the representatives from b wine and what i read about it online as well as what i read about it on the box and in the manuals. But overall it was a pretty fun. Experience were gon na need a whiteboard to tabulate all of the scores that ive given it to this point, so lets go ahead and pull that one up now. First, things first lets break down the categories in each score that the drone received in the unboxing category. It received a three and a half out of five in setup. It received a two out of five in flight characteristics. It received a four out of five and in camera performance it received a 3 out of 5. that gives it a total score of a 12 and a half out of 20, with an average score coming in at roughly 3 out of 5.. This is a well deserved score that i think, makes this drone worthy of consideration for any drone pilot thats. Looking for something more fun to fly ill admit before they reached out. I wasnt even aware that b wine was a company that made drones im, glad that i found out about them, though, because it gives me a little bit more diversity to go off of in future reviews, and it allows me to keep my options open moving forward Because i think, with the right attention and with the right work and effort put into future drones, that this company may or may not produce that they really could end up putting out an alternative to other drone companies that have you know five.

Six hundred dollar drones. It wasnt an awful experience by any stretch of the imagination, but i wouldnt consider the b1 f7 drone for any type of professional work. If youre looking to use this for professional videography or photography dont just dont, i would not recommend it. It will not put out professional level results and it doesnt have the right flexibility for a true visual creator. However, you could use this professionally in a surveillance situation if you wanted to just go through a property and just make sure that theres, no unwanted, intruders or theres, no pests or anything like that, walking around the perimeter or the area of the property. You could probably use this drone for that. You can see enough through the viewfinder when youre flying this drone that you, you can pick up on details like that, but i would not use this in any other professional application. The only other use that i would have for this drone is, if i just wanted to have fun, it scored a 4 out of 5 on flight characteristics. Was it the best flight experience ive ever had with a drone? No, but it was a lot of freaking fun. I had so much fun just buzzing this thing around and i think the fact its a little bit lower budget and the fact that crashing it wouldnt break the bank sort of gives you that freedom that other drones dont. You can fly this around and really have a good time with it, and if you crash it, you crash it and its not a big deal.

I mean its sad for sure, because somebody put work and effort into creating that drone, and then it was your drone that you bought and you did lose out financially on it, but its not the same pressure that a higher price tag drone might have. So, if youre looking for something fun to fly, i would definitely keep this in the conversation, its a fun little drone and i had a great time just testing it out and getting to know each and every one of its little quirks nuances and characteristics before we Wrap things up completely, i do just want to send out a very special thank you to b wine for trusting me with reviewing their drone. This was a really exciting moment for me, because b wine is the first drone company to reach out to me to do a review of their product, and on top of that, they let me keep the product for free as a form of payment for the review And its just like yeah moneys nice for sure, but i i really i dont know if i get this across to enough people, but i really love drones. Like i love the technology, i love the direction that the industry is going. I love all of the possibilities that they open up for us in the future and its just a damn good time to fly drones. I just love doing it and creating with drones its my passion and so being able to receive this kind of technology as a form of payment is almost as good as money.

To me i mean it was just a lot of fun and i had a great time doing it and again just a huge thank you to bee wine for being my first ever drone review that i didnt pay for out of my own pocket. You just trusted me with the review and i will never forget that if youre interested in the b1 f7 drone ive got the link to the amazon purchase platform down below make sure you check it out.