s forces except zamaria mahdi wasnt a terrorist. He was an aid worker and the supposed bomb was actually a water container. He was killed along with nine other people, seven of whom were children. The u.s militarys own footage of the strike has been released under the freedom of information act, but usually getting information on mistaken targets is difficult. Drone warfare has been a core element of counter terrorism since 9 – 11, not just in afghanistan and iraq, but also in so called undeclared theaters of operation such as pakistan and yemen. Its feared thousands of innocent civilians may have been killed. I have seen personally traveling to places like afghanistan, syria, iraq, yemen, how many civilians have been killed by these strikes, so theyre, totally, not the precise weapons that weve been told, but also the people that are killed that are called combatants. We dont even know who they are: weve never had a chance to bring them to a court to have them tried. The president, joe biden, has announced a counter terrorism strategy called over the horizon. That means having fewer boots on the ground in various conflict zones and more use of remote warfare, in particular armed drones. At the same time, hes determined therell be fewer mistakes. During donald trumps presidency, drone strikes were authorized. If there was a reasonable certainty, no civilians would be killed. Biden has restored the obama policy of demanding near certainty, but some experts say drone warfare, isnt necessarily more dangerous for civilians than conventional warfare.

I had some access to see how we did the drone targeting in the last 15 years, and it was very professional uh. Whatever i saw was very meticulous. However, there were times where just the sheer volume of how much we were shooting and also the urgency of the situation made us lean more forward on using ordinance drop from drones than we might have preferred. The pull out from afghanistan has already led to far fewer u.s drone strikes, but for all the controversy, this type of warfare generates its set to remain a crucial part of the american military arsenal.