I cant really tell you what this game is about. Its got a really really cool art style and it popped on into my recommended list actually, and it doesnt have that many reviews, and yet the art style seems slick and clean and its got itself tagged as being an rpg from what i can derive from just General conversations about the game through like steam and other places that ive googled it seems to be a game thats, drawing inspiration from like tharsis. I guess and honestly i always found tharsis to be a really really compelling game for all of its flaws, and so the idea of a game like tharsis with a bit slicker of an art, style and kind of a focused narrative, actually seemed really really interesting. To me and so anyways, this is a game that takes place on a space station and were going to be using dice rolls and things of that nature in order to keep the place up and running. But more than that, i cant really tell you because, like the game is sort of non descript in the way that it describes itself and so anyways lets dive on in. If, after watching this, you wanted to get the game for yourself, ive got a link for you down below in the description, and then on top of that, you can also take a look down there for discord and twitch links. Just in case, you wanted to hang out with me even even more even more zs, but weve got about 25 35 minutes.

So lets go ahead and play the game. Shall we all right? So we can choose our character class. We have the operator man look at that art style, though dude very, like aeon flux, influenced i dont know thats the vibe that i get from it. Anyways, an operator works with drones and high precision remote machines to perform complex tasks from a distance. Sleepers are assigned operator when they are cerebral and precise. Okay, so weve got interfacing skill. We dont have a lot of endurance. It looks like we dont have a lot of intuition were not good at engaging. It looks like basically, you get kind of like a bonus, a malice and then everything else stays. Even. What does this guy? Do the extractor extractors work on resources? Okay, i guess that makes sense. The nomenclature suddenly has become clear. Sleepers assigned to extractor work are confident self sufficient and have a high level of endurance. Okay, so they have low intuition, but they have high endurance, but hes also got a sweet gun right there with a nalgene canister attached to it so like maybe we always stay hydrated okay. So we just pick between these two theres, just those two. Oh no theres. One over to the left, too: okay, the machinist uh you repair and modify automated system used in industrial resource extraction. Sleepers assigned to machinist work are diligent, careful and structured people. Okay, i think im gon na go with the drone engineer, just because i tend to favor drones in most games like i always like the idea of having a swarm of drones that do my work.

For me, first thing you become aware of on waking is the disconnect the delay between thinking and feeling between, like wanting to act and acting minor, its almost imperceptible, but its always present its at its worst. When you wake up, when yourself have spent many dark hours, recalling what it felt like to be real to be a person to be in a body that was indisputably yours, a leap into a cold lake on a hot day in the sting of blood welling. From a fresh wound, the friction of a fingertip all of a sudden, the memories are closer than you thought blurring as you approach, and so you cant tell one from the other the cold slips in behind and around you and sensations fade out of reach. Perhaps you should be thankful for the dull nature of this new body. Given your current circumstances, the walls of the container feel immediately present cold hard at your back and face and cramping up your limbs. You resist the desire to stretch knowing that the claustrophobia comes next and retreat a little from the central nervous system. It isnt painful, not like you, used to know pain, at least in emergency mode pain, is a message delivered with efficiency and ease a reminder that harm is imminent, theres, no insistent, throb, no trembling nerves, just a warning delivered with the banal quality of a digital notification. Right now there are thousands of them. You mostly remember that it wasnt a good plan, but then your options were limited, and once you got the itch to get out by any means possible, it was either that plan or something much worse.

It was at least simple collapse: the shaft drift away into chaos, slip into cargo processing seal yourself in a container and then just hope that the freighter left before you were missed. Some were lost in the shaft, others never found the meeting point only a few made. It to the containers, but the freighter, as far as you know, left that feels like enough enough to know that you might no longer be on a grim and heartless rock, even in the airless hold of a freighter. You might freeze solid long before you reach a destination, but youre restless its been a long time since you left weeks months, youre doubly aware of damage to your legs and your right arm. Youve been reserving energy as much as possible, but even then your body has shut many of its systems down to protect you. You spend much of that time asleep. Knowing that anything else would be impossible to endure. You feel the weight of impossibility begin to gather its time to sleep again to nudge this false body into inducing delta waves. In your emulated mind once again recoil into a dream. When you were once a person time passes the cold creeps in. You feel something warmth, not true warmth, but the indication of its presence, your joints, release from their rigor sound too everywhere, screeching and shimmering so loud that your body ducks your hearing to protect its sensors. Then light white as the cold then softer softer until a haze of dirty yellow, a figure appears youre out.

Oh cool. Can we like rotate this right here? Oh dude? Okay? So we can. We can use actually the scroll wheel right here to take a look, and it looks like this is just the ring of a station. So this is a gravity ring like this is basically like the theorized way to simulate gravity in space, and so weve got a ring thats orbiting around a central strut. You can actually see the connector right there that takes it up to the central lake hub station and we can rotate around that ring cool its been a few hours since dragos pulled you from the container. You sit huddled in a corner of his scrap yard swaddled. In the reflective folds of a mylar blanket youre coming back to consciousness and back to life, and you stare at the ornately curving element of an improvised heater theyre, surrounded by angular, incoherent lumps of ships, some corroded beyond recognition, others still carrying glassy wounds along their edges. Where a plasma arc sliced them apart, as you trace the shape with fog dyes, you hear a voice. Oh sleeper, you all thawed! Yet almost never seen one of you come in like this new frames must have better perseverance than sub zero vac. Seeing more than a few of you frozen solid to hoe plates or inside outer locks in my time, werent always so. Lucky dragos comes into focus shrouded in makeshift tech. His headset, with its glinting eyes, the mark of a drone operator on his shoulder one of his symbiotically linked drones, perches its irising eye, locking you with an unflinching stare last living sleeper that came through this yard was a while ago, didnt last long.

He struggled to read his expression beneath the tech, but he seems lost in memory for a moment or perhaps hes just figuring out what to do with you. I plan to survive. You arent sure. If he hears you, i aint going to ask what led you to it. Sell yourself to a corporation. I suppose you know you cant go back old body, thats, theirs now and youre, just uh software rogue emulation legally possessing corporate property youre, not alone. You remember biometrically signing the forms the cold floor on your feet as you padded into the sleeper cells, the promise of a life off world. But, as you do, you get the now familiar sensation that these arent your memories. These are things that you know, but they arent things that you feel youre no longer that person youre an offshoot, a copy. What you wont know is whats ahead. At least the last one, didnt theres no easy way to put it that body of yours, falling apart same for any sleeper, who makes it out snr wants to protect their property but uh if, when they cant keep a hold of you well, no one can you Remember that too at least the rumors of it from the other sleepers planned obsolescence, a built in dependence on the regularly administered supplements that were part of your routine, stop taking them, and your body starts shutting down, separates you from your emulated mind. How long has it been? How long do you have, but for now sleeper youre, one of the lucky ones, dragos glances up and away towards the glassy dome of the yard? Yeah is the best place.

You could possibly be right now. The eye station youll see soon enough drag, goes and patiently drags his weight. Look. I got things i need to be getting on with he trails off theres, an old freight container ive been using the storage out in the stacks. We havent been pulling in much valuable. Scrap these days so youre welcome to it something wells up. Inside of you emotion, fatigue! You shakily, get up to your feet and nod all right. Well, you head on up there. You look like you could use some rest with that drago stalks back into the wrecks, as drones already converging on a rusting hulk plasma, flashes, silhouetted spindly figure, as he returns to work so welcome to erlangs eye life on the eye runs in cycles during which you Can talk to characters, explore areas of the station and perform actions at the end of every cycle you need to head to your current home to rest. Resting will move time forward so head to the empty container and rest all right sounds good. You wait curled up in the corner of the container and begin slowly assembling the world around you. After all this time, you still find this body the one that youre waking up in right now, strange and disjointed. Its messages are readable, but somehow wrong. You sit up pulling the mylar blanket close against the cold. Here you are in a ruined station. Millions of miles from everyone, you know.

Are you still in system? Did any of the others make it out its impossible to know? After all this, what else matters? Building a life – maybe you did get lucky finding yourself here and maybe here on the edge of everything theres a life for you to build, but before you can build anything you need to learn to survive out here. Maybe if you can do that, you can assemble that life. Dragos has a few comforts in the container the mylar blanket the bedroll. You slept on a canister of water, a makeshift electric stove and some faded sachets of desiccated powder. You rub the power stud of the stove and begin to boil the water. The contents of the sachets smell like damp wood and you sprinkle them into the liquid. As the pungent smell washes over you make images of your restless. Sleep come back to you, a ring like the station, but skeletal and ghostly a web of threads pulling at your skin. A constellation of bright polygonal shapes angular suns, burning into your mind, theres, something unpleasantly visceral about the images and its long after you finish drinking that they start to fade. You tidy away the stove as best you can and try to gather enough energy to greet the day, all right. So a brief explanation of what weve got going on inside of the ui here. I went ahead and briefly ran through all this, so this is effectively our health bar.

It determines like how close we are to death uh. Basically, because we are a emulated construct put inside of a robotic body. We need those corporate pharmaceuticals to stay alive, but we dont have access to them now that were abandoned on the space station, and so this is going to naturally degrade with time because were not able to take our drugs. However, there will be other ways to keep it up. It determines how many dice we get. So apparently, these dice right here determine whether or not we succeed or fail at various actions were going to be doing on the space station while maintaining it and getting our bearings and then this down here is our energy bar and so anyways. This is basically our food meter, thats all that you really need to know and if it gets down too low. Apparently our health bar goes down twice as fast, because we cant hold off the symptoms of withdrawal all right. Well, what do we have going on here? Fragos has stood in the corner when you close up the container hes still wearing his headset and in the harsh light of the corridor. You realize its an implant drones on his shoulder, its cache of sensorize, rapidly irising, how you feeling not great the drone, chirps and dragos nods. You notice that beneath the operators rig his skin is marked by burns and blotches yeah. I know the container aint much but itll keep you safe.

He pauses so im not going to chit chat too long. You well enough to work today sure all right, then he nods at the yard at simple stuff. We hack these old holes down and then we sell them off to shipyards and the bright market. Dealers for cryo occasionally well pull out some tech, something with a bit more value, but most of what comes in is going to be scrap its hard to find good hands here. But i figure as a sleeper youre, going to be used to the manual labor, obviously ill slip. You a few chits of commission based on what you turn up these right here. He pulls out a handful of small metal bars, airwall cryo, isolated from the market, its. What we use for trading out here, he stuffs him into a pocket. He shuffles his feet. Nervously! Look! I wouldnt normally do this, but in my opinion, youd be best suited to moving on about as quick as you can and sleepers. Well, he trails off. Well, things being the way they are for me at the yard, i could use the help im happy to help okay, he pauses thinking of something else to add. Look just come on down to the yard when youre feeling a bit refresher, i think theres plenty to do, will do he nods, distractedly and turns and walks away the drone hopping along ahead of him ill see you later. He calls back looks like its time to get to work.

Okay lets go check it out. So if we rotate around theres our house right there – and it really looks – oh weve got something over here, so theres a low end gate. Okay, so we definitely want to look around. I can take a look at my character sheet over here. I dont know how limited i am, though, but then again, because im afflicted with crippling inability to focus on any task that a game gives me. I want to know what this does after some spacers cause trouble in the low end. Yadagon have imposed a toll for entry at least thats what they say. Oh we need 60 cryo to get in okay, fair enough. Well, then, well head on off to work. Okay! So weve got various dice and these are going to spawn in based on our condition. So it gives you a little dice reader over here just to let you know, hopefully that once we get to like slotting those in it will also have a pop up. That kind of like reminds you because im bad with my memory but anyways. If we have this little circle right here, our dice will give us 100 chance of succeeding this one right here gives us a 50 50 positive neutral. These ones right here give us like a 25 positive, 50 neutral 25 negative, and this one right here is like 50 50., so fair enough. Okay! So now that were down at the yard, we can go ahead and take a look and see what we can pull off.

We do have a couple of the 100 successes right here. I dont know what effect the minus one is gon na have so like lets say that we do the salvage manually. I mean we do have engineering. So weve got a hundred percent positive result right here so like we might as well go for it, and it looks like, as we perform these actions its gon na be filling in a track basically, and so if we have positive outcomes, something good is going to Happen – and it looks like this is going to be for the next narrative prompt and i sort of like dig this narrative delivery in a way in a roundabout way. It sort of reminds me of hades looking at it if thats, indeed how it works, so maybe ill wait until i comment on that until we find out okay, so actions, often progress, clocks, theyre displayed below, and so once you complete these right here, something happens. I guess something good or bad yeah, so thats. What i was going to say is it kind of reminds me of hades, where, like as you, do various activities and as you like, interact with people, you unlock further narrative development and i sort of like that. This right here we dont really get negative results, so we might as well go for it. So even the rusty assault can hide valuable components and materials extracting the means cutting carefully and skillfully.

Okay, so in citizen sleeper you will unlock drives, as you discover more about yourself in the world. These drives guide you in pursuing specific objectives, depending on which path you desire to take. You can track drives and any track drive will place a yellow marker on locations that will help you pursue that goal. Okay, hey! We got a neutral outcome right there, thats, okay, ill, take that over a negative outcome. I dont really know so this one right here has like a 50 50 positive or negative and its labeled as risky, so basically a safe action. Even if you fail it, it seems like theres, no real outcome, thats like bad uh, whereas if it has like a risky down here, the negative outcome is more than likely gon na be a loss in your energy and then, if its red down here, it means That the negative action is probably gon na result in your health going down so lets. Maybe just finalize this one right here. All right so were getting there like weve almost filled up the dragos track to see whats next, with his storyline weve earned ourselves. Some money weve got like 45 cryo thats rattling around now. I dont know exactly where thats listed, but we can take a look at the ui so over here. This is our character sheet and it looks like we are going to be able to pick up perks over the course of the game.

Should we desire to do so, it looks like we started out with transfer intercepts, so we have a chance to gain cryo. Whenever we interface with any object, we dont really have anything flagged as as interfaced just yet, but still we have it and it looks like down here. Our cryo is listed right there, okay, so we found that in the ui and then it looks like were going to be picking up data items at some point as well. Uh lets see here have an edge construction yards. Okay, weve got doc c4. The rotunda wet dock it looks like over. Here we have the rotunda dock terminal. Weve got doc b2. What is the drive? We just were trying to find someone thatll help us live, oh thats, exactly what it is. So we need corporate pharmaceuticals. Okay, so so basically were jonesing right now were trying to find somebody to be our dealer gotcha well, before we interact with anything else. What id like to do is im gon na rest to get my dice back because, like i dont know, if some of these interactions are gon na force me to make a dice roll and id like to have something kind of like in my back pocket. So that i can fix that this time you dont really wake up. Instead, the ghost of the station that shifting skeletal ring is surrounding you for a moment, youre gone and absent from your own body stretched out across a colorless void.

Then the connections begin to establish themselves threads tugging on the edge of your mind, these threads become vectors of exchange and then extensions as you feel your thoughts slipping away down them dissolving into the millions of distributed nodes they connect into you see the station. No, you feel the station like a web of texture in a smooth black liquid. You find a point and you connect to it pulse through it and follow the loops and paths that are around it. You touch more points than you have fingers, and then you try in a moment of impulsiveness to connect them. The flow passes through you so rapidly that you feel yourself being carried with it splitting and separating eddying and gathering as you do. Things occur to you, things that you cant possibly know you reach out and try to grasp them and try to touch them as well. You notice a tugging feeling pulling at you insistently as if it were a small child, somehow its pulling in two directions at once, and you look down all of a sudden. It turns off. You come back trembling into an unfamiliar body, both yours and not yours, all at once. You find yourself standing in the container eyes now open to the dark steel walls, and you feel a change within you a shift. You close your eyes for a second and you feel it waiting there. The station splayed out across your mind a storm of connective nodes, waiting to be explored and then its gone.

Okay, so were down to dice right now and we dont really have any positive interactions. Im gon na suggest that maybe we find a place where we can buy food, so the shipyard over here theres a dock over there theres a market lets go to the market. Try this out so we can explore the market or we can ask for directions from the locals. This one is dangerous, though. However, it looks like were just expanding our knowledge over there, not necessarily actually like buying anything at the dock. Over here it looks like we can do. Oh we cant do anything. Apparently, this is just the story line advancing all by its own okay, so somethings gon na happen at the dock and four turns and somethings gon na happen over here at helion. Crossing are gon na be here in what looks like eight turns. Seven turns okay. I would like a synopsis actually so itd be cool to have an unfolding menu that you can click on where it folds open, and it has all these icons right here listed and it has a timer like a track so that you can see them all in One place and then with like a summary number of cycles next to it, so that you can kind of like appropriately plot and plan in your head. Thatd be nice lets mess around in the market. I guess so that, right there we have a 25 chance of something negative happening.

Well, give it a go now we got a positive outcome, so we gained local knowledge very nice. This right here has a chance of a negative outcome. We dont really have any energy left id suggest we mess around with the neutral outcome. Instead, okay, apparently we figured it out. We found a slum doctor over here and we found the ort exchange and we found the emphasis street food vendor nice. We need food lets, go buy. Some food memphis is busy his broad face up lit by the makeshift gas burner in front of him with precise, delicate movements. He lays thick chunks of marinated fungus into a dented. Wok his other hand idly tossing a metal bowl of sliced vegetables and some red fleck dressing. The smell is incredible: you watch as he fulfills a set of orders heaping the fungus with a bright salad and depositing it in plastic trays. A sack of chits rattles in his apron pocket as customers file past the burner handing over payment. You join the queue and its mostly made of off duty salvagers vac, suits, unzipped and rolled down to exposed stain, vest, grubby, mods, a lattice of scars and tattoos. They discuss the best food on the eye, the best drink, comparing notes on bright market dives, their words cut through with heavy space or slang. Eventually, its your turn and you shuffle up to the front. Emphasis speaks in a deep, even tone without looking up. First tries free, thank you.

The smell is unbearably strong, as he cooks the earthiness of the fungus laced with something so spicy. The smoke makes your eyes water. The heat from the burner is like a bonfire and your skin hardens in its glare. I know you you sleepers emphasis says while he cooks his voice, deep but clear, hard life, a lot of stories he glances up from beneath his cap with piercing eyes id know. You tell him one of your stories. You tell him about your journey to the eye and he nods, as he cooks his eyes, never leaving his work. You tell him of the confusion and the pain, but the sense of possibility and its sudden arrival. You tell them of the cold and the dark of the container and the endless cycles spent inside of it. Now it seems you tell them like some dream that you once had, but cant quite seem to forget. You tell them that the eye excites you and scares you and youre unsure of where to walk and where to look what to do. Eventually, you trail off running out of words. He places a plastic tray of steaming fungus in your hand. Next time well talk some more, he smiles, but next time you got ta pay, he slams a heavy hand against a button on the burner side and it turns off the roar of the flame and its impressive heat fades next time sleeper. He waves you away and begins to oil, the walk and before you turn back to the alley, you notice the geometric patterns of a circular scar across his forearm each surrounded with a constellation of glinting, pin marks you walk away and, as you do you take a Bite of the rich spicy, delicate sweet fungus, your tasting sensors light up like a fusion reactor.

Yeah youll come back. Oh thank god. Dude, all right so weve got a new drive, so our new drive is to get to know emphas and then also we can build a ship mine. What the hell is. A ship mine, uh youve, heard talk of a fabricator thats owned by the ord exchange and then a few fragments you could build a ship mined core. I dont know what that is, but it sounds. Awesome lets go to the doctor, though. First because, like we got a freebie dinner, and so i id like to work on my fading, it says fading on my health bar dude. I feel like im, slowly slipping out of existence and honestly, the kind of that panic survival feeling is starting to take over. So lets get our meters taken care of and once weve actually figured out like how to sustain all of our various meters, then we can actually crack into the actual. You know narrative stuff. But honestly, i really like the presentation of the game and the narrative prose is really really good, like the word. Selection is delicate and careful, and yet its like forceful, when it needs to be whoever wrote on this game, did a good job. Because, honestly, what it reminds me of is the writing in disco, elysium and thats, very, very high praise considering that in the world of indie games, disco elysium has almost peerless writing so even to be considered in the same conversation is honestly like just to have that.

Be the first thing that pops to mind when im reading the various lines and the characterization and whatnot thats a very, very good sign right. There next comes the call from the enforcer at the door. You shuffle down the flickering hallway towards the open market door and keep your head down shoulders high and cue: try not to bring attention to yourself. You were thankful for the tip off that a doctor was operating out of this place and now youre here, you arent. So sure theres a gang enforcer on the door, the flickering light strips the decaying hab block theyve all made the long cue, a test of your nerve, but your options are few and without a supply of stabilizer, your body is well. You suppress a shiver and shuffle forward to the line you try to find something to distract yourself. You lean against the door frame and look into the apartment. The entryway is dark and punctuated by the green indicators of stacks of sealed containers. You lean in and see amber light filtering through a far doorway screen with plastic sheeting, beyond which blurred shapes move, the slap of the enforcers palm against the doorway jerks. You awake, wait your turn. He growls a few moments later, a figure pushes through the doorway and you catch a distant voice, send the next one in toshuto the enforcer jerks his head and you slip inside passing through the dark, entryway and pushing through a plastic sheet to the far door.

The far room beyond is bathed in warm light and a floor to ceiling transparent panel gives a full view of the bright market, sealed roof and the buzzing traffic above and for a moment, youre transfixed by the motion sit. This is a sharp voice and you see a silhouetted figure turned away, replacing the plastic sheeting over the frame of a simple folding bed. You make your way across the room, the figure turns and as they do, you see an expression of confusion flash across their features. They open their mouth as if to speak and blink and then quickly regain their composure. Please sit they gesture to the bed and then turn to an open case of tools on the table. You sit sabine turns a compact diagnostic scanner of some type in their hand. They hold it to their eye, remain still, please. Their tone is clipped and business like you, stare ahead still days from their expression when you entered fear, recognition, sadness unmistakably etched across their face. How long have you been on station? They asked the scanner still in their eye a few cycles, its good you came to me. They set the diagnostic scanner on the table. Im gon na start by assuming you dont know anything. So they take your arm and roll up your sleeve inspecting your synthetic skin. Your bodys dying, they say it without ceremony, without drama, but not without empathy. Snr doesnt like to see its proprietary technology set loose and so to prevent bodies like yours frames.

They call them from being stolen, repurposed or in your case, escaping they built the process of. So called planned obsolescence frames decay rapidly when theyre not regularly injected with a stabilizer one which s and arp remains the sole producer of they look up that sound kind of familiar yep good thats gon na help they swap down to your other arm running some thin Metal device over your skin and you feel your forearm tremble, sorry sabine, says youre unsure if they mean for the cold touch of the metal or everything else. Emulations, like you like sleepers, as most people, know you, you arent classified as people in any of the surrogate systems, so you have no rights and no status. They focus hard on the inspection of your arm. Essen arp has no reason to release stabilizer into the market. Sabine looks up as if to apologize again, but they stop themselves. Look, i i know little of this is going to be of use to you and they turn away disassembling the metal instrument and cleaning it silence fills the room as sabine works, and then silence gives way to tension. You stare at their back willing them to say something anything so sabine turns to face you. I think i can help they sigh and you see the darkness under their eyes and hear the fatigue in their voice and they gesture to the door. You saw toshito outside he works for a benefactor, yadagon theyre influential in the low end.

They give me the space to work with they run the door and take up the profits. At the same time, i got to fix up their enforcers, tend to implant sew up wounds. Biotagon has connections smugglers from the starward belt and mercenaries working for the corporations on ember. If they can source the stabilizer, you have a chance. Sabine sets down a slate, their notes complete. This is dangerous and its going to get expensive, but i think we can pull it off. Why help me sabine walks away to the window their face dappled by the shadows of passing drones, lets just see if this works. First ill, let you know when i have a lead, you nod and leave sabine is still staring out and unmoving and when you reach the lower level of the market, you look back up through the panels of the roof to see if you can find their face. But the room is dark against the lights of the market. You duck your head and walk off into the crowd. Okay. Well i mean we, we did something i mean we gave it a go. We dont really have a whole lot of dice to fiddle around with. We could go back to the yard. I do think that like so when this menu is open right here and we click on one of these, this should auto fold back in uh. You should never have one menu overlapping, another ui interface menu.

Basically, like you want everything to be clear and cut in its own space when it comes to the gestalt design, its kind of like a minor foible, but ultimately, when you zoom in on a location, this should auto fold back in so that you can automatically see All the interactive windows that you can click on without this getting in the way by all means, allow players to open it so that it overlaps on their own. That way, they can check check their object, objectives and whatnot, but in general, when these all come to the forefront, you want them to be the focus, and then this can be an optional thing. That kind of the player can pop out on their own. We could do a whole dissection. We do have manual salvage over here, but i dont think were good at it. The negative outcome is going to sap some of our energy and we dont exactly know what foods gon na cost, but yolo man throw it hey. We got a neutral outcome, so we came out with a little bit more money and we advanced the track with dragos. I think were pretty much out of things to do. We could explore the rotunda, but i dont know if thats gon na take dice. It is indeed gon na take dice, and so we can get to know the rotunda. Apparently we could steal dock plans or we can explore the rotunda on our own and just learn whats here so thats, probably going to unfold more or less the exact same way.

That the market unfolded after we complete its track, but i do think that thats a really, really elegant, delicate way to exemplify player narrative progress without them kind of like so like what some games do. Is that like they expect you to interact with them, but you dont know exactly when the next thing is going to happen, which can then make the game feel repetitive, because youre constantly redoing actions trying to get a result to pop. I like that in this game. They give you a concrete track that is like when you do this. This will happen after this many interactions, it makes it feel less mundane like it forestalls boredom, because you know exactly how far you have to travel down the road before you hit a rest. Stop lets try out the exchange lets see what the exchange has got going on. So i do need dice to be in the exchange. I can sell things as well and so im, assuming occasionally well get like a critically successful option. Uh, when were doing the scrap breakdown and thatll give us the components we need to sell over here, and then it looks like over here. We can actually play the market like buy low, sell high in order to make money that way too. Does it have a track that advances so weve got to survive, for what looks like three turns so were gon na be rolling on three dice for pretty for a while, like i dont think, theres just any way around that until they they source a smuggler to Get us the stabilizer okay! Well, since we dont have any dice, i guess well just uh head to the end of the cycle.

Again, the skeletal ring of the station fills your mind. It sparks with glittering lights, like stars, reflected in a winter lake, its clearer and crisper than before, and the threads are still pulling but youre in place flickering in the flow between the threads. You see bright, shapes caches of shimmering, light beneath transparent, crystal forms. You follow the path of a thread across the ring, though these forms then leaping off into the void. You begin to understand. These are nodes and connections. A map of information of communication seems to be almost impossible to parse, but you start to try focus on the nodes themselves: theyre, glassy and bright, but in all this flow theres only solid and fixed points. You approach a pyramid and lean close to it inside shifting layers conceal a tangle of threads, a meeting point of exchange, but before you can gleam in sir, before you can glimpse inside the glass clouds and hardens cutting you off the threads and nodes passages and puzzle Boxes, one leads to another and theres so much here, so many answers, and so many questions all you need to do is follow the paths and open the boxes, and you look out across this ghost landscape of exchange and see an opportunity and then youre insistent on Tugging again pulling at you, you look down again and see two lines pulling in different directions as if theyre tight around you, the first, the first thread leads out away from the station into the inky black somebody out.

There is tracking you and hunting you and following the thread theyre in a ship and the ship is approaching with every cycle. The second thread leads in pulling deep to the station and your gaze follows it and you see something: a sphere shimmering above a strange, angular body, a pulse shoots out from it passing over you like a torch, beam testing. You tasting you, you open your eyes. Time is short: hey. We got some good success dye though so thats nice. Everything here does not suck and it looks like we can now access the cloud of the eye, its a network of decaying protocols and data caches. While there you can use dice and items to access systems and extract data, these old networks are ancient and strange click. The i button at the top of the screen to turn it on and off. Okay, oh oh, you have to match the inputs here, but this is what were good at. This is the job that were good at right here, which is basically kind of writing throughout the future internet. And so we dont have the right dice for right now, but it might not be the worst idea just to kind of like catalog what dice we need for various things. I need a half an inch cipher to get in there. I need a one to get in there. I need a cipher over there, okay, three okay, so it looks like its mostly low rolls.

Well, i have a three actually i can get into this one yeah there we go. Do i want to do that, though. I do have a lot of, let me see how much food costs first actually because we need to eat food. Obviously so well go back and eat some food, its 15 cryo for some food, so yeah it aint cheap, but we are advancing a track right now with becoming friends with uh emphasis as well. I really like the presentation of this game. I, like the structure of it, i like the design of it, its basically tharsis but theyve, taken that core mechanic from tharsis, like so the mechanic antharsis with the dye that you rolled every single turn was basically used to beat you about the head, because its a Roguelike and its supposed to be hard and its supposed to be punishing in this game, the dice are meant to kind of like help. You fail forward in a disco, elysium style way and kind of like i dont know if there is a fail state where you actually die, but ultimately it seems like theyve reappropriated, the mechanic from tharsis in order to create a narrative rpg, and i really really like That but anyways, my name is plattercat were out of time. For the day this is citizen sleeper. I may i dont get a lot of free time, but i may dive into this one in my free time. I i like what theyre going after right here.

First, impressions are honestly positive for me so far, its actually kind of weird that this game isnt popping up on further radars like on other mediums and whatnot, starting with the visual style of the game. I find it to be just exactly the right amount of bleak versus vibrant. The art has kind of a otomo vibe that i think works really really well for the game and its just got the tiniest bit so its like a big helping of akira mixed with. Like the tiniest bit of just gritty, mtv early 90s aeon flux, sludge mixed in there, and i think it really makes the whole thing pop in both kind of a colorful but also sort of grim way, like all of the characters. Just have. These morose looks on their faces and, like you can tell that its a hard life out here, whereas normally cartoons tend to kind of soften that blow. I think they captured it just right where these are cartoon characters and they are bright and they are colorful, but that bright and colorful nature of their art design, also doesnt transfer into the personalities like these are people that are living hard lives out here on the Ring um, i like the design of the systems, and yes, this is an rpg with skills and stats and whatnot, but i think its largely a game about exploration, discovery and really just show dont tell a game where youre coming to grips with effectively being abandoned corporate Property on this space station, it doesnt feel like this is going to be a game thats going to be exceedingly difficult or like open to being min maxed.

Instead, it kind of feels like a game where you read through every dialogue and you sip, a cup of coffee on, like a rainy afternoon, its a somber, quiet, sort of rpg that i think has more in common with games like coffee talk or valhalla, rather than Like something like baldurs gate, its got its own edge and its cutting in its own direction, and im excited about that. I actually actively want to spend more time with this game during this, like 45 minutes that weve spent or 35 or whatever the time track is on this game kind of bit me uh, thus far, theres, no bugs no major issues. The soundtrack is nice and i think it set the tone nicely, and so i think ill leave it right here. My name is splattercat. I sift through the pile to find whats worthwhile in the world of indie games every single day so that you dont have to. Today we had citizen sleeper tomorrow, we will have something else. Thank you for hanging out with me and ill catch.