And i go into citibank to cash a check, so i can pay my rent and they confiscate my check and refuse to give it back and, and they say, hey we cant cash. This i said why cant you cash it. They say because we cant verify the check, i said so. What are you saying theyre like we cant verify the check. I said. Okay, so do you want to call my dad? He sent me the check from new york. If you want, i can you know he can give you his bank routing number shes like no reno. We cant verify this check. I cant cash. This check and im confiscating the check. I said: why are you confiscating my check if youre not gon na cash? My check, okay, then let me go to somewhere else that can catch my check right, shes like because i have to confiscate the check i said. So. What are you saying like? Are you saying the check is fraudulent because its not okay, shes and then i said: do you confiscate everyones checks who come? Who comes in here that you cant verify shes like no, i said okay, so then, why are you confiscating mine, okay and then she said she had nothing to say so she walks away. She says: okay, were gon na call the cops. I said. No, i have this all on video of you literally saying that you only confiscated my check, okay, and we all know why she did that.

Okay and then she says: okay, lock her in here, you cant leave here with that video. You cant leave here with that video. I said: okay, youre gon na come to my phone and delete the video, then then come to my phone and take my phone delete the video then anyway. So then she tries to she tells him the security lock, the door lock her in the city bank. We shes not leaving here with that video. I said yes, yes, the i am, they call the cops on me then, eventually they just they just let me leave but im so upset, because i hear everyone talking about racial profiling and stuff, but like at the end of the day, like i just cant, even Like this is my rent money and to think that she was gon na confiscate my check she did, but i ended up getting it back because i made her give him my check back, but to think that, like i cant pay my rent right now because of Racist ass, who work on citibank, guess whos suing citibank, heres a partial video from inside the bank. If you need to call my father, if you need to call whoever you can make the call its not an issue, no the the department will be doing the check. Theyre supposed to do it its not in our or like power, or so we cannot call anybody, because so you guys, you guys, you guys dont verify you guys cant cash, the check and im at the bank.

If the, if the department tells me no, we cannot and the department tells us no, so we cannot okay. So is that the reason why she was able to confiscate my check no said she need to keep the check for further investigation to see where it came from okay? Well, she just told me that she that she does not confiscate checks, but she just said that she just said that i have it on recording of her. Just saying that i said: do you confiscate the checks of everyone who comes in here? She said no, i said so. Why did you confiscate mine yeah, because the back office need to investigate more on that? Okay? But if thats the case, then why dont you confiscate the checks of everyone else who comes in here? You dont want to cash the check because its a 30 thousand dollar check and im black and youre telling me you cant verify it delete the uh recording quiz because youre not allowed youre reading the bank and youre not allowed to record things im, not deleting any Recording unless youre going to come, take my phone or delete it for me im not deleting anything because you dont want to be held accountable. You know that i can sue you for racial profiling right because she just admitted on video. She does not confiscate checks of people who walk in here, but you took my check so whats the reason if she doesnt confidence im, not a child.

You dont have a right to confiscate my money. Okay, so im telling you why dont you call the person who sent me the check, my father. She has to leave the branch now who has to leave the branch we are closed already. You have to leave the bench now. Okay, when you see yourself on the internet, dont be surprised when you see yourself on the internet, dont be surprised, nothing says im guilty than staring at the floor. I dont have to Music now theyre, locking me in the bank, yeah youre youre, locking me if its closed okay. Thank you very much so that door that door is unlocked. No, so that doors unlocked one of these down, so no customers coming okay, so, okay! So no problem so that door is unlocked. All of them are owned up. Okay, no problem! You have to wait here on the police cam. I i dont have to do anything Music, so i decided to show up to the city bank branch at 5000. West sunset boulevard, in hollywood with a couple of friends of mine, i brought my drone and uh lets see what transpires all right. We are on verify app for a quarter mile. This is class golf airspace class g, unrestricted airspace million dollar liability insurance for the next hour will be 25 yeah under 55 pounds. Okay, but – and i can only go to 400 feet above ground level. So if, if the building is 200 feet, i can go to 600 feet.

So basically, so these buildings are. These are buildings are thats 80 feet for that parking struck, thats 80 feet uh. You know because thats the only loophole around because all of the aircraft, so all fixed wing aircraft have to stay above 500 feet so theres a 100 foot buffer of our zone, drones going to 400 and fixed wing, but police helicopters get down into the 400 300 Foot range, so the seller on the right immediately, seeing my drone and my gopro turns and talks to her supervisor who gets on the phone immediately, so im not going to stick around for long. Are you guys doing? Are you guys cashing checks? Are you guys chat, cashing checks here? Do you have an account uh, no im with a different bank, so i just want to know if um you guys were cashing checks or if it was like a whites only thing or i wasnt sure what the uh protocol was for citibank uh. Is that that teller that was in that video is she uh shes still working here, the teller from the video this week, im not sure okay, uh well, im gon na be flying the drone outside real, quick, so um hope you dont mind that Music, when the Drone takes off its theyre gon na lose their mind Music, so, in addition to purchasing million dollar liability insurance for the next hour, which is not necessary. I also had my flight plan, my flight log, my maintenance log, my battery charging log and anything else that the faa might want, or the police, including my registration and my license to fly Music.

So so, obviously there are some basic safety rules about not flying over people im flying currently in the parking lane off of the sidewalk here is where the security guard gets triggered and calls for backup and supervisor not before hes, going to shoot some photos or video Of the drone in flight so heres where it gets interesting, so the security guard, who is a man of color, starts talking to my friend, who is biracial, meaning one parent white, one parent black, citing that since hes darker than she is skin tone, wise hes got It worse off than she and asking if she was here during the incident in question, or if the girl in the bank was a friend of hers, just listen to this, also off camera. The security guard asks my one black friend, if hes here with those two colonizers there, citing myself and my friend sam here, the female, oh, no, i just woman of color, so the security guard is saying: hes got it worse, because hes darker skinned and then sam Tells him that the father of her child was executed by the police, that arguments are not going to fly right, which means non human involved. On top of that, i was raised by white people who told me i needed a treatment. They were saying they were saying that your husband or your boyfriend, or a baby – that is not a human, yes and let him be black right, yeah well, technically, in a sense, technically uh survived the hate crime at the age of 13.

. So dont tell me that were not the same. Look at this thats. My question, for you tell me this is my question right. So why are we saying? Are we he keeps saying? Why are you so aggressive, so he is mansplaining and white splaining to her the entire time i dont understand aggressively. No, you told me so basically me saying that you dont understand this is where your aggression is coming from. Yes, because you dont get to tell me right, you tell her a lifetime of experience, im saying its like what are you doing, because i walk around the cops they see me. They see me as the same as you it dont matter like spit. The only thing works in is the black community. I mean they dont come at me with that light, skin thats our perspective. I dont think you dont get those the same way. Yes, they do they dont. Yes, they did because i was told thats all the opinion. Correct thats, not okay, thats, my lifes story, its just an opinion shared by millions around other black people. How do you know that i dont know what its like? I didnt ask for a life story. Im talking to this man. You came over here very aggressive towards me. Well, im, not aggressive im, not pointing at you thats, all im saying is relaxing. Can you please refrain from doing that? Can you just please you you can vent and do whatever you want to, but you dont have to point and well its tough good stuff.

You should go work at wendys. If you dont, like youre interacting with the public, should work at wendys. I mean im fine, where i work: no youre, not fine, because youre getting it, you know what is it? What is it? What does it matter of what, if shes offended or not like what is that criminal? No, this is not criminal, but shell be saying shes coming in my face, pointing at me uh here comes his supervisory thats, the classic line i wasnt here do within what does she have an account here to begin with uh from my understanding? No all right there. You go and youre understanding, not that i saw that. I saw the procedure policy to lock somebody in a bank that part of the protocol, or i mean like what. What page is that on on the training manual at citibank, just curious? How long was she left then, for not long? It was the principal thats, the smartest move they made all day by going inside. Oh no, they see they cant help themselves. Look look! Then they turn around and come back when they get challenged. Look at that. You see that the male ego right male ego in at work, how longs the play kind of uh 100 years im flying right now, dont bother me! Please! You guys are okay with my flying it here right: okay, Music, thats, aggressive is hes, doing damage, hes, doing damage, control for tick, tock right im pointing the same way hes pointing at me, because i talk you better, not point to me that way: sam well throw Hands, oh my goodness, angry black woman, ive seen ive seen that look ive seen that look in the eyes before man better, not cast a check here so shockingly enough.

The hollywood division, uh lapd did not show up to this call, and i guarantee you there were multiple people calling saying: oh my god, theres a drill in there. Oh my god, oh my god, its a drone. Nothing will get the police out quicker than a drone. So they are obviously doing some damage control for the pr for the lapd and uh they simply didnt show so so just to shout out to garda world. That is the contract that has this branch of citibank, great job. You guys for out blacking my friend, sam whos, only half black, so theres no way that she can experience true black in america. Unbelievable thanks for watching the video you guys leave a comment below. Let me know what you thought of this video and the entire interaction from the original tick tock. I think it was absolutely absurd subscribe to my channel if you like the content, and you would like to find your way back. Click on the bell notification for all. If you dont want to miss a video check out, which is where we feature content, that is too much profanity for youtube or to Music violent, which is very easy to do for youtube standards. So appreciate everybodys being here and you can check us out on instagram facebook, tick, tock and uh.