However, we are experiencing huge noise and sometimes flying time we would like to extend. Today we are going to talk about the props for the cine hoops test. All those props stay with us Music. This is all the props i found in the stores that i can order it pretty quick. Some of them is gemfun original nas gopros racing props see how theyre going to it will be actually three tests. I would like to do first test is noise test im going to put noise recorder? One meter out of the drone, leave the drones just a bit and record that noise level for the every prop switches here. One by one second test will be the hovering test. Were going to use exactly the same battery this battery brand new, it will be fully charged for the every set of these props see how long this drone can stay flying were going to do the speed test as well. This drone actually 6s build, however, were going to use the same battery and were doing the comparison between the props on the same, build speed test roll test flip test. I will try to make this video as short and as informative as possible Applause. What a fantastic sunny day today lets fly all eight props standard bumble bee three blade: props, Music, uh Applause; ah Applause, gym fan, ducted, 75, 3 blades, it gym, fan, ducted 76, five, blades, um, azure power, racing props, three blades, um, Music, hq props, cine, hope, 3 Gr, pc 3 blades Music hq probes, cine hoop 75 gr 3 blades hq probes, duct 75 six plates Music um hq props, duct, 76 8 blades um, foreign Music, wow, Music, wow Music, so Music, wow, Music, one Music, wow Music lets.

Do the quick review of the test done noise test? It is pretty much same level for the all those props of the noise we have according to the test done regarding of the sound coming from the probes, it is obviously different. Next test was hovering test. Hq probe, six blades did just four and a half minutes. I believe it was not so accurate test and i believe these probes can do five minutes anyway, but rest of the probes, for example. This one done the lowest time. It is five minutes and winner for covering test was these two probes? Actually i like them after each hovering test, i done flips and rolls all those probes done this job pretty good and last test was speed. Test speed test actually was interesting test, as you saw the results, the quickest probes, probably those two they can reach nearly 100k per hour. Again, i was using 6s battery on the 6s build. If you install 6s battery, it will be even quicker. Speed is not a key factor for cinehoop, however, it helps to choose best probes when choosing the probes choose for your needs depends on what youre doing you need to fight with the wind, or it is indoor cinematic footage. Probably you will be happy with some of the other shape of the props outside of the old test present of this video. I also fly few packs on the each props personally for me, but again this is just personal opinion.

I would choose next props. This is the priority. First, one will go. Eight blades hq prop next one i think i fly it. Guys did pretty good job with this props and made, and these probes, i believe, will work good for the bumble bee shape when you have plenty of duct around and heavy frame for the protec 35, for example, it will be completely different results. Next probe, i will choose in gym fun these two probes i dont like to use on bumblebee. I will put them inside definitely Applause as much as uh, ducted, gem fun for fun for me will be hq probe six blade, nazgul power. These propellers make less noise. In my opinion, i think because of they have unique shape. Eight blades and i fly probably the best one are choosing gem fan. 65 will work well with the less wind or indoor or when youre flying through the forest.