We have shen drone, stick cine, lifter, fpv, drone that’s, designed to carry cinema cameras. We filmed with black magic pocket cinema camera 4k and it can also carry a red, komodo, z, cam and so on and i’m here with alesh. Unless you want to introduce yourself and tell us what we’re going to talk about today, hi guys so i’m, the technician guy behind tom drones i’m, also an fpv pilot with the projects together and today, we’re gon na talk about um. How we get this thing to fly yeah because it it’s it’s, not so so easy there’s, some tuning testing and yeah we’re gon na tell you how how we got it to fly, but before we dive into the review of chandra on. I want to show you this bad boy, as you saw some of the shots in the intro. Video were done with 360 camera and it was done with one x2 and sponsor of today’s. Video is insta360 and they have a huge sale happening right now. All the info is below the video feel free to check it out, get some nice discounts and the way i like to use insta360 camera is for situations where i’m doing a certain activity, and this is the way how i can film myself or, if i’m, going On an activity family trip, whatever with my wife for example, and my friend last time on the boat as you as you can see, the shots we got were pretty insane.

Okay, let’s now jump into the review so yeah you can buy a pre built cine lifter, but it’s gon na be pretty expensive because the person that builds it also needs to tune it, and this takes some time and effort and a lot of knowledge tuning is Not simple, i know maybe some the basics he’s, quite an expert he’s, going to give you some nice tips after so what we did is we build it ourselves helped a lot. Thank you. Alesh. The first flight was actually just a short one. It was a line of sight flight, so we could see how this thing behaves in the air. So line of sight means goggles were off. We literally watched the drone so if there’s any shaking happening with the motors anything unusual, okay, so alex successfully tested line of sight flying and now it’s time to put the goggles on and go fly and i’m gon na admit i’m i’m kind of nervous. We did our successful maiden flight. How did it go so yeah for the middle flight? We went on a remote place with a lots of free space and we flew above the grass. So in case we crash the damage, won’t be severe and there was a lot. A lot of vibrations happening, meaning we really had to put a lot of effort in tuning alex. Do you want to give us some general information for someone who has absolutely no idea about tuning? What does it actually happen? What does it mean to tune the quad? Now we are not going to go into details because this could be a super super super long tutorial but i’m going to leave some links to a really good channel.

That has a lot of detailed tutorials about tuning uh below the video but yeah general information about what what is tuning. What are you doing so? The goal of tuning is that your quad flies without any vibrations and that it strikes your stick inputs as fast as possible without any shaking happening. Every drone has three pid loops. That controls the drone for pitch roll and your axis and tunic is actually setting those parameters, but this video is unfortunately not about tuning. So if you want to dive in, you can check the uav tech website. But you know the funny story was actually that the computer was showing that there are no vibrations and the quad is flying fine. But we still had a ton of vibrations in our goggles and it was because of the mount because it sticks forward. So much. But even later, with fixing the tune that was minimized, but still there is some occasional vibrations, but after 10 flights, i think we did 10 test flights right. Something like that. We decided to mount black magic pocket cinema camera on it and when we checked the footage, it was buttery, smooth, practically uh, so that this is how we knew that the tune is okay. Maiden flight successfully completed, it was full of adrenaline uh. We still need to fix the tune. There are still some slight vibrations, but overall, really really good anastella, so you’re used to flying 5 inch freestyle quads.

How did you feel when, on the maiden flight, when you first flew with thick okay? So this was quite an experience i was so nervous. I was shaking a lot because, if you crash this thing is not a cheap one to repair, but the moment when it took off it was such a relief, and i was so proud on both of us and it does behave in the air much differently than A freestyle 5 inch because that that thing is super agile, but with this one i kind of feel that it flies like a truck. I know how to say you know if you’re trying to drift with a truck because in the corners it does slide out. So you need to use much more throttle, but overall it’s responsive almost as a five inch quad and you can, could you do freestyle with it? Yes, you could, but you you really feel the weight of this thing, it’s a big one. So we took a few days to test it out, so this was not tuned in one day. I think it took us four to five days yeah. It was about a week. I think we got the tune down so then it was time to test it out with the real subject. So we went chasing atv in a query and it was so epic right, the location was mind blowing and we really enjoyed chasing the atvs. It was amazing, but tom you did crash this thing right.

You wan na tell us about well, you mentioned that in the video did you, but it was totally my mistake. Luckily everything was fine, no damage it. Just lost focus, uh, don’t know why yeah no excuses. I crashed the ceiling lifter. Shame on me regarding the footage we got out of this combo, so shendron stick and black magic pocket. 4K. Camera i’m super satisfied. So, as i don’t know, i’ve already mentioned, the footage is not stabilized. I actually like it. I like this little bit of shaky raw white in some occasions when there is like a lot of action happening. I think a little bit of shakiness in the footage just brings that extra spice and charisma, and i really really like it anyway, alex i hope, uh. You survived your maiden youtube video. How do you feel, oh, you can believe me talking to the camera, is not easy. I’M sweating. No, no guys really. Really it really isn’t like making youtube videos, not easy, and i i know two three years ago, when i tried to talk into the camera, it took me literally the whole day to get a few minutes of usable headshots. So yeah, like i like everything, i guess you just have to learn but guys if you enjoyed having alesh in the video hit the thumbs up, uh leave a comment below tell us that you want to see alish in the next video to tell us something about Tuning, maybe we’ll, see we’ll, see uh yeah hope you enjoyed.

We will see you in the next video and yeah let’s talk in the comments below.