Please operate in a strict accordance with the instruction before you start the flight. Please make sure that the operator is three meters away from the drone and keep away from the crowds and obstacles for outdoor flight. Please make sure that gps calibration is successful and satellite search in quantity is more than 10a per second keep away from fire or flammable materials during charging. Do not overcharging. Please unplug the charger once fully charged replacement of accessories, propeller installation screw out the screw. Take out the propeller, please distinguish l and r when replacing the propeller the left front and right rear ones are propeller, l, the right front and left rear ones are propeller arm put in the propeller, tighten the screw battery replacement and charging press the buckle and pull Out the battery connect one end of usb charging cable to battery charging socket. The other end is connected to the 5 volts 3 to 5 amperes adapter usb socket the battery indicator. Changes to a continuous light after full charge push the fully charged battery into the battery socket wi fi connection scan qr code to download app Music connect, wi fi in phone settings, Music open app after successful connection. In this case, you need to read the user terms and privacy agreement first and in check click start flight to enter the main operation. Interface, click, the more function, button display, control, interface, click, gimbal control, button, gimbal camera can be adjusted up and down.

Pre flight preparation unfold, the drawn arm press and hold the power button for 4 seconds to start the draw at this time. The red light of the drone flashes turn on the remote control. The drone automatically moves into the frequency matching state at this time. The red light of the drone goes out and then the front white light and the red blue light flash. It shows that the frequency matching between the drone and the remote control is successful, and this time the lcd screen of the remote control displays gps on and mode 1.. The drone default outdoor gps mode at this time. Mode 1 shows that the satellite search is not completed. Gyroscope calibration push the left and right joysticks to the bottom right corner. At the same time, draw light. Flash remote control makes sound a b. It means the gyroscope calibration successfully compass, magnetometer, calibration press, the compass key, the red white and blue lights of the drum all begin to flash quickly. Keep the drone level pick it up about 1 meter above the ground and then rotate the drone clockwise for 3 circles. When the remote control makes sounds a beep, the front red and white lights of the drone stop flashing, it means that the level compass calibration has been successful, hold the drawn face up about 1 meter height and rotate it clockwisely for 3 circles. There is a beep sound and the front white lights and back blue lights start flashing.

All the red lights turn off. It means that the vertical compass calibration has been successful, gps calibration after a compass calibration. The drone is in the states of gps searching put it back down to level surface when the remote control makes the sound a long b. The white and blue lights of the drum have switched to solid. It means that the search is successful. Mode 2 is displayed on the remote control screen. The dronie is in the state of gps mode. You can start the gps outdoor flight place the mobile phone on the remote controls bracket, so you can enjoy the flight view through the mobile phone and operate with the remote control. At the same time, basic flight press start key to unlock the drone press. One key takeoff: the drone takes off press one key landing for three seconds. The drone landing up down left right forward back, left side, flight right side, flight, three speed, switch, long, press, headless mode, key to start headless mode, press, the headless mode key again to cancel headless mode camera, steering gear adjustment up and down click. The 50 time zoom key zoom times of lens view, can be adjusted freely. Click the camera toggle button. You can switch different camera of the drone freely and enjoy multiple views of the flight at the same time intelligent ar embedding ar 3d model in real time. Video stream surround flight click, the surround button, click, the ok icon.

The nose of the drum will center on the current position of the drone and fly around clockwise or counterclockwise waypoint flight click, the waypoint flight icon. The drone will fly according to the selected position of the map: Music, gps. Following click the gps, follow icon. The drone will follow the mobile phone gps return press return, key the remote control will make the sound of b and then the drone returns to the takeoff point automatically photographing and video recording short press. The photo button to take a picture, long press, the video key to record press the key again to cancel the recording gesture photograph, make the yet gesture about 2 meters in front of the camera. The drone will take photos automatically after three seconds of successful gesture recognition, hand, gesture, video, close to five fingers one hand lift the flat. The drone will start recording automatically after three seconds of successful gesture recognition, recognize the gesture again and the recording click. The album icon view and create photos and videos, optical flowing mode operation in door or without gps, long press. The mode switch key manually switch to optical flowing mode control. The drone in optical flow mode, please be aware that gps mode and optical flowing mode can only be switched before takeoff. Please use gps mode for outdoor flight, otherwise the drone may be lost palm control in optical flow mode click. The palm control icon one hand flat, lift in front of the camera when the palm is in the red box on app.

The drum will follow the palm up or down follow the master. Click follow master button in optical flow mode. The drone will follow the target person mv, making click on the mv icon enter mv interface, mv function can add, filter, music, lens functions and one click sharing for more functions.