Chroma 4K Camera Drone Review – Part 2, The Quadcopter That Follows You

Half 1 of the Chroma 4k Digicam Drone – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=svNQta7vQrs Unedited 4K Footage From the Chroma 4K Digicam Drone …


  1. Part 2 again is fantastic. Great review 👍🏻 brill footage 😀 also this is very similar to my Yuneec Q500 4K 🤔

  2. what drone has collision detection in follow me mode?

  3. Does the return to home feature remember height differences, or does it come back in a straight line i.e. right through the trees you just flew it over?

  4. awesome camera drone sir……

  5. Well Done! I can really see what is happening with this drone!

  6. It costs around $1K, depending on any bundle options. It DOES record sound…. it is defaulted to OFF. You turn the sound on with the transmitter. (the little gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen). Yes, in the air all you will hear is the sound of the 4 motors. 4K is nice, but it needs to be compatible with your playback device, so no, IMO it isn't worth the extra money right now.

  7. Have it. Love it. But it's an HD, not 4K. Would you think swapping out for the 4K is worth the $500? I've been pretty pleased with the HD and gimbal rig, even for projection. And smaller files. Thoughts?

  8. I need one! The next step will be finding the appropriate music for the content of what I filmed. 😉 I assume all you hear are the motors running on the quad copter. Will be great for the farm and trains!
    Thanks for the review!

  9. how do I view the pics and videos once taken?   I connected the usb from receiver to laptop but got device driver fail message

  10. The camera does not "suck". It's stunning quality.

  11. You have the perfect backyard for flying and reviews

  12. first

    no one cares everyone copy the thing I'm about to do =^_^= <—— that

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