We finally got a picture of it. This may be a mock up. This doesnt look operational to me, but lets read what the piece from the war zone says written by mr tyler rogue away. I did not know this until recently. Tyler rogue away has a warzone youtube page. I highly recommend you subscribe to it. They have some good, unlisted videos. Unlisted means that you wont see them anywhere else. Unless you subscribe to the page and manually, look for them and theyre really well done. Okay, the war zone says an intriguing new high and far flying chinese. Drone design has been seen in a full scale on the ground in the upcoming air show. So this does look like. Apparently it is a mock up, but heres heres, something that kind of got my attention is it. This looks like it has some kind of stealth design, but then these engines back here are anything but stealthy. So, even though part of this looks stealthy this right here, this is not a stealth design, its not something youd put on an a10 warthog or a commercial liner, these jet engines, if you want to be stealthy, these engines would be inside the body here like it Is on the b2 and uh? You know other stealth. Planes anyway lets enough of my opinion. Lets talk about tyler hes, an aviation expert. He knows what hes talking about. He writes chinas big international air show hasnt even officially kicked off yet but weve already getting a peek into whats going to be displayed there, one of the new developing chinas j 16 delta electronic attack jet being seen with jamming pods for the first time now we Are we are getting our first life size view of chinas, aerospace, science and technology corporations, kai hongs, rainbow six interesting name, better known as the ch6, its a long endurance twin engine, multi role drone? In the past, we have only seen models and low fidelity renderings of this design, so hes saying that theres jamming pods on this thing, i dont see jamming pods in this picture.

I do see weapons that might be a pod. This is potentially jamming pod right here, but thats. Definitely a weapon of some kind anyway. Lets go back to the piece. Tyler writes the ch6 is considered to be a high altitude, long endurance or hail unmanned system designed for intelligence gathering, support and strike roles. It looks almost something like a drastically enlarged ch5, but its rear configuration is very different from earlier designs, with its high t, tail setup and two engine installed on top of the tail section side by side. The drones midsection long wings are also built swept and the entire package sits atop tall landing gear. The aircraft also has a notable chine like a chine line like edge that wraps around the ellipsoid fuselage. Okay, so hes calling this tail back here, a t shape which makes sense – and he mentions the engines – are outside the fuselage instead of inside, like a stealth plane would normally have them. Drawings like this is what weve had in the past. So i wonder: if the can we see the wing tips? No, the wingtips are hidden from view, so it looks like they have some kind of stabilizer whatever you call this here on the on the tip here. Oh, this is the is that the ch5 here whats this one. This might be the precursor one. So this one, this looks like this looks like one of the american ones. What is this okay lets? Just read from the piece uh, the aircraft jet speeds will be favorably, impacted, favorably impact transit times to patrol or target areas and maximize its endurance.

Once there two engines would increase the reliability as well, which could be key to considering long distances involved with operating aircraft. Like this and with less developed state chinese jet engine technology, in fact the most similar china unmanned aircraft we know of, is the ch6, probably the c, sorry, the cloud shadow, almost at c shadow with a single engine design. So this must be the cloud shadow here. Its its rob its remarkably similar to our drones here, but i guess it makes sense because its a stealth, aviation design, theyre going to all have similar characteristics anyway, so chinese fielding one of these now thats kind of interesting. What do you guys? Think of that? This is called the for those of you asking uh. This is the ch6 full scale mock up at the air show. I cant wait to see what other um pictures he comes up with, because this is what the 24th today is the 27th. This airshow should be going on right now, so maybe theres more out there. It looks like a leer jet its its a little bit small for earlier jet, but it does have that slope on the nose like a learjet. They put the engines in that config on the a10 and use the additional air flow over the tail for short takeoff yeah. I dont know like this may not even honestly be real. This may not be the way that its actually designed this could be just for the air show itself.

I would be more impressed if they had a picture of a functional drone. This one honestly looks like a toy to me. Yeah probably breaks after two uses. Youd be nice, the poor chinese people working very hard, making their drones and youre just making fun of them. Hey lets move over to india, india, everybody uh has commissioned its first missile tracking ship uh. The ins and im gon na ruin this, but its spelled daruv. So im gon na say daruv and if youre from india you can correct me and thatll be okay, ill, be okay with that indias first missile tracking and ocean surveillance system ship, rather was officially commissioned on september 10th. So about almost two weeks ago now, uh at a state owned hindu shipyard, limited or hsl in visa captain um with the introduction of the ins de roof. India joins a private group of companies, countries that have such specialized vessels, including the united states, united kingdom, russia, china and france sea trials concluded in 2019 for the 15 000 ton ship entered service last year without fanfare. Shepard understands the formal announcement of the vessels. Commissioning was delayed due to an internal conflict between defense, research, development organization or drdo, and the indian navy who would command the vessel thats, not the first time. Thats happened. Drdo and the indian navy often have come into conflict in the past, specifically with submarine design on one of their submarines and im sure other things as well heres a better picture of it.

By the way i pulled up for you guys, so there you can see they have the big globes that are around the radar arrays. You cant actually see the array, obviously its inside this dome looks like they have rather low frequency large one there on the back and then multiple, presumably medium frequency or high frequency ones. Here, on the dome very long range radars can track things in space, including satellites. Its very cool to see them bring this to sea back to the piece written by. I should mention navalpost.com. By the way is there an author here, yeah dorian, arcus, sorry, i didnt read dorians name first, so full credit to dorian and the navalpost.com for this piece. Uh dorian writes the ins. Dhruv is expected to provide early warning of attacks of ballistic missiles launched from pakistan and china. It has a length of 175 meters, a beam of 22 meters, so decent sized ship draws six meters about 18 or so feet top speed of 21 knots, not bad, not bad. It also uh its powered by two imported combined diesel end diesel or code dad uh configuration engines combined output of nine thousand nine thousand kilowatts, so thats like is that nine megawatts and a 1200 kilowatts for the auxiliary diesels. Okay, the vessel weighs 10 000 tons and is equipped with long range. Radars dome, shaped, track, antennas and advanced electronics uh. Furthermore, its outfitted, with the capability of mapping ocean beds, now thats a key capability, because ocean bed mapping could also be used for recovery if they have deep submergence field to go along with it.

So you could quickly increase the capability of this ship if they wanted to. It has active scanned array, radar or aesa developed by defense, research and development organization drdo and is mounted on the ship, can scan and monitor spy satellites watching over india as well. So, like i said this, these radars can reach all the way up into space and track the satellites as well as ballistic missiles, and this is a key capability for them, because they do have neighbors that they dont necessarily get along with, like pakistan and china that Have ballistic missile capability, so it is important that they have a ship like this. Another use for this ship is whenever they test launch their own ballistic missiles. They can track them and see. You know real time. What is the performance of the ballistic missile? Unlike what north korea does, where they just launch the ballistic missile and hope for the best they dont necessarily track it with this vessel, india can track those missiles, so multi function really great ship to have. Thank you to the viewer who sent me this story. I believe his name was muhammad um, full credit to him. Lets see what you guys say. What do you think about this? Does india need a ship like this? Is this a waste of uh money, or is this important that theyre now part of the small club that has this capability? Like you know united states, france, france? Rather, uk russia has a ship like this? They have multiple ships like this grind says.

I see your shorts as big as mine. Talking about these big balls right here. Yeah these are just covers protective covers for the radar itself. All right, uh last story of the day is the united states military eyes prototype mobile nuclear reactor in idaho. This is a great idea if they do it properly, the idea that you can have a mobile nuclear reactor providing terawatts of power, electricity to uh regions. You know around around the country so after a natural disaster uh, if a power plant is taken out by a tsunami or an earthquake similar to fukushima, you know does that be a nuclear power plant, but if you cannot generate power for the grid, a la texas. Remember, texas: over the summer or spring they had to do brownouts because they simply didnt have enough power for everybody running their ac this year, because it was so hot well, they could have added power to the power grid for the state of texas, with an idea Like this – and this is not the first time this has been tried, but i digress. Lets read from the piece first from military.com uh credit to keith ridler, who wrote this. He says boise, idaho. The u.s department of defense is asking input on its plan to build an advanced mobile nuclear microreactor prototype at the idaho national laboratory in eastern idaho. The department began a 45 day commit comment period on friday, with the release of the draft environmental impact study, evaluating alternatives for building and operating a microreactor that produces one to five megawatts of power.

The department energy needs are expected to increase. It said, okay, quoting from the piece this is a department, defense official says a safe small transportable nuclear reactor would address the growing demand with a resilient carbon free energy source. That would not add to the dods fuel needs, while, while supporting mission, critical operations in remote and austere environments, the draft environmental impact study cites president joe bidens january 27th executive order prioritizing climate change considerations in national security, as other reasons for pursuing micro reactors. The draft documents said alternative energy sources such as wind, solar were problematic because they were limited by location, weather and available. Land area would require redundant power supplies. The department said that it could use 30 terawatt hours of electricity per year and more than 10 million gallons of a fuel per day, that would save more than 10 million people. Okay, i got you uh powering bases using diesel generator strains, the operations and plantings and departments said, and uh needs to be expected to grow right so like on military bases, a lot of military bases we produce our own power, theyll likely be literally a power plant On the military base that is connected to the grid outside the base as well, but the base itself has its own power plant. Those are usually diesel, generators very dirty compared to todays standards right well, you know how about we power each naval base with a relatively small micro reactor that has enough power for the base and then then some feeding it out into the national grid as well.

I think this is a good idea for the bases it doesnt need to be portable, but having portable capability, i think, is really important for disasters. You know lets say a region has lost power. Like i said, texas is a great recent example of this, where they just needed more electricity for the grid, and so they could have connected one of these and provided those people with power this summer anyway, i might be in the minority on that. I know nuclear energy, for me, i believe, is very safe because i lived within a hundred feet of one of these things on a submarine for decades, and so you know i turned out fine, maybe having more of these power supply power to the united states is A good idea lets start with military bases and maybe grow from there. All right lets see what you guys are saying. Hoverfly says two or three feet of dirt around: it will keep you from getting toasted but im sure its gon na have its own shielding and all that yeah testing. A mobile nuke power plant would be uh best tested in kodiak, isnt kodiak like a national park or something i dont, know uh see. Five gas meters says come on. We cant let the marines run a nuclear reactor yeah. I dont know if id let the marines run it uh. This one is uh. I thought it said the army i dont know. I know that the navy has a nuclear power test facility up in idaho, maybe its maybe its the navys one.

I dont know see: uh media says im a little concerned that the number of broken arrow incidents, which may be simpler, setups for the reactor uh its the mobility thats, the problem. Oh, you think somebody would run away with it. I mean, i suppose it is mobile, but i dont think its that mobile its its not like we couldnt just you know, find it again. I i really hope that broken arrow is not a not an issue. Kodiak is a large u.s coast guard base with a large continent of still. Oh really. I didnt know that okay dressler says use the marine as a proper test. If we can run it, anyone can okay thats true yeah, i mean if homer simpson can run a nuclear power plant safely. I think i think the marine corps can too anyway. I think the idea of beginning with military bases replacing our old dirty diesel generated. You know power plants that we have in groton connecticut. I think the one in grant connecticut might actually be uh decommissioned because that power plant is so old. I honestly dont even know if it works anymore, if anyones on groton, let me know if they still use that power plant because it may not its last time. I saw it. The thing looked like it was about to fall apart, but imagine taking and just removing all that metal that big ass building thats so dirty whenever it runs with a relatively small, looks like a shack.

You could stick on the back of a semi truck uh create enough power for you and the surrounding cities yeah safely cleanly. No emissions yeah. No, no, the the only thing a reactor creates is more steam. You know in the big cooling towers that you see around nuclear power plants thats steam coming out of the top of that moisture and nothing else, zimmer says outside military. There are already studies for modular microreactors that could set up a conventional power plant and use its generators yeah. I think that thats, a great idea, im glad to see that people are taking this idea into the civilian realm already because think of the money you could save its a big upfront cost building a nuclear power plant, but then lets say you run that and generate Nuclear power for 30 years, the return on investment is amazing. Civilian power companies should be all over this idea, and and for them it doesnt need to be mobile, which makes it more, you know easier to do. I think, as a layman, i dont know all right. Thats really all the stories we have for today. So thanks for watching the naval news, uh were gon na, take a break and be right back with more cold waters.