You know emp beams and says the aircraft did not drop immediately but veered abruptly from one side to another for a period flight data analysis of debris, recovered from the crash site suggests that sensitive electronic devices, satellite navigation and these other devices have not been damaged. The battery motors also function properly until collision, so um. It seems like its kind of just confusing it in some way, maybe resetting the onboard systems and some hi. This is john koenig with unauthorized media and im here with my friend, mason baloo. His youtube channel is called me head, mason yep, so check him out there for a wide variety of different types of videos, um and so were talking today. Uh mason really liked this article, and i thought we could tap into his air force mind because you know its in the its in the air and um. You know it concerns a new, a new chinese weapon that was just tested, which is an emp weapon. It means electric magnetic pulse was, i think it was first discovered when they started detonating atom bombs, because when you detonate a nuclear bomb theres, you know the blast. Radius goes out as far as it goes, but theres electromagnetic pulse that goes out further and its been in a lot of movies and stuff too, but it it shuts down, um all electronics. You know it doesnt necessarily damage them, but it like just turns them off. Right so and if its in the sky – and you dont have time to turn everything back on before you crash, so essentially uh, you know we were just talking before we started this, but theres been a trend of uh using emp in order to shoot down these Drones because drone attacks have become have uh proliferated, its not just the us drones.

I mean terrorists have them um most militaries have drones at this point, and so, but they had, and so you mentioned the thor system. You want to talk about that. Well sure. So one piggyback on what you just said, right, like drone strikes, are common, its not just the us that have drones right. I think uh. Only a couple of months ago there was that report that iran was attacking various us bases in iraq, uh with drones, and so it is a problem that were getting september 11th by the way. Oh, that happened again. Oh yeah thats what syria, based in syria, they just attacked with drones, but they were shot down by the thor system. Okay or its like, i think, its called cram my camera. So exactly we have a thor system which is designed for smaller uh uav targets. Right. My understanding of it is it uses, lasers and maybe overheats them im, not entirely sure how it actually works if it just sends out signals and basically scrambles their ability to operate basically like deny them their reach back capability to get their instructions. And so then, maybe it just falls to the earth im, not sure the examination, the product, or at least all the exact information, but we do have a capability to handle it. What it said it was is drone swarms, i think, is what thors design yeah thors experimental. So they have, they have one thats called cram, i believe, and that one is essentially does like small usa.

Uavs are called s uavs and then thor, i think, is like theyre testing it because really worried about the swarm attacks where you have, especially with ai guiding them. You have these, you know drone swarms and you dont really need the ai if youre not attacking another drone storm, but a drone storm versus drone swarm needs ai because which everyone has a better ai, is going to win and theyre doing a lot of experiment with That in different countries, obviously in china and darpa here and im sure that they have you know a lot. We probably have very similar capabilities to this, but the chinese essentially put this out there, probably to say: hey dont fly a drone over our country because were gon na take it out. I mean thats, probably why this is in the in the media, so the capability that china apparently is just unveiled is the fact that they could use an emp type weapon and they shot down a medium sized drone. I think it was at 5 000 feet large zone at 5 000 feet of altitude, which you know thats not super high, but for drones, thats, not that that not low either um, i mean you know: commercial aircraft are obviously like 30 000 feet, but drones for Isr purposes are probably going to be at 5000 or below um. I would guess, and so its just the fact that they can now take out any of our surveillance capabilities or even offensive attack capabilities of drones with this emp weapon, its pretty interesting and what was also said is it didnt necessarily damage the controls, like you pointed Out but what it probably did was disorient the vehicle so that it started making flight corrections thinking.

Maybe it was in a dive or maybe that it was getting too much air altitude. So then the drone ended up crashing as a result of the attack yeah. What it says from the report was the aircraft behaved unexpectedly after an emp beam struck the aircraft im not sure how a beam works, but apparently they have. You know emp beams and says the aircraft did not drop immediately but veered abruptly from one side to another. For a period, flight data, analysis and debris recovered from the crash site suggests that sensitive electronic devices, satellite navigation and these other devices have not been damaged. The battery motors also function properly until collisions so um. It seems like its kind of just confusing it in some way, maybe resetting the onboard systems in some manner, so maybe its that the resets of variables so that it thinks its a zero value when its actually like a 30 value. So like it thinks that its at a what im trying to say is like if it thinks its climbing at 30 uh degrees, but its actually level. Then itll start going down 30 degrees to make to reset it to level kind of thing. So just any sort of if it flips a switch and makes a variable reset to zero, maybe even though its not actually at zero that could cause long term im just thinking of random things that none of thats, probably right yeah. It says the engineer.

It says engineer involved with the event said: flight control system malfunction, issuing an error, control command, so some sort of error – probably you know some kind of you know it shut down. I had to restart. There was an error and its just like didnt know. I just like went down so you know i mean im sure they have different functions that kick off like. Oh, if youre suddenly stalled out theres bold face in flight terms so like if you have a stall right. The first thing you do is gain air speed and then uh was it like level off so like if you stall out, because ive done this in gliders, where you go vertical until you stall and you see it in movies, where, basically all you do, is you Stick down as fast, and i only have like 20 hours of flight time, but then you gain air speed and once you gain air spirit, airspeed gives you control, and so then you can level out and regain control of the aircraft. And so, if, once again, if its issuing an error, maybe the air that its issuing is thinking that it needs to gain air speed, well its going to dive to gain air speed and gain that stability, so thats. What thats? What im trying to say about setting a variable um, where i think having one issue like it, thinks its stalled, but its not! It thinks its in a spiral, but its not right like it seems like you hard, stick the opposite direction of the like uncontrolled spiral to reverse that force uh things of that sort.

So, if, if once again, if it triggers that function of uh restabilization but its already stable, then its suddenly trying to correct that destabilization, even though its actually stable, i hope that makes sense thats how my head is picturing it right now. Yeah i mean it seems like its something that, if theres no actual damage done to the to the aircraft that some sort of like software fix, there could be a program. You know. If this happens, then you know you got hit by an emp and like do the following steps, or it could be like an ai thing someday where it you know, was like. Oh, my god, i got messed up and, like you know, fixes itself in in in flight, but um yeah i mean it doesnt, but yeah crashed. I mean its still a big thing so well see you know what i mean theyre. Definitely their military buildup is just with the nuclear missiles and this and the steps of cyber attacks, the pros in taiwan. You know theyve, it seems like they ramp. They ramp down their aircraft carriers because its like really not going to work its an obsolete weapon system. Yeah i mean they, i mean theyre already yeah it just doesnt really seem i mean and like they dont want to force project anyway, so theyre not trying to land troops in california, they they dont need aircraft carriers to make that happen. Yeah i mean you know.

Despite the logistics problems and everything like the entire united, the continental united states, even hawaii is just like armed to the teeth. I mean everybodys got guns and if there was like an invading army, itd just be a massacre. I mean theres. No people on earth are armed, like america and we understand that so no ones going to invade but um, you know theres.