Today it doesn't matter how good your ESC is: our your motors, your ear frames or yeah flight control or your radio control system. If your batteries are crap, you're, not gon na have a good day and yeah there's quite a range batteries on the market, although I don't think there's that many actual factories making batteries, I think a lot of them come from the same factory or nearby factories. So you know choosing batteries it's a difficult task, because it also depends on what's available in your area. What you can afford yeah, so it's, not an easy task, and so, when China Hobby lines sent me some batteries, as other companies have done in the past, I thought yeah well, I could just throw this in a quad and fly around say: yeah, it's, great or It'S crap, but I know – and I think everyone out there watching this video also knows that sometimes batteries start off really good and then they they basically spew after a fairly short period of time and and also hey, you treat them as a factor. If you, some batteries will withstand massive amounts of punishment and others will just die if you ever discharge them below 3.3 volts a cell, they never come back properly, they're, always horrible after it and they puff and so forth, so thought yeah. They sent me these. Quite a few months ago, quite a few months ago – and I thought I'm not gon na rush of a review out on this, because you know these are a big investment if you, especially if you're flying freestyle mini quads or something like that, you might be buying 10 batteries at a time you don't, want to spend that amount of money on something that's, just crap.

So I'm gon na tell you about my experiences with these China hobby line batteries. Now, as I say, other companies have sent me batteries before you know. I got cyntha graphene's from from from Hobby King. They send those and fairly good battery. You know they're pretty good I'm, not bad battery I've had batteries from tattoo touch. We'Ve. Seen me batteries in the past, and now I got ta say the the earlier ones, the ones like this you're, not such a fan. I don't know these things. They never really stood up well. For me, they always got soft, pretty quick and they didn't hold their voltage under load. So well the airlines apparently a bidder um. This is the only airline I've got, and I was talking to Thomas and Paul, but mother, who are sponsored, I think by tattoo, and they Paul Thomas really likes the tattoo Airlines, but their premium battery you paid quite a prize for them and their Thomas make it Super frame, as do a lot of others, I mean they sponsor a lot of people in the Hobby, so it's always good news. If someone's sponsoring people in the Hobby, you know it's a few extra brownie in my eyes, because it does mean that they're supporting the Hobby but again the money's got to come from somewhere. So, are you getting the best value bettery if they're good enough profit to start throwing money back up people I don't know I'm not going to go there.

That'S politics, we don't want to go into politics. Yes, so, as I say, I've had batteries sent from a number of them supplies and generally that I've done the usual it's flight around a few times see how it works, and you know they've been o.k. I have the Griffins. These two news. Great news is that they made all sorts of bold claims for these. I don't know that they hold up to the bold claim 600 cycles without losing any capacity or much capacity, but I do know these are very solid. These are what I call a hard battery. By that I mean they deliver virtually all their power at a pretty high voltage, so they don't just decay. Slowly, as you start drawing the pair of them, they seem to hold up really. Well, then they just dump it's like someone throws a switch and then the whole thing falls out of the sky. I had to completely change the way I set my telemetry alarms when I was flying these batteries, because previously, when on my low voltage alarm kicked in I'd, have like 30 seconds with a flight time left. That was plenty time to get back and rain at my feet with the same alarms, these things would fall from the sky within within five or six seconds of the low voltage alarm going off and that's how quickly these things just dump themselves in a rice situation That is very good. You want every what to be delivered at the maximum voltage for maximum performance or icing.

Hey, but again, these are quite heavy and and ricing white is a factor so there's all swings and roundabouts. But I don't talk about those other batteries because I've already reviewed them. I will talk about these China hobby lines, as I say, got these quite a few months ago and I've been thrashing the backside of them and I have to say they perform pretty well they're, not the best performing battery I've ever had. I got to say right from the start and not the best performing battery I've ever had, but they performed certainly well enough for me and my requirements. They they, the internal resistance, is probably higher than these. I mean these things. These are really hard. These sag a little bit more under under heavy loads. What a even though they're rated to 120 C, I don't think any better manufacturers. These days are honest about the C rating. I honestly don't, I think, it's all just a little peck of lies it's, so not join a hobby line. Fault I'm, not dissing them in any way. They'Ve got to put a number on the other put it, but I say judge batteries by the way they perform. These perform perfectly well in my mini quads, even when I'm, hammering them, and yet even though I'm old and shaky, I still hammer them. Sometimes I give them hell, and these hold up really well I'm, very impressed with the way these hold up. So no complaints there and look this Peck is I don't.

It must be like four or five months old now it's been hammered and look it's solid, there's, no puffiness, no puffing at all. It is just rock hard which to me means that the battery chemistry is still good. You know when you get when the pecs get old, make it a bit puffy. It generally means that things are breaking down this gas being liberated. You know you're not going to get the same capacity. Your internal resistance will go up. This thing is still a rig, a square block. It is still a block of bed Reed, not a balloon of battery and that's really important. So in that respect very very good. Another thing I've noticed with this, as I think that China Hobby line they owe that under speak their batteries. I have flown this down to a pretty low voltage, because I wanted to test these. We want to thrash them. I want to give them a real abuse of some of them, some of them I treated with kid gloves some of them. I gave real abuse. I see very little difference in the results. They take. A beating really well I've, taken these down to three point: two volts of cell and then, when I recharged it, it took thirteen hundred and 50 milliamps thirty sputters to 1300 milliamp battery, so they're overrated, somewhat in terms of capacity and still good as gold. Just a little tip, if you do over discharged batteries, get them back to storage within the shortest possible time, because the longer you wait, the more likely it is that the chemicals will break down.

So when I over discharge, you better a throw it straight on the charge, you bring a bag up storage so but these yeah fantastic for people who aren't top racing caliber brilliant. I cannot fault these batteries because they are such good value and, ultimately, you know buy on on pure performance. We don't buy on pure price. We buy on the value. You know what are you getting for you dollar, how much bang for your buck, and these I haven't found a bachelor. It gives me more bang for my buck than these and that's, ultimately the bottom line. If I'm buying batteries, I can afford to buy more of these than the expensive ones, and they last they just damn well last, and if you didn't believe that we've been thrashing these China Hobby line batteries here, take a look at that worked. Ameren it's slightly puffy, but this one has been discharged to the point where the quad won't fly anymore quite a few times. It is supposedly a what does it say in the book it's a different series. It is, I can't, even see the C rating on this. One so I don't know, but this is the if b v series book not designed for quite so much current discharge. But look I mean it. Basically, this one just got totally abused and then had a crash and it started splitting the was so hot it's, but the heat shrink. You know the heat shrinks, but because it's puffed up, but you get there or should I say any better I'll do it.

If you abuse it long enough, as we did there, you go, this was actually Tim's battery, so you know what's in such bad shape, but hey I may throw this on the charger. I'Ve been feeling it'll still take a pretty good charge and still work reasonably well. I think Tim just discarded it because it may not be totally safe enough that's what you do with life as you're, not sure so yeah on a mini quad, these things brilliant, bloody, fantastic. In fact, they sent me to a small number and I thought hmm. I, like those batteries so much. I wouldn't, bore a whole lot more, especially for my my smaller quads I just because they're so affordable, I wouldn't bought a whole heap. You know I could have said it all. Please send me more free batteries, but know these people are making a good product it's, affordable. So hey I spent the money and I guess, that's the ultimate test of of a product. If I am gon na go and spend my own money on it, then I think it's a good product. I think it works. I think it's great and of course, I've got needy if there and this thing works – a treat, a block block a lithium five thousand milliamp 6's. These are quite common. An idiot brilliant holds up so well, but, as I say, the one thing I like about these verses, the graphene's for general use for freestyle and for sport models.

Is these things: don't fall off a wall. You can tell, if you're starting to get down of it, because you feel it in the throttle. You can feel okay here. The voltage is down a bit if you're not running to limit, or you know, it's time to land, because the battery is feeling a little lower and voltage, and that is a good thing for a sport model. You don't want your EDF to be flying perfectly. Well one minute and then suddenly you have the motor switch of ten seconds like that, as happens with some of the harder graphene packs, so I'm chuffed to bits with these batteries. I would certainly recommend these as a purchase. I will all my future battery purchases will be these things. They'Re, not sponsoring me I'm, not getting free stuff, like sting II, um I'm, just telling you what I'm going to with my own money in fact there's a another shippment Jew has just arrived in the country. I should have it here in the next hour, so I ordered more of these and they didn't have any man stock. So I got the fifteen hundred million ones, which is just fine, so yeah Nick's on that on the face you don't know, don't buy a couple. Try them out see what you think I'd love to hear what you guys think if you're already using trying to lobby line. Let me know, because I'd love to hear what other people of what their experiences are, and we can share that with the people who watch these videos and everyone is better off.

So tell me if you've used these batteries to more anything. Now. I'M. Sure, though, people who say oh that terrible, I have one it caught on fire boom house down, yeah that's the same of the lifeboats, but we'll try to get a consensus. So please go into the comments and tell me if you've used these batteries or the China hobby line batteries any of the series they have and what your experience has been with them. And what is your preferred battery of choice at the moment and tell us what you do with that? Are you a a hardcore racer or are your freestyle or a just a sport flyer so and what batteries do you use and why do you just simply buy the cheapest batteries you can get or do you just buy whatever batteries you can get, because one of The problems we've got here in New Zealanders: getting batteries it's very hard, Phoenix won't ship to New Zealand. A lot of that mild one can use unless really difficult. So yeah go if you're in America they have an American warehouse for the China Hobbiton batteries. I say go to the American warehouse and pick them up here. That'S, obviously the best place. There is a Chinese, we ask, but I think the American one also ships to other countries so check out the American. We ask for China hub inline batteries, and I won't make it been out of this video in terms of kickback, because there's no affiliate links, then we've got drug drag racing today at Deerfield.

Big noises can hear that and that's why my videos are short. I have to get them in between runs there. You go you've got questions comments. Anything to say, then, please to the comments with you. I'D love to hear your feedback on this one, because batteries are just so important to the Hobby.