I was Music. I was Music, Music, uh, Music, uh, Music, Music, ah Music, hey whats up guys! Thank you! So much for watching that video and just supporting my channel. I just realized a few days ago that we just passed 30 000 subscribers, which is insane i cant. Thank you guys enough for all the support, and it just allows me to make videos like this and just really do what i love at the end of this video im going to be doing a giveaway just as a way to say. Thank you so make sure you stick around for that, but anyways. I just wanted to take a quick second to just kind of show you my full setup. I was using to film that video, but before i get into that, i wanted to make a massive announcement. First and its that we just opened up bookings for one of our photography, slash videography workshops in tulum in august. So if youre, someone looking to come on a trip with a bunch of other awesome people that are into the same thing as you explore. Some of the most epic spots in tulum and crush a ridiculous amount of tacos. This trip is for you, if youre watching this video youre clearly into fpv, which is amazing, because fpv is one of the most marketable skills in the entire filmmaking industry. Right now, and on these six day, workshops really our only goal throughout the entire time is to show you how to turn that passion into a full time career, where youre really just doing things that you love for your job and eating a ton of tacos.

If youre interested link is down below for more information or if you want to lock in your spot and if youre watching this video after august no big deal, we run these workshops several times a year after this tulum one well have joshua tree in november. Another tulum one and then even bali in 2023, so just drop your email on our wait list and youll be the first to know when we launch those all right so anyways getting into my setup. So to start off the drone. The title of this video, its a chimera 76s, my flight with the dji air unit. I love this drone. This is actually the drone that ive got the best range out of out of any of my drones and it actually handles super super well and what im running with this is just the dji goggles v2 and then the normal black dji fpv controller and then, as Far as batteries im using a 3300 milliamp 6s battery um that i just got off amazon and ill leave links to everything down in the description below and then as far as filming goes, i filmed it on two cameras, one being the gopro hero, 10 bones and Then the normal gopro hero 10.. I like this one just because you get a little bit more flight time because its lighter than this other one, but regardless both cameras, kind of give you the same image and, in my opinion, are the best action camera on the market for fpv and ive.

Actually gotten quite a few questions about the gopro hero bones, whether or not it requires soldering to connect your drone, and i actually just ordered something that takes all the soldering out of it and its these little quick connector clips, which are super super dope, so anyways For these quick, connectors, theyre super super, simple literally, all you have to do is plug this side into the back of your gopro hero bones like that red facing the right and then plug this into the white side of your actual battery. So it makes things super super easy and you can either get 4s or 6s connectors and actually the guy who i ordered from chris, who owns this company, actually watches the channel, and he wrote me this really dope note and also sent me a few extra connectors. So, just as a thank you for supporting my channel, i wanted to give away one of these connectors as well as 50 cash yeah. I just thought itd be a cool way to just kind of say. Thank you to you guys for always supporting me all. You have to do to enter is make sure youre subscribed like this video and then comment down below why you think you should win. I seriously still cant believe were at 30 000 subscribers already.