Cheerson CX-10C World’s Smallest Camera Drone Review

This little $25 quadcopter is at the moment the smallest commercially out there drone with a digital camera. I’d have by no means thought it potential, particularly for the worth.


  1. How do I connect it to my phone tho?

  2. How long is the battery life of this drone?

  3. Boutta fly this around school spying on my homies

  4. How so I watch the camera live? On my Android phone?.


  5. Under, 500tak ke drones mere ko bhi chahiye ho to batana

  6. Who holds the camera while you fly?

  7. Is the camera live like can I see it from a cam on the controller or phone

  8. Dude that thing can spy on people it’s almost invisible

  9. buy the skeye nano instead, same size but has an HD camera that transmits live to your phone over wifi. Costs a little more at $69

  10. how can we see that camera is what capturing on flying time

  11. But I got a sky viper m550 nano drone target it cost $27.90

  12. I wanted one of those on Christmas

  13. I don't think it will last because of the battery

  14. I can find these at dollar general.

  15. Will a standard sized SD card fit into the slot?

  16. My cheerson cx10 c is not filming anymore😿

  17. I just bought one of these.. jeez $20 at Wal Mart. Are the other ones any better? I want it for a selfie drone. I saw some of your other reviews.. also I am a beginner.

  18. interesting. I was just wondering if you know that the blades are labeled A1, A2, BI, B2. and has to be placed in the correct order or else you will have problems flying.

  19. How much longer for the battery?

  20. How long does the battery last?

  21. I think I just found a new cat toy.

  22. hello, I've had my drone for about a month now but I've yet to figure out how to watch the videos I've taken on it, please help me

  23. I just got this little flier and I love it!!

  24. Love your channel i love drones and i liked this video NICE CONTENT

  25. you must go to a desert for security of people it s so dangerous thing the football place is to small!!

  26. If you crash something like that a least 50m away from you, you'll never find it

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