Cheerson – CX-10 (2014 World’s Smallest Quadcopter) – Review and Flight

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  1. To lock in its position…does the done rely on just the imu or does it use a downward facing camera or a gps

  2. Mine works good but the 2 problems I had was that the sticks dont come off and some crashes turn the drone off but when I try to turn it back on I have to plug in the charger first for a sec until it turns back on

  3. Take a shot every time he says "tiny" bet you're drunk after 2 minutes

  4. I own one of these. But 2 months ago, it crashed, and now it can only breakdance. But I think I could convert it into a Fortnite Battlebus.

  5. I got a drone just like that but it's orange so I can find it easier when it falls in grass

  6. The drone cx 10 how much flight time 15 minutes

  7. In my video I had trouble trimming it. Doesn't lift straight up and hover it driffs. Mine is the 10A

  8. will you take a look moontop drone

  9. "it is just incredibly tiny"

    That's what she said. Sorry, I had to

  10. Cool little drone, just picked one up for $16.99. crazy technology for that price!

  11. You will get this drone for rupies 3999 in India

  12. it,s really nice what is it,s price america

  13. I loved mine but im not gonna pay 20 dollars for a new one they were a good deal at 10

  14. Sounds like a bench of fly's

  15. how much rate of this dron box

  16. डाबाो कतरा मे लायो

  17. These are pretty big.. I have one much much smaller

  18. wow flyin ryan got mad subs 🙂 i remember when he had like 500 😀
    back in the days i was buying cx-10's too ! 🙂 time flies! when you're flying

  19. Thx for the review.. nice backflip 👍🏼

  20. How much you got it, what model? I will mess with my cat.

  21. I made sumin smaller than that lol

  22. i have the green and the blue one. my green, which is the old one, took a lot of beating right when i started learning. the pegs attached on the 4 motors, which keeps the shell attached to the body where removed due to the unavoidable crashes. by using a small band to put them all together, my cx-10 now fly stable but not stable as new. for those who are starting out with the cx-10, i recommend you to buy the prop guard.

  23. Nice drone but motor problems
    And bettry problems

  24. I won this from a claw machine today! 😌

  25. Added a propeller guard to my Cheerson CX-10. Great investment, helps protect propellers and even seems to make it more stable in the air.

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