Music Applause, Music let’s see inside the bag. So this is the bug, your remote control and some extras that you will need to fly drones, so let’s go so this is the drone comes with the bag let’s unfold. It so this is the drone. It got um 720p. Maybe the video quality is very, you know cheap, because it’s, a cheap phone you can buy on shopping shop. This is the seller, so you can buy online and one of the main reasons i bought it, because i thought it’s not a positioning center here where it comes, none so it’s kind of bummer and modified so it’s, like super cool. You know this this white things – and you know this – this pattern here looks like toothless but got some eyes, and i i stick some white things for flying at night, so let’s get into the remote. So this is the remote well i’m on the fight again. So this controllers – i can see if this is removing it’s. Not so we take the tennis. So this is the battery. This is the water riot logo and it came with broken flick button when i don’t complain: it’s just gon na fix cardboard and black markers, and this is the cell phone tray. This is the take off button. Stop this very helpful. You know if i’m crashed and you don’t know that he in this time anymore fall to the sky. So this is the one button and headless mode so that’s it let’s go to the x ray.

So this is the extras. This is the manual of this. The app you can scan it, one is the same as japanese and english it’s for google and for apple. So i keep this one in the back every time. Personally, um i want them in the bag, someone i want to teach to fly. You know on the go. I can take them how to fly this, the cable charge, the battery of the drone screwdriver and the two props so let’s get into the flight test. Now let’s fly the jd89 drone. You don’t need this. This is fake antennas.