This is a dji fpv drone that i pay 1500 for with my own money im, also going to throw in two batteries controller in the case, and you will win this for free no shipping charge at all. You dont have to send me any money. So if anybody is imposing to be drone camps, rc on my channel making a comment saying you won this dji fpv drone, theyre lying so dont reply to anybody. Dont send any money online. It is a 100 free giveaway. This is going to be shipped to your door by me, so one lucky subscriber in the next 100 000 subscribers will win a dji fpv drone. Now lets get back to the program now i know that you guys like cheap – and here we are on the channel again with another cheap ass crap bola fpb drone darwin fpv, the box is down here. I threw it earlier because i was trying to make a point, but i have to re record this video because um i wanted to you, know, drive home, cheap fun on the channel and you know its not like youre flying like a dji fpv drone right. The dji drone behind me cost me fifteen hundred dollars and im giving it away to to one of you guys so um dont worry about it. Dji fpv drone. If you cant afford it, who cares, fly a darwin fpv drone with pair of analog goggles and youre, going to have just as much fun but in a way i feel like.

This is more fun because im not worried about hitting a tree – or you know, hitting one of the pieces of patio furniture slamming right into a piece of wood. Ive done that with these type of drones, and you can pick them up. Sometimes you have like a little bent prop thats it so brand new guys getting into the hobby, try to avoid flying something like this buy something like this and just have fun, because you know i mean riding your 8 000 carbon frame, mountain bike down the mountain And breaking the frame its a little more stressful than riding like your your you know, mongoose or something like that. So yeah quality difference for sure, but this will outperform this when it comes to freestyle cinema – probably not, but this is more of a cinema beast uh potato. If you will french fries tater tots some, i say: tater tots, um, yeah, baby, eight pro pro version guys! Oh pro, cheap pro, whatever cheap here we go, lets go outside and do some flying and uh yeah lets have some fun without worrying about dropping it or breaking it cheap fun. Here we go so all right, two, ah yay pretty cool. What do you think give a thumbs up? Should we give this one a thumbs up, pretty cool drone, all right baby ape this is called the baby ape. Did you know that the baby ape the baby? You guys, thanks for watching our play test cool? What do you think again thumbs up thumbs up all right lets.

Go back to the bench all right, my friends welcome back from the flight test that was fun. This quad flies good and whats. The big difference between the pro and the original baby ape uh about ten dollars, actually um, seventy nine dollars or eighty dollars for the baby ape and ninety one. Ninety nine for the baby, eight pro: okay, twelve bucks, okay, twelve bucks difference, whats the difference! Well, this one has a better camera. The original baby ape had the darwin fpd 700 tvl camera and that ones okay um, but the newer pro version for a little bit more money, youre going to get a nicer camera on there, youre getting the cadx ant camera on that one and uh some people, Like the cadx aunt, some people dont, but i i think the cat xan is better than the one they had on there before now. This tiny ape actually comes with a run cam, which i think is great, so well just put that one on the scale that was 73 grams, and this ones really not much lighter 57 grams. On that one, with a 3s 450 battery, its the native battery that flies with the tiny eight looking at 100 grams with an insta360 go 2 and that little kind of mount that comes with it 142, so its still under 150 grams, which is freaking cool. For this one, this ones more expensive than the baby, a pro baby 8 pro 74 grams, with the 3s 450 youre, looking 119 grams with the insta 360 go camera and the mount 159 grams guys not bad at all.

You can fly this one with elrs. You can get it pnp and you can add your own receiver on there and this ones cool to me, because it has a little larger flying profile. Um quads like this just generally tend to fly smoother and if you want to do like some cool cinema, videos and stuff like that with something small size, format factor is much smaller as far as running something like this or a 5 inch fpv race drone. This one is also a little bit quieter than this little guy. This thing sounds like a freaking hornet. I was telling rebecca yesterday that when i was flying in the backyard, i was wondering what some of the neighbors were thinking about me flying this back there because uh, this thing chirps and it sounds like an angry pissed off pack of bees, like you know, flying Above peoples, houses – and it is quite noisy, but its really a pleasure to fly much better than the flywheel firefly baby – nano um the 1s rig, but this also has shielding on the bottom of it, which i thought was super cool, because that saved me when i Slam dunked somehow i crashed in a 5 gallon bucket whats the odds of me like landing crashing into a 5 gallon bucket. I almost couldnt do that on purpose, so this ones still working, thank god, but 45 grams, 46 grams, 44 grams for that camera and again by itself, looking at like 77 grams but 79 dollars for the original one.

With the 700 tdl camera, i mean that camera kind of reminds me of like old school like four years ago, fpv cameras and its a dirt cheap camera, so dudes buy the eight pro buy. The a pro the the cadets amp camera is way better and youre. Paying 12 more bucks for that bind it up with your light, radio 3, like i did and youll have a good time, and the flight time is decent on these too. You can get like you get a pretty good amount of flight time, the original one, if you want to get the original one. If you want something super cheap 69 bucks like you, cant beat it, but it is a switchable vtx on this one as well guys for 200 milliwatt, and it is top mounted its kind of a hanging mount here. You can see its very similar to the other. One, but this one is pumping some serious power on this one. The tiny egg runs all the way up to 600 milliwatt. If you unlock it, it has defaulted to like 450 milliwatts, so yeah thats thats one thing to to think about here. Now this one um it cant go probably quite as far as this little guy can its when it comes to that type of vtx range. So if youre brand new 600 is going to go way further out like three miles out versus like um uh, say 200 milliwatt on this one, so a little bit further range, but you know really, then again, these are micros guys were not flying these things like Miles out, these are just like backyard.

Rippers youll see guys like nick burns, just flying in the backyard and thats pretty much what these quads are, and these are never going to have any type of remote id on them. Theyre not going to have to be registered by the faa and no ones going to come knock on your door if youre flying something like this its thats, you know its ridiculous, but i appreciate you guys watching my drone review videos um. If you want to support me on patreon that would be freaking killer because uh i need some help um, and that would be awesome and all you guys are super awesome. The guys that cant afford to help me thats cool too. I really appreciate you just subscribing and interacting on the channel because thats, what its all about drone camps, fpv community dc army, were, were growing in numbers every day and were giving away this dude back here back to one of you guys, one of the new guys Coming up in the next 100 000 subscribers, so um dont reply to a comment from some dude being like hey, you won and im justin davis. You won this in the comments. Its never gon na happen in the comments guys only by seeing me on a video on my face, saying: hey, you won this dude thats the way youre going to win it so yeah, thats thats, the good thats, the good candy in the channel and im going To keep updating the drone camp store too for new drones.

I might even put these two guys in there should i do a giveaway of these two just for funsies, or should we like put them up as a new nft collectible, or should i put it in the drone store for discount dollar drone like this should be A community driven democratic fpv clubhouse like lets, do this all together, so um in this video still watching make a comment down below of how you would like to see me either giveaway or sell or nft or dollar drone, or whatever its all up to you guys Want to put it in your hands so grab one of these at the link down below guys. If you will, if you decide to buy one, please do use my link because it really does help me keep going so i pay the bills and feed my children with this channel and its my full time. Gig at least for now times are hard guys.