I got a couple of drones for the children it’s for the children, of course, so i like flying drones, it’s been a while, since i had a big one that flew into the dock after a few moments of booting it up. But i digress. What i wanted was some small drones that were fairly uh resilient, so that the children can play with them, because i don’t want them playing with my fancy. Drones, of course, and one of my employees brought these in and said. Hey i’ve got a four year old that can fly this thing. This would probably work good for your kids too, because i have a five year old and uh. Almost gon na be eight year old here in a couple days and i’ll tell you what they picked. It up really fast, really really fast and sure they still crash into stuff, but the way that this thing flies has really impressed me and maybe it’s just the technology moving on, but the stability of this little guy hs 210 uh 2.4 gigahertz banned from holy stone. Best name for a drone company, of course, as uh i i was actually really impressed and they will take a beating as long as you don’t like get some hair caught up in the fan blades or something like that, but they’re it’s, just a little small little Guy it’s, like 30 bucks, it’s a really inexpensive one inexpensive enough that i got one for myself too, so, okay, it’s, probably not just for my kids, but it comes with three batteries and a charger that has two ports on it.

So you can literally fly it constantly if you get in the right mix of charging two batteries before you start flying by the time, you’re done more than likely, one will be done with charging, you switch it out and then, by the time you come back for The next one, the first one is done charging and so the way that the charger works and the fastness of it and the length of flight that you get from this, at least in the basic mode. It actually works out to be a lot of flying time and that’s always good, and of course, you can get more batteries if you want i’m sure that somebody is probably making batteries that are a little bit bigger. I thought about maybe piggybacking two batteries on here and, of course, since we have two drones, we have two chargers and we can have twice the fun, so i don’t really feel like there’s a need to get into what comes into the box, and you know all The little like ups and downs of this, but i would like to show you on camera, just how freaking stable these guys are, and hopefully i haven’t crashed it so much that it is a problem, but i’ll show you at least how to use it and how Well, it works so transmitter on first, although in the instructions they tell you to turn it on. Second, then we just plug her in right there and she is on once you plug it in at least it’s kind of a little tight spot to fit in there.

For adult sized hands there we go so i believe the red is forwards on there and just like most drones, you have to push up push down and now it’s armed. Then we press this little button right here. That makes the props spin and from that point we can press up on our control stick. It is set stock to, i believe, it’s called mode two flying. So you have your up and down on this stick and then you’re. Turning on the same stick, then, the other stick is essentially sliding it forwards backwards and side to side. I do prefer that style of flying. It is how i want to see airplanes, and there is a little bit of um there’s, some way to keep it from drifting, but for what it is it’s a pretty stable, pretty stable flight. You can, you can push on it and it doesn’t it. It kind of tries to stay in one spot, it’s drifting, a little more than normal. No, no here we go all right so, as you can see, it’s slow enough for a child to be able to play with it. Oh, this is full tilt right here. We, which an adult would probably find this boring after a little while you know it’s sweet, but it also comes with two other modes, and now she goes fast Laughter as much as i don’t really play with uh things other than crawlers. For some reason, little drones like this are just intensely fun and i don’t know why maybe it’s just the toy guy in me, or the fact that my kids just go nuts over it and i’m, not that good of a flyer by any means, but it doesn’t Take long to get used to it and it’s it’s you can, you can set up little courses and oh, like uh, y’all, probably won’t be able to be able to see it off camera, but i just fly around and zoom around and wee and don’t hit yourself In the face, oh boy – oh no and it’s it’s so stable though i mean for how small it is because the smaller the smaller a drone is the less stable that it flies and i’m assuming it’s.

Just the technology as it goes along that it gets better and better and better, and now we have a 30 drone that it practically just sits there, and this one’s got a little drift. I can tune it back out. As the motors wear. You get a little drift and as of course, the charge changes it drifts a little bit, but i mean oh, we probably have a little draft from our from our vent up here, but it’s, just so stable, amazing, simply amazing and to land it you just hold Down for long enough and it lands, and there we go, i could probably just keep playing with it on video that’s, probably not as exciting to watch as it is to do. But maybe we’ll have some drone races around the shop here soon, because i got some one of my employees already had some my business partner at grow and throw ended up getting one. So we have a little fleet of them going and the cool thing about them is, if you plug them all in at the same time and then turn on one transmitter last, they all bind to the one transmitter, so you can actually have a little swarm of Them all going at the same time, which is rather fun honestly, and if you do them in opposite directions, then they will all fly in opposite directions when you control it, which is super hairy to do, but also extremely fun.

To have this weird like? How do you avoid crashing one when they’re all going in opposite directions and then, of course, at some point, they try to hit each other, and you know it’s uh, yeah way too much fun for this little toy and as much as i don’t want to promote More consumerism in this world of today, my gosh, if you’re, looking for a little drone like this, maybe to teach your kids better hand, eye coordination, because i’ll i’ll be honest. The reason why i got it for them was not to have them play with a drone. It was to teach them hand, eye coordination on a four channel radio like this, because long term, i feel like that’s, going to be really useful for them, whether it’s playing video games or whether it’s actually piloting a drone or maybe in the future, there’ll be some Job or task where they need to actually pilot a drone to take some video recordings or what have you? It is a life skill that will actually be useful. I feel whether it’s just playing with toys or whether it is making money. It is still one of those skills that, if you get too old, it’s really hard to learn, but if you do it, when you’re, really young it’s really easy and it transfers to pretty much everything in your life even like, i said, playing video games. If you can do this, then playing video games where you’re controlling the aspect of the camera around a person is just that much easier.

So i didn’t feel too bad about letting my kids play with these toys and get a little bit of hand. Eye coordination – and you know maybe i’ll i’ll – be a hard nosed about it and instead of letting them play with their thumbs, i’m, like you got ta you got. Ta fly like this, like a real heli pilot would fly, which is actually how i prefer. I get a lot better control when i do this. Sometimes when i use my thumbs it you know, i just get a little confused or something or my thumbs will drift a little bit, and i i just have a lot harder time, especially with the. What is that is, that is that yaw, let me know uh this whatever that is, i i tend to have a much better time controlling it. When i use this little pinch – and let me know in the comments, if you prefer to fly this way, it certainly gives you more fingers available for the buttons on there. I feel like it’s, better control, there’s, really no right or wrong way about it, but growing up flying more helis and planes. I think it was just kind of embedded into me that this is a better way to fly for control, so now that i’ve ranted about how to hold the controller for longer than i have actually talked about this guy. I will part with that. So the hs 210, i got it for 30 bucks off of amazon delivered and holy stone, wasn’t actually a good buy.