Look at this beast. I got the claw on here, um guts and i with me today my daughter, sanaya shes, gon na, be helping me. We got to the spot right outside of oluwalu lahaina. I wanted to get out to like a hundred feet, depth and uh. So now, if you want to pull that thing out, real quick theres, a fish finder that im using from the power vision, power ray you see this little thing and you can connect it wirelessly to your tablet, go ahead and throw that back in and its just Like a little simple fish, finder and its working really well look at that, so its just like a sonar thing and its shooting and its finding our depth. Something really convenient for me when im doing these sub reviews just to get out there and make sure were not too shallow, and we have a good uh amount of depth to test these submarines. But anyway enough talking lets, go ahead and boot. This thing up and uh lets get in there do some some diving down to the bottom well, probably see some fish. I might even try some fishing with this thing, and actually i have a 360 camera today. Im going to be mounting on top and so well have some cool 360 views around the sub, as well aside from its 4k camera on the front. So anyway, lets get started with the chasing m2 ocean dive Music, so basically um.

I had to get this little backpack. I had this laying around from some drones, its just a generic backpack, because the thing wont fit in the case. It comes with the m2 with this claw on top, so i got the e reel here. So the e reel is going to connect first before we attaching it to this. Top portion is just to reel it in so we want to have it out of that, for now were just going to set this thing down on the cooler. I really dont want to forget to attach that little loop around the the back anchor thats all on, so this thing essentially is ready to go on the subside, and next thing we do is just put our little ipad. This is the ipad mini 5., so im just putting it right in there. I have our little jumper that comes. This actually comes with the e reel tangle mess, of course, of course, right when i dont need it to be get all the cat, hair off and all the sand and stuff, and then this guy goes right into one side of the reel. This can be kind of finger tight, and now we just need the other side make sure we have. You know room maybe put that around the back of the reel, and then this part attaches to the controller. This sub actually comes with a little mount on top. You can put on top, so i went ahead and screwed it in used some loctite on here and im just going to put this insta360 one camera on.

You. Do all this in post processing with 360 cameras, so it doesnt really matter which direction theyre facing you kind of want to have the big areas of the glass case on the front and the back, because youll see a little bit of a seam in certain areas. So we want to really crank this thing down, so its not like flipping all over the place so anyway, there. It is look at that the 360 cams on top big ole, hulk and beast, i think, were ready to dive. So turning on the controller and the sub immediately turns on were just kind of waiting for a connection and what were looking for are these lights? We want the rov light to be on solid, and then i switched it to 5g and it seems like the latency. If you guys saw my initial unboxing ill, have it pop up here and also being down the description as well as where you can get this sub, but i switched it to 5g wireless to the ipad and it seemed to take out a little bit of that Lag remember: the lag was a little bit to be desired when we were doing the unboxing that actually made it quicker. Everything is connected. Now i just need to launch the chasing app so its the chasing go one launching it and lets make sure it can find the chasing m2 there. It is and ready to go so lets just start.

There is our interface and i want to do something cool before we get going here is i want to put just a little bit of a a big old squid in the claw, and so we can take that down with us and see what kind of fish Come around squid i use for fishing kind of like just fishing bait, opening the claw nice and then im gon na close the claw with this squid in there you got ta, just click it once and it closes nice. So that thing is gon na go down in the water put this in the water suckers in there and uh lets start diving. So i want to record – hopefully you guys can see the screen theres, the squid there im gon na start recording now this should be in 4k on the sub okay guys. So there is the sub lets, go ahead and arm it by um, just pressing the lock button here and he leveled out perfectly nice Applause so so forward and back are on this left. Stick down is on the right. Stick so im pulling down. Hopefully, you guys can kind of see this im gon na go ahead and go down a little bit and then go in depth lock, and this is kind of a problem. If you look at the screen here, you see that it went out of my imperial settings. Okay, left stick is turning the sub left and right lets see.

Lets play with the controls. First, okay, wow thats really touchy. So my left trigger right here is making the sub tilt up and down. Okay, so its really convenient to see the orientation of the sub because im in pure blue water. So if you look at the left bottom graphic, you can see that im pointing directly down and really quick before we go any further. I do want to go into the settings and i want to get the units an inch. You see im just changing it into inch and thatll basically make it. So i can read the depth a little better. We are only five feet. Deep lets go ahead and come back it down, so this is all working great. I dont want to tilt too much in weird directions, but sorry guys its going to take me a little while to get used to this. So remember, right, stick is our depth left. Stick is steering it okay, so lets face it down. So left roller is going to go down to the bottom and then lets go forward so pulling the right stick down so thats, pretty cool. You can be kind of facing down and look at this reel. So thats pretty cool the reel is basically unreeling as im going down and i dont necessarily have to push forward to go down in this direction. Thats whats so cool about this. Since its a 360 kind of sub, i can just be going basically down and pointing in any direction.

I want. Okay were at 30 30 40 feet deep on the bottom left of the screen. 80 degrees fahrenheit any direction i want as im going down so were just going down at a pretty good clip here 60 feet starting to make out some of the bottom here. Awesome and ill have remember ill. Hopefully, have that 360 degree camera recording, so you guys can see. I know whats going on here, theres the depth, lock, okay, im, seeing the light on the controller went on so apparently maybe it has to be a certain depth before you can do that. So now were going to hang out here on the bottom and i just want to since i can see my orientation. I just want to use these controls so im rotating the left trigger roller to the left a little bit slowly now, im turning the left thumbstick to the right, yeah see how that turns us so lets orientate ourselves. Let thumb stick to the right a little bit. Slowly so yeah we can turn really slowly theres a little fish over there, so its holding its depth very well dont see anything coming to the squid yet, but its kind of cool just to have it hanging out there thats pretty neat. Okay, so remember right, stick is our: is our depth up and down now the right stick is also like uh strafing left and right, so its just going side to side. So if im pushing the right stick to the right now, you see how the whole sub is keeping its orientation, but watch this you see how its moving to the right thats super awesome, so you dont have to turn the head.

If you dont want to, you, can just basically like a roll of a drone right, youre rolling, left and right thats, pretty cool okay, so lets just go forward a bit. I do want to make sure im not going to like wrap this tether around my anchor because were down at like 100 feet, so just kind of cruising around its pretty responsive ill say that right now really feeling really responsive um, especially that pitch control. Man thats a little bit too sensitive and you can adjust the sensitivity if you wanted to lets see if we can here if we go into our settings and were going to handle yeah. So you see this over here, the linear power. If we want to make it a little less sensitive, we can go there and then well go back just clicking on the screen. Now let me try the left roller again, no, its still pretty darn sensitive, so i didnt really do much so thats going to be quite sensitive. What i havent tried yet guys is the right finger trigger roller, so lets try that i think thats going to. Like start to do somersaults left and right so lets, try so rolling it to the right. A little yeah wow thats super responsive. Look at this, so i can point it down man. This is a true 360 guys. This is the one. If you want precision control. Oh, my gosh see this so just pushing that little right roller to the left a little bit to the right.

Does it want to kind of stop lets see if we just keep rolling it? Okay, interesting, so it has a limit, even though im pushing the right roller trigger roller to the right. It has a limit to where it can roll. So you dont get too like discombobulated. You know, so you dont just keep like twisting around. So you can kind of keep your level thats. I actually kind of like that facing back up, i think thats the boat over there right up there lets turn and see whats up here. Oh interesting see if we can just point it all the way up: yeah thats us right there, but look at the way its keeping this depth. So the depth is really locked at like 85 feet right now, im gon na go a lit down a little bit closer to the to the bottom. By pulling the right stick down there, we go just pulling it down slowly. This is great because i dont even have to worry about this. Spool is just unraveling here: dont even have to worry about it. Thats awesome getting down close to the bottom 96 feet. This is great man, this sub, just from using it this much. This is the first time ive had in the water guys, but just from using it so far. This is the best as far as control, precision and all that stuff. So just fantastic so far, turn here looking for some fish also try to have that 360.

Video up, so you guys can be seeing that and of course, all the other cameras i have on here. So you guys can see whats happening with the spool whats happening with the uh. The boat situation up here and all that stuff lets try a little drop off here. I want to drop off this squid down at the bottom, so im going to go down at 100 feet now. Lets go down a little further whats great about this sub. Is it doesnt even feel like its tugging on a tether? Now i do have the stabilization on in the settings the image stabilization, so you guys can kind of be the judge of how that looks or at 115 feet. This is great almost to the bottom lets. Just try touch and then ill straighten it out. Almost there going down really slowly and theyre touching okay, so go up just a little bit. Okay and then were gon na straighten out level out here. Just by using this left trigger really simple and lets. Let this squid go and see if anything comes to get it um, which way is the current going? Maybe that way to the left, so maybe ill orient orientate myself to the left. A little see how the squids head is going that way, so we can just kind of see it float away and see if any fish get it. Maybe even on that 360 cam well catch that okay, ready gon na.

Let go one two three clicking and holding bye, bye, squid, and we can quickly just get it in view super quickly, thats, great and just adjust as needed, really easy. Once you learn the controls and lets see, if anything like picks it up real, simple wow, i might even want to try to grab this thing, see how you know see how stable it is. So you can change your controls around theres, a usa and a japanese japan, tile style, um control scheme and i think im on the usa right now. If i remember correctly, lets just check that out real quick handle no im on japan, so um im, not even gon na try the the usa for for just this dive because im already used to these controls. So i can still, you know, keep that little squid in view nothings coming after it, yet lets just go down and try to grab it. Why not lets see how precise this thing is? Remember i had some issues with some of the other subs, where it was just very difficult to to grab things now. This is a pretty calm day. You know we waited for a calm day to be out here, but this is kind of a small object. So im not expecting perfect control, but it would be nice if this can actually work pulling down and well just try to get this thing pretty easy. So far, nice im just turning to kind of keep it centered.

Just the occasional slight lag is all im kind of feeling, so remember when we close, all we want to do is click that right button, so maybe ill turn the sub a little further down. So we have like an angle. Okay, getting close. Getting close. Is this going to work going down a little bit a little bit of current blowing that thing around there we go now lets go down. Oh im, touching it. I speared it. Okay, we speared it guys lets go ahead and close the claw oops. I just took a picture a little bit of a delay from the picture. Lets go ahead and close. This claw claw is not closing. Why there? Okay, sorry i was, i was trying to hold it now. I just clicked it once and it closed. So we kind of got it, but its a little bit um just on the the edge right i like grab the skin, but i would not be able to do that with a lot of the other subs i tested so uh, oh okay, a little bit of An issue guys guess what it disconnected and it just reconnected. So i havent seen that happen before so a little bit of a con there. You saw that disconnection and it locked did it lock back up yeah, so it re locked the motors and it started to float up so im going to unlock again and im going to go back down when i unlocked it leveled out whoops.

There goes our squid lets see if we can follow it, see if any big fish get it for just a little bit. So we went up were at 104 feet now, so it started to float up when it locked so at least thats good thats going to try to get you. You know back to your area back to the surface if it disconnects so just kind of following this squid there we go looks like our squid is on the floor ocean floor. There go down a bit full speed forward. Thats full speed seems pretty quick got there. Quick, so im really loving the control. Aside from that little disconnect, of course, were gon na. Do a pros and cons guys when we, when we surface on here lets, see what our power is so weve used about. 15 percent were at 86 power of the sub. Okay, hes starting to kick up the sand there, maybe kicking up the sand, will draw some fish in right, so well see how the sand is in the motors when we come back up but um so far so good reel here, weve got about a quarter left Right there thats good, so lets just cruise on the bottom for a bit. I know this may be kind of boring to a lot of you guys, but um. Really. We just want to see how good this thing operates. You know pulling down a little bit more lets, go over to this sea grass, so full stick forward, instantaneous response, holding the depth at 129.

5 feet perfectly and pull down just a little bit on the depth and were just cruising through the sea grass. So it holds its step phenomenally dont have any um mile per hour, but we just have temperature in depth, but uh id assume were going at least a few miles per hour here, which is great and remember: itll maintain its depth because it has eight motors right Unless the sea floor starts to go a little higher, which it is im gon na have to push up a little um itll just keep going straight just hit the bottom itll just keep going like straight thats, so cool and then its adjusting all of its motors Are adjusting to keep it stabilized is that a fish there okay lets go check out this fish im, not gon na grab you fish, but i just to check you out real quick, so lets try the strafing instead of turning the head. Awesome. Look at this strafe. I dont have to turn the head. If i dont want to, i can just strafe turn it now, because hes getting out of view, pull up a little very good whoops hit the bottom. Okay sanding the motors test sanding rocks in the motors, so we finally have a little bit to view here of some reef and uh. The response is really good in this 5.8 gigahertz. I can tell you its really good, hey a little clearer here, a little bit more to see on this reef.

Oh nice got a little bit more life here, so ill have that 4k video up of the sub guys, so you can see all that dont want to hit the reef, of course, so im going to be careful here, so nice and slow nice awesome. So remember this thing has lights uh, so we may do a night dive to check out how the lights look not really dark enough here to use the lights. So i can just kind of go slowly forward, skim the bottom with the face down and we should maintain our depth yeah ill. Tell you what im just going to turn the lights on right here see if it makes a difference, so this is low. I see him on the claw there. You see that lets turn into this little shelf here see if it makes a difference here and hi yep, so just click that button a couple times. It just has low and high light. So the precision is great. You see how the currents going to the right just a tad, so i can just strafe to the left to hold it, and man really get close in here in these caves and inspect things just fantastic, really liking. This go up a bit, so we dont hit the coral, so the occasional lag on the on the wi, fi and thats kind of what im seeing cute little um. So now, what are those yellow fish called like in nemo? What was that ones? Name: yeah the yellow one and nemo.

What was that ones? Name? The name of it, though uh, oh thats, his house right there, its like a yellow, angelfish, something im kind of chasing one right now, nice structures. Here i remember, i have the lights. Full blast were at 73 on the sub um im just kind of cruising skimming and seeing what we can see in these little holes and stuff another little bit of lag and uh. But look at this i can really precisely control it. Im not like in danger of like hitting coral and stuff with a lot of the other subs ive tested its like youre, almost hitting coral. A few of them ive hit some coral heads and had to like really regain control just because they were so uh clunky. With the control – but this is absolute precision here – this is great. I really do hope that 360 cam on it is recording if it didnt record guys ill get it in another one because were going to do like night, dives and all kinds of stuff. With this thing so lets pitch the head up just a little, so we can see the horizon. Oh theres, a big old roy over there well thats an invasive specie that big blackfish uh back there lets go see if we can get up to him. This is the fish that um, really we try to whoops wrong way on. The left trigger really try to eradicate this fish because he goes around a little little hawaii fish invasive species, um documentary here he goes around looking for baby fish eggs in their nests and he goes around and he just eats them all.

He just goes into holes and finds fish eggs, so this guy is an invasive very invasive fish and we try to eradicate them. When we dive we spear fish, we just try to kill these ones because they just take over the reef and they kill all the baby fish that dont even have a chance to hatch. So lets try a little strafe here. This will be cool so strafing to the left. I want to get around, he went in a hole somewhere, i lost him, but look at that. The strafing is great. I can move around. I can kind of orbit is what i wanted to say. I can kind of orbit with this thing very easily and controllably see whats in this little hole over here. Awesome so well, go forward come down a bit and i can multi purpose the controls, so i can be moving the sub down while im strafing lets. Try that strafing to the left and come down a bit. Yes, it all works. Awesome lets go a little bit forward. Remember i got the um lights blasting see if we can see anything in this hole, Music, wow yeah, so at least im not hitting coral. Yet anyway, i really dont want to do that as much as possible. Lets see how close we can get into this hole. How much precision we got here um once you again, once you get used to the sticks, guys its going to be very simple with the controls, so there we go shine some light in there, bring it down just a little more lets, get down just going to Be kind of just resting on the bottom here just want to be careful not to stir up too much sand.

I can kind of feel the tether pulling on it now, because im just a little bit. Um tether is almost goners, but, as you can see, pretty good, pretty good uh precision im gon na go up now, so we dont hit any more coral or any coral at all and lets. Go lets just go over the reef here and then well, bring it back up and well call it a day for this initial dive test. Do a little face down forward awesome check out these fish while were down here, so i am hoping that im coming towards the boat now lets see if thats the case. Oh theres, an angelfish um. What was the um? What was the big striped yellow fish in nemo? What was his name scar right, not sure? I dont remember scenario anyway, big ol angelfish type of fish. Here i thought his name was scar or something just follow him for a second, a little bit of video lag. There so it seems like its its really smooth and then on occasion, youll get that lag, but look at this im just keeping my thumbstick pushed forward and im just kind of nice following him, nice and easy. That was a good little follow session and then yeah. So really finicky on the rollers the trigger, so i just barely touched it and you can see how i pitched it up just a little bit that worked fairly well. Dont want to hit this coral so well bring it up awesome.

So fish follow very, very easy. With this sub, the controls are just premium and remember we have the right trigger too whoops. Let me get down here so for some reason you didnt want to change the orientation right roller trigger. Look at that, so maybe you needed to grab something. That was that, like perpendicular to the way you were just rotate it like that, and this sub will keep itself um level, as you can see its drifting with the the current a little bit, but its still doing very well see that little thing on the sand. I always want to explore that see what that is. It just caught my attention. I think its just a piece of coral yeah just a little brighter, but you see how easy that was just coming in super close, its kind of like a piece of dead rock. So maybe this will be a good um. Try to pick this up because it doesnt look like its attached to anything im down. Yeah precision is great on this. Remember the strafing clicking once oops, stop click and hold to open back up, so were just rocking a little bit, but i think i can get this. Let me try this again whoa. So a little bit of current got me there that was wild. Oh is something pulling me: wow cant go forward anymore. Am i locked okay, we um the motor basically shut off, so we need to re lock.

You see how it gets level again. So when i was down there for some reason, we lost connection and the motors locked up again so im going to go full stick forward here. Remember: look at our power on the top right were at 59 percent theres. That roy again, is that a roy yep hes like what are you doing over there, so the motors uh locked cut me out of the drone power so that wasnt the best there. I didnt really like that. So itll occasionally do that. I guess where it thinks it loses connection, oh probably that corals in the way too. So if we want to hit it at a different angle, we can remember we can strafe to the left a bit. So were clear of anything there we go. That seems like a good angle here. Lets just go right in and try to grab this thing again that way down forward. Oh man, so close so close im, never gon na give up. Am i okay? I think this is the one guys. I think this is it there. We go okay, so well tilt up, so it came out of the claw boy, okay guys. Well, i think i mean you can get the j, the gist of it um. You just have to work your claw and be precise with it. I think the tether is getting quite a bit to the end here. You can see that its just about empty there, so i think im going to come back were going to reel this thing in.

I want to try just shutting off the sub, so im going to hit lock here on the motors, so the motors are now uh locked, so its basically just floating there. So what im going to do is im going to turn on this reel. Open that thing up and then remember all were doing, is, were putting in the front of this little white reel and then were going over to the back and getting it be right behind those two black things. Now we can kind of turn the reel on. So just pushing that button there and waiting till it kind of boots up – and we see a green light here and this reel is ready to go now well. Hit slow and fast lets see how this thing does im, having im definitely going to have to hold it here, whoa so kind of at the wrong angle. But this thing is doing it. You see how the the tether is just all the way wrapped around that thing, because i dont want to pull my anchor and the boats kind of like just on the anchor right but its having enough power to pull it slowly, maybe ill switch into slow speed. Barely go in the motor is locked, so the sub its basically just pulling the sub right now, because the motors are off so having a little bit of issue so im going to help it im just going to kind of help, it pull it a little bit.

Im going to kind of help, this thing out and im controlling the sub im just pulling back on it on the sub, and you can see that the reel is now kind of working, just kind of turning the sub and then once the reel starts reeling. I know im going the right way so better to be just under the surface, find the direction that works the best for the reel and then just keep going in that direction with the sub. So it alleviates that reel okay, it would have been better if it wasnt around this strap here a little less drag, but were doing it were doing it. The motor is going to keep trying, which is good and it hasnt seemed to shut off. Yet, even with all this torque im loading on it, you know what i mean theres a lot of torque going on here and its really loading on it, but its still, it still is able to reel it in lets, go up to the surface and see where Were at hey there we are, and the 360 cam is still straight up: thats great try to go uh in front of the boat a little bit. They turn that switch off Applause, good just went ahead, and i just turned off the reel fighting that current. In reverse, all the way up – and there is our sub lets – lock the motors – oh man, the 360 cam fogged up, even though i had some anti fog in there lets pull this thing up out of the water here and lets talk about this.

But boy. Look at that 360 cam in there, its all fogged up man thats a bummer. Oh my gosh and theres water in there holy smokes. Well that really sucks. Maybe i was down too deep. I dont know supposed to be good for about a hundred feet. Jeez yeah! I see water in there its just like sloshing around oh geez. They probably killed this camera so open this thing up and look at this guys got water in there not much but enough to be on the bottom and it looks like the camera is off, but you see that there, just water inside of a waterproof case is Not good, and i had everything sealed up great – i even had silicone grease on there. I wonder it was so foggy. It was just like heating up the salt water in there, hey guys. Well, i think that is going to do it. We really did put this thing through an initial dive test and went through all the paces tried to grab some things. Things worked really well, i mean, of course, its going to be kind of variable, using the claw right to to grab things depending on the current. Definitely better than any other sub ive used as far as that 360 control, just fantastic there is that qyc sub uh it was it the v6 um that one was really hard to control. This one is a lot easier because it has those those stopping points right, especially with the the depth hold.

That was just phenomenal. You could move it in any direction. You wanted go forward back in any orientation. While you were holding the depth as well, it seemed pretty fast. I mean it could fight some pretty good current down there at times. The only thing was, i think two times the motors locked unexpectedly and i couldnt figure out like what was happening right. It just started to um float up just slowly, so i had two disconnections. Then i could just unlock the motors and it seemed to take care of that. There was one full disconnection where it seemed to reconnect and kind of heal its connection itself. It seemed like the app actually froze, or the video froze so still having a little bit of those little problems once in a while. With these things so im sure theyll continue to iron iron, those out, but its definitely come a long way. Since the original chasing series right from the original uh chasing gladius and up into all those other ones like the dory and the gladius 2, the chasing mini, this is definitely the culmination of all those theres, also a pro model. So, if youre looking for something that has bigger batteries and is more professional, its that oranger one, this is kind of like the prosumer model, where its on the verge of being almost like a pro model but its still affordable. You know its like a couple thousand dollars where the pro ones are up in like five to ten thousand.

So if you wanted to experiment with these and actually get really a really good sub, i think i honestly can say this is the best one i have ever used. If you havent seen my reviews on all my other ones, go ahead and check out the cartel pop up for all the other subs ive done and also ill have all those down in the description ill have like my playlist of all my subs and thats. Why? I can really honestly say that this is the best one ive ever used real work phenomenally very good. What i was expecting it to do was maybe shut off because it was getting bound up. Remember the tether was wrapped around and it was having a a problem. There wasnt enough torque in those brushless motors, but it kept going man as soon as i figured out the orientation of the sub to pull it back and it kind of alleviated the pool on this tether. It just kept going and kept trying to reel the thing in and never shut off. So absolutely phenomenal automatic reel definitely get this. If you can afford it the controller, the controls, the lights, everything remember, i was talking about just a little bit sensitive on these guys, but if you really finessed it really light, you could get some really smooth movements. Controller is very comfortable, as you can see, it holds the ipad mini nice and tight, and this will fit like the ipad pro in it guys.

So if you wanted to put the ipad pro, this bracket is big enough to just stretch out and fit a huge tablet. It also remember it has that hdmi port on the the back of it. So while youre streaming it to your screen here in your ipad, you can actually put an hdmi cable and have it on like another, big television or something. If you wanted to one more thing, i should mention guys remember. I was resting on the bottom for a bit trying to like pick up that rock and i i wanted to check the motors see if any sand got in these, because i was kicking up some sand resting on the bottom for a bit so im just going To spin all these perfect there no sand in there this one, no problem lets check the uh, the two fronts not hearing any grit or sand great, so no problem with at least resting on the sand and kicking up some sand for a bit, not even a Scratch on anything whatsoever, even the claw lets see maybe a tiny bit from hitting that rock remember were trying to pick up just a tiny uh black got um scraped off of that these serrated edges here, but everything looks perfectly fine. This whole thing, didnt even get a scratch from the sand, since that was sitting in the sand. A little bit of the ink got scraped off and thats. Really all that happened in that entire dive.

That must have been at least an hour dive, so holding up very well. This is doing really good. This electric motor for me propulsion just want to give them a shout out because just phenomenal man, its um kind of the cheapest boat you can put together for stuff like this. I think it only cost me a couple thousand bucks and this motor. You know electric motor, its super quiet, instant power, instant torque. So now again thanks so much for helping me out, we will see you in the next one dont forget to subscribe and click that notification bell. So you know when my next reviews are coming out: drones, subs, rc vehicles, boats, you name, it love doing all these things with rc and beyond.