I have only at the moment three falcons, but i got a couple of hawks as well: okay and an owl. There is a slight difference. How did you get into falconry um? I initially fell in love with a chicken who doesn’t yeah, especially a cute little bantam. Cockerell named pansy, oh and where is pansy now that’s, not a good story: tummy, no, okay! No! No, but i don’t know i fell in love with feathered creatures and then i was watching um eagles on webcams. You know um in the wild breeding and raising babies and being better parents than humans, and just i wanted to do wildlife rehab, and so i decided i better learn falconry because that’s, you know you have to handle them and you need to condition them and get Them hunting to go back to the wild so and then i just felt abs. I just became passionate about the bond that i developed with the birds and about conservation as well, so at first it was a hobby and then it turned into a business. Well anything that you love, you want to make it. You want it it’s great to earn money at what you love isn’t. It drones, yeah cool yeah. If you can do it that’s the dream. So the plan is the reason why i’m here is because you’re going to integrate drones into your show, yeah um well as a conditioning tool right as a filming tool, but also um yeah as a show tool, as well experiences.

I mean we faulconers use drones. Now, all the time they’re birds um well mainly to to get them to teach them to go high, i mean previously before drones, we used kites it’s a lot easier to fly a drone on a non windy day than it is to fly a kite on a Non windy day right and you you attach dead things to the yes flying thing and then yes, delicious dead thing, feathers thing, we’ll go chase. Yeah they’ll go they’ll, go after the lure. The row crow wing beat falconry. Now, we’re not going to fly it now, because the last time i did, i crashed it yeah and it got broken. Look at what did i do did i do that? I mean historically, faulconers used they’ll swing, a lure to mimic a bird in flight to condition the bird, and so i do that now as well, but i’ve also used particularly with peregrines i’ve, used the drone, because you can take it up to 800 feet. And you know if they’re still young and haven’t ever flown that high before and that’s, essentially their best mode of killing. So you want to encourage them to go up high high so that then they can stoop and that’s how they kill. Maybe you’re thinking that the drone is going to die each time. No, so the the no it’s just a little clip yeah right, okay, and so they hit the lure which is attached to the drone, a good bit away from it.

So they’re not in danger. Nor is the drone in danger and the minute they hit it. It comes unattached and then a lot of times we’ll have like a little parachute on the lure and so it’ll that’ll keep the bird from carrying it off and so they’ll just land we’re gon na use uh your drone for this Laughter what’s. This called the lure the lure and how does this get them back notice, how they’re all looking, oh they’re, all transfixed, sorry guys i was just kidding around and she’s like dude. My bad don’t tease me like that i’m putting down the lure so that’s that’s how you get them back, right, yeah, well or, and to just fly around you know we emulate again a bird flying around because it’s hard to catch birds, so they got to get Conditioned that’s like their treadmill: do they ever not come back um if you’re, not a very good faulconer or if they see something? Maybe they see a real live pigeon and if they’ve hunted before they might take off after the pigeon or the duck or the crow? Well, let’s meet some of your: are they all female uh? No we’ve got wait, one two three females and one male 1, so you have a bird harem, yeah yeah, all right, oh she’s, concerned with that camera, no that’s, just her normal being. How old is she she’s? Eight eight i’ve only had her about two months um.

She came from a friend, she’s, been mainly breeding for, like the last few years, but i’m flying her beautiful flyer, she’d be fun to do with the drone as well. We got us in there quiet, though that’s fine, all right all right. So what i would do is uh do my orbeez. I would go up and and go towards her and just kind of slowly go towards her until from the other side swing. This lure. Okay and then try and fly flyer yeah yeah see if you can’t get her to just scare her off the perch and i got to wear around four. I can motivate her going over to motivate the bird all right. Here’S your moment in the sun there bird Music come on maggie. You need to get closer. Where is she she’s now went to that other perk, she’s on that perch yeah, but she’ll take off if you go closer again, come on maggie, come on Music come on maggie, oh she’s, down low Music! Okay! Go ahead! Keep following her she’ll go up Music Music. She changes direction so fast, Music, that’s, the thing yeah. This is so good. I got you maggie i’m gon na get you oh i’ll, get you don’t think you could hide from me in the trees. Oh maybe maggie she’s she’s, smart she’s. I think she’s trying to get me to crash. I don’t want to scare her too much so yeah. Are we good? I don’t want to terrify her too much as long as she stays around this field.

I just don’t want it flying off where i’ve got to go, get her right. I think that’s, probably good enough. Okay, we can do the other one, so who’s this and the pretty helmet. This hood hood you’ll get laughed off the block. If you call it a helmet or a hat, okay, it’s, a hood it’s, a hood who is this ever heard of the term hood winked? Oh yeah that’s, where it comes okay, this is sophia all right: she’s, a sacred falcon and uh it’s, the second largest falcon in the world, the first being the juror falcon, spelled g y r thing about the falcon. The way you tell the difference is see the little bony protuberance that’s called a tubercle and that’s, essentially like the design for the jet propulsion engine it’s like an upside down mushroom yeah. So when they’re diving at 200 miles an hour um the air they can actually it slows the air down. Lets it circulate so they can pull the oxygen out wow of their first and use it in their first air sac, and then they go down to the next air sac and they have air sacs and not lungs. Sophia seems like a prima donna. Is she? She is all falcons are a bit. You know: high strung yeah she’s, a prima donna. Look at those eyes, she’s like what is that the birds being a little finicky Music. You know we got ta, call central casting and get proper stunt birds out here now this one flies in big circles, except for when i’m swinging, the lure is it he or she she she’s on the barn yeah.

Do you want me to try to bring her over here, or is it no i’ll motivate her? Okay, i see her. She sees me hey. What do you think probably better to be in the air than on the barn at this point right come on lady? Get it going, she does not. She does not care yeah, she will. If you get closer, i’ll come back uh around behind her yeah get a little closer yeah come on, come on, get up come closer there. She goes come on. You need to get closer to our show: land – hey, hey, hey, hey yeah, oh yeah! I don’t want to get too close. Go to my angle’s too high okay. Here we go i’m gon na i’m gon na land on the roof, see what she thinks of that. What’D you think of that oh yeah yeah. She does not care come on i’m gon na sneak up behind her come on i’m gon na sneak up behind her now come on. There you go there, you go hey, she is skimming the tops of the grass come on up up up Music whoa. I got close to you. Keep following her up up up. I think she’s telling me hey up up. Come on. Yeah, come on, hey, hey, get closer, hey, hey, hey, hey! I don’t want to get all up in her business Music i’m starting to get used to how she’s hey hey, making those quick turns hey and those dives all right bird didn’t run out of battery.

I did nice so if you would like to be falcon entertained, then you could check out the website there’s a link in the description and uh. When do you do shows? Well, i do experiences regularly on thursday afternoons and saturdays and sundays, but i also do private birthday parties events. I even have an owl that will fly your wedding ring down the aisle really yeah wow full falcon service. Here, yes, we are well that’s al. She wrote for today thanks for watching thanks for subscribing until next time, buh and bye. So who is this? This is abe abraham, okay, abe. For short, he looks scary, this close yeah, no he’s, actually very sweet he’s, a sweetie yeah. You want to give him a little yeah stroke very slowly. Okay, anybody, the signal from the eye to the brain is 10 times faster than ours. Yes, yes, hello, so you have to go slow. Could he have locked my finger clean off if you wanted to um yeah, i supposed to be really targeted, but the falcon would be more likely to do that than the hawk. These guys would he’d more likely grab you and pull your finger off or something oh yeah. The talons thought yeah 350 pounds per square inch. It’S gon na have a poo there we go. These guys are very compact. They’Re like little. You know how much can they lift they can take and kill and carry about up to seven times their own body weight.

A toddler yeah, a small toddler.