The trusty winchester see whats, see whats going on inside here all right brand new one year, warranty chasing dory, ordered it right from chasing innovation, so id have the warranty instead of going through banggood or any of those places. So we decided to do so. Lets crack this thing open and have a look all right. Lets uh pull the top off, see what we got here. Tracing dory underwater drone nice little carrying case with it. Thats nifty feels very well built open. Her up here come on. You can do it. Yeah! Look at that branch, spanking new looks good. I like the uh five thrusters this time, two on the front two on the rear and one in the center. So now this one has pitch lock, which is really cool. I think it also has altitude lock, which is neat and gps, all the cool stuff, its got all the fun stuff set. That aside, see whats underneath here yeah this things been unboxed by a gazillion people, so i dont feel like i need to do a whole spiel about it. Heres the buoy that floats – and i dont believe this has a battery and i think the buoy, when its attached to the cable is powered by the drone itself. The rov remotely operated vehicle lets see what we got here. I dont know whats inside there well check that out. Oh there, you go brand new, what 50 feet of cable, something like that 50 feet.

I think its got a dive depth of 50 feet cool little tool to uh, clear stuff out of the motors. If you need it, bunch of o rings, thats nice, thats cool they provide you with some o rings, something i wish the original one had and, of course, a charger with multiple heads on it. So you can choose what you want. That clearly is not going to work in this country. So oh look. They have the correct one in here for us in the us. So let me charge this thing up. Uh, like i said, theres a ton of unboxings i dont feel like. I need to do a whole unboxing, but im gon na do stuff with this that nobodys done before and im gon na show you how i do it, so they want you to buy their 99 dollar controller to operate this im going to show you how to Connect this to a seven dollar bluetooth controller from ebay. How about that? That way, you dont have to use their nine dollar one in this or the 99 one, and this gives you options a lot of options for choices, so im going to show you how to do all that. Let me charge this thing up ill see you guys in a bit all right got the dory on the table. Wired in you can see me waving. You should be able to see me waving on the fpv awesome check this out boom.

I told you i was going to show you how to use a cheap bluetooth controller to be able to control dory ive got all this set up. I can turn the lights on by pushing this one here, b, theres the lights on. I can start a recording that turns on the motors disarm. I can start a recording there, you go. If i push it again, youll see it stop the recording and thats just a seven dollar bluetooth controller thats. All that is so. I will show you guys how to set this up and key map it some of them, but some of it i can show some of it. I cant im just gon na, have to explain kind of how i did this, but as far as i know its just me and one other person that ive ever been able to figure this out so im going to show you guys how to save yourself. Some money now dont get me wrong. The trans, the the uh bluetooth controller, to operate this uh, actually costs 7.49 ill, add a link in the description when the time comes and the app you do have to purchase the app its a lifetime warranty for the or a lifetime membership with the app. If you purchase it and its really simple to set up, if you just follow the instructions, so that cost five dollars and like 50 cents to purchase the app so youre looking at under like 14 to do this and honestly i i like this better, the other Ones, wired and i dont know this just seems really easy.

Doesnt it like its just charge it and go. I mean thats very simple. I actually think i prefer this over the other version that they have. I dont know if you guys have seen the size of that transmitter, but its huge lights on lights off boom.