Oh lets, try some fishing and some underwater drones see what we can find setup is pretty fast. Sometimes the long cable can get tangled, which is a little annoying, but weve got the wi fi buoy and the dory drone nice padded carrying case all right now. Obviously, this is a little scary were down at this massive lake. So if something goes wrong, not sure if were gon na get it back but uh you know lets risk it for the biscuit Music all right here we go okay pause, so things are about to go a little wrong, but we first need to rewind a little Bit this is the chasing dory underwater drone. It goes for around 500 bucks. Now its pretty compact has a one hour run time. Has this 1080p camera goes down to about 15 meters or 50 foot depth and a wi fi buoy, so we control the drone from our phone. We can watch a live video feed. We can record photos and videos underwater its a very cool concept, with lots of fun potential, but im just not sure if its ready for prime time yet first lets start with whats included in the box. Its a pretty cool little travel case. Sweet little pull tabs here. Okay, i always like uh. I appreciate these little touches all right, so heres, the wi fi buoy papers, the long, cable and weve got power. Some adapters all right lets unbox the dory see whats inside.

Oh. I do like that. Matte, yellow its kind of cool design with the black theres that hd camera and then on. The back first lets head down to the park where theres some really clear waters and some beautiful fish and ducks and see how she goes. I set it all up, toss dorian and make sure youre following me on instagram at schminke, where i post all my behind the scenes and future projects im working on so right. When i go for my very first test dive. My disappointments begin. I made sure everything was fully charged and firmware and app was fully updated. I was using the iphone 11 pro and the motors just wouldnt turn on so then i try using my wifes google pixel 4. Maybe android will work better okay. So we connected to the android phone and the motors are working but theres no video picture motors work, theres, no video, janky, the funny part her phone will turn on the motors, but theres no live video feed, which sort of defeats the purpose of an fpv underwater Drone then, on my third try, i use my buddys old oneplus phone and for whatever reason his android was able to see the video feed and turn on the motor. So we were finally up and running. I also had my iphone se with me and what you know that one worked fine as well so thats, my takeaway, for you make sure you have at least three or four phones with you.

If you want to make sure your dory drone works. Okay, im just kidding but seriously their app needs some much needed development. I later asked my contact about this very issue and they told me try putting my phone into airplane mode. Okay, so check it out on my iphone 11 pro before it wasnt working, but they suggest to go into airplane mode and then i connected and it actually worked and heyo. What do you know? It actually worked on my 11 pro. So i guess, if you run into this issue, heres a possible workaround for you as silly as it is that its even needed for a 500 gadget so im. Finally, driving dory underwater and the phone controls are semi straight forward. We can control the tilt or angle of the drone. So if we want to maintain a looking posture like either straight forward up or downwards 45 degrees thats possible, we can start to stop recording video clips and snap some photos, theres a left and right joystick for moving forward and backward yaw rotation and the z axis For rising up and down in the water for depth control, once i finally got it working, it was pretty fun. Exploring the water, seeing all the fish from an underwater perspective was really cool. I found the fpv feed to be pretty responsive and sometimes the drone was kind of flipping and going wonky on me now, im guessing its gyro was off, but most of the time it was pretty easy and theres just a little learning curve to it.

Now i kind of wish there was a dedicated controller included in the package. It looks like they sell those separately. I also found that the tether cable would sometimes have a little tug or maybe get in the way of the drum now. It definitely helps if i could lay it out straight with the least resistance possible. I think part of the success of an underwater drone like this. You got ta, have clear waters being able to chase the fish around and even look up at the docks as they swim around. I found it was really cool and fun. A few complaints i found. First, they default turn on their chasing dory logo. Watermark. Every time you launch the app so check this out, i launched the app we go into settings and the watermark is turned on so lets turn that off okay, its gone, we can snap a picture or something right, and now we disconnect it throw the app away. Reboot, the drone Music, okay, we reboot the drone and what do you know lets go back into settings and watermark turned back on what now? This is just hilarious and janky. If i turn it off in the app please leave it off and while were talking about this, these watermarks should be turned off by default. In my opinion, if someone purchased this thing for 500 and they keep slapping their logo onto your images and video each and every time, thats just crazy.

Now i found the 1080p video to look okay. I guess theres varying levels of hd quality out there and i kind of wish this was either a 4k video or just better 1080p picture. Quality ive proved in recent action. Camera reviews that this 99 a castle, its 4k video, looks really impressive. I also wish the field of view was a little wider and im not sure if theres underwater distortion playing into it, but it was easy to get disorientated or difficult to pan and tilt to follow the action with the more narrow field of view. Take this insta360 go camera, for example its super small, and it has an uber wide angle. Camera maybe ill have to try attaching this or a 360 camera to the dory drone. Now that could be pretty interesting. So then day, two im heading down to the lake im gon na try some droning and fishing, and this could be fun and all right here we go Music all right, so i tried it. It was kind of flipping and flopping couldnt really drive it straight or easily couldnt see anything with the camera. Lets. Try a quick round two uh, tossing it off the edge and see if its any better Music look at the watermark defaults on every time. Thats. So dirty theres a little chunky in there. Ah, so you see that little rock in there, i think its jamming up the motor thats not good, well thats, not good uh, that motor is not spinning, even though i dislodged everything that was in there all right lets.

Try it one last time: well, there you have it its an expensive, paperweight, now doesnt even work. This is my second time out and it already broke all those different phones. I tried, and only one or two of them actually worked super rough for 500. Its still a lot of cash and id expect it to last a little bit longer, maybe some better durability, some better app development, its a cool potential, but a little janky, not sure if id recommend it but lets head back to the office for some final pros And cons Music wait a minute i cant come all the way down here without a few casts Music. Okay, so were back at the office, and i say to myself what the hey things are already broken. Let me try taking it apart and see what we can find. Okay, so im trying to take it apart, and this just seems like a dirty trick. All of these screws are this mini little phillips, which okay phillips is pretty standard, not a problem, but this one screw back here. No, it wasnt phillips. It was some micro, tiny, little hex, something that was really hard to get to. Why would all these screws be phillips, except this one is like a security screw. They really dont want us to get inside to have all the screws phillips, except just one thats, just annoying Music wow. There we go so thats the motor that wont spin, get it its really ground up something got in there.

Oh, maybe its that little rock hey did that fix it all right before i assemble it all together lets double check and see if she works again. Thatd be pretty awesome, there was just that little rock stuck in that motor. It was wedged in there. Tight all right were connected to dory. Hopefully, we didnt burn out. The motor looks like there was just a little pebble that was wedged into that motor tight and see if all motors work – hey nice, now im pretty sure, were not supposed to turn on the motors and leave them running very long without water. So um just keep that in mind, but whenever i do these tests, i just quick turn them on and off, and it looks like all of those motors were working. Lets see the back ones: yep gyro theres, the accelerometer and gyro its like a self leveling drone underwater. So just in case, if youre wondering i used this long phillips head, i dont know i had it laying around youre gon na need it to extend in there. Pretty deep and then this guy, i believe, is like a torx security screw. You can see theres a little dot in there. So just in case, if you run into this problem, that one torx security screw that i had to use came from this kit ill link. It down below, and it was the t6 that fit it pretty – well, Music, all right, so i was able to get her working again very cool.

However, i now have some concerns you think, for an underwater drone. This thing is bound to kick up some dirt sand. Pebbles and who knows what other junk floating around underwater? Maybe the motors arent well enough protected im, not sure it almost seems a little too easy for maybe things to get up in there now. Maybe my pebble wedge was one in a million or maybe its common. I dont know so i think the chasing dory drone has a lot of fun and cool potential and the price point isnt terrible at 500, but then again, thats still a lot of cash and id expect their app to work much better and its not like. I was using a weird phone. This is the latest iphone 11 pro and the google pixel 4. It still didnt work. Camera quality is just okay. I wish it was a little bit better quality or wider field of view, and, lastly, maybe some better protection around the props major bummer that only my second time out and it almost broke forever. If you guys want to check it out ill leave you the link down below huge thanks to chasing for sending me the unit to test out. If you guys have any questions or thoughts.