Now I love this teller drone. I talked about on the channel all the time because they think it's an incredibly smart drone, that's a whole lot of fun to fly and, if I'm flying a drone in the house, because it's raining out or maybe it's too cold to fly. This is my go to drone and I love nothing more than putting this little guy hub and zip it around the house just to relax in the afternoon. The challenge I have with the Telo is that you'll get ten or twelve minutes of flight time. Out of it, which is plenty, but then you have to recharge the battery and the only way you can do that is charging it inside the body of the drone, which means you can't be flying while you're charging the battery so you'll connect it up with a Micro, USB cable to your charger, set it down and let it charge and you've got to wait for that battery to charge, and the challenge for me is when I'm flying I want to fly or if I've got nieces and nephews over. I can't just fly for 10 minutes. They'Re like come on, get the drum back up in the air. Let'S fly some more, so I started looking for a charger that could charge more than one battery at a time outside the body of the drone, and that way I can charge the batteries while I'm flying to be ready to go when this one runs out of Power and I brought in three different Chargers – I tested them all and I settled on this one for various reasons: I'll explain in a minute, but then I never talked about it in the channel, because I wasn't sure that anybody else would need an external charger for Their Telo and then just this week I had three emails.

Come in saying, look Rick we're flying to tell Oh. Have you ever seen a charger they'll charge more than one battery and I thought yeah, I probably should do a clip on it. So this is the one I went with and the reasons I went with it because there's a lot of chargers that look similar on the market is, I was looking for a voltage regulator, charger which means it's going to safely charge the batteries and not just fire. A bunch of electrons on them and hope for the best it actually checks each battery when you put it in and make sure that it sends the right amount of current to that battery to safely charge it. The other thing that's different about this compared to some of the other ones, is that a lot of the other ones are serial chargers where they'll charge one battery move on to the next and the next and the next. This one charges all four batteries simultaneously. It also gives you a gono go indication when you plug the battery in if it needs a charge and to use it, it couldn't be simpler. There are four slots on the top the batteries slide in there. It comes with the cable you plug the cable in plug that into the wall and I'll plug in the first battery, which is one that is fully charged. You'Ll see it stays green now, the battery in the teller is flying this earlier today have a lot of fun with it.

I'Ll pull that out. This one needs to be recharged. Now, when I slide this one in you'll notice right away, it turns red now that's pretty easy to indicate that the red means it's charged in the green means it's fully charged that's a great way to go. So for me having something like this, where I can throw one two or three batteries in there charge those while I'm having a lot of fun fly. My drone means that I'll have those batteries ready to go when I'm done. Now you get about 10 minutes of flight time out of the TEL on a fully charged battery. The four batteries in here together take a little more than an hour to fully charge, but usually there's, one that's closer to being charged than the other, so I'll pull that one out and fly with it by the time that battery is depleted I'm ready to go With another one, so it's a great little accessory it's, not that expensive, it's less than twenty bucks, which i think is a pretty good deal but know that it's going to charge your battery safely. Because, even though those batteries are not that expensive, you just don't want to ruin a battery. If you can avoid it, and you got a lot of the Chargers in the market, the two that I test it. They were kind of hinky in their voltage and the way they actually charged the battery. So this is the one we went with now.

The fact that you guys wanted them. I brought a bunch of a men and we've got them up on the website, so there's a link below if you want to go check them out like I said we have them in stock, we ship out every day we ship for free. So if you're interested in it hit the link below you can support the channel by buying it through that link and that's pretty much it for today.