Im gon na take them out one on one right now with a battle royale and i need to become a chad, but not just any chat. I need to become the chad. Did you hear that i heard a door slamming no ones supposed to be leaving the house right now, someone left yeah check out there. The teslas not here well its obviously not v shes. Blinded right now she cant drive daniels watching over her right now, no its chad. He must be doing that weird rage mode thing that hes been doing all day yesterday. Hed get angry at any random moment. Youre right, ive, never seen chad like that. The notification from chad, what is he up to he better, not be getting into trouble? Hey agent peters. This is a youtube short. I am at the park right now. I want you and your hackers to come fight me one on one because of what you did to my wife, youre gon na pay for that yeah. I think thatll work there we go. Those hackers should be showing up any moment. Im gon na hold this. In my mouth – and you guys are gon na see what its like to be me when youre fighting hackers and kicking their butt and ive got my transforming stun stick right here. I might just whack them with this, or i might just transform it into nunchucks, so they got it. Coming lets go find us some hackers, huh gosh chad.

He cant be doing that. Hes gon na get himself hurt all right skull and crossbones rescue mission, skull and crest balls lets, get it yeah. I cant believe chat, hes being so reckless just going out and about challenging all these hackers, hes gon na get all of us in trouble. One day i feel like i could understand where hes coming from you know they attacked his wife v and who knows if shes gon na be blind forever or something? I really hope not. This could all be part of agent peters plan. He could just be distracting us so that agent peters can move forward with his plans on september 4th to restart project zargo. Yes, the heck, so we need to get chad back on track. I hope this isnt a case of chad donning a new personality or whatever spider, chad boring chad, my personal favorite one. Well now we have chad, we got ta save chad. Today, oh yeah, either from the hackers hes gon na be fighting or the fashion police yeah. What is up with those shapes theres, a tesla, i think we made it lets check out the tesla no sign of chad. Is he not in here shade tinted windows, no ones in there? Oh, we know hes somewhere in this park, luring hackers. I wonder if hes doing good or maybe were already too late, but if peter sent his old army out to get chad. You know how many hackers we saw in that warehouse of his hundreds here comes some hackers.

Now, hey you got ta make that youtube short yeah. That was me. We didnt like that. Oh yeah! Well, i dont, like you, guys, cause youre working with agent peters. You know what he did to my wife. You know we did. Oh, no! Oh, you dont, and we dont need to know because youre calling us out yeah, i am calling you out and im gon na fight. You guys right now. You think you can handle this. I think you can ahead of us. Yes, Music, Music, oh Music, and you hackers stay down that felt really good guys teaching these hackers a lesson. Nobody should be working with agent peters. I put out that youtube story not too long ago. So im sure therell be more hackers showing up here, and hopefully agent peters will be showing up lets go explore this park over that way. Regina lets check it out what the heck hackers hey stay down. What happened? Get down theres more of those fine ninjas man. We dont want no more problems, all right. Why what happened he came through here. He got a whole lot of angry issues. He got to work out, man dude his wife back, we aint even did not man. He called us out well yeah. He has a good point. You guys shouldnt be doing what youre doing if it means dealing with people like that man, this aint even worth it im done im done. Oh youre youre quitting projects Music, oh the mask, yeah, okay, right on chad that was kind of effective chad.

He made two people quit i mean theres got ta, be more then. If agent peters really is sending hackers here, then chads fighting more of them. He could take on too, but he cant, like Music thats, pretty reasonable yeah. Unless they always arrive in pairs. You know, then he could probably go up to 700, but over the course of like okay, okay, wheres chad, chad well lets keep looking. Maybe if we find more hackers or something i dont know, okay come on come on. What is this another hacker hes? Not looking too happy, hey hacker dad well, clay thats right who are you imma have to agent peter told me to get you lets fight? Okay, oh you got some kicks huh yeah, you better quit being a hacker because i dont like asian peters. You got that! Oh, i think hes done lets go, find some more hackers. Chad, maybe hell, respond to that because thats how he calls it regina. Oh, my another one check him out: hey, hey back stay down, get up, youre, confusing regina. Who did this to you? What was your situation? What happened? You tell me what happened chad while clay he he kicked me right in my head. Another one just been taking down hackers back and forth. Are you okay, dont? Ask if hes, okay, hes a hacker hes, an idiot its true, you shouldnt, be a part of project zorgo, its an evil organization? Did agent peters recruit you? Yes, he recruited me and now i have a headache because i got kicked well.

You know what helped that headache. Taking up that mask and quitting project zorgo yeah, maybe go back to school. Your numb skull really yeah yeah take up like interior decoration or something lovely career, yeah, maybe youre right. I think i will quit padre zorgo. I cant get kicked like this anymore. I do have a keen for fashion, so maybe ill get into that yeah very monochromatic. Look yeah fashion just take the mask off get out of here all right, but dont. Look at my face: okay, aint. Nobody want to see that face get on out of here, good job. You know chad is kicking butt thats, the third hacker and its only been a couple minutes yeah, but this doesnt feel right melvin. Why hes not acting out of self defense anymore? Remember the spy ninja tenants! We never throw the first punch well, he is avenging v. I know, but it just feels wrong. You know what he should be doing right now. He should be at home taking care of his wife who cant see, but here he is over here, just beating up hackers. It doesnt sit right with me. It just doesnt. It really doesnt thats what we have been doing for such a long time were trying to defeat hackers and now chads actually doing it. With this newfound chad thats somebody i like you, would like him. Yeah i mean hes kicking butt. I would hate to fight him. Melvin come on, you need to snap out of it too boys.

Sometimes am i right, ladies well: if we run into chad, then maybe you can tell him that hes doing a bad job and what he needs to do. He is, i think he needs to keep up the good work. Maybe you lose the shades and put the collar down, but hes doing great work, no chads become a real chad and i dont like it yeah. It makes sense for the longest time of knowing chad. I never ever thought about him. As an actual you know urban dictionary. Chad definition is this it for him. He he has finally become the meme. His final form. No, we cant. Let that happen we cant come on. All right lets go come on, for my wife be quaint. Where are those hackers at? Oh? This is the game: Music, all right, Music, Music Applause, Music! Look! I found something gopro on a head mount the headpiece is wet ew. Is this sweat ew ew? What its a head mount? Obviously someone put it on their head and it was sweating or something i know, but youre smelling their sweat kind of gross. Do i dare open it up and look at the footage? This could be chads. We have one just like this at the safe house. Music left his gopro and he was fighting three hackers, but none of them are here to park something right now. They all have ninja gadgets. Oh gosh. I hope chads not defeated.

No, no, no hes not check out this clip regina Music run Music. He is fighting that guy out of the frame the gopro got knocked out of his mouth, but hes still fighting that other guy, its not too late its time stamp. This just happened. A few minutes ago: okay, okay, well, i dont see him anywhere. Chad, you got ta. Do the signature chad call out your turn? Is that it Music? Did it work yeah right over there, regina melvin, you got ta, stop him shows in trouble. What you stole my kill, i had him. I had it right where i wanted him. No chad were here to save you wheres, my hat regina. I stole the kill. I have to stop and dude that is crazy. Yeah youll steal my kill. That was a great thumbnail shot right there. I think we should use it as a thumbnail for this video, hey, melvin, sorry, bro, im, sorry bro, you just dont steal. Another bros kill somethings gotten into you, chad, i dont like it. I i did, but i dont like it anymore. You dont like it when i do it on you, huh. You have a wife to care about chad. I do but thats. Why im not going on revenge right now to fight everybody who had anything to do with her going blind yeah, but you cant, do it alone, youre going to put yourself in danger and then whos going to watch v? That means maybe youre not going to watch me.

While i take out hackers, i dont want to take out peters Music dont do this. I know you want to do this. Wait melvin, youre right. What am i doing? The spy ninjas have always been about team its not about one on one: hey, you be quiet, yeah im, giving my awesome monologue right now shut up interrupting my monologue. Maybe you should just come back to the safe house im, not gon na. Let you stop me from figuring out what happened to my wifes eyes, because shes the most important thing to me in the world. I have just the idea. V is the most important thing to chad, Music. Well, i thought they were on the same team. I dont know theyre boys, Music melvin. We make a great team, we sure do, but we got a lot to talk about chad, wait hows v doing we got ta, go back to the safe house and help fee yeah lets get out of here. Before more of these hackers come on by cause, you have to post something about calling hackers yeah dad. I want to revenge, but now i see that i shouldnt do it alone. I should do it as a team with my spy, ninja friends yeah come on. We got to get back to the safe house im sure you feel whats happening. I feel kind of bad for this guy, but okay lets go back here. We go Music, well, chad, its good to have you back thanks, regina.

I dont know what got into me. Just got so angry about what agent peters did and i still didnt get to. I didnt get to him at the park. I dont like what he did to my wife feet: splashing stuff in her eyes, making her blind agent. Peters is a horrible person, but we need the real chad back. Okay, not this guy, who just acts out of emotions. We need to be smart and tactical. Okay, chad, what am i working with here? This is the logical chat, youre right, regina. You just made me realize, if i think, logically, if i take my time to think about whats right instead of just acting on my emotions, just acting because im angry that i can make better decisions, even if i dont act when im angry exactly thats. What i like to hear jesus and your wife is waiting for you at home this whole time. You were angry, be enough hackers, but vees the one that needs you the most youre right. I need to be there with her and for her, and do you know what makes me really happy that you could do right now, uh just being there for her yeah and just something else: um smooches ew, no silly! She loves those yeah but say that for the bean bags, okay im talking about tick, tock wait, i think thats. What makes you happy i dont know if it makes me happy. Oh yeah, no! I i turned me into tick.

Tocker she loves it. She does. She does, what do you say? We go home to a tick tock, yes, Music! Oh my gosh! That was amazing, the one where it was like over here i threw my hand over there my hand went right, melvins mouth you think i was gon na make it there. I did see tick tocks, make life happier yeah that ones for you b. I hope you enjoy it once your vision comes back. It will shell love that one yeah she wouldnt be able to make that tick tock at this Music, i Music good job. That was great, i think so. I will get better at tick tocks. I have a feeling this tick tocks gon na get millions of likes millions, millions. We have this tv, we can show her awesome, tick, tocks, yeah or she can listen to them. Hes gon na love these technologies. This has made me realize that bee really is the most important person in my life lets get her wow Music. Oh my gosh, you got eyeballs drawing on your things. I drew it on. You know cause i used to do makeup, so i thought i could you know put it on for you wait. Did you start making beauty videos again, but as a blind person? No, i i i fell into the pool and then i got all wet. So i had to repatch myself and i thought id draw on some cars.

Damn it made, you fall into the pool, dale thats right. I cant. I cant revert back to that again. Im done with this angry chad, chad, chad, the chad, oh yeah, chad. You almost got yourself caved what kid: okay, im: okay, oh yeah, its okay v! You dont, need to worry about a thing im here now. Im. Sorry, i left you. I went out to get revenge on peters and hackers and i realized i should be here with you – be really nice chad cause. I fell into the pool and i wasnt sure if anybody was gon na save me and daniels, the worst swimmer out of all of us did daniel, actually save you though, or did douglas save you. I mean hes here no daniel did oh okay. He came home good job, daniel yeah, oh douglas guys. I found something out. Whatd you find out found a way to track down agent peters, so we can defeat him once and for all tomorrow. Is that right doubles little oinker wait. This might be my chance to get revenge on peters, but with all of us as a team. This time tomorrow, on daniels channel, we are going to take down agent peters and get our revenge for what he did to vs vision, and we still need to figure out how to get the sight back im right here: Music, oh yeah, sorry, oh yeah! We were doing a kick bump or something right, yeah, okay, v, can you do a kick bomb? Yes? Could double us do a kick bump? Yes, we need a kick bump out of you, its really important.