So when you open it open it up, it has the drone, the accessories, these manuals and the goggles and the controller. So when you open it up, you will find all these things all ready to go and once you take it all out, it should look like this all right. So this is what it looks like when everything is out of the kit. So were going to talk about the jones uh specs, so starting off with its altitude hold function, so it can hover with a laser thats looking at the ground. It can sense anything so it will hover lets, say its hovering this high, and it sees an obstacle that high, it will see it. Itll raise up, go back down once its past. The obstacle itll go back down to its set height. The drone also has a brushless power system which allows it to have more powerful motors that that hold longer and uh speed up quicker, so that you can do better our current freestyle um. So the drone also has the self protection method where like. If it flies out of range, it will just automatically land and also, if it like, runs out of battery itll, just stop and land and also, if it like, hits something itll automatically just disarm so that it doesnt like get its motors, broken and tangled in achievement. And on the topic of self protection here just talk about saturn. It also has turtle mode.

So lets say you crash into something and it disarms and it flips over onto its head. You can spin, you can flip it into turtle mode and it will spin the motors backwards and itll flip over. So you can keep flying. It also has three flight modes, normal mode, sport, mode and manual mode. So as you progress, you can progress. The drone, as well so in in normal mode itll, fly along, pretty slow and, and that will teach you how to fly fpv once you put it into sport mode. It doesnt have as much of uh some some self protecting or whatever. So when you fly forward, it will lean forward a bit more allowing for more speed and you can do more stuff once you put it into manual mode. You have nothing at all its just you so thats why its called manual, so you can do the flips and rolls and whatever and yeah, so once once you progress, the drone will too oh yeah and also with the drone. It has 18 000 kv motors and theyre 1102, so theyre very powerful allowing for cool acro tricks, but not as not as good as those professional freestyle, but definitely enough to get you started and and its something that the normal seniors wouldnt be able to do so. Um, you can connect the controller to a flight sim with this usbc port. If you have like a playstation, you can connect it onto um like the flight sim.

So you use like the controllers, come with like this usbc, the usb a port, so you plug the usb a into the playstation and then use the usbc um to plug into here. And then you can like um use the controller like this to fly, because the playstation controllers are very hard to use and its not anything like then its not even close to real flying um and also the drone has optical an optical flow feature where, like um Well like, if you put its like a horizon lock, so if you push it here, itll just come back and yeah um. So the camera on the drone is a c02 fpv micro camera which isnt a cad x modus, which is like 4k and its not like around camera, the really good colors, but it still gets a good signal to the goggles and its still very good um yeah. Oh, the second thing i wanted to talk about with the props theyre 1.5 millimeter shaft: three blade: 40 millimeter props, um theyre, not gem pens, but theyre still really good quality and they dont break that easily. So it is a fr sky, d8 receiver and its a 25 milliwatt vtx, which will get the video signal from the goggles. The power system on this drone on the cetus pro is 1s, so itll get you going, but the flight time will not be too too long, so thats, the one problem, but its all good its enough to get you started and also the weight of this drone Is 33 grams but thats without the battery, so you see what its like now i see no batteries just like everything here and the motors is 33 grams, but yeah so its 33 grams without the battery.

Now the flight time with this drone, as he said its not too long its only like 45 minutes, mainly its like 4 minutes and 45 seconds, and yes, so you can also only fly out 80 meters before it will just automatically land. As i said earlier, because i mean because its only a beginner drone its not like an advanced one and youre also on the ftv, so you dont really need to go like a bajillion kilometers out so yeah its, not its really good distance. If youre um, like its even good for pros all right so now im going to talk about the batteries, they are 450 milliamp hour batteries 1s batteries and they are bt 2.0 connectors. So they will go in the bottom of the drone here and you got to just make sure the cords in here dont go into the blades so thats. Why? I got a bit of tape there because sometimes they do go into the props, but thats fine, and these now were gon na go over all the things in the package. The goggles here are very basic goggles. They are beta fpvs, the rot, goggles uh. So on the side they almost have next to nothing of switches and very, very basic, so ill go over the switches here. So there is the on and off switches, theres. Also, the s which it means for search so youll hold that down until it makes a beep and it will find the abandoned channel for the drone.

It has a band button, so you can go through all the bands and it also has a channel button which will go through all the channels. If you want to change and thats thats very helpful, because you could just fly up in the air and then go, you know, 10 meters out and theyll be very um snow snowy, so you got ta, make sure everythings all right there, but thats pretty much it And also like this is the um charger, slash like voltage tester, if you just put the battery in here like this, on the test on the test, one on the test thing it like its just plugged in like no, you just need to put it on the Test one oh yeah, and then you know overview of everything in the package. It comes with the quick start guide and the user manual comes with this card, so you can subscribe to the youtube channel and you can follow them on facebook and instagram, and you can go find out more on that one and that support so its a little Link uh, it comes with two batteries, so you get eight minutes of flight time. In total you can theres a prop remover tool, so so you can help remove. The props comes with the battery charger and tester comes with the gimbal protectors and the controller. The drone itself comes with spare props and the usbc connector for for um the beta flight uh.

It also comes with the goggles and the usb c uh connector for the charging cable. This channel, thanks for watching dont, forget to use your common sense to likely subscribe. Sorry, this review came out. Late. Uh was messing with our schedule, but peace.