I got the message: homie aint, no flexing on me. My attorney gon na call and collect blessings on blessing. For me, my successes only made them envious. They got upset. I had to put all their egos in check. I want the money to power, respect and i heard you know so and so youre not a threat cause. I really know so, and so they like my family, so they go pretend that they cool today busted your chest. Im getting good. Am i floating like butter, my check in the bank? They see the number all of my haters feel one or two ways really upset it. They show some respect. I cant even think about it. Ive been up so read about it, youll be to run it straight to it no ring around it. You coming for me. Well see about it, well, never see it when i get my feet up, 100 meters way around the field and go for singing, i had to re up on a reel, so you stay defeated and put Music blessings on blessing. For me, my successes only made them envious. They got upset. I had to put all their egos in check. I had to put all their eagles in check, youre not entitled to anything else. I get 10 years of this under my belt, your artisan art. They dont feel it and nobody hears it. Initiative stay on the shelf. Your ego done got in the way you got ta die today it got ta go.

You should be happy, got light in the low the weight of your arrogance, heaviest stone. I make an appearance. They already know that chip on your shoulder, gon na crumble and fold yeah its not a secret that you have been fearing the that im on to you back to the bragging about, but im in a class on my own. I heard they checking for me. Nowhere checking on me, so i had to go on Music, something about that song just absolutely, and this is where demonetization takes effect. It absolutely gets me hyped like i just want to go out into the street. I want to streak. I want to go kick open. The doors to the local applebees i want to dance on a bar naked, maybe not no. Yes, i want to dance on a bar naked at applebees in front of, like the 4, all 40s crowd all the 40 year old bombs. What they call them mills is that, can i i could say that anyways its wednesday night, its another wonderful wednesday night, we have a 99.967 male audience, so, whatever i say here, possibly couldnt offend you. I want to thank you all for joining me this wonderful evening. Weve got a wonderful show planned for you. Weve got a special guest. I am im already one beer in and tonight we are drinking. We are drinking florida, orange ipa. This is the first time im trying this from a wonderful brewery out here in st pete brewery brewery anyways its three daughters brewing brewing god.

I i i wish. I focused on my speech impediment a little bit more when i was in school um, maybe not its like a trademark. All right lets go ahead and bring in my esteemed colleague and host. I pay him very good money to be on the show every single week. Thats a lie: i pay him, nothing. Eddie nunez whats up mr original adobo whats going on eddie money. How are you tonight wait? Wait. Wait were calling you eddie the lips eddie the lips eddie the lips. I got to keep up with all the all the the things that we we talk about, all the things eddie, all the things yeah weve got a good show. Tonight we do we do. We have got a great show ive, i its its its almost christmas time. We have one week next week is our annual christmas party, god im sorry, i ive drank a lot right now, um guys, if you already havent, i want to see a bunch of flood the stream with lips for eddie. Let eddie know you appreciate those luscious wonderful lips, just flood it with the lips, no super chats just lips just lips. I want to see all the lips uh im gon na have to create a um. What do you call those the the special things that the members only have yeah they get the the emojis im gon na. Have it but im gon na make one for you, eddie, im gon na make one for you.

I feel special now talk to me about this holiday party. Is this like a staff holiday party, so its like its a staff holiday party um, its its really casual um were gon na, do like a were gon na? Do a secret santa for the audience where im just gon na give away a bunch of like were nobodys gon na know whos gon na win it because im not gon na say pick me pick me im gon na pick on members that ive seen have been Members for all you know, theyre theyre, in the brew crew, i know who they are and then were just gon na give stuff away to them and then and then were gon na ship it so thats. How were gon na so thats gon na happen wednesday, wednesday night is gon na, be a special drone, bruise um and were gon na be uh having our holiday christmas party, so thats gon na be pretty awesome. Um that im, a member since day one i cant, wait youre now part of the staff youre part of the staff you cant youre, a part of the stuff. That means i get the bonus, then cant wait. Um wow, look at all those lips, eddie wow! Look at all his lips like crazy. If you ever felt not loved there. You are right there. You are right there. If anybody else saw this chat, they could be like whats going on yeah drones, drones and lips um.

So weve got a special guest tonight. Weve got a special guest tonight, and this is somebody whos just making rounds and i feel like in order to bring him in. I have to give him a proper introduction. Hes never actually been on the show, but hes been on the channel. Weve done some videos together, ive been on his channel. We and ive got a chance to to meet this person in person, while i was at commercial uav and im gon na get a chance to hang out with them again when im in vegas. But this is a guy that i feel is probably as selfless as they come is willing to do whatever it takes for not only the hobby but the industry as a whole, and he has right now whether hes intended it to be or not one of the Fastest growing channels on youtube when it comes to drones and he provides a ton of information, you know what im talking about right, eddie, absolutely im, not talking about billy kyle, stop what no um, uh pink and blue pink and blue hes got a name youre youre, A little closer who is it um is it greg? Is it greg its greg hes a little pizza is a little hes, a little pixelated, but i want. I want you to take. Take note of this image. So what do you notice whats happening here in his image right now, eddie, because its amazing whats going on in his image? We have some great color contrast here between the pink, the blue and this uh yellow yeah.

But what what do you see on the wall? Eddie, oh, we see an adobo hologram in the back hold on bro isnt that amazing. That is it. He made me a gobo, its adobo yeah, its adobo gobo on the wall of gregs house. Thats. Amazing greg is amazing and hes got my shirt greg. How are you man, youre gon na, make me blush? Well, i figure you needed a good introduction and uh. You know, like i said i, i appreciate what you do uh sincerely like i said we got a chance to hang out in vegas and i had an amazing time. I had an amazing time and i think uh we made. We made a lot of good connections. Some of the connections i dont know if they remember they made connections uh, but we made good connections um and were gon na be in vegas yet again for ces, and i am thinking that this year and hear me out because thats in the title i have To say, hear me out im thinking its going to be a quiet year for drones. I think it is. I think it is looking at the list. I dont really see that many um that many people out there for drones, yeah and – and you know, whats a good indicator that this ces is going to be different than all the other ces is the prices of hotels. So as i go through right now, there is still vacancy where you can book a hotel and you can book a hotel for relatively cheap and previous years.

When we would go to las vegas, we would spend upwards to five five hundred six hundred dollars a night for a hotel on the strip. But right now you can get a hotel on the strip for like 115 bucks, which is insane that is insane im gon na i see theres some comments about my audio being a little low, so im gon na im gon na switch here to uh different headphones. Its coming its coming better now, its coming in really good, now well stand by. Okay were standing by were standing by, i think um hotels, being ultra low, is the indicator of the traffic that that youre, seeing out there in vegas. Well, you know the problem. Is we we have this the the virus, obviously which is still lingering, and i think, a lot of people associate when they go to ces like um? They they associate going to vegas and they get sick. Like i will say the past two times that i have gone to ces. I have gotten sick ive come back and we call it the ces flu um, but its a its a real thing. Man its a real thing now, oddly enough, i go to commercial uav or something like that. I dont get sick. I never gotten sick, so um! Well, hopefully thats not the case this time. No, i hope not, i hope, not um. I i think, i think that you know with the very low attendance and all the restrictions, its going to be its going to be tough but um.

I think. For the most part, a lot of the manufacturers that would have been in vegas have already shown us all their cards right, yeah, djis dji is not going to be there. Um x dynamics will be there, but they already showed us the evolve too, and we already know that its you know its not complete. So, unless that theyre, bringing something a little bit more complete um that will thatll be awesome, um autel is going to be showing us the nano which they announced that back in september, greg whats your thoughts on that situation, thats, which situation is that the uh? The fact that its not here yet or the drawing well yeah yeah like the the fact that they announced it back in september, they say a nanosecond, and now here we are were going to be in you know, january basically and its not here. I think they were trying to really get ahead of the mavic 3 announcement to get some visibility but um, i think its just a really bad marketing strategy. Quite frankly, i mean we see dji, you know they do what um they do. What apple does apple? Does it so well, they have the device, they show it to you an hour later. The the the store is open. You can buy it and then you get it a couple weeks later or in the past, like you get a couple months later, but uh dji seems to be getting a page from that book.

But hotel is not so its uh its a little bit disappointing because you were rooting for them. I know you and i you know we talked to them at the show in vegas in the past and – and i know youre close to them as well and its we want to see competition, but its like come on guys. Kick it up. Kick it up a little bit so so uh so lets address this relevant to a lot of people are talking about b, h, refunding uh the pre orders that were paid for on the nano so heres the deal youre right, it was discontinued, but its not discontinued. So they changed the skew. They changed the skew on the nano, so the skew that was provided to b, h, adorama and all these other manufacturers is different than the sku that will be sold so absolutely theyre refunding the skus because theyre theyre wrong. What theyre going to end up shipping you wont match as far as the product numbers go so its not that its? It is not continue to being produced because we dont have them in hand its the fact that the sku is changing so in term they are refunding the orders and youll have to rebuy under the new sku thats, just how b h runs their system. Obviously, i would have thought like it would have made more sense. Just to you know, send an email out and say: hey customer.

We know you had this on pre order, but were updating. The sku here is the updated product line instead of refunding it, but thats, probably what they have as far as their system goes. So i agree so i mean i i its not that theyre i mean they dont, have they theyve already produced. So many of these you know theyve already produced so many of these uh, but theyre theyre, the only company that i think is going to bring something really new to the table. Beyond that, i dont really know of anybody else, thats going to be at ces uniques not going to be there theres, really nobody else. I think skydia will be there. This year, scadio thats, the only two ive seen skydio and hotel, is the only uh, some publicity that were gon na be there. So i guess well spend a lot of time on these two booths. Yeah, i mean you know, and you know it makes my life easier, because if theres only a couple of uh booths to visit, i like that because then i can go screw around with some of the other stuff thats, not drone related, which im going to probably Do anyways because i, like the camera stuff, i like the uh, you know the lighting uh thats. That to me is the important contacts to make is: is those guys um not not necessarily uh going to you know all the drone boots, because the drone boots are great but a lot of times they forget who you are, and you know, or you know they Just dont put it out: maybe 0 0 will be there.

This year, yeah, i was gon na, say dont forget to stop by that booth and the power egg version 2. Please i want to see that. Is there a power? Is there going to be a power egg booth? Who knows now this list for ces? Is that public information that that you can go online and see everyone thats going to be in attendance or – and you know, whats crazy – is when you register when you register for ces, they can see every registrant and their contact information, because, after like once, youre approved For your registration, like this week, my email emails been flooded with all these invites to these events and im like im, not like, i got an event, i got an invite for a bidet. Please, please come stop by our booth and check out this bidet i mean. Do we get to try this out there or are they going to provide us samples? I mean ill review the symbol. I mean thatll be interesting. I didnt. How does a bidet even work eddie were you no? I know i was in the first time i ever tried one. I was in jfk and went into the vip lounge because i had some time to kill, saw that the bathroom had one and i pressed every button possible whether it was for male or female. Let me tell you that was an experience: um wow, wow, wow, wow um, wow um. I do know i too know uh my my buddy kevin who he is uh an executive with t mobile, ive known kevin for years.

He he messaged me and he said, hey. You want to check out some of our 5g racing drones and i said yeah because theyre going to be there t mobiles got their 5g fpv drones that are going to be there. So i think itd be a cool idea to check that out so greg. If youre, if you want to check those out, i want to see these things in action, because this is the future when it comes to racing, is these five 5g drones so yep? I think i think i reported on that yeah. I reported on that. A couple of weeks ago, when that came out, yeah thats that sounds exciting lets. Do that yeah. I still yeah eddie bro. You just killed me tonight, im reading the comments in the chat im. Reading the comments too and im just like im im laughing inside because its its funny its funny because its just its its a unique experience, i tell you that, like uh yeah, it was interesting. I got a. I got a funny story about that. Whats. That greg is french, so he knows all about the bidet, which is a funny thing, because people all people say that. But i think theres only one person that i know that ever had a big day in their house uh. But when the pandemic hit and then the shortage of tp was around, i was like screw this im not fighting to get tp.

So i did go online and i did buy one its an attachment you can buy and you can put in your uh in your toilet. So i was like you know what, if we run out of toilet paper, at least ive got something that i can use. Yeah i mean that makes sense and that, and that probably makes sense why they became so popular and why theyre going to be at ces. I mean its going to be an interesting thing to see them like to see them right next, to like the panasonic booth or something i dont know how many vendors are going to be. There, i know, were going to see a lot less companies from overseas because the the restrictions on those companies to come into the states, um and be able to present or even have a booth is crazy. Did you see the restrictions theyre imposing? I do i get the email today yeah its crazy, so obviously you have to have your your vaccination to go to ces, which i have that theyre not saying you need the booster and im not putting anything else into me right now. Um i mean the next thing. I do its going to be beer, something something harder so thats thats that but theyre theyre using the clear path. So you register with your clear, pass and thats how they validate all your information, which i think is going to. Hopefully, expedite things, but my goal is this year, because theres going to be less people, i think it may be easier to get a more personalized experience with some of these brands.

So some of these lesser known drone companies, maybe ill have more time to talk with them. But i think what also is going to happen is its going to weed out the crap, because so many i dont know if you ever went to like ces 2020 greg. Did you go to ces 2020? So so there was all these like really obscure brands of drones that like never, they should not have been there right, they they just paid for it, but they should not have been there and they just and they never came of anything um. So im, hoping with with the you know the restrictions we see less of that we see less of these crappy. You know crappy brands. I agree, and you know i mean you and i know because thats what we got when we were in vegas a couple weeks ago, a couple months ago, yeah the um thats a great location to do these may have these connections with people and talk one on One and you know, go out to dinner and have a beer and and have discussions kind of you know behind the scene and thats thats. What i really enjoy about this meeting the people in person – and i mean like you, i remember seeing you walking down the hallway – it was like. Oh thats dobo yeah its its sort of surreal like like, like you know when we were when we were at commercial uav to be able to sit and meet and talk with vic moss was like like i would have.

Never. If you would have told me, i would have got a chance to meet vic, you know you know two three years ago, ive been like. No, you know so like to be able to hang out with him and and be on good terms with vic is, is absolutely awesome, um and hes just a lot of fun to be around youre a lot of fun to be around, and just you know to Be able to go to like the event with the all tail guys and meet all of them individually, um, and you know they were fun now that was fun to do that. Im, hoping im, hoping that its like a repeat of that um, you know well see. Well see ive ive ripped on them pretty hard over the past couple of weeks, but i think its warranted to the fact that theyre not really theyre not really pushing to get answers out to their to their fan base. Theyre not pushing you know they need to have better communication yeah and you know doing it to be mean. I mean everything that you provide. I mean even with the other drone um. I i think its uh its its hard, sometimes to hear the truth. Quite frankly, right and um – and i think i dont think that anybody should be offended by anyone at the end of the day. These are just products at the end of the day. These are just products right so like when we say something when we say something, whether its good or bad, its got to be taking as constructive right like look at the mavic 3, for instance, that was not a complete product at all right, not a complete product.

At all um, and when i first got that i was really sort of like disappointed with with with it. Like you know here, it is. This is the next iteration from the mavic 2 and i felt like it was a downgrade in a lot of ways. Um. It was funny i was talking to eddie yesterday and hes like flying hes like dude. I cannot figure out this freaking exposure like were flying it and using it like. We normally do, and i think what dji needs to do with some of these prosumer drones is to provide a little bit more clarity on how youre supposed to use some of these new gammas and like d log, for instance, how the hell do you expose that They really dont, say they dont, really say how you need to use it like, i feel like if they give like like when they first put these out like whether they hire one of these influencers to say this is how you do it, but that should be Like one of the first things that happened like when they release these things, but but now with the update, its better im, still annoyed that the new update doesnt have the ability to put a lot in there. This i know its the the the vlog is is just so not to be like the d log, sorry panasonic yeah, the d log is so flat. I mean its uh its inspired too flat, and the inspire too is super flat thats.

What eddie said because hes down there um yeah so im pointing to you like that, thats what eddie said: yeah its um, its the first log that i ive had a tremendous um. You know difficult time just trying to bring it back to rec 709 um. You know what i was doing when i was out and i think what messed me up was that native iso of 400. yeah yeah. So i was out out on the field like for sunrise. I decided to go and shoot in log and i was looking at the histogram and looking at my ev comp and i just made sure that it was at one stop over and then, when i came back home, it looked fine on my screen right. It looks flat, i see the histogram every look, everything looks fine when i came back home and im trying to add either dobos lut or um the the dji lot, that they provide im, still overexposed and im having a tremendous time to bring back the colors and The contrast – and it was difficult – i almost gave up on it, so what i found is lowering the overall exposure first by like a stop and a half, and you got ta the only way you can manipulate the the log footage after the fact is by using The curves, if youre using any other tool other than the curves its going to be very, very difficult to bring that back.

Yeah i plug it in into the ninja, and then i do. I just do a lot preview in the ninja and that helps and ive been doing this with the inspire for a while as well. Just because i like having the uh the separate screen but its it gets bulky. It just gets bulky and then this this new controller unfortunately has the uh, the mini hdmi out, which uh yeah thats it i just hate. Just got ta have another cable in the bag and everything so i mean its first world problem, but still yeah, but but its is it first world when, when you like, when you do this for a living, when you, when you do this for a living, is It really like a first world problem because its a utility we we buy these things to be a tool, its a tool first, so if it cant do what we needed to do and and accommodate like its task, then its a problem, its not a first world Problem its a problem to us, because that could, in some cases affect our income um. I know i know when i was on that shoot in hawaii. One of the things that the dp kept saying to me is like he goes. I really need to be able to see what its going to look like. I i cant, i cant vision it in my mind, so i had to keep switching to the the standard color profile.

But then what i had to do is adjust the iso to try to match the the you know the exposure and then and then, when i go back, i had to switch it back. So that was a problem in itself so um i hope they get it. I just learned that the best exposure for for the d log is directly in the center. I know its like the weirdest thing like im, not over exposing log but thats how you get the best results. With with the d logs on the mavic 3., i mean thats what ive seen anyways yep, it almost doesnt make sense. It almost doesnt make sense to film like that. Does it yeah the results is good, though i mean the results are its its a good, its a good drone. The image quality is beautiful. I know people have been having issues with how stable it is and how like in a jerky it is mine, actually has been super smooth out of the box. First time i flew it. I was actually amazed it stops and and the camera doesnt do the little wiggle when you stop hard it just kind of stops and its smooth and uh. That was actually a good surprise yeah. So so one thing i noticed, so i obviously have had some bad luck with these um. I had the first. The first cine version had really bad horizon tilt like super bad horizon tilt um, and there was no saving it now.

My first drone was a standard version. I had no horizon tilt, no horizon till so my second standard i have no horizon tilt as well, and its working fine but theres some people complaining of like a vibration in the rear arms. I havent personally experienced that vibration. Have you eddie? No, the only thing i have on mine is the horizon tilt yeah. So i didnt notice that yeah im having to correct it in pulse by, like one degree they got to fix that, though i think that thats, something that they have to fix, like you, would think like thats, not acceptable. For you know a a a drone of thats this caliber that thats not acceptable yeah. The inspire 2 had that issue forever still does you can still buy a newer, inspire 2 and have that issue i just cant, i i guess im so critical on products and but i feel, like you, have a right to be critical for the pro products. You know youre youre, paying youre paying for a product youre buying it. Why would you ex? Why would you expect or accept anything less than perfect, and the problem is this is my biggest problem with a lot of people like the the ones that fan out about a product, and they accept mediocracy is the reason why products dont get better? This is why companies are okay with releasing a mediocre product. Stop accepting that that, when a product releases that its not correct or its not a finished product or if they dont outline, you know known issues, there should be a known issue like bullet point like hey.

We know this is a problem, but here so you are aware, so it doesnt catch. You off guard here are the known issues like dji sort of did that when they released it they said hey. These things are not working, but they didnt really outline the known issues thats my problem with it yep. Well, you become a beta tester right and this this is not just in the drone world. Unfortunately, this happens. A lot in a lot of places have big product that gets released, and then you become the beta tester and then they may fix it eventually down the line or they may not, and then uh, then you stuck with it that sucks. Did anybody pick up the uh, the new, i know eddie, you bought the new macbook greg. Did you buy the new macbook im on it right now, so so one of the issues i had with the new macbook is, as i started, using it. I was getting these errors where it would say the memory was filling like that the memory was full and im like wait a second. I know i have more memory here and im like what the hell – and this would happen over and over over course of time of using it. It would throw out these errors where the memory was filling so didnt have. That is that the max of the uh pro uh mine was the pro. When was the pro version? I know eddie youve got the pro version as well right, or did you go max? I have the pro yeah the pro.

Have you seen that error on yours? I have not, but i havent spent a lot of time on mine either yeah yeah, so i noticed like with real, steady and any app thats, not really fully optimized um, for you know the m1 system, but its like for me its like a lot of apps Arent going to optimize for m1, you know theyre, just not, and you cant expect them to and and if its part of your previous workflow, if youre an intel user, you cant like me personally, i feel, like apple handled this migration, to a new chipset entirely wrong, But what do i know im? Not a trillion dollar company, three trillion dollar company um. So what do i know, but i i feel like they that it was just like almost too soon for them to to jump to uh making those changes. I could be wrong, though you could be wrong yeah, you know they did the same thing when they switched to intel. I dont know if you were. I was a mac user back then, when they switched intel and we had the same growing pains back then i think i get the first intel macbook and then eventually get better. So i i think its just a matter of time, especially with the jump in performance that we get from this to the previous. You know intel chips. I think a lot of companies are going to start to put money into developing and making sure that they can use all that power because for them in the at the end of the day, it looks good because the software is going to perform better.

I mean you know i use final cut. We use final cut in the office. We all of our flow is in uh in pro res now and its just a beauty. This uh the the m1 max with the uh, the the prores chip, and that is just its just so fast and for me the workflow just makes sense. It makes it so much easier. Now we can do what we did in the past in a fraction of the time, so its um right just awesome, yeah thats thats. True i mean i mean ive been pretty happy with using final cut when i have had to use it, but i mean ive. Just gotten so accustomed to premieres workflow and the fact that i can copy projects from one machine to the next or or like if, for instance, if i need to send something to uh one of my employees, i can copy it to an ssd hand it to Them they can open that project now and all the contents of that project and be able to use it. So i mean thats thats, a huge, a huge thing for me at least to have something like that right. We do that with libraries. Are you shooting prores on the on the mavic on yeah and thats thats? What weve been that was part of the reason why i wanted to get the mavic 3 not only to test it, but to make it part of our workflow.

You know we get all the drones, we test them and uh, and some of them just sit on the shelf and some of them we use for shooting content, and the mavic 3 is definitely going to be our our first camera for doing most of everything we Use the inspire when we can, but sometimes we got to travel. We do you know we do hike, we go hiking and when we go hiking we cant really. I have a backpack for the inspire 2, but it just gets bulky. So weve been weve been taking the air 2s, mostly to do a lot of the the the background video. You know when we do a deep dive for a drone. We use the air 2s and then we just shoot outside content of the drone in itself. But now i think the mavic 3 is going to replace that im a little sad about the zoom on the mavic 3.. I was expecting something closer to what we have actually on the air 2s, because its beautiful we can just zoom in a tiny little bit. It doesnt have to be a whole lot, but i can zoom in get a closer shot of the drone without getting super close to the drone, especially when its a little windy outside. So i think the zoom is uh, quite frankly, a little useless on the mavic 3.. Hopefully they give us full manual control eventually of that lens, but id love to have just a non digital zoom, an optical zoom, and be able to control the aperture and be able to record it in perez.

But right now its not happening its sad one. Second, greg, if you all say kenny one more time, ill ban, you from the chat, say kenny one more time. My name is ken. My drivers license ken. My name is ken. You say kenny one more time say it say it one more time. Actually i cant ban you thank you, theres a kenny in there theres a candy in a chat, though oh i see, kenny kobe, okay, yeah yeah, allow it okay hate that i hate that name. I hate the word. I hate the name kenny. I despise it like. I hate it not like if your name is kenny, thats, fine, thats, your name thats, not my name. My name is ken guys. I think i think dji is going to surprise us with a firmware for that camera, though i i just you know, im hopeful that they are going to release some sort of update, where its going to make it maybe sharper right, whether its its something thats happening In the processing power of the mavic – and i think that well have um, you know more controls in terms of maybe the frame rates um the focusing needs to improve on it right because i tried it the other day for that sunrise flight. I was focusing in on something and it couldnt focus at all. You know: theyve made some improvement to that app. I know a lot of people dont like the app, but i didnt end up first, but ive grown to actually like it, so i hope youre right.

I hope they keep kind of improving and adding more stuff. I was surprised today i was changing the white balance and then i noticed that it switches back to full screen when you change the white balance, and it gives you an actual preview rather than having a whole lot of content on the screen. It actually slides and uh, and it shows you whats going on so thats um thats. That was a good surprise actually, and then i tell you another thing: i love i know were not talking about this, but im going to talk about it anyway, uh yeah, the smart controller, the fact that you can actually record the screen on the smart controller. For me, its a big deal because we do tutorials, obviously yeah you have the ability, its so flawless, you just click and actually it records the tab on the screen as well. We spend so much time in post, adding little bubbles of where we tap on the screen to tell people so now its its all in there. So i was thank you dji. I know youre listening so and it doesnt it doesnt hurt it. Doesnt hurt the performance of the smart controller, either. No, no so thats it thats a nice idea that they made they made the processor strong enough fast enough to be able to record the screen and not like overheat, because if i tried doing that on the uh, the the previous generation smart controller, it would it Would it would get very laggy it wasnt, like ive tried – and i was like ive – stopped doing that since, but now i dont care because im like oh its perfect um and its 7 20.

, it was 720 now its 1080. Actually so its you know what we did we had to get this is this is so complicated because we we need to record the screen, so we did the the ninja five and then we would record from the ninja five except anytime. You touch the screen on the smart controller on the old one. It would actually stop the recording on the ninja five, so we had to get a device in between the ninja five to stabilize the footage and then send it to the ninja from the smart controller. So we had actually a cable going into that that had to be powered by usb and then another hdmi cable going into the ninja 5 ninja 5 having to be powered itself. It becomes this gigantic uh thing just to record freaking footage from you know the uh from the smart controller. So im glad this. This really saved us quite a bit of time. I mean you know. I think i think theyll continue to improve the camera. I know right now, theres, like a lot of speculation around it about the detail. People seem to believe that its not as sharp which i i think that detail and sharpness are two different things as far as the camera goes, but i think something that really hinders the quality that you get from the mavic 3 is how wide that lens is Like its a pretty wide lens, like its a micro, four thirds sensor, and then it has this this lens – that is just the field of view if they would have made the field of view as wide as lets say an air 2s or the same comparable sizing.

I think that would have been better and i think thats, where a lot of people get lost in the sauce, that they believe that theres a lack of detail and its more or less its the wideness of that lens, because with wide angle lenses. Unless, if youre at, like f8, at least on aps c cameras and even even on full frame cameras, doing real estate, youre going to lose sharpness and youre also going to lose sharpness and detail in the corners um and i think thats, where that suffers a little Bit too, i dont think theres going to be anything they can do to fix that unless, if they make lens mods, which that would be pretty awesome, im actually wondering if there is more to it. I wonder if you know most cameras have additional sharpness thats done at the software level before you even download the footage, and i wonder if because youre recording, you have the ability to record and pro rise and doing all that and then its taking away. Some of that computing power and theyre not applying the sharpness uh filters on top of it, but i i dont know im not a computing guy, so i dont know how much its fine. I look at it. This way, id rather add the sharpness in post like id rather add the sharpness, because sometimes im like man, look at the fringing and it just looks really crunchy and looks terrible.

So for me personally, im okay with not having sharpness at it in the image id much rather do that in in post. But thats me im, like i may be the minority with that, but i think what they you know, a lot of people that are buying the mavic 3 uh, you know are probably like. You know that borderline amateur professional, uh, maybe theyre the same way. I mean, if you know, if sharpness is of uh an amazing amount of concern to you by the air2s thats, just pretty simple, i guess yeah its great drone anyway, here to us um whats, going on here in the chat here so lets see im seeing some Happen im seeing kenny in the chat yeah. I see that um im looking looking dji mavic 3 is not a pro class drone, its an unfinished untested, overpriced product, its only overpriced if you cant, afford something by the way so sold to suckers. So somebody who buys that is, like listen, listen! Let me let me break it down for you if you cant afford something youre, obviously going to get pissed that its overpriced right, thats right. If, if i wanted a bmw, but i can only afford a pinto, then the bmw is expensive, but its not sold to suckers its sold to somebody who wants it. Who who has a need for it? You know every. I look at drones like tools right. Drones are tools to me.

I dont look at them as, like i dont collect them. I use them and if i break one its a tool when youre a kid and youre in class and youre, you have to sharpen your pencils because your pencil is dull. And if you break a pencil, you grab a new pencil end of the day. That pencil is a tool you dont collect pencils. I know its a pencil, its like probably two cents, but hopefully you understand same thing with paint brushes. They have an expiration date. They theyre theyre a utility theyre a tool to get a certain purpose done same thing with drones. Uh, you know cell phones, not a tool, but it could be a tool. Cameras are the same way. Cameras have a life expectancy. If i blow a shutter out on a camera its because im using that camera for its intended purpose, i fully expect that its going to break and that would need it would need to be replaced. So now with that said, i agree that the the mavic 3 wasnt the completest product, but at the end of the day it being incomplete its still more complete than every other manufacturer thats on the market. Today, yeah – and i think you got to think about what what is really a pro drone i mean is: is the air 2s? Can it be? A pro drone? Is the mavic 2 pro pro drone? I mean you use it to make money right, youre, professional, right, thats, really the definition, so i think the the the original mavic pro uh – i dont know if it was a pro drone.

The quality was really not there, especially at 60 megabits per second. But you know when you, when you start getting into, i would even argue that the air 2s is pro level im, a professional. I do this for a living. I use it to make video content and you know what we make money off of it. So it is a professional drone and it works. I dont know that i would do this with a mini 2, but you know what per level its really whatever fits your needs to me. I look at the mavic 3 as a hybrid between the air 2s that weve been using quite a bit. The 2 pro weve been using quite a bit and then the inspire 2, which is bulky and, of course, has better stuff, because i can change lenses. I can put a 45 mil on there and i can get a lot closer, but um the the mavic 3 is a. It has its place its right in between right. I still have the progress for my workflow. If you dont use prores, then it probably is not the drone for you, the mavic 3 standard is probably just fine. I know kenny did a video on that. I dont think you need the prores like and ive even used the prores and eddie eddie was telling me the one night he was trying to transfer, he was running and they said they fixed this. I havent tested this personally eddie.

Have you tested this since the second update? Yes, its fixed, okay, cool, because there was an issue where, if you were trying to transfer lets, say more than five files and those files equaled out to lets, say more than a hundred gigs, which its its pro res? It will be um, you couldnt transfer those files because it would it would actually start crashing or disconnecting from the mavic, and that was like. I was like all right. Well, whats, the point of doing this. You know its silly cables. I think it was overheating and it was disconnecting yeah and it would stop and you will have to restart. I switch cables im using this uh. This thick apple, cable for data. I dont like integrity yeah, i get better transfer rates using. I found out this apple. Cable has better transfer rates than the dji provided cable, not not by much, not by much, but it is slightly better. It is slightly better, which is fine, yeah its significant enough. If you do a lot of recording that it saves yeah, it saves a little bit of time, but you know what kept me. You know what kept me from filming in prores. Was the noise like there was a lot of noise, especially in low light situations if it was daylight out no noise, but there was a lot of noise. I havent compared it im im hearing that the new update they they added. I couldnt find it but theres an option now, if you shoot pro res to do pro res with noise reduction.

Oh is that is that what it is per as with noise reduction yeah its new now with the new update, but i couldnt find it. I was trying to, i was digging through the menu as much as possible and i couldnt find it but its out there supposedly i got ta, go, try it out. I got, i got ta, try it once i get the uh, the senate version back the problem. You know, obviously mine went out for repair, they, they identified the issue and they just they said it was a bad gimbal, so they just exchange it. Theyre, not theyre. Obviously, theyll fix that unit and theyll send me another unit um, but i dont see the point really in needing to shoot. Prores, like there isnt like a massive quality difference unless youre filming something unless, if youre filming something that is super high speed like something where theres an object, moving faster and you need to capture every single frame like if youre filming, like a speedboat or a moving Vehicle and you need every single frame. That would be the only time i say that prores is is really necessary because it captures more frames. It captures more information than h.265 or even h.264 thats, the only time yeah, i think, for the yeah. For me its for the lots and stuff we can do in post getting a little bit more out of it in post, but you know i know a good place where we can test it.

In january ken wheres that downtown ally uh downtown vegas wow, you got a lot of theres theres a lot of lights. There we dont need a waiver – oh theyre, there. No there is but like, but i think there is spots on the strip like you know, where the trump um the trump um tower is there, that is outside the zero grid, authorization so technically yeah. So technically you can launch there and as long as youre near as as long as youre near the um, the uh, the tower or the highest object, youre going to be fine, because the choppers are going to be flying higher higher than that and were going to Be near that so thats an authorization were good, there lets, do it ill, bring it and then, if, if, if the faa says youre allowed to fly there, then youre allowed to fly there, i mean we could submit a request too and request to fly in there. I dont see why not yeah i mean i mean we can just submit a request and uh and then see if they let us go. I i plan on flying the desert. Ive done this. The past couple years i like to rent a car but youre going to be driving out from arizona right yep. So maybe we can just take a trip out somewhere into the mountains somewhere and go fly one of the days that were not going to see yes and just run some comparison tests out there.

I think that would be actually pretty cool. I love the colors that you get out of the desert. Like you, cant get a bad image yeah. I know what we can do ill bring the uh ill, bring the octozilla that we built and then well put a bunch of drones on it and well do something comparative: okay, okay, we can yeah that sounds good lets. Do it dude thats, one of the benefits of living close you can just like we can. We can do these things. Thats gon na be awesome to be able to um. Do those things i think thats gon na be pretty cool, so im um, yeah, im just im reading the trap theyre just going out yeah their chat is on fire. Theyre messing theyre messing that dude up yo hal how 9 000 your house zero now bro, because you cant even comment because the brew crew, just you up man, how does that feel? Youre gon na feel those band hammers till tomorrow morning bro my recommendation. If you already havent consulted, your physician is to uh drink, a beer sit back and just realize you cant comment, because they they they banned you because thats thats, what happens im sure hes in the process of creating a new account yeah youre uh, is that your Fan yeah lon just banning them down banning them down uh, you know, but thats thats. What happens, though, thats what happens um in those instances all right lets shift gears here, because i did want to go ahead and bring this up while we have it on stream.

So triple tech, you guys remember this triple tech. Seven! This is the triple tax, seven tablet. This was the tablet that a lot of people bought when they were wanting a high brightness monitor. Well, we did something we finally got it ready to go, so this will be available um. This will be available tomorrow. This is the minimal mount now for the triple tech. Now i want to go ahead and make mention that this is not going to work. The same way that it does on the triple tech 8, because the triple tech 8 is a very narrow device. I had to make these nubbies that clip onto the triple tech device, so we made these little nubbies and they clip and then it clips into your mount so its still a very minimal design, but now they clip in there and it works exactly how it should. If you have the minimal amount for the uh, the triple tech uh, eight inch, its gon na, be the same thing on the triple tak. Seven, so um were gon na, be releasing that uh were gon na, be releasing that soon were gon na be releasing that tomorrow. Hopefully i dont know if ill get it out, but well probably get it out tomorrow. So if anybody has the triple tack, seven there you go um, everybody felt like we were neglecting the the seven inch tablet and its. I still think its an its a its fine, its its perfectly usable, um and um.

I still my mind, still works and still functions perfectly, so i will be releasing that so greg greg has no comment because he only flies with ninjas ninja vs right. I dont. I dont have one i hate to say it so yeah. I i ive been seeing you all your content about it, so it makes me want to buy one, but i dont know you know it was before the pro controller came out. I didnt know if i was going to buy the cinna version. I was like you know, this is a good solution, because i needed something bright and the triple tech. 8 works. Great. The triple tech 7 works. Fine too. I had some issues with the triple tech 7, with the all tell drones, but i got to be honest. I really havent flown the all tile drones in a long while i have not used my all tile drones, gosh and probably maybe its been about four weeks now. Maybe two weeks yep, you know, i think what happens is a lot of times. You buy all these drones and you find one of the drones thats all of a sudden, your favorite drone and you fly it. You fly that drone so or you fly fpv weve been building. My team has been building me a bunch of fpvs because they know im too lazy to build them. So theyre like you, need to try this. You need to try this so ive just been going back and forth between a whole bunch of fpvs and uh.

Its been fun, i have not. I havent flown, i havent flown well. I i take that back. I flew a gig on saturday uh, but i really havent flown for fun, because if i dont have a spotter, i dont want to risk it anymore. Like im honestly – and we talked about this the other week, im honestly gun shy to fly with. You know to just fly like, even if i have a spotter, i have to then introduce that spotter.