The mavic 2 pro is a fantastic drone, but the m2ea is quicker out of the box and has much better features for inspection work. The m2ea has created the perfect opportunity to move into thermal inspections, to detect issues with solar panels, thermal insulation, roof ventilation and damp to mention just a few applications of use. We visited hobsons brewery to inspect their solar panels as its been some time since they were fitted. The thermal camera on the m2ea allowed us to identify several malfunctioning panels which werent visible with the naked eye and werent visible on the visual camera of the drone. You can capture images and video from a distance with the 32 times digital zoom four times, lossless zoom on the visual camera and a 16 time zoom on the thermal camera, which isnt available on the enterprise dual by the way. The thermal camera has a decent 640×512 resolution and you can capture 4k video footage alongside thermal footage side by side on screen in split mode and whilst recording and capturing images. It comes with a dedicated smart controller, with a bright display and a simplified control menu. The controller makes it so easy to show clients on site and on screen the video or image that you just captured its a mid range drone, bridging the gap between the big spenders and as professionals at the lower end of the market.