This is jason here. Lets go ahead and get started with the tour were gon na start the tour right here at the main pool area. This is midship. There are two pools here in the main pool area. They are separated by a bridge right there. In the middle. There are four hot tubs on each corner of the pools. Also, there is one pool bar youll notice that in front of the pool bar there are extremely comfortable looking loungers. They fill up pretty quick, so grab one of these early in the morning. If you can, the celebrity reflection is part of the solstice class, so it is important to know that there are five ships in this class. All ships are extremely similar ill go over the names of those ships here in a little bit on one side of the pools, theres the pool bar and on the other side is where the live bands play and they offer fun games and stretching in the morning And things like that, up, a deck on deck 16 youll notice that there is a canopy which is really cool because you can relax in these chairs and still have a view of the pool area. Listen to the live music and be shielded from the sun, which is nice up here on deck 16 youll also find the mast grill, where you can order a hamburger, hot dog, a soft served, ice cream or a beverage. It overlooks the main pool area right here and on the other side, is the mass bar, which is a nice spot to have a drink.

Relax in the sun maybe have a seat at the bar. This is also a smoking section and because the mast bar is directly opposite of the mass grill, it also overlooks the main pool area lets. Take a look at the solarium, so were gon na shoot right past the main pool area here right past the bar were gon na go right into the solarium. The solarium is completely covered check it out. Its covered completely in glass is whats cool about the solarium, and what a lot of people like about it is that they control the environment. A lot of pool solariums are extremely hot. They dont have air condition, but this one because they control the environment, is always nice and cool. It is an excellent place to sit back, relax and take a nap. I have been on many celebrity ships and i always enjoy relaxing and hanging out in the solarium, especially when were leaving port over here in the corner. Is the spa cafe you can order a smoothie or you can get a healthy snack. The healthy snacks are prepared in the morning and in the early afternoon also, if you would like a coffee, there is a coffee station available. The solarium has a couple of hot tubs on either side throughout the solarium youll enjoy nice. Relaxing music now check this out were gon na shoot right through the solarium head right on back by the pool bar and the pools again keep going straight and were gon na go right into the buffet area.

This is ocean, cafe its open for breakfast lunch and dinner right when you walk in youll, see segundo bacho on the left. There is also a specialty coffee place down on deck five, which is called cafe, albacho, which well take a look at here a little bit, but i already have my routine down right. When i wake up, i head right to cafe albacho and grab a cappuccino. I relax drink that cappuccino. Then i get a second one and head right on up to the buffet and get eggs benedict with french toast thats, my routine every morning, usually for lunch and dinner ill eat somewhere else. I like to go into the main dining room and enjoy a dinner there like. I was saying there are five ships in the solstice class, so this is what im gon na do down below the description of the video im gon na show you what those ships are and ill even provide a link to those sailings, so you can see where They go so after you watch this tour video. This tour video is good for all five of the ships and keep in mind that, if you want to book any one of those ships make sure you give me a call, you see is what we do. Is we provide discounted rates on all cabins, its amazing and people love it? Our clients cant, believe it when they call in for the first time, and we quote them a rate.

Our inventory comes right from celebrity, so keep in mind to get the best rate guaranteed, which is what we offer. You must give us a call im going to put my 1 800 number right there on the screen. These rates are not posted on our website. If you enjoy eating outside, you can head all the way to the back. Lets go up a deck up a deck directly above the buffet area is the sunset bar. The sunset bar is an exceptional spot to have a drink. Its all the way here at the back of the ship, its a relaxing area – and it has amazing views you can also get to the sunset bar going down deck 15. just head on down the jogging track, go by the lawn club and boom youre right here. At the back of the ship at the sunset bar speaking of bars and speaking of drink packages, it is a very good idea for you to understand the difference between the premium and the classic package. When you give us a call, if youre interested in knowing the differences, please ask us take a look at this on either side and front of the sunset bar are two strips of grass. They play putt putt golf here and bocce its really cool the strips of grass run right into the lawn club. The long club is what i wish my yard looked like a definite favorite here in the long club is the long club grill.

There are more than 12 grilled specialties that they offer with your choice of poultry seafood, beef. You can enjoy a one on one interaction with the chefs. The long club started with the solstice class and you can find it on all five of their ships. In addition, it extended to the edge class, which consists of the celebrity apex and the celebrity edge. The alcoves here on the side are an additional option. If you would like your own private space here in the long club where you can order food and drinks and relax the entire day, also here in the long club, youll find the porch, which serves the freshest of seafood youre going to want to try their seafood Tower, if you love those raw delicacies and youll see, the porch is also just right around the corner from the main pool area more toward the front of the ship is the solstice sundeck. If you just want to get away from the crowd and catch some rays, its a perfect spot right here in the front of the ship, all the way at the front, youll find the basketball court its a smaller court, but it does the job. I want you to get an idea of how deck 15 is set up. Theres. The porch right here is the main pool right here is the mast bar keep going straight, were gon na go by the solarium, then the solstice deck and all the way here at the front.

Is the basketball court take a look at the windows right below the basketball court thats the observation lounge watch? This were going to jump back down to the solarium, go full speed ahead and were going to run right into the sky observation. Lounge right here in the center is the bar throughout the sky observation lounge. There are many comfortable places to sit and relax a lot of people like to come in here with their laptops during the day and get some work done if need be at night theres. All kinds of entertainment that comes in there are bands there are game, shows all kinds of different activities. Now, if you are thinking of going on an alaska cruise, the solstice class is a perfect option. When you go to alaska youre going to want an observation lounge at the front of the ship, there is no better way to see those glaciers. The millennium class ships also have an observation lounge at the front of the ship ill place. Those alaska ceilings down below the description of the video, just in case youre interested lets jump on down to the lower decks. The lower decks are on deck. Three four and five were on deck three deck. Three is the smallest of the three here on deck three youre going to find the grand foyer a lot of dancing and entertainment takes place here, its nice, because at night they dim the lights and everyone can sit around and hang out at the bar and get Ready for a night of fun, so if we go across here well get a good look at the grand foyer, it spans three decks so deck three.

Four and five all converge right here right next to the passport bar is the shore excursions desk. I found that i did not need to use the shore excursions desk at all. I booked all my shore excursions online or when i got on the ship via the app and right across the grand for your opposite of the passport bar is guest relation. Now all the way in the back of the ship is the opus dining room. This is the main dining room. Celebrity does celebrity, select dining so anytime that the dining room is open. You can just walk on in and have a seat and dine smart casual is recommended. This is lumini. Lumini is exclusive for guests who are booked in sweets. The menu changes daily. It is common to find dishes such as filet mignon and lobster tails. If guests, who are booked in suites want to go into the other main dining venues, thats fine lets jump up to deck 4.. Right here is the martini bar its really neat. It has an outer area which is cooled isnt that cool martini bar is a popular spot, while youre on the cruise youll definitely stop by and have a drink and theres a nice little lounge. Here, over to the side, there is a bar: all the bottles of liquor are covered in ice. These are premium vodkas, and here you can also enjoy fine caviars across the way here still on deck, 4 is seller.

Masters, solar masters is a tranquil spot where you can just relax, enjoy a bottle of wine or check this out. They have a lot of fine whiskey. Tastings right by cellular masters is the casino. The casino bar is along the same corridor as a lot of the shops and along this quarter, you can just walk right on into the casino and youll find. The casino bar is whats, really cool about the casino and is what we enjoy are the tournaments, especially on sea days. You can go in and enjoy a blackjack tournament or a poker tournament, and there are really cheap. Buy ins lets head on out the casino and go down the corridor here. This is where youll find a lot of the shopping right here is the entertainment center, where youll enjoy games like charades and name that tune true and false, also theres a bar over there. In the corner, also in this area, youll find future cruise vacations. If you book a cruise while youre on board, you dont necessarily have to book a cruise. If you just put a deposit down, they will actually throw in some onboard credit. So it is a good incentive and then you can book whenever you want, and after you put down your deposit with them, make sure you call us to book your cruise because were gon na give you that awesome discount heading all the way to the front right Here is the reflection theater throughout the entire cruise.

There is gon na be entertainment in here every night for this ship. The talent changes regularly. So you dont know what youre gon na get until you get on the ship. Its gon na be good. Just make sure you dont miss any of it over here is celebrity central. This is a versatile theater, because not only do they show movies here throughout the cruise, but they also have game shows like dealer. No deal lets jump up to deck five. Let me give you a quick rundown of deck. Five were gon na head by the jewelry shop. The world class bar right here is cafe. Albacio and down here is the ensemble lounge. All the way in the back of the ship are three dining venues lets head back midship and take a closer look at deck five. This is right where decks. Three four and five converge over to the right is sushi on five. The sushi here is a la carte, its part of the specialty dining. I know you want to know the difference between specialty and complimentary, so ive placed the link down below the description of the video under dining, so you can check out the prices and see whats complementary and what is charged across the hall is cafe. Albaccio desserts are changed out depending on the time of day. In the morning, you can enjoy croissants at night, cakes and brownies heres, where youll grab your specialty coffees. The experienced baristas will make you a cappuccino, americano a cafe, mocha or you can choose from a wide range of teas, hot or cold.

You can sit out here if you like, relax and enjoy your coffee. I did pretty much every morning and then i headed up on to the buffet still here on deck. Five right around the corner from cafe. Albaccio is the world class bar. This is an elegant space to sip premium drinks. They specialize in gin and homemade mixes, make sure you try one of their premium whiskies its a nice place to sit back and relax and enjoy a drink before dinner. Now past the world class bar going toward the front of the ship is where youll find. All of the jewelry shops so throughout the cruise theyll, be doing all kinds of really cool raffles and giving away prizes turn around going. The other way on deck. Five were gon na head toward the back of the ship and go to the ensemble lounge, which consists of a few venues, the main part of the lounge, which is a tranquil place to enjoy violin or piano music at night. So here there are a few other venues, so right around the corner from the bar is michaels club. This is exclusive two guests who are staying in suites, so its a nice place to come in and maybe do some work on a laptop or hang out at the bar. Here. All the drinks are free. You just open up one of the doors and grab whichever one you like or if you come in during the regular operating hours, you can just get a drink from the bartender right next to michaels club is murano.

Murano youll find classic french dishes with a twist because the dishes are served and made right at your table. Keep in mind that murano is part of the specialty dining. So if youd like to see the pricing of that make sure you check out that link under dining down below the description of the video lets head on in to cuisine in cuisine, you can embark on an unforgettable, culinary adventure, its led by le petit chef, its An animated 3d character guiding you through an astonishing tour of his virtual kitchen across the hall from cuisine is blue. Blue is exclusive for guests who are staying in aqua suites. Now folks, if youre staying in a suite, you can still dine in blue. However, the guests who are booked in aqua suites will have priority here. The menu changes daily as well and youll also find excellent dishes such as filet, mignon and lobster tails right in the middle of blue and cuisine is tuscan. Grill here, youll notice, the ambience is that of a rustic element in this italian restaurant youll enjoy prime usd steaks handmade pasta or try one of their authentic italian wines or cocktails lets jump up to deck 12 and take a look at the spa when you first Walk into the spa, you go over to the right, youll find the salon. So, ladies, if youd like to get your nails done or your hair done before going to the theater make sure you make an appointment, gentlemen, if you would like to get a shave or a haircut, then you can also head on over to the barber shop its Right across from the salon, also here in the spa, youll find thermal suite its called the persian garden.

There is an additional charge to come into the thermal suites to hang out here in the persian garden, however, check this out if you are booked in an aqua spa suite its included, so here youll find a sauna, a steam room, theres a cold room, its a Nice place to unwind speaking of unwinding right across the hall, is the gym on the way to the gym. Youll walk by the spinning room and the yoga room lets go ahead and take a look at the gym. So here youll find treadmills stairmasters free weights. Theres awesome views of the ocean if you want to do the treadmill and have some pretty decent views, also youre going to find machines. Personal trainers are available for an additional fee and remember theres, also the jogging track up on deck 15., if its not too windy its definitely nice to go up to the jogging track, but on those windy days its nice to come down here to the gym and Hit the treadmill, if you had like a long nice walk on deck 12 youre going to find the concierge on deck 10 is the library. This is probably one of the most elegant libraries that ive ever seen on a cruise ship and then, if we go down to deck 9 is where the games are played. So if you want to play a card game or relax and play a board game, those are all available to you.

One of my favorite spots on the ship is a hideaway, its pretty neat. There are nice, comfortable chairs, where you can overlook the side here and see the elevators people getting in and out of the elevators and theres. Also, these neat little cubby holes where you can grab a seat and relax. I came in here and did a lot of editing and it was nice because the coffee makers in here and i could just sit and relax. Thank you folks for joining me on the tour.