Syma X500 FPV RC Beginner Drone- Best Choice for You

There is no barrier for an experienced drone pilot to use a quadcopter with easy gps and one extra battery perfect gift 5 gigahertz fpv video transmitter, rich sima x, 500 drone best for a beginner photographer. The auto return home will give you a test of a modern fun drone on s 500, a […]

My Review of Lego Spider Man Vs Mysterio's Drone Attack Set#76184

This set only has 73 pre pieces, so this is going to be a very short one. Its got um, obviously three components to the build. We have a vehicle, we have a drone and then we have the minifigures all right. So, taking a look at this vehicle right here, great great great, great, […]

B Wine F7 4K Camera Drone Test Flight, Way Points, GPS Follow And Unboxing ( RAW FOOTAGE )

Video on this video were going to take a look at the bewind f7 4k camera drone. They said it offers excellent night scene. Shooting features so were going to take it out on an extremely overcast day flight. At the lake fly at the park, do some waypoints do some of the uh intelligent […]

2021 RAF Eurofighter Typhoon Shoots Down Drone Over Syria | DCS Fun Reenactment

Todays reenactment request is from ivor. Well, this clearly needs the grim. Reapers touch. Weve got raf typhoon jet shoots down small hostile drone in syria. This is a few weeks ago. Obviously we were slightly behind. Here is a wonderful raf typhoon taking off. It is the first time the british military have downed […]

💧 Un drone sous-marin, est-ce vraiment utile ? Test du Chasing M2 Pro !

Complmentaire nos prestations, ariennes avec ce drones, sous marins le but cest de faire des inspections, visuelles sous leau donc la premire des particularits, dun drones, sous, marins par rapport, un drone dans les airs cest que les ondes ne passe pas sous leau donc il est ncessaire davoir Un fils qui est juste derrire […]

iPhone 13 Pro Unboxing & Accessories + DJI Mini 2 Drone Ft NAIL Addict | 2022 | The OT Love Train

If you like this video and also comment down below so we got some new equipment that we wanted to share with you guys, so we thought wed unbox it on our channel Applause. So we actually won a millionaire from don jazzys youtube shorts challenge and we decided to put some more money together […]

Blackwind Nintendo Switch Review | This Mech Adventure Worth It?

Adventure. Is this futuristic one gon na be worth a spin? Are you better off holding onto that cache or without like hit subscribe? If you love the switch as much as we all do here, join our growing family and lets get started Music, its a story, and it tells the tale of a […]

DRONE HJHRC com Câmera FullHD da Shopee VALE À PENA? | Unboxing + Teste Drone Hj14W

A promessa que a imagem seja full HD Bora ver como que ele partiu um boxe King Msica, o meu Msica joelho morreu Joana, mano j, vou falar para vocs Que esse Drone aqui, cara e ele, no porque muito, leve, cara, muito, leve, ele, parecido com, a linha Phantom n da de Jack tanto […]


lets see whats new first off they added tracking. Before that, the drone could not track objects, so you had to fly it. The old way to me: thats, not a problem at all, but sometimes its nice to have the drone fly itself, while youre filming something else and in general. I think that […]

DJI Mavic 3 – 3 Month Review Where Are We Now?

? Now i wanted to get a review out a little bit sooner, but that didnt happen. So here i am making a three month review where were at and uh cover some questions as far as the things that i liked about it, my experience with it things that i disliked about it and […]


Bro 2012 middle mid 2012 ini rap Megapro, yang sangat, sangat jadi jadi transfer data, langsung, nyala, teman teman, nyala, nyala, Hai hehehe langsung, nyala, dia; ok, Hai di kardusnya, juga disebut bahwa ini, adalah, gimbal 2 axis yang saya, sendiri, gak, tahu, fungsinya, apa kok, dianggap, gimbal, waxis, Karena ini nggak mungkin saya, bawa, […]

Primeiro Voo ZINO MINI SE Brasil || Review completo || Será ele o melhor Mini Drone de entrada?

Todos os modos de voo t ento por isso, a ROM conhecer tambm USB ver n porque vai ter muita, a imagem do aplicativo vamos conhecer, o dono esse calibrao muita informao peo que vocs a d uma olhadinha, no menu, talvez voc, no quer assistir, o vdeo Todo D: uma olhadinha, no menu voc, […]