Professional FPV Cinema – Inside Look on a Big Budget Drone Production

You might know him for some of his amazing one. Take shots mall of america shot was next level, definitely check a link in the description to some of his videos. Its incredible stuff, most famous, is the bowling alley. Video thats right. We got the bowling alley palette right here. You guys had to […]

Drone Aneh Gak Jelas Episode 3

I baru pertama kali Coba aplikasinya, itu tadi, mana tahna ini, Hai, pupuk, Ya, udah saya install juga 100 Mega Oke ini, Yes, halo, halo, woi, tampilannya, kayak, gini, kita, langsung, Star aja, Iyes, kalau, udah, konek, gini, sudah, aman, Sentosa, ya, oke, keren, berikutnya, ngapain, nih, kita, langsung, Tkot aja kali ya records, gini, […]

DJI gives two angles on drone filming

Tiernan ray is here with me to talk about it. Tiernan go ahead. Tell us about the specs on this drone beth. The mavic 3 is, as it sounds, the third generation of djis highly foldable, highly portable drone. You can see that its roughly the size of a starbucks venti this just was released […]

Sanrock U61W Drone – Unboxing and First Flight (Courtesy of TDR Drones Ebikes and Scooters)

You guys im gon na, say it one more time for you: tdr drones, e bikes and scooters. You dig im uh drop a link down below in the description, make sure you go over. There check my boy b out and if you do go check him out, make sure you tell him drones […]

Mini Drone Flying Toy Review. Choose a gift ideas.

This is a ufo unmanned aerial vehicle. Without remote sensing it has flexible mesh barrier made by abs material, which is environmental, friendly and resistant to crash start. The aircraft through to make it fly, no need for remote operation. Simple and convenient inferior induction device is at the bottom and around it. It has […]


Dois e do lado direito, o mini 2 acompanha a galera aqui eu coloquei lado, a lado os acessrios que eu adquiri o Alan que veio no kit, dele n, no combo Fly more que. Aquele combo que vem com, tudo e, o meu, o combo simples, o single sem nada n ento, j visualmente […]


The teachers agak grogi karena memangnya, free download, Rafika Duri ini, harganya, cukup, mahal dan baru pertama kali, kalau, saya, pakai, mirip2, sudah, Ya, udah, kami, liar ya, Hai Setia, lebih, santai, dan tenang, lainnya, kita, lihat, ada, springnya, ya, di sini, bisa, kita, lihat, Hai, kembali, itu, untuk; Safety lock, nya tinggal kita pasang […]

Review en epañol de drones fpv

Lo que veis es un pusher preparado para llevar gopros. Lo, he probado de momento con la insta360, pero ya, os dir qu tal me ha ido, esto es para grabar, cine, es un cine, lo de verdad es un race, whoop qu ser vamos, a verlo vamos, a conocerlo en este vdeo adelante vdeo […]

Best Drone Review 2022 | Top 5 Best Budget 4K Drones Buy on Amazon (Review & Buying guide)

Well, kick things off with the dji air s2, also known as the best budget drone available on the market. In 2021, we immediately noticed two new cameras pointing upwards which are used to detect obstacles above the device, but also those in front when the drone rises as it gains speed. The air s2 […]

Edenbrook Bike Track Review || Pump track and Jumps || Drone footage

Um, you might not be able to see it. My camera is pretty bad, so i accidentally detached the lens and now its not going to focus over there theres a bridge uh next up bridge is a little pill box. It means i started filming there with my little one of those little canon […]

Discraft drone review

Okay, i got three different plastics of the drone right here. Starting off, i got a big z. I got this ledge stone um crystal drone. I also got this um great lakes, titanium drill with a graffiti stamp on it and um yeah ill go ahead and just start off with feel lets, see […]

Best first drone ever!!!! SNAPTAIN S5C (review)

I am very excited to be reviewing this drone for you guys today. So anyways lets open this box up and lets get right into the video. Alright guys so lets open up this box right here. So, as you can see, once we open it up here is what it looks like on the […]