My review of the Dromida Sync 251 drone

Another drone come on today: im reviewing the sink 251 fpv drone. Quite a nice one. You know quite a nice one come on. I love the look of it and theres a remote control for it. Yeah. Quite nice, quiet, nice so ill be doing a review on this drone today and ill also […]


com levou 18 dias teis para chegar, aqui, em, casa, no foi taxado, muito, bom, n bom, demais quando, chega, sem taxa, pessoal acontece de taxar, as vezes acontece, mas muita Coisa ainda passa sem taxa, Ok, se quiser adquirir um igual link, aqui embaixo na descrio veja, a detalhes e tudo mais aqui embaixo […]

Review of Drone Command Live Virtual – Jose Sanchez

S Navy. I was in the uh aircraft field in the Navy, uh been interested in drones for a very long time. I have been to be a single parent. I have a 15 year old, thats interested in photography and arts and an 11 year old thats interested in technology. So to me, with […]

✔️Top 5 Best 4K Drone | Best 4K Drone Review

We specifically work on different product reviews. Just for you. We took our time and invested our energy to do extensive research on different products available in the market coming from different brands. The research included is checking out all the exclusive features, the durability and also the reliability of the products. Our team is […]

DEERC DE22 GPS Drone Review, Test | 4K Camera 2-axis Gimbal

I just came in the mail a little bit about it. It is 4k, its a 4k camera with two axis stabilized gimbal and uh. We got its also equipped with 5g transmission gps, one key return and a 1500 millimeter flight range, which is big its big for me and uh. What else we […]

DRONEEYE Foldable Mini Drone Review | V2 Nano Pocket RC Quadcopter

You know you could fly it pretty good, A little bit. We enjoyed it that we plugged it up last night. There was nothing around it that would cause it, it wasnt hot. We keep them in cool place, and next thing I know it was just it just like one of those uh fires […]

Arenal Manoa Hotel + Hot Springs FULL Tour, Review, & Drone Footage (Fortuna, Costa Rica 2022) 🌋

Youll see some drone footage like this, as i show you around the property before giving a detailed review at the end before we get started, dont forget to leave a like and subscribe. I have a ton of costa rica videos coming up all about our 10 day trip. This shot gives a pretty […]

Holyton HT25 1080P HD Drone Reviewed

In the background there, because in this video Im going to show you how it flies Im going to show you the stunts the flips all that stuff and then Im going to come back, give you a dug score from one to five. Let you know what I thought of it, whether its stunk […]


On a quand mme des grandes hlices compar ce quon, connat sur, un quad kopter par exemple, ses bras, ils sont verrouills on peut pas les refermer si on nappuie pas donc sur le bouton ddi donc de chaque ct on est un petit bouton qui permet justement de Replier les bras il est mme […]

HR Drone Review | HR Drone For Kids With 1080p HD FPV Camera

The drone is much smaller than i thought and it measures less than four inches in length. I like the size and that it had an hd camera built in for recording, i tested it out and it was fun Music. The recording was clear, but a bit choppy. It was hard to control and […]

Review of Drone Command Live Virtual – Curtis Titus

I have been here for three days learning about this upcoming industry of the drone and the applications of this tool, my goodness the opportunities and the preparation that i have had during my life. As a technician, this is luck. Luck equals opportunity, plus preparedness, so everybody who can join this uh um dome […]

Review of Drone Command Live Virtual – Bryan Buchovecky

The virtual command live um web session from Dallas Texas, where its about over 100 degrees, um, so Ive been in this call for about three and a half hours. What I love about it so far is just the motivational aspect of it.