WATCH THIS Before Installing DJI Fly App 1.5.8 Android – Review & Flight Test

5.8 of their flight app and ive been out flying the dji mini 2 and the dji air 2s, and i have also indeed been bench testing the dji mavic mini and in this video im going to bring you a full review of the app, Including a flight test and im going to tell […]

DJI Mavic 3 Major Update: New Features; New Display; Better Control. First Flight Review

The long awaited update to the mavic 3 is here, and that is what im talking about today: Music, hello, im ian and i play with drones, and many of you will know the frustrations ive had with the way the mavic 3 was rolled out last autumn with So many missing features and some […]

Do NOT Buy This Game!! – My Honest Rainbow Six Extraction Review

When is it that the difficulty is too severe? When is a death just too punishing theres a lot of different games that try and experiments with different styles of difficulty to make it so that bosses have more health or you just have less health kits, but what ive really begun to enjoy is […]

GEPRC MARK 5 HD – Review Test Démo et Galères – Bon drone mais mauvaise journée !

Tu vas bien aussi mondiale et arrire ou un dlit trs frustr lle des goters et blake wheeler jai, ador donc on est. L pour parler bien sr du ge, prc marque 5, il est superbe cest clair cest un trs trs bel appareil juste avant de vous expliquer ce qui, nous est arriv parce […]

Review & Unboxing Drone DJI 2S

com, iya, iya, deh kayaknya outdoor Waduh, tapi, kita, buka, aja, semuanya, sekarang, coba, Hai, mah, beneran, guru, ini Cebong, kirim, ya, Om kita, aja, yang buka, UD, Iya iya kita aja yang enggak, sinyal enggak, mau juga terjadi siapa nih yang boxing nih Adek aku Aku juga udah nggak usah ribet ribet, Sekarang, Om […]

Turkey drone enters ethiopia – U.S. panic

The government had used the weapons against rebel fighters. Washington has profound humanitarian concerns over the sales which could contravene u.s restrictions on arms to addis ababa. A senior western official said a state department spokesman, said: u.s horn of africa envoy, jeffrey feldman, raised reports of armed drone use in ethiopia and the attendant […]

Nuovo drone DJI Mini SE. Finalmente. Economico senza patentino. Mavic Mini 3 modelli simili Migliore

dji, dj mini 2 dji mini 1 dji mini 2 dji mini dji, mini 2 4k dji mini two 120 150 4K dji mini 2, 290, 290, 288, 289, 1 mavic mini 1. S mini two ste sse, 1200, 2. 4K. 4K, youtube 2.7, 99. Dg rai mini dj mini 2 mini 1, o mini […]

DRONE TASTIC Brentford 1-2 Wolves Instant Fan Reaction

Thanks to these guys, paul and chris have been out to go to the game could have been gutted if i wasnt able to, and god its been a brilliant day with these boys driven us down. Weve had sandwiches weve had teas weve had goals and weve got three points, but what a strange […]

Holy Stone HS710 4K Drone

Take a look at the road and see whats going on im what you might refer to as a drone enthusiast. I love drones and everything about them. Theyre super cool! You can get some really good shots if youre into videography. Now, of course, the best drones are the ones that are very easy […]

Best Budget Trail Running Backpack – Decathlon Evadict 10L Hydration Pack Review

This is the decathlon 10 liter trail running backpack, the eva, dick, eva and i kinda not quite sure how they pronounce the actual model. It costs thirty four nine 34.99. It comes in three different colors, blue kind of a burgundy red and a gray and and in my opinion, its probably one of […]


Do Me bote antes ou Danizinha que eu fiz um boxe para voc, esses dias, a e agora vamos tentar fazer, o voo Outdoor aqui vamos tentar Neto Eita porque meu, a gente vai fazer um voo sem GPS n vamos ver se vai dar boa aqui, vou ver. Se, a gente, no vai, derrubar […]

WATCH: Chilling Video Of Pentagon's CIVILIAN Drone Strike | Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

The horrific civilian toll is an added shame on top of that, lets, go ahead, um and talk about this drone strike. So this was uh youll recall at the end of our occupation of afghanistan. Biden wanted to project strength. They said that they had drones, striked a isis k, militant, of course, that […]