DJI Mini SE inceleme! – Alınabilecek en uygun fiyatlı profesyonel drone mu?

En uygun fiyatl olan lkemizde drone fiyatlar hal gerekten pahal bir Hobi haline geldi ama tm yeni, DJ Dur onlar ierisinde en uygun fiyatl bir seenekle Evet diyorsanz diyeceim yine eski avantajl bir, ekilde, sizlerin, karsna, kyor, bu, arada Trkiyede, DJ rnlerinin, dronlarn, karfo, Karacasulu, adl, irket, ithal, ediyor, Arkadalar tabii ki sadece sat deil, […]

Can a Local Council Ban Drones | Public Law | Drone Law | BlackBeltBarrister

Not only can drones be much lighter and much smaller, but they can be easier to fly and the technology and the software makes them much safer. So the question remains: can the local council and drones in their district? That is the question Im addressing today, but first of all, if you are new […]

SJRC F11S 4K PRO | 3KM DRONE Full Review-Bahasa : The Best Of The Best | Drone Murah Dan Terbaik !!!

Oh yuza manual f11s Foke Pro Dan Tiada Lagi gif, ada, lagi, free memory card, SanDisk, 32 GB dan kita, ada, lagi, mohon 3, guys stiker, full baik, baik, maizena, Musik, Hai, Musik, sekali, Jom, kita, berada di kepada, kitabnya Drone, Oke, Integra, ni; ah kita tengok, bagian, bakery Dia oke untuk f11s dia menggunakan […]

Attack of the Drone Eating Bridge | CRAZY water Rescue!

The second reason: oh, we dont need to show that one uh, oh uh, oh, oh, no and heres. The thing nope Applause ive had so much practice since ive been here, i mean its been what a couple years or something im a pro now nothing to worry about. Even that dogs excited for […]

DJI MAVIC 3 PRO Coming Soon With TWO VERSIONS? Latest Rumors

Reports say a tentative release. Date has been set and that the drones actually going to arrive being larger than the dji mavic 2. reports online also say that theres going to be two versions and in this video im going to talk about the differences between the two and towards the end of The […]


Eu nunca vi: nada igual t e eu fiz questo de trazer esse um Bot de review aqui para o canal, eu vou induzir voc, a esquecer tudo que voc j viu de culos fpv Mas voc pode se desfazer de tudo que voc tiver a pode botar para Vender porque voc, vai querer comprar, […]

Pentagon chief apologizes for deadly drone strike

He offers his deepest condolences to surviving family members of those who are killed, including mr ramadi, and to the staff of nutrition and education international, mr ahmadis, employer, and you should have in your inboxes, now a statement that im basically paraphrasing from. As the secretary says in this statement, we apologize and we […]

Entrando al mundo Drone FPV! – iflight Nazgul 5 V2 Unboxing y Review!

Con tan caros como pueden ver este es el tronco en su cmara una juris camps, creo que es una rise and easy hay sido una revista de una cmara bastante decente al precio que tiene montando este mismo de una. Pieza te va a salir mucho ms caro comprar el drone, completo sin montar […]

Gotrax G Pro Electric Scooter Review | Best Beginner 3-Wheeler Machine?

This is the cheapest three wheel, scooter that weve reviewed so far and overall, i think its just a great way for people who are maybe new to the sport or dont have that great balance to enjoy electric scooters so lets take a look, subscribe and lets ride. All right guys, we just got […]

DM-107S Drone Review Bangla || Shopnil Mredul || HoorayBox

So lets get into the fly, video, so dont start video coming to calibration currently calibration completely Music ago: Music Applause, Music, so Music, okay, cannot journal. Then rulebox is the uh best one. The best drone seller in the market up now, uh roblox facebook page. Take it out of real boxer website. Take […]

Edifier TWS1 Pro True Wireless Earbuds Unboxing and Review

They sent these out the tws one pros now for those of you that are looking at picking these up or have been thinking about it. Just so, you know its a its a bonus to be living in canada right now, yep because on fifty dollars on fifty dollars so with the […]

AOS 5.5 Frame Assembly Guide + "Review" | FPV Drone Frame 5.5"

5 frame. Uh designed by chris rosser and thats gon na be the first part of this video, hopefully kind of a build guide for this frame, because at the moment there is none that i could find. And then i will save all of the opinions and discussion for after that, so lets get […]