30, ya, ya, setengah, tujuh, lebih, 635, saya Di berada di Kebon, Alhamdulillah kebun orang lebih bukan Gubernur saya saya berada di kaki, gunung Semeru teman teman, inti, dari, Ampelgading, Malang, yang temen, temennya, Ampelgading, Malang, Saya, mau Drone done TV, ke, puncak, gunung, Semeru, ya, bukan, melewati, ranukumbolo, tidak, ketidak, melewati, yang pendaki, dilarang, […]

Hover Ball Review 2021 – Best Fly Orb Pro Flying Spinner Mini Drone

It up and watch it fly, float glide and climb before hovering. Back to your hand, like magic hoverball is made of non toxic and high grade abs, material, lightweight and flexible bendy to withstand countless crashes. The cage door design protects the hoverball from trauma caused by bumps falls, drops and even collisions. So […]

Holy Stone HS440 Drone Review and Footage

Welcome to the very first episode of pac man reviews. This episode is brought to you by holy stone. They sent me the hs 440 to review and i have got to say for an entry level drone. You really cant go wrong with this thing. Its got. It comes with two batteries. The controller […]

Review Completo Drone YOUNGEAST F10 con GPS Vicky

No s si lo graben ustedes con el sol; ah lo ests viendo, lo ests, viendo, ya, yo. Lo mand, a un sitio que prcticamente es bastante lejos est, lejos fjate ya, yo s. Lo perd de vista me parece que el alcance en esta primera prueba el fenomenal, pero supongamos este se me perdi; […]

Hasakee H1 Bee 🐝 Mini Drone – Unboxing and First Flight (Courtesy of TDR Drones and Ebikes)

We are out here for our first flight of this hasaki h1, the b, all right. This is the b sent over here for us to take a look at by none other than my boy b at tdr drones. You know what im saying shout out to my boy b over there: tdr drones, […]

Ruko (GPS) Drone unboxing

Do voodoo f. 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=07vtrKeMjjY

Mon Drone FPV pour le Cinema

Ces tops creal c10 a fait des images de dingue pour le prix en fait que a cote parce que l, cest beaucoup, plus contraignant voil, je vais ten parat juste aprs aprs avoir fait la vido. Je me disais toujours la gopro, a me suffit et au moins, je vole sans trop de pression […]

A review on the Kalgan drone

Drone now im going to show you everything that comes with this room now heres the box heres the box. Now in the box there uh there are back, one is the one is the charging. I think i put a new drone and and theres a wire to try to join and use some […]

KF615 Drone Mini FPV Mirip Ikan Louhan

Si ini 85 mm. Oh ya, dia will bisnya 85 mm ini, Oke dan Ini, kameranya, disini jadi kita bisa, adjust bisa atur ya, mau diturunin berbalur eh buset penerusnya bawah nih jadi kamera diturunin, yang pakai, depan, itu ada, dua, kamera, ini optical flow jangan, ini, kamera, yang kita, monitor di handphonenya Buset kalo […]

Best Drone 2022 | Top 5 Best Drones of 2022

Having such a large sensor on a drone of this size is an absolute novelty compared to smaller sized sensors. It lets you capture images at higher dynamic range and better low light performance. The 5.1 k video resolution gives you incredible details and provides plenty of room for resizing and reframing in post. Mavic […]

This Drone is crazy SMALL and SILENT, how will it fly? | GEPRC Smart 16!

Once again today i have a box from gupparcy and, as you can see its already open because im always super curious and i cannot manage to wait until the review to open it. But before i show you whats inside please remember to like subscribe and comment on this video help me support this […]


Juga selaku penyidik kejagung hak, guna, Unboxing job Oke, yakni, adalah, juga, DJ ini, tuh, kalau, dengan, mukjizat, jago2, kayak, gitu, kali, beliau, combo, nih, haiah, bawah, begitu, baik, jadi, banyak, jadi, setiap, pagi, besok, ngecat, video ini, macam, macam, Ya, udahlah, ya, udahlah, Adek, suka, enggak, bohong, gejala, Menemanimu doski besok pagi, dek dongeng, […]