This 4K Camera Drone only costs $30 – JJRC H111

Well, this is going to be another Captain. Drone drone, video and Im wearing my captain. Drone t, shirt and Ive got Captain drone stuff all over the place just to drive you up the wall with Captain drone anyways lets get on to this video, its all about these little drones right here that […]

America's Kamikaze Drone

Ladies and gentlemen, the switchblade Music all right heres, the deal Ive said this once and I will say this again: Uncle Sam is very, very good at identifying what the kids are into and somehow turning it into a weapon. During World War II, kids were into playing baseball guess what weve got baseball […]

Glitter Bomb Drone vs Thieves! (WE GOT THEM!)

Well name him, Steve, Steves important well, come back to him. What they dont know is theyre, stealing from hacksmith Industries. We spent the last two months building an autonomous paint launching drone security system. This story actually starts in June of last year, Music. We moved into a new facility this past month and […]

6 Common Mistakes New Drone Pilots Make + Bonus Money Saving Tip!

Something is to do it incorrectly first and trust me. I have made a lot of mistakes over the years with my drones, so today Id like to share with you what I think are six of the most common mistakes that new drone owners make and hopefully, by making. You aware I can mitigate […]

I want to pay $50 for a $1000 drone (Really??)

Well, this is going to be a fun video because Im going to give a reality check to some of you watching this video right now. Why is it a reality check? Well, let me tell you the following: thats, a guy on YouTube. I get thousands of emails every day and a lot of […]


This is the latest drone that is brushless, but do not have GPS, And this is an upgraded version of the cheap drones that Ive reviewed before Join me. Lets go Ok before we proceed. Lets do a shout out from our subscribers and viewers Shout out to you Boy, Pasaway, Morilla, Ritchan, Rentino, Ritchans, […]

Best Beginner FPV Kit just got even BETTER! CETUS-X FC Edition

It out in a second all right, Ive looked at both boxes and the only way I could tell the difference is by looking at the tag on the back. Let me bring it closer and show you, while you might be able to see this or not because its kind of blown out on […]

Ryan Builds His Own Drone to Race!

Drl stands for drone Racing League and they make Pro level drones that race against each other. Ah, so awesome lets see how drones are built and tested also keep an eye out for any super special drones lets go welcome to Ryans world Music hi Brian hi Sean Im Melanie all right now, Im […]

The DJI Spark – Legacy Drone – Revisited in 2023

Do you know that the captain drone channel has been around since the year 2016.? However, Ive been around in the Drone hobby since the year 2013., I started out with the DJI Phantom 1. Then the Phantom 2, then the Phantom 3, the Phantom 4 and the Phantom 4 Pro, and then everything changed […]


Mijn naam is Koen even daar gaan, we de mini 3 protest Lets, Go Ok. Jongens het is dan eindelijk zo ver de DJ Eye Mini 3 de professie de professie. En we hebben ook aangevuld met een, andere controle en dat laten. We ook meteen straks zien Ik zal hem eventjes de bijpakken, en […]

SJRC F22S is the new style Budget Camera Drone – Review

Well, this is my first budget drone review of the year 2023.. Now before I show you the video of this thing flying indoors and Outdoors, let me tell you about it really quick. It has a 4K 30 frames per second camera up front. It also takes 4K photos and what makes it different […]

my first DRONE! 193 Max from TEMU

com, which compared to some of the other drones in this price point I am a little skeptical of if it can deliver, because it does have a rather Impressive feature set a 4k camera and a obstacle avoidance system. This is my very first drone ever so do note that this review is coming […]