Drone Life News – Drone Delivery Updates, Black Friday Drone Deals, Autonomous Drones

As always, my name is paul, it hasnt changed and it wont in the future and joining me as always, is the editor in chief at dronelife.com miss miriam mcnabb? How are you doing miriam? I am doing great hope you are too looking forward to thanksgiving so key question for thanksgiving. Are you going […]

Top 3, 2 in1 Action Drone Unboxing and full Details – info Gudiya

Only experience the thrill of flying and driving with the air hogs hyper drift. Drone you have a choice between beginner and advanced mode, well, start on beginner mode by pushing the one button in the middle of the controller. This means the vehicle will be easier to control once youve mastered it push the […]

Q9 Drone Demo with The Global Air Drone Academy9

Now, if you watched our last video, you saw that i represent us or represent the company as the program manager, but the students here know me as coach miranda, and so today we are going to be unboxing. Another drone, the led q9, which is exceptional. If you are a beginner similar to the […]

Fuji’s Best Mid Range Zoom? XF16-55mm Review

8 zoom lens one of the first zoom lenses that fujifilm put out for the xsm and its not a lens that ive ever really used much, nor one that i thought id ever do a review of, because i Tend to not use mid range zooms that much in my work, im a landscape […]


Otherwise it would not have reached its third version. I received it yesterday. I already took a look and I was like oh wow. It almost looks like a dg rai drone as far as build quality and lets say the price too, but well get to it in a moment. Well, Im super curious. […]

Bike News – November 2021 Review

This time is for the month of november 2021, which is flown by once again, if youre interested in whats been going on in the world of motorcycles here in the uk. For this month, stick around stay tuned loads of news to take you through alrighty and dont. Forget once weve done the bike […]

Growing threat of drone warfare in the Middle East – Jerusalem Studio 653

Under the islamic republic, its planes are poorly maintained and its pilots have not demonstrated any proficiency. The solution is the ubiquitous unmanned aerial systems operated by iranians and proxies alike, from iran itself to iraq. Yemen, syria, lebanon and gaza used against stationary are slow moving land and maritime targets. Drones enabled the iranians […]

Rotor Talk Live Season 4 Episode 50 Second Best Drone Of The Year Award Goes To ?

. Second best drone of the year award goes to broomba boom. All right yeah got a lot to talk about tonight. Episode 50.. Here we are, i said, the same thing. Last year i was watching watching an episode from last year. This time episode, 50. wow. Look over my shoulder guys on on […]


30, ya, ya, setengah, tujuh, lebih, 635, saya Di berada di Kebon, Alhamdulillah kebun orang lebih bukan Gubernur saya saya berada di kaki, gunung Semeru teman teman, inti, dari, Ampelgading, Malang, yang temen, temennya, Ampelgading, Malang, Saya, mau Drone done TV, ke, puncak, gunung, Semeru, ya, bukan, melewati, ranukumbolo, tidak, ketidak, melewati, yang pendaki, dilarang, […]

Hover Ball Review 2021 – Best Fly Orb Pro Flying Spinner Mini Drone

It up and watch it fly, float glide and climb before hovering. Back to your hand, like magic hoverball is made of non toxic and high grade abs, material, lightweight and flexible bendy to withstand countless crashes. The cage door design protects the hoverball from trauma caused by bumps falls, drops and even collisions. So […]

Holy Stone HS440 Drone Review and Footage

Welcome to the very first episode of pac man reviews. This episode is brought to you by holy stone. They sent me the hs 440 to review and i have got to say for an entry level drone. You really cant go wrong with this thing. Its got. It comes with two batteries. The controller […]

Review Completo Drone YOUNGEAST F10 con GPS Vicky

No s si lo graben ustedes con el sol; ah lo ests viendo, lo ests, viendo, ya, yo. Lo mand, a un sitio que prcticamente es bastante lejos est, lejos fjate ya, yo s. Lo perd de vista me parece que el alcance en esta primera prueba el fenomenal, pero supongamos este se me perdi; […]