SJRC F22S is the new style Budget Camera Drone – Review

Well, this is my first budget drone review of the year 2023.. Now before I show you the video of this thing flying indoors and Outdoors, let me tell you about it really quick. It has a 4K 30 frames per second camera up front. It also takes 4K photos and what makes it different […]

my first DRONE! 193 Max from TEMU

com, which compared to some of the other drones in this price point I am a little skeptical of if it can deliver, because it does have a rather Impressive feature set a 4k camera and a obstacle avoidance system. This is my very first drone ever so do note that this review is coming […]

Ruko F11GIM2 Drone Review | An Awesome Drone For Beginners!

This is a 4K drone with a 2 axis gimbal. This drone advertises to have a 9842 foot remote control distance, which will allow you to fly this pretty far without any control or display issues. I dont have an area where I can keep a clear visual on the Drone and fly that far […]

NEW DJI Mini 3 – The BEST Budget Drone EVER! (4K)

lets see if this little drone is actually any good. Its cold today might need my gloves: Music, oh Music, foreign Music. So earlier this year, DJI released the much anticipated Mini 3 Pro to very good reviews, and while the old mavic Mini series had always been considered budget entry level drones for people […]

WATCH BEFORE YOU BUY! – DJI 03 Air Unit Review

They also dont, see me saying for free, so Im leaving Best Buy with my receipt and my brand new DJI Avada combo with the motion controller and the goggles too. So here goes a review of the O3. Thanks to my credit card. Here we go whats up guys. Welcome back to the Drone […]


Well, yes, and no, my opinion has changed somewhat and today Im going to talk about my long term review on this drone and then overall give you an opinion whether you should still go out and buy this drone or not, and this happens with any new tech Product that initial purchase, everything is […]

Sold On Amazon, Does That Make It A Good Drone? Answers, Review & Instructions #xpack18drone #attop

I got a black one and a white one. I always tell people when they send me drones. Send me two because Im really gon na put them through the paces, and this one is this price point on Amazon right now, and it comes with a nice case and two batteries and even batteries […]

I try flying an FPV drone with NO experience | DJI Avata review Malaysia

Oh, oh, crashed! Wait before we continue with the video I have. An important announcement to make search engine is hiring. We are looking for driven like minded individuals to join our growing team, but wait you might be wondering. Why would I want to work here? Well, let me show you you get to […]

DJI MAVIC 3 CLASSIC is HERE. Full review of the affordable DJI flagship drone

Its Colin Smith, here from Photoshopcafecom., And today I have the brand new DJI Mavic Three Classic., Now full disclosure. This was provided to me from DJI in order to do a review. Im not being paid to do this review. So were gon na look at three different areas. Were going to look at […]

PART 2 – HEQ Swan Voyager is here! Review

Well this morning, Im going to take the swan Voyager out for a flight it used to be in beta testing now theyve updated the app. So the app is a bit better and some of the features on this here Swan have been updated. So this is the made in Flight were going to […]

DJI MAVIC 3 CLASSIC – NEW features and full Mini 3 Pro / Air2S comparisons

This one is the mavic 3 classic. Now, when I heard the name classic, I was kind of like hey its an its a new, the New Classic and Im trying to figure out why they were naming a classic and the main reason. Why is because of this guy right here, which is the […]

DJI Mavic 3 Classic – All You'd Need in a Drone for Less

Okay, here we go sometimes its not about what is added to a new product, sometimes its about what is taken away. I mean think super legera cars. They take away your radio, your electric windows, your sunroof, just to make the car light and wait so its faster and then bump up the price. […]