Drone News: New app secures DJI aircraft, Bengals VS Raiders Drone, Drone that folds while flying

2022.. We got three stories this week and the first one is kind of a big one were going to be talking to haya from drone excel. There is a an app thats going to allow you to fly your dji drones using secure data mode, and i know this is something that people have […]

1,111 HP LUCID AIR * WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL SEDAN! * 1/4 Mile * 0-60 MPH Performance Testing & Review

This has two motors 111 horsepower motor in the front more in the back. No ones done. Any performance testing were thinking. It goes somewhere in the nines. Now its got more horsepower than the plaid lets jump in were gon na talk with sanjay. The owner of this car hes got a lot of […]

DJI Mavic 3: Compact Drone Dengan Kualitas Gambar Mirrorless!

pro, yang menjadi, professional grade Kompleks Drone dengan sensor, Simo, satuin dan juga, menyertakan, teknologi, hmcs, atau, hasselblad, natural Color Solution; untuk pertama, kalinya, kalau, temen, temen, inget, sih, ya, Saya pernah mereview nya di tahun, 2019 apa masih, ada yang belum, nonton ya, nggak, papa yang penting, nonton dulu, sampai habis, video ini, baru, […]

Unbox and review of the Snaptain H823H micro drone. Fly test in the second half

This is the mini drone. It has altitude hold one key return. One key take off landing headless mode, speed, switch 360, flip emergency stop and throw and go. I got mine in blue. My favorite color lets. Take a look at what you get when you open the box, nice little plastic covering for […]


A moto aqui de cima que a gente vai estar deixando, a Comic vamos l em, So Pedro da Aldeia buscar um negcio que a gente adquiriu graas, a Deus E graas alguns, a que me ajudaram, a gente vai l, buscar um, novo Drone rapaz olha s A Vamos levantar vamos levar, ele, l, […]

Nikon Z 24-120mm f/4 S lens review with samples

It costs 1 100 us dollars or 1 100 pounds here in the uk, so it is definitely being marketed as a premium product and id like to thank nikon uk for loaning me a sample copy of this lens for testing for a couple of weeks, although, as Usual, this is a totally independent […]

Review dan Unboxing‼️Drone C-FLY 2 || Harga murah tapi Spesifikasi Luarr biasaaa

00 ya, kita akan Unboxing, sebuah, paket, yang datang, tadi sore Tapi, Bang, tahu, paketannya, gimana, Geh, Oke, saya, Akan apa ya, Saya akan, panggil, saya, panggil, paketannya, ya, oke, ya, Ini, dia cash, paketannya, sudah, ada, Wow, Avenue, dari, Lazada, deh, oke, tapi ini, akan, kita, odol, odol, bisa, Hai, isi, paketannya abis, tapi, […]

Orqa FPV.One Pilot or FatShark HDO2 (Favorite Analog Goggles 2022)

Sorry, the name is hard for me to remember, for some reason: um anyways. These are the new goggles from orca uh, and this is an analog goggle. I specifically purchased these with my own money and i was going to be comparing them to the hd02, which is made by fat shark, which is […]


Today there is a bit of wind and I want to try the nano plus to see how it behaves in these conditions. By the way you know the windy. There is also the website, through this application that I have been using for years. It is possible to know what it is the intensity […]

tech rc Predator Mini Fpv Drone – Quick Indoor Flight

So i believe this guy does have three rates, so i believe by default. We are in the first rate, so heres our first rate, nice little docile rate heres, our yall, with it heres our yall first rate, okay and im. Remember if i ever mentioned this before to you guys in the other […]


The book of boba fett breakdown today were gon na, be breaking down episode. Four, and might i say this was probably my second favorite episode after episode two, there was so much that happened in this one and so many little easter eggs that a lot of you might not have noticed and if […]

The DJI MAVIC 3 Wide Angle Lens for Photographers

5 millimeter, equivalent wide angle lens that was announced at the dji mavic 3 launch event its supposed to give you super wide angle, cinematic. Looking video well, that sounded simply amazing. I had to have it so i went on the dji store and i ordered it for 14 – us, oh sorry, thats […]