So please subscribe good luck and happy fpv whats up guys. Welcome to todays review im justin davis were going to check out something for the professionals out there that want to buy something a little bit larger than like a three inch center whoop theyre gon na be able to lift heavy mid range dslrs with this system. It is a four inch category 6s in a wood from catalyst. Machine works, its called the whoop master, and this guy will lift something as large as any mid range. Dslrs itll also lift the gopro hero 10, and it has dual camera mount options on here. So it runs a 6s 1300. They recommend all the way up to something like an 1800 thats, probably what i would recommend to get about a 6 minute flight time on this quad, so inverted motors, also motor belt protection, all the way around tpu, bumpers top and bottom. It has the tpu mount in the very front for adjustable gopro angle, so you can angle it up with the camera as well and we have hd options on here, so we have dji cadx vista. There are also two versions available, so if you want to get one thats kind of non sealed, it would be the dry weather version. You can also get a secondary version, called the all weather version, just a little more money. Everything is sealed inside this frame, so its pretty cool were going to put this on, the bench were going to show you some flight footage today and yeah were going to do a full in depth review on this one, as well as an exclusive content version of This video, so if you want to see more in depth, reviews check out dronecamps.

com for our exclusive review and footage that no one else gets to see for for one dollar paypal. You get to see all the footage of this amazing cinewoop so check that out or just enjoy the free version today of the new whoop master from catalyst. Machine works lets go ahead and get started with a flight test. After that, we will check this quad out on the bench and i will show you what this beast is all about. Its some amazing engineering from neil, very impressive just another like home, run from catalyst machine works and it performs and brings back some amazing amazing, pro content. Here we go Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, so is Music, is Music Music, hmm one of the best cinewood flights. Ive taken as far as the tune, its super smooth um. One thing that i i probably could comment on is like maybe the battery life didnt last so long. I didnt get a super long flight with a 1300 but theyre recommending all the way up to like something like an 1800 um. So i feel like with the size of this quad, especially if youre carrying like two cameras on here youre gon na need something like a 6s say, 1500 to 1800 to really get a decent flight time, but the tune on here is beautiful. I didnt do any freestyle or anything like that, because this is kind of a this is a cruiser cinema. Prof i mean professional cinema rig at four inch scale, so um its meant to fly really straight and really smooth.

So i was really working on my like my my tai chi. If you will of of cinema so um, one of the things that that i did in art school was actually take a tai chi class and we had to. We had to learn tai chi, because back in those days there was no stabilization on video cameras and i kind of practice the same thing with flying. I try to put minimal stick movement in so that i can get the best quality video after i land i mean go check out the video, but i think this video is going to be ultra smooth because were running like hyper smooth 4.0 on here and uh Gopro, hero 10. Finally, on the channel so uh, i appreciate you guys all right guys welcome to the youtube version review for our channel now. This is a four inch class and a whoop that is designed for professional videographers, and we we talked about that in the introduction of this video. The flight test went extremely well. I was super impressed with the performance i feel like you could get a much better flight time with an 1800 on there. So im gon na put some batteries down below, for you guys to grab that are 6s, hopefully in the 1800 range, and it will fit on this drone. It has a kind of a long body design. So it has an extended body on here, which is super nice.

I also like the front and back mounts that it has for as far as putting multiple action cams on you could run a gopro up front, you could run a dslr in the back. I mean um, this will carry a dslr and a gopro at the same time. This is much larger and the power system can handle a heavier load than something like your typical three inch cinewoop class series for videographers, its also faster than any of the foam bumper style cine whoops out there like the gap, rc crown it is faster than the Cine log series, if youre looking at that three three inch category, but this one is more expensive and honestly, its gon na with crossfire its gon na, get you up to 821 dollars. So thats might be a turn off for most people. Its only going to appeal to guys that have eight hundred dollars to spend on this type of aircraft, but those guys are approaching pro level cinematographers, uh or guys that are super into filming. So if youre into filming youre used to paying a thousand dollars for a piece of new gear, if youre someone whos just kind of a every once in a while flyer, this ones – probably not for you. Unless you just want to to spend the money to have something super nice sitting on the shelf, but cattle machine works, ive always talked about that company. How great their components are. Everything is rock solid, but for 800 it better be.

So there are two versions on the website and all all weather version with crossfire is 821 dollars. The standard version were looking at 699, with crossfire so 700 for a cinewoop, its really getting up there, its about 400 dollars more expensive than your typical three inch cinema. From gap rc like the cine log series, so that would be the cheaper option to go for, but again for carrying something heavier like a small dslr, a mid size dslr. You can do that on here. I can mount my sonys ev1 on here, which ive been looking for something like this to fly, my zv1 for about a year, and finally, i have something that can carry that camera with no problem, and i dont have to worry about it. I think that the the frame design also is super innovative ive been staring at this thing for about two weeks now and just really going over it and looking at the way that neil designed this frame its original it doesnt, look like anything else out there on The market it has a top plate, thats extended out from the side. We have a side, mount sma, connector right here for dji and while this wouldnt have been probably my first choice, i dont like vertical mount antennas on the back or the side of any aircraft, but it does give you an option to move it back here. It looks like it has two holes, but i would prefer that it came out the back and but that also might have a problem for being in the way of the filming setup.

So maybe he could have came out this way, but theres not a lot of room between the power system and the side of the the back of the frame. Maybe it could have came out the bottom, but if youre running a 360 camera, then youre going to see that but its nice, that we have front and back mount camera options. Everything on here is built larger, so even like m4 bolts on here in some spots, larger than our typical standard m3. Now we also have some m2 hardware on the bottom in the very back is the backseat rx box, and if you get the all weather version, this will be sealed up with silicon. All the wires are sealed up all the way around theres, also an all weather tpu mount around the entire flight controller and esc. We have a seven f7 style acon. I believe it was the acon flight controller in here um and thats, its the a v3 mini by the way, its a 20 by 20 stack and full osd on caddix vista here, with a special milled cnc aluminum heatsink on the very bottom which ive never seen Before for any hd setup, so this is completely original engineering and design that was designed. You know right on neils desk at his house, so all of his stuff is done. He takes his time right there in his office and designs, everything from scratch im sure he has some templates to work with, but most of the time i get his stuff.

It looks nothing like anything else. Ive ever seen before. You also have color options on the outside for the bumpers. You can get different colors there, but i thought the black looked pretty nice as far as pro cinema goes and again, the footage that came back looked great. The performance was great and again its its. Not a freestyle quad by any means i did kind of a tree span thats when you go to the top of the tree, do a roll and then you you fly down and pull up at the bottom of the tree, and it would do that. I did feel some weight to it. The power to weight ratio is not like an fpv freestyle drone, which is not going to give you that type of performance, but it was able to do a tree spin above the tree. Come back down, handle a dive and pull up at the at the last minute. It had no problem giving me that extra power that i was looking for, so it might be partially due to the props on here as well hq prop duct, props, theyre four by four by six and those are the great polycarbonate props, theyre theyre good for for Heavy lifting and thats why he put a five blade prop on here, so that you guys could put whatever camera you want, um. As far as mid range, dslr goes and ill try to get some information on the total payload and put it like, pin it in the comments down below in this review.

But i appreciate you guys watching this one. If you want to check out catalyst, machine works by all means, please do check out and you can check out the different versions of this, and if you want to go for more of an in depth review on this quad, please check out for the Dollar, exclusive content, its just like an unfiltered version of this review and all of my information, honest information again on the channel so check out or the link down below and dive further into the whoop master, its absolutely worth it. In my opinion, its uh five stars with both hands all day for sure five star, quad, very nice performance quality and again what you expect from catalyst machine works.